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5 Idiotic Mental Blocks Stopping You From Seeing Success

teacher avatar James Canzanella, Affiliate Marketing

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 5 Idiotic Mental Blocks Stopping Your From Seeing Success

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About This Class

You should be closer to reaching your goals, but there's something deep down inside that's stopping you from moving forward. Do you ever wonder it is? Or perhaps maybe you know what it is and you're just not sure how to fix is. If so, then this course is going to be perfect for you. After completing this masterclass, you'll discover 5 (plus 1 bonus) mental blocks that stop many people from progressing and plenty of examples and inspiration to quickly breakthrough to the next level. This is one class you simply don't want to miss, so enroll now and I'll see you on the other side.

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James Canzanella

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketer, course creator, and fan of everything 90s.

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1. Introduction: Hey, what's up? It's James Cans, Nolan. Welcome to my course, the five idiotic mental blocks stopping you from seeing success. Now, this is going to be a course unlike any I've done before. We're actually gonna go over what the's five mental blocks are, then give you stories, give you information and give you ways you can actually counter them. So you can basically, you know, brushed thes aside and do what needs to get done in order for you to see results, because that's what it's all about. So if you want to know what these mental blocks are for not getting what you want, then there's a good chance you're making a few of these mistakes. So if you want to know what they are, go ahead and then roll right now. And I look forward to seeing you on the other side. 2. 5 Idiotic Mental Blocks Stopping Your From Seeing Success: Why hello there I am James Kansan Allah and you are in for a treat today. This is going to be the five idiotic mental blocks stopping you from seeing success. All right, this is geared towards kind of anyone who's ah looking to build or grow on online business , maybe want to make some income online. A lot of these can, you know, contribute to any types of success in your life. But I'm mostly going to be using examples that pertain to any online business, and this is going to be quite a different class from what you're used to for me. I was reading a book. It's getting kind of fired up, and I was watching some videos previously. I was kind of doing some odd, I guess you could say information gathering. I like doing reading. It's not. I'm gonna talk about that later in terms of wanting to know everything. It is an awesome thing to do, but there is going to be a spot. We're going to need to take action and you're going to notice that's going to be numero uno on. This is lack of action, very so these could be mental blocks. These could be an excuse this conveys. Could be wherever the hell your mind wants to tell you in order for you not to do what you need to do. So lack of action. Are you getting what you want to get? Are you you know, driving towards that? Are you taking steps to get there? Even if you're not there yet? Are you taking the right steps? All right. People don't get what they want. They flat out don't take any action, OK? And then what happens is when they're not taken action, they're gonna think of excuses. Why? Like, oh, um, I need to learn more, Okay, that's wanting to know everything. Or maybe that my friends and family think I'm gonna fill. That's negativity will talk about that later. Or maybe you know, James conduce to it. Or Sally Q, or Johnny A over there can do it because, you know, they've had years of experience, which is lack of credibility. I'll be talking about that as well, but it's all just made up crap. Okay. Lack of action is just flat on a lack of action. If you're not going to take any action, do not just the fire for any reason whatsoever. There's going to be times where you're not taking action. Maybe you are confused, whatever it's going to be. But at least be honest with yourself about it. There's times where I'm not taking action on a specific lead generation strategy because I'm real with myself, and I'm saying like, Hey, I'm not gonna be getting any leads from YouTube right now. You know why? Because I'm using bigger. I'm using Facebook and I'm doing really well that, like That's fine if you're not doing that. But if you're not getting what you want, all in all, you need to take action. So a very big thing I've noticed in the past is that any time you want to start something that's kind of new, maybe it's unfamiliar with you. You feel kind of, you know, it just makes you feel all crappy because it's something new and you're getting outside your comfort zone. What I recommend is doing reward slash punishment. Okay, this is a really awesome way to help you take action on whatever it is I remember. I gave ah this idea to my friend when we were going out. We went out in Orlando and we just wanted to go meet some people, talk to some women. Whatever it was, he didn't want to do the idea, But it was an awesome idea. Either way, I'm gonna tell you what it was. It was based group for looking to talk to women. The idea was that you give the person like I would give my friend either 50 or $100 let's say $100 he would give me $100. And in order to get