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5 Extremely Popular Affiliate Monthly Recurring Programs

Kristie Chiles, Dream To Paper

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    • One Important Reason To Sign Up With Recurring Monthly Commissions

    • 5 Popular Affiliate Monthly Recurring Commissions Programs


About This Class

One of the most lucrative and smartest ways to create passive, recurring monthly commissions online is to promote those affiliate programs that offer a recurring monthly payment.

Here's how it works:  You sign up for their affiliate program (most of them are free), and then you simply promote the unique link they give to you.  Whenever someone signs up for a monthly subscription under your link, as long as that subscriber remains a monthly paying customer, you get a monthly check.

It is simple, but can multiply over time and it is simply much smarter than having to recreate your income each and every month.

Many affiliates have built retirement nest eggs using this business model. In this course, I introduce five of the most lucrative, well-known and well-established affiliate programs that offer this model.

If this interests you, be sure to sign up for your affiliate link.





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Kristie Chiles

Dream To Paper

Happy Wife, Mother of 2 Grown Children, and 1 Amazing Grandchild...happy to be working from my laptop after years of teaching elementary school, then College. A few years ago, I found a website that claimed you could generate income online "in your pjs" and I never looked back! I hope that you can find inspiration and guidance to finding your "happy place" working from your laptop too! Catch my newsletter over at my new blog -


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