5 Easy Last-Minute Gifts You Can Make with Items from Your Kitchen | Jane And Sonja | Skillshare

5 Easy Last-Minute Gifts You Can Make with Items from Your Kitchen

Jane And Sonja, Nature-Inspired DIY, Craft and Home Decor Bloggers

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8 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. 5 Last-Minute Gift Ideas You Can Make with Items from your Kitchen

    • 2. Collect your supplies and say hello

    • 3. Homemade Brownies-in-a-Jar

    • 4. DIY Succulent in a Tea Cup Gift Idea

    • 5. Luxurious Peppermint Sugar Scrub

    • 6. DIY Coffee Tin Gift Containers

    • 7. DIY Themed Gift Baskets

    • 8. Thank You and One More DIY Gift Idea


About This Class

There's no need to be stuck without a gift for a hostess, co-worker, kids' teacher or neighbour! In this class, we'll show you 5 simple DIY gift ideas which you can make with items from your kitchen!

Specifically, you'll learn how to make:

  • homemade brownies-in-a-jar
  • succulents in a tea cup or mug
  • luxurious peppermint sugar scrub
  • upcycled coffee tin to a gift container
  • themed gift basket for a baker or tea/coffee lover

Moreover, you'll get free printable gift tags, a nature-inspired greeting card template and Project Guide!


These DIYs were made in our recent Simple Daily DIY challenge in which we aim to support and encourage members in expressing their creativity. Learn more about, and join the challenge here: https://www.sustainmycrafthabit.com/simpledailydiy/ .





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Jane And Sonja

Nature-Inspired DIY, Craft and Home Decor Bloggers

Jane and Sonja are craft and DIY addicts who share their love of simple, low-cost and nature-inspired craft and home decor ideas on their blog Sustain My Craft Habit. With Sonja's background in the fashion industry and Jane's in academic sciences, these sisters bring you the latest trends and beautiful DIY ideas with thoroughly and clearly presented instructions and tutorials.

Follow us on Instagram @sustainmycrafthabit and Pinterest for beautiful DIY and craft inspiration daily!

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