that $100 back, every time you talk to a new person, a new woman in this circumstance you get $10 back. So in order to get your all your $100 back, he had to go and talk to 10 new women. This is a great way to go out there. If you want to be social, whatever you want to do, obviously reward and punishment. Okay. The reward is obviously getting your money back and meeting new women, whatever it's going to be. And the punishment was now all of a sudden, if you didn't do it, you're losing money. All right? This is called like the gun to the head mentality. When I first started online, I got coaching. If you've seen the course previously, not too long ago, I did talking about Igor K. Fats. I got coaching from him, and I remember when I first started, I never built a funnel. I'd never done a product, never put anything together, Never used optimized press any of that stuff. I went in there and I posted in the group and I said, Hey, I need a accountability buddy. Okay? I'm going to say, a week from now, if I haven't finished my complete funnel, I will pay pal you $50 someone immediately jumped on. And then, like two other people, like, Hey, you know, it's signed me up for that. If you don't do what you gotta pay me $50 me $50 to some, like crap. All right, So do you see how that's gonna really provide you with that necessity? With the incentive with the like, Holy crap. I got to do this now. Otherwise I'm gonna be losing something. Otherwise I have something to lose. Its that punishment and reward. It works very well. I used in many aspects of my life. Another one was like, If I didn't hit this goal, I have to go run like X amount of miles And this was before when I was younger and I hated running, mostly because it was just like murder on my joints and my knees, and eventually I started running so much actually started to like it. Who would have ever thought Right is something I hated doing, But now I like doing it because I punished myself. It's funny how that works, right? But either way, that's probably the best way of taking action. I figured out if it's something new, do a reward to a punishment. Make yourself accountable, like go to someone said OK, if I don't finish this an X amount of days, I owe you $100. Do you want to lose $100? No, you probably don't. So that's gonna make it take action. So that's my best way of like, Hey, I'm not taking action and I'm not sure why. Well, you could be just being lazy, which is horrible. You don't want to be lazy, but sometimes there's something getting in the way test out the road punishment. It's not for everyone, but it works very well, right? Next. Fear of failure. Let me get this across. Every everyone fails. It's insane that this is why I call this an idiotic mental block. It's like James, I don't want to fail. Like then don't even sign up. Don't even bother. Don't even do it. Look a. Some of the best MLB batters in all of them will be okay. Let's just say like a really good batting average is a little bit over 300. Let's round it down to a 300. So out of 10 at bats, they're failing seven times. That means three out of 10 times they're getting a single double triple whatever. Isn't that insane? That means 70% of the time even a professional is failing. Isn't that insane? Like everyone fails, it's a part of the process. How do you think you're actually going to go out there and get paid traffic toe work? You're gonna when we have no knowledge, throw it up there and say whom it didn't work and shut it off? You know, a lot of people do that. You need to go out there and you need to get the data to say, like from Okay, I'm not getting as many leads. I need to get a better cost per lead. Okay, now I need to work on the final. Now I need to make sure this converts better. It's the same exact thing. You're supposed to fail. It's a part of the process. So actually going through and saying like Oh my God, I have a fear of failure. I don't want to feel like you really need to change that around, say, like, Hey, I don't need to have a fear of failure because I know it's a part of the process. Look at anyone who's ever done anything greater, amazing in the world. They failed more times than the person who talks about it is even done it, which is zero. It's insane, right? So that's my biggest insight. When it comes to the fear of failure, you just need to do it and accept the fact that you're going to fail. It's a part of the natural process. How many times did it take to figure out how to create the light bulb? What was the quote that came along with this like I havent failed. I just figured out, you know, x Y Z amount of times that simply don't work or whatever. It was right. So everyone fails the part of the process. Let's move on the fear of selling. That's why I was talking about how this is mostly geared towards like an online business. Because if you actually selling something with a price tag, it's not always going to be, you know, relevant. If you're, I don't know, playing guitar unless you're selling your own guitars, your lessons. But either way, fear of selling usually just comes from horrible, crappy negative beliefs. The best way to kind of change this around rid. Okay, let's say and do OK, the best book about money and mindset I've ever read in A. I remember when the first time I read this one of my coaches recommend this to me. I picked it up immediately, and I could not set it down. I remember started reading it at night. Like I went to bed in the next day. I had to go like to my on, so it must have been