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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. 5 How To's for QuickBooks Online

    • 2. 1. How to Import Bank Feeds

    • 3. 2. How to Inactivate an account

    • 4. 3. QuickBooks Online Search

    • 5. 4. QuickBooks Online In Spanish

    • 6. 5. How to Record Paypal Fees

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About This Class

This class will show you 5 How To's in QuickBooks Online. I hope that you find some of these helpful.

Meet Your Teacher

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Liz Callejas

Lets Get Down to Business, Lets Learn QuickBooks!


I have been a bookkeeper for over 15 years, a tax preparer for 4 years, and a Quickbooks ProAdvisor for Over 4 years. I own a bookkeeping business, Bookkeeping Dynamix, Inc. I will share with you how to use Quickbooks for your business as well as some business and tax information to help you in your business. Enroll today to learn more!

As a bookkeeper for small businesses I want my clients to know how to use their QuickBooks file. I started creating videos on How To’s and Tips & Tricks for QuickBooks. I have various tutorials on my website and also on my Youtube Channel. I hope that you find the answers to your QuickBooks Questions here.



Liz Callejas


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1. 5 How To's for QuickBooks Online: Hello, everyone. This is lives with you. See QuickBooks training and welcome to another class in this class. I will show you five. How? Twos and tips for QuickBooks Online. Your project is to try one of these tips or how twos in your QuickBooks online file. So let's get started. 2. 1. How to Import Bank Feeds : Hello, everyone. And welcome to another EEC QuickBooks tutorial. Today I will be showing you how to import bank transactions into QuickBooks online. Now, this will work with any checking account that has the C S V download. And also, it works great with PayPal. Now, I have connected pay, pal in the past by doing connect account. But that does not work very well because of the negative and positives that paper creeds you're holding account. Um, so don't do it that way. It creates a mess. You can also use the pay pal app now that QuickBooks online has created. That works great. But I'm going to show you this other way. Now, in order to import your bank feeds manually, you need to go into transactions, go into banking in this bank section. We're going to go to file upload, going to hit, upload. And now it's asking us to upload our file, and we can actually upload thes types of formats. I'm going to do a C s, a V from PayPal. Someone browse to upload my file or to file open. And then I'm gonna hit next the bottom right. And then it says what accounts do I want to import? I want to import into the PayPal bank account. Now, just so you know, these accounts were created because I tested the PayPal app. So this is was created by, um, to pay pal QuickBooks online app. Okay, so I have chosen my account, and now I'm going to hit next and in this section. It only allows us to have three columns. So you're see SV file should have the date, your description or toward the name of the transactions and the amount. That's all you need. So it has chosen the dean. Now we need the name, and the mount is gross, and it does have a hetero. So I checked on that and has both positive and negative numbers. You want to use that? Um, if it's has negative and positive numbers on that amount row, which pay Pau does if you have a refund. Okay, so we're gonna keep it like this, and we're gonna hit next at the bottom bottom. Right? And here are my transactions, as you could see, the date, description and amount. So this means I have no errors. If you would have errors, you would have a lot of, you know, bread information, missing information that would tell you that it was not successful. But this is telling me that it's reading my CSP file, so I'm gonna hit. Next says QuickBooks will import for transactions using the fields you've chosen. Do you want to import now? So if everything looks good, just hit. Yes, and it should import. Your file says, Hey, bank files successful. Hit. Finished. And here is my PayPal account. As you saw before, there was, um, there was no papal, but it has uploaded my file. So now I can go ahead and name it, put a vendor, categorize it, and added to my register. And that's all you need in order to import your files manually. Thank you for joining us in this QuickBooks tutorial. Please subscribe to my QuickBooks channel and also go check out my website at E. C. QuickBooks training dot com form or premium tutorials. Thank you for joining us. 3. 