5 Illustrator CC Essentials for Beginners | Pixel & Bracket | Skillshare

5 Illustrator CC Essentials for Beginners

Pixel & Bracket, by Spencer Martin

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7 Videos (46m)
    • Welcome

    • Lesson 01: Selection & Navigation

    • Lesson 02: Creating Shapes

    • Lesson 03: Pen Tool

    • Lesson 04: Shape Builder & Pathfinder

    • Lesson 05: Artboards

    • Project: Create a Letterform

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About This Class


Create interesting and complex shapes with Adobe Illustrator CC!

In this free course, we'll be learning 5 Essentials in Illustrator CC. To best follow along, make sure you're updated to the latest CC 2018 version. The following are just some of the skills you'll be learning:

  • New Essentials Workspace
  • Navigating using Zoom & Hand Tools
  • Selection & Direct Selection Tools
  • Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon Tools
  • Modifier Keys while Creating Shapes
  • Custom Shapes with the Pen Tool
  • Combining & Dividing with Shape Builder
  • Creating & Exporting Artboards

Learn about all of these awesome essentials tips and more by watching this course!


You can also find me on my YouTube channel, Pixel & Bracket. I post tons of tutorials and other creative content. Free (emoji) high-fives to anyone that lets me know in the comments they found me on Skillshare!


Check out LAKEY INSPIRED on Soundcloud and Youtube. He does some awesome music, and I featured one of his tracks in this course.





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Pixel & Bracket

by Spencer Martin

Hey guys!

My name's Spencer Martin and I'm a multimedia designer from Indianapolis, Indiana. I also run a YouTube channel called Pixel & Bracket where I share tutorials, livestream my process, and educate other creatives.

Skillshare is a place that I can build and develop structured courses and I'm excited to share those with you! I hope that you'll gather little nuggets of information from my lessons, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned designer.


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