like a ah party. Or maybe it was like Thanksgiving or whatever it was, but I remember it was on my iPhone and literally well, everyone was outside talking. I literally opened up my iPhone and I was just glued to it. It was So is looking back. I don't know. It's pretty ridiculous, like everyone's having a good time socializing. And here I am glued to this book. That's how much of an impact it made on me anyway. What the book is is secrets of the millionaire mind and the great thing about this. I imagine that whenever someone creates a book, they have a targeted audience in mind. And, oh, my goodness, did they literally paint the picture of my exact life? The thoughts that went on my head, my thoughts about money, and it was literally like someone to said, like, Let's say the authors, T. Harv Eker. He was the author. Let's just say he wrote This book is dedicated to James Kansan all and fixing his life like it literally could have said that in the book because it was so targeted to me and what I thought about selling. And when it comes to money and all the examples used it's insane. So I recommend picking up any Take that book when it comes to selling, making money online. It's really going to help you. And, of course, like I said, read and do action. Okay, I remember the first time I started actually trying to do affiliate marketing. Just think of think of how absurd this was. All right, So I got, like, this affiliate, whatever it was through, like a company. It was about personal training where I was actually going to business websites. I was going to their contact me. I was looking for their email and I was flat out sending them like copy paste emails that wasn't getting them. I wasn't collecting them or anything like that. It was on their website, so I could email them freely. It's not good with Spam. And I did that like hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of times. It was so much work like, I had no idea what I was doing. But you know what? I went through the process. I figured out a lot of things. I even went out and I cold called a few business. And let me tell you, that was probably one of the scariest things I had ever done at the time, like his At that time, I had a fear of selling to. You could tell on the phone. I was probably like, Hi, it must have been the most awkward thing ever. I can only imagine like the woman was like, Oh my God, this kid is like, scared out of his mind. Can you just, like, hurry up and finish so we can end the pain like it was such a bad conversation? I remember I was so fearful of that. But things have now changed like it is not a big deal when it comes to selling because I've gone through the process. I understand what it's about. And I've just abolished those crappy mindset when it comes to selling and making money. So reading action and I do recommend secrets of the millionaire mine. A fear of selling is simply just cause, like your beliefs, your mindset that you have. Maybe you think you have to be like one of those car salesman thing, you know, were they reek of like the stale cigar smell like in bowling alleys and stuff. You gotta be like one of those dues. It's not that way. It's It's just a crappy mindset that you gotta fix around. And if you have a crappy mindset, it's as good news because you can always fix. Anyway. I recommend secrets of the millionaire mind. There's plenty of books out there about wealth and mindset and success pickling that resonates with you and go from there, right? So next we have the wait a minute. Did I say five idiotic mental blocks? Because we clearly have six year and I clearly haven't done my math. Regardless of the fact that five or six, let's just say number six was a bonus. Okay, so five plus one is a bonus areas the lack of credibility or results. This is insane. And if you find yourself saying this, I'm going to tell you it's insane again. This is really insane. Or anyway, lack of credibility or results. Think of it this way. Credibility. How do you get credibility? Let me ask you that question. You get it by doing things right. If you know who I am, you probably know I have like, over 100 courses, and I've done all these courses. But here's the I don't know if you want to say Catch 22. The odd thing is that you don't get credibility until doing things. Okay? So no one has credibility when they first start something, so it's just a flat out excuse. Okay? You get credibility by doing so. Of course. No one's going toe. Have credibility in the beginning. That should not stop you. Do you see where I'm getting at here? Okay. You don't have a course. You awesome. So create one. Then you can have your credibility, and you can build upon that. All right. It's kind of like saying people won't trust me. It so, yeah, maybe you haven't done anything yet. Start doing things and people are going to It's the same thing like that and results, right? This is slightly different One. Okay, I understand. You could have credibility. Maybe you don't have a ton of results, but there's ways around that. I've done courses before where I've talked about this. Where if you don't have any results, you can a You can go out there and get some. You can too. You can leverage off someone else to use their results or d what you can do is actually interview an expert. Okay, probably one of the best ways of doing that. Because if you do an interview, you can sell it and you can talk about like, let's just say you had no experience online. You've made no money. You interview someone who's