#5 Intro to Programming - Chapter Five

Ricky Wahowa, Teaching Serious Web Technology stuff

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10 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. chapter Five Inro

    • 2. 1 Loops

    • 3. 2 While Loops

    • 4. 3 While Loop Implementation

    • 5. 4 do while

    • 6. 5 For Loop

    • 7. 6 Jump statements

    • 8. 7 Break statement example

    • 9. 8 Continue statement example

    • 10. Chapter Five GoodBye


About This Class

Lets talk about Loops in programming. Looping is everywhere . Whichever widespread programming language you intend to learn, you will definitely encounter loops.


This chapter is going to teach you all about Loops.

You are going to learn the different iteration options. In programming , iteration is extremely important because it will enable you to simplify your code processes.

That is to say that, instead of repeating a certain process on and on, you will use a looping statement to do the same thing in a shorter and leaner amount of code.


After completing this intro to programming chapter, you will be equipped to learn the exact syntax of looping in any programming language. This chapter will teach you how to use and write Loop-Statements.

This chapter is 30 minutes. That means you will learn all you need to learn about within that short time frame.

Learning how to create good programs takes time. This is the first step in your journey. Learning how to use the basic concepts available in programming.

Take your time. And re-watch the course as many times as you need to. At any point during the class if you need any help, feel free to ask a question. I will be there to assist you throughout.

You will not need to install anything . You will not need to acquire any new equipment. Everything I will use in the videos, will be readily available for free online.

Follow along with me. And in the end you will understand everything discussed in this chapter. Be free to try out new things. And alter things as you deem necessary.

Once you are done, decide the programming language you are interested in and check out the loops in that particular programming language.

Go ahead and join this Intro Programming Tutorial .