#5 Forex Basics: How to Save 1.5 Years on Your Way to Profits

Hana Stejskalová, I always look for doing the things better way

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7 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Why to Enroll

    • 2. Where to Keep Trading Diary

    • 3. How to Divide Your Diary

    • 4. Mechanical Part

    • 5. Emotional Part

    • 6. Pictures Part

    • 7. Conclusion


Project Description

Recently, I've been searching through my trading diary when I realized that for almost 1,5 year I was doing absolutely useless work.

My data was hard to measure, chaotic and sometimes I didn't even know what I was talking about.

That's a big problem because it slows you down on your way to success.

Your trading diary gives you potential to enhance you performance and have better results.

This course is meant for FX traders of all skills.

Your aim for this project is to create a file where you will record your trades. You can decide if you want regular spreadsheet or Google Sheet right away.

You will also choose which categories you will include into your trading diary. Then share with is either list of the categories or the file itself.


Your project includes:

  • tell us which categories you've chosen
  • screenshot or share (in case of Google Sheets) the file of trading diary
  • show us how your record of the trade looks like

Student Projects