making like $10 in a month. You can actually sell that a package saying, like, Here's the step by step interview system where I walk through How toe use Facebook ads and webinars and how X y Z makes 10-K a month and now all of a suddenly you have a product because you've leverage someone else's results. Okay, so lack of credibility. No one has credibility in the beginning. Okay, everyone has to start somewhere, okay, Results can be leveraged, so I don't want to hear any crap about that. When I first started doing my own products, I went out there and I sold some stuff on eBay. I went out there. I remember it took pictures and, like, used them for this website, and I got paid $100. The funny thing about that, it was for like, a muscle building thing and who knows where my pictures are being used Now I remember like one of my fans when I was, you know, in the muscle building niche. Someone's like, Hey, they use your head on this sales letter and nearly completely changed my name around. I'm like up. That's where the photos that used a zoo, long as it's not in some, like porno thing, that's fine. But either way, live and learn. And aside from that, I was doing these things, so guess what I did. I would go out there. I didn't have any credibility yet, but I did have results because you can just go out there and gets him. I started selling that OK, and then what I started doing from there, I found another method at the time it was using Facebook. Page is building up and do an affiliate. Marketing was making her $100 day with that, So and then I talked about that. Okay, so this is the you can do learn, Do you teach? This is basically how I've gotten to where I am right now. It's like no secret toe. The success that I've gotten so far is that I do stuff or I learned stuff. I do stuff, and then I teach stuff. You get the best of both worlds there. So keep that in mind. It's like everything I've done. Now I can share information with other people. And since I've done so much because I kind of had to in the beginning, like where All the hats in my business. Because I started off on unemployment and I don't have a ton of money to, like, outsource. I had to figure all this stuff on my own, which is why I have so much knowledge in my head about all this. But either way, this stuff okay, lack of credibility or results is crap. Okay, you can do it without you Don't need it and you build up from there. So, negativity. I can't do it because people say I can't. Well, why you listening to them in the first place? All right, here's something that comes up a lot in terms of young entrepreneurs, right? They'll say that, you know, they're having a tough time because their family and their friends to say, like no one believes in them. This is a good thing. Okay, people see this as negative. Okay, I can't tell you how many times I've seen this happen. Like, how come people don't believe in May like they don't think it can be done. They think it's a scam like they don't understand Internet marketing. And this happens so often that this might as well be as common as failing. Okay, I remember the fear of failure. Everyone fails like this is like a natural reaction to this. You can expect this because obviously, if someone believed in you, they probably would have taken risks themselves and started an online business and done all those cool things. So in terms of negativity, you can expect that from a lot of people. All right, as long as you believe in yourself, that's the most important aspect. Who cares about what person? A, B or C, and the other side of some computer you'll never meet or even if it's your family. When I first started online, I'd say about 99% of people did not believe in me, including my family, my brother, my friends. I'd say maybe one friend. He was more of just always asking like How's business? How's things doing? I'm not buying that. He was like 100% sold on it, but in terms of that, there was him and I had my coach, literally only two people I know who had some type of believe me. So it's fine if no one believes in you. If they think it's not gonna work, don't worry about it. It's part of like the natural process may be as no technology becomes much more mainstream and people believe that you can have an online business. Maybe in the future years, it won't be as big of a deal. But keep that in mind. There's an old story where person, let's say, is walking on the beach guys sitting, you know, in this chair and he's got a bucket of crabs and the guy walking goes up to the bucket of crabs and notices that you know he goes. Mr. One of those crabs is about toe, you know, exit the bucket wherever he goes and no big deal. Just watch. And so what happens is right, as one of the crabs is about to leave, all the other ones kind of just, you know, grab Adam and bring them down with him. All right. This is kind of that negative. I've you get from people who are crabs, where it's like, Hey, if you can't get out or if we can't get out, you know, then you can either. We're dragging you down with us. That's the type of negativity that you might be experiencing if you're experiencing any alright, How to solve that is basically, distance yourself from a lot of those people. Not saying just, like cut them out of your life. Obviously fired family and friends that didn't believe in me. That's fine. I probably didn't hang around with them too much. Okay, sometimes you have to. Sometimes you can't. But either way, in terms of like, friends or, you know, some other random people, just