2. How to Inactivate an account : hello and welcome to see QuickBooks training, where you can get how twos, tips and tricks and troubleshooting for QuickBooks. Today we're going to learn how to inactivate an account in QuickBooks online, So let's get started. First of all, in the desktop version, we can easily inactivated an account by checking off account is inactive and then we saving close. But QuickBooks online is a little different. There is no check box that we can check. Let's take a look at this by going to the chart of accounts and try to delete an account. Let's go ahead and try to delete this stationery and printing account. Let's go ahead and add it. As we can see, there is no inactivate box that we can check. So let's go ahead and delete this account. That's how we make it inactive. We're going to delete now. This doesn't mean that we're gonna delete it from QuickBooks online. It just means that we are making this account in active. Okay, so it's no longer on our chart of accounts list in order to have it appear on the list, we go to the gear icon. We check include inactive, and it should appear on our list again. Here's equipment rental that I deleted earlier, and we should be able to see the one that we just deleted stationery and printing. We can also make this account active again by clicking, make active and it's now active. And that's how you make an accounting QuickBooks online, active or inactive. And that is all for today, and I hope to see in the next one please don't forget to subscribe to my channel to be on top of your how twos, tips and tricks for QuickBooks See you in the next one. 4. 3. QuickBooks Online Search: Hello, everyone. And welcome to another quick tips for QuickBooks. This is less with e. C. QuickBooks training. And in this video, we're going to show you how to search for a transaction in QuickBooks online from the home page. Let's go to the bank defying glass at the top. You click search here. We can type in the date the number of the transaction or the mount. But I want to look for a journal entry, so I'm gonna hit advanced search. This brings us to the search page where we can search by transaction. We can't do bill payments, bills, charges. So if you scroll down will be able to see journal entries. It's right here. Then we can even further down our selection. We can do it by a count date entry number. I want to do it by amount. It's look like amount. And I'm gonna type the amount of the journal entry. And there it iss. There is the journal entry a want. And that's how you search for transactions in QuickBooks online. Please subscribe to our channel, or you can visit us at UC QuickBooks training dot com for more free tutorials. Thanks 5. 4. QuickBooks Online In Spanish: Welcome to another. Quick tips for QuickBooks. This is lays with the secret books training in this video. I'm going to show you how to use QuickBooks online in Spanish. Yes, in Spanish and any other language that you need to use it in. The first thing I did was I added Google translate very easy. I just added an extension to my Google chrome. And then I typed in Spanish and translate Spanish translates this page, and as you can see, it translated in Spanish. You get this loss when the Doris and Plateaus I can read perfectly in Spanish. And you can change it to any other language that you need to. So you can really use QuickBooks online in any of these language Irish? I don't know if that's Irish, I guess. Um, Persian. Yeah, that looks Persian to me. So you can use this app to really translate QuickBooks online in your own language. And if you like this video, please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thank you. See you in the next one. 6. 5. How to Record Paypal Fees : Hello, everyone. Welcome to another quick tutorial with E. C. QuickBooks training today. I'm going to cover or answer a question from one of our viewers. The question is, how do you record PayPal Fees from QuickBooks Online As we know, PayPal fees are an actual deduct from the sales. So, for example, if we have $100 of sales and the feet to pay PAL is 10. What we only receive in the bank account is 90 So that's what we're going to go over today . Now I use sales receipts to record all my sales refunds and PayPal fees at the same time, and you could do this on a monthly basis on a weekly basis or daily basis. You just gather all your totals and you make one single sales receipt. As you can see here, I record them on a monthly basis. I use one receipt for the whole month. So let me show you. Let's click on July and this is the sales receipt. I have one customer, just PayPal customer. I don't have any details in here because all the details are in papal. They have great reports to gather all the details So I have an item. A product service item called Sales of product Discount and Refunds and Pay PAL fees. Now I have the totals here. As you can see the sale for product, I have the total sales refunds. I have it as a negative because it's an actual deduct to my total sales and PayPal fees. I get the total from PayPal, and I usually get the totals from the monthly sales report. Um, you can get from a transaction detailed report or your monthly financial summary report. That's where you can get all this information. So I put as a negative because it's a deep deduct. Two. The total amount here, and this is what goes into the bank, and I make sure it's deposited into the bank. My paint mint, Methodist paper. I put it in the Kirk Bank, and that is what I get into the bank, and this is how you record PayPal fees. Now I will do a more detailed tutorial on pay, Pal