5 Key Steps to a Facial Treatment

Skin2u Esthetics, Expert Skincare by Dara Cardoza

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7 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Trailer: 5 Key Steps to a Facial Treatment

    • 2. Step 1: Cleansing the Face

    • 3. Step 2: Exfoliation

    • 4. Step 3: Mask Application

    • 5. Step 4: Finishing Product

    • 6. Step 5: SPF Application

    • 7. Try it for yourself!


About This Class


This course is for those who want to master the key steps of giving a facial treatment.

I have been in the Esthetics Industry for over 15 years, both as a Cidesco Certified Esthetician and a College skin care Instructor. In my experience, the top 5 Key elements of giving a facial are the most important things to master when it comes to giving facial treatments.

In this course, I will walk through the 5 Key Steps and demonstrate a live facial on camera.

You Will Learn How To:

1. Cleanse the Face

2. Exfoliate

3. Mask Application

4. Finishing Product Application

5. SPF Application

These steps can be used on your own skin or for those in the industry; they can be for existing clients.

You will be given a "Try it For Yourself" challenge at the end of the course to ensure your understanding, allow you time to practice and a chance to share your experience in the projects section.

By the end of the course you will be able to offer a high quality facial, applying and removing skin products in a gentle and result oriented way.

I encourage you to learn this new skill and practice, practice, practice.