5 Essential Tips To Design Business Card

Anita Sharma, Discover new learning possibilities!

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7 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Intro Video

    • 2. Common Beginner Mistakes to Avoid

    • 3. Standard Business Card Size

    • 4. Important Things to Consider

    • 5. 5 Crucial Elements of a Business Card

    • 6. To Print Both Sides or Not

    • 7. Bonus Tips to Use Your Skills


About This Class

Business cards will never go out of fashion. This is the only print media element today that still holds as much significance as all other digital identification assets like social profiles and email address. Moreover, one thing is for sure – Business cards are here to stay!

Business Cards have a much more personalised feel than bluntly sharing contact over Instant Messaging. This is why we need to understand how to craft good Business Cards that nail the purpose and do not overdo the self-promotion.

This training is catered towards all graphic designers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, job seekers and more who are in need of designing professional business cards. The lessons in this course will walk you through all the important factors that you need to keep in mind even before designing your business card.

What This Tutorial Is?

It is a training of sorts for getting the right facts into the business cards and giving them a corporate and serious feel.

What This Training Is Not?

It is not a “Graphic Design” training for making business cards. You will not learn how to make business cards in Photoshop or any other software in this course for that matter.

I do not want to cover what is already being covered by hundreds of teachers in Skill Share. I Wanted to cover a very overlooked part of B. Card Designing, that is, the thought process that should go into the construction of a great business card.

So, stay with me and I will show you how you can craft your business card, to do the talking for you, when you give it to someone important.

I look forward to mentoring all my students personally and help them craft proper content for their business card. You can use the discussion board to contact me, and I will try to resolve your individual queries one by one.

Here is to happy days!

Anita Sharma

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