5 Hexagon Patterns in Illustrator - an Illustrator for Lunch™ course | Helen Bradley | Skillshare

5 Hexagon Patterns in Illustrator - an Illustrator for Lunch™ course

Helen Bradley, Illustrator for Lunch™ & Photoshop for Lunch™

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12 Lessons (1h 12m)
    • 1. 5 Hexagon Patterns in Illustrator - An Introduction

    • 2. Pt 1: Hexagon Pattern with a White Border

    • 3. Pt 2: Dimensional Hexagon Pattern

    • 4. Pt 3: Create a Faux Hexagon Pattern

    • 5. Pt 4: Color the Faux Pattern Using a Script

    • 6. Pt 5: From Faux Pattern to Half Drop Repeat

    • 7. Pt 6: Nested Hexagon Pattern

    • 8. Pt 7: Hexagon Pattern in Pattern Effect

    • 9. Project and wrapup

    • 10. Bonus: How to Install Scripts on a Mac

    • 11. Prepare a Swatch for Spoonflower and other online sites

    • 12. Bonus Faux Hexagons without strokes


About This Class

This class focuses on making a range of five hexagon seamless repeating patterns in Illustrator. You will learn how to make a pattern with white border around the elements, how to make a nested hexagon design using a blend and a faux hexagon pattern which is randomly colored using a Script. You'll learn to create a half drop repeat pattern, a dimensional pattern and a 'pattern in pattern' effect.

These patterns all make use of the Pattern Make tool which was introduced in Illustrator CS6 and which is also included in Illustrator CC (all versions).

By the end of this class you will be able to make a range of hexagon patterns for use on POD products, at sites like Spoonflower and for sale as digital assets. 

In this course, all the designs use the Pattern Make tool in Illustrator CC and CS6 - the class is, therefore, unsuitable for users of other earlier versions of Illustrator. I am using Illustrator CC 2019 for this class. 





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Helen Bradley

Illustrator for Lunch™ & Photoshop for Lunch™

Helen teaches the popular Illustrator for Lunch, Photoshop for Lunch and ACR & Lightroom for Lunch series of courses. Each course is just the right length to take over a lunch break and is packed with useful and fun techniques. The projects are designed to reinforce what is taught so they too can be easily completed over a lunch hour or two.

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