5 Free WP Plugins for Your New Site (Part 2)

Christoffer Gullin, Random Tech Guy

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About This Class

I did recently publish a course where I showed you how to install WordPress from cPanel. Then I published a course about 5 Free WP Plugins that you should install on your new website. This was a two-part series and now it’s time for part 2.

In this second part of the course, you are going to learn how you can improve your website speed, an easy way to optimize your pictures, a plugin for SEO purposes (that are really easy to follow), how to easily track your visitors to see how many views you have gotten, integrate and use social media on your site for more traffic and so much more.

A WordPress website is not complete without the plugins and it felt wrong to make a guide about how to install WordPress (where I also talk about themes) but not make a course about plugins and this is it.

The same rule applies here as in the first course, all the plugins are free and they can be downloaded inside of the WordPress panel. I usually install these plugins when I have a new site created just to make sure that I have the basic functions that every website need.

If you feel the same, just hit that enroll button now and learn more about all this stuff. I’ll see you in the next video.

This course is divided into two parts to make it easier for you, the students, to follow along instead of sitting for 30-40 minutes listening to me talking about plugins. In part one, I am talking about how to secure your website, get more functions and stopping bots from spamming your site.

Click here to find Part 1

Click here to learn how to install Wordpress from cPanel





Christoffer Gullin

Random Tech Guy

Hi there!

My name is Christoffer Gullin, 23 years old living in Sweden. I have studied network and system administration on University and is now making an income on the internet.

I love computers and hardware overall and it is something I am very passionate about. I am spending most of my days on YouTube watching reviews and other people building computers (don't tell me you are not spending hours on YT).

I also love working with Software. I am using many kinds of software in my daily life. On Skillshare, you will most likely find classes regarding software. It can be Photoshop, Camtasia, After Effects or anything really! 

Have an awesome day,