5 Hacks To Improve Your Social Media Management | Adrien Nhem | Skillshare

5 Hacks To Improve Your Social Media Management

Adrien Nhem, Make Education More Practical

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9 Videos (24m)
    • What's the plan?

    • Centralise your social media accounts with Hootsuite

    • Save Time with Hootsuite

    • Create a social media calendar

    • Leverage available content

    • Use 411 to plan your content

    • IFTTT: create social media automation

    • IFTTT: Best social media automation

    • Create Amazing Designs With Canva


About This Class

  •  Getting started with Hootsuite, the most widely used social media management platform. You’ll learn how to create an account and setting up your dashboard for being successful.
  • Gaining understanding about what is a social media content calendar, how to fill it. In bonus you’ll be able to download our FREE content calendar template.  
  • Discovering what are the different types of content that you can leverage on your social media accounts. 
  • How to use Hootsuite publishing tool to send out your content on your social networks.  
  • -How to create beautiful designs with Canva





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Adrien Nhem

Make Education More Practical

Adrien is a Social Media Coach. He's been working with the most widely used social media platform Hootsuite on helping users achieving their goals. He trains the next generation of social media managers in his spare time. He also gives talks at TEDx, and Universities.

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