Taniya Varshney, Artist & Designer

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About This Class


This bite size class is created to give you a challenge and put your brushes and techniques to paper, create something fun. The 5 minute workout is a simple way to hone your skills as a watercolorist and get used to the speed and "quickness" of watercolor.

This encourages a loose style, makes you focus on your brush strokes, line quality, color studies etc. And it may seem like it is just 5 minutes, but you will learn a lot about what comes naturally to you and how you can better your skills and develop ideas for future paintings.

So have fun while at it. Don't ponder so much about what the end result will be. Enjoy watercolor for what they are and splash some color!

Here are the supplies you will need:

- Watercolor Paper (140 lb cold pressed watercolor paper)

- Watercolor (whether in tubes, pans or liquid watercolor - any will do)

- 1 or 2 watercolor brushes of your choice

- Jars of water for cool and warm colors

- Paper towel - optional

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Very quick and a great way to get passed any shyness with the paint.
What a fun class! I loved watching the instructor's confident brushstrokes.
Jules Tillman

artist | creative coach | #CreatingBeautifully

Inspirational use of watercolor to get rid of your inhibitions, fears etc and start creating.
Laura Whittington

Knitwear Designer, Crafter, Textile artist





Taniya Varshney

Artist & Designer

Hi there! I am Taniya. I am a self taught watercolorist and designer. Even though I did go to school for Communication Deisgn and I have been working as a Visual Artist and a UX Designer for almost a decade, I realized that I was missing using my hands and looking at pixels and perfection everyday. It was not until I had my 2 babies, and felt like I hit a wall. And I was more and more not having time for the things I love to do, because life with kids had taken over our lives.

It was then, I discovered my love for watercolor. I started taking out more and more time for painting, but I was missing a commitment and a challenge. So, I decided to paint 5 minutes everyday. And that was because, as busy parents we had all the excuses to not do what we love. So, the challenge was literally to pick up the brush and paper and paint for 5 minutes everyday. Whether it was just a splash of color, or a really detailed painting. I made it a point to paint everyday for 33 days. Because, they said it takes 33 days to make a habit. And watercolor is a super fast medium. So, really there was no excuse. I slowly collected my supplies one tube at a time and started really very modestly in term of supplies. 

I now paint everyday. And I have overcome my fears of not knowing how to draw, or not having enough experience. I create one everyday and I am loving the opportunity and ideas it has generated for me. 

I hope you will enjoy my classes and share your wonderful experiences with me.

Connect with me on Social Media:

INSTAGRAM (sneak peeks into my process and fun watercolor eye candy)

ETSY (fun watercolor art prints and more)

YOUTUBE (More intimate videos, tutorials and timelapses every week)

FACEBOOK (Updates on life and more as an artist)