give them some space, Right? You need your own time. You don't really need that negativity in your life. Do the best you can to distance yourself from people because you don't need that type of crap in your life. Okay? If you got your your rock solid belief in something and you want to follow through and do it, do it. Okay. Eventually everyone will be like, Oh, my God, you know, How did you do it? And it's it's really ironic, is at that point, I think you don't even want any part of them. You know, a lot of people are like, Oh, this will never work And then you start making more money than them in there are whom kind of sucks to be them, right? But either way, that's my little bourbon negativity. And last but not least, this is the bonus one. All right, let me do this just so I can keep the title proper of there being only five idiotic mental blocks. Bonus wanting to know everything. Let me give you some it advice on this. You, me, type it out. You are never going to know who. Everything. Okay, There's always going to be unexpected things occurring. There's always going to be glitches. There's always going to be Facebook. Slaps is always going to be the Google Panda update. There's always going to be something that changes, and that's the thing about being an entrepreneur. You're gonna have to adapt to that, and that's fine. Like is long as you're in control of you, then it's not going to be a big deal And you always in control of the wrecks. You control the actions you take. Okay, So wanting to know everything is ridiculous. Heck, I have. I think I've put in my 10,000 hours or so. I think that's what it says. Like on a topic. If you dedicate 10,000 hours to something, you're going to be an expert. So? So if you want to put in those 10,000 hours, you know, be my guest, you are more than welcome to, But the fastest way you're going to achieve any type of success is by Okay, let's just say you learn, which doesn't mean it has to be everything. You take one system, you take one example. You know, just one product, whatever is going to be you dio okay. We're not at the teach part yet and then adapt. Okay, So what is? Adapt me. Let's just say you get this Facebook ads. Course you do it. Okay. And then you say, Like, how can I adapt this? How can I change? How can I better monetize? How come I optimize? Okay, the person who does the campaigns, like, 100 times and let's just say fails 90 times and wins 10 times is obviously gonna have much more success than the person who does it. One time fails and quits like it is not even going to be close. All right, the person who fellas more times in the other person, we even tries it. That's what it's going to be all about. You're gonna learn the most when you do stuff. This is why I love taking action. Probably why it takes so much action. And you need to be the same way. Like I don't mind quote unquote failing. I don't even see it is failing. It's just you don't lose. Either you win or you learn. That's it's simple. It is, and you just got to adapt to the result or the lack of results. You're getting very popular. Cool. I have no idea who says that's you might as well just attach my last name to it. I mean that actually my full name to it just cause in case there's some other Kansas hello out there, you don't want to give them credit, but anyway, the only way to fail is to basically stop doing anything that I said that all the time. I probably say in different ways, but that's literally the only way to fail. All right. You're not gonna have a fear of failure if you keep going. How can you feel if you don't plan on stopping right? It's a must you Just Something happens in like your arms fall off so I can't type anymore. Well, then you could still type with your feet. You see what I mean? Like, that's the type of mindset you need tohave like Oh, crap. My eye fell out. Awesome. Put a friggin eye patch over your pirate and use your other Damn. I write all your arms felafel type with your feet. Then you still got your face. You still got your mouth still Make it work, right? There's always ways to make it happen so you don't need to know everything. Wanting to know everything is ridiculous. It's like the number one reason I see in terms of like, refunds will back already. Know this all You already know this right? What's constantly making others thousands of dollars. Yet you already know this right? Then show me your bank account. If you know this, you must be doing really well, right? So don't become one of those people. I already know this. No, you don't know this. Yes, you might have heard it before. You're not taking any action in action is critical. We talked about this previously. OK, so kind of wrapping this up before my head explodes. This is the five idiotic mental block stopping you from seeing success. And we had the number one bonus which is wanting know everything, which is bad. You don't need to know everything. Don't be. Ah, I already know this type of person learned to adapt. Quote unquote fell a bunch of times and don't quit. You'll be good to go. So that was my course. It kind of went a little bit longer than I thought it would be. The way I enjoyed kind of screaming my head off if you enjoyed this. If you got at least one golden nugget out of they give it a thumb's up, give her like a comic of the share. Give it whatever you want to love, to hear your thoughts. And with all that being said, I'm James Kansas. Villa Ho. Slow down there. Okay, I'm good. Thank you for watching. And I'll talk to you soon.