5 Easy Last-Minute Gifts You Can Make with Items from Your Kitchen | Jane And Sonja | Skillshare

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5 Easy Last-Minute Gifts You Can Make with Items from Your Kitchen

teacher avatar Jane And Sonja, Nature-Inspired DIY, Craft and Home Decor Bloggers

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. 5 Last-Minute Gift Ideas You Can Make with Items from your Kitchen

    • 2. Collect your supplies and say hello

    • 3. Homemade Brownies-in-a-Jar

    • 4. DIY Succulent in a Tea Cup Gift Idea

    • 5. Luxurious Peppermint Sugar Scrub

    • 6. DIY Coffee Tin Gift Containers

    • 7. DIY Themed Gift Baskets

    • 8. Thank You and One More DIY Gift Idea

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About This Class

There's no need to be stuck without a gift for a hostess, co-worker, kids' teacher or neighbour! In this class, we'll show you 5 simple DIY gift ideas which you can make with items from your kitchen!

Specifically, you'll learn how to make:

  • homemade brownies-in-a-jar
  • succulents in a tea cup or mug
  • luxurious peppermint sugar scrub
  • upcycled coffee tin to a gift container
  • themed gift basket for a baker or tea/coffee lover

Moreover, you'll get free printable gift tags, a nature-inspired greeting card template and Project Guide!


These DIYs were made in our recent Simple Daily DIY challenge in which we aim to support and encourage members in expressing their creativity. Learn more about, and join the challenge here: https://www.sustainmycrafthabit.com/simpledailydiy/ .

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jane And Sonja

Nature-Inspired DIY, Craft and Home Decor Bloggers


Jane and Sonja are craft and DIY addicts who share their love of simple, low-cost and nature-inspired craft and home decor ideas on their blog Sustain My Craft Habit. With Sonja's background in the fashion industry and Jane's in academic sciences, these sisters bring you the latest trends and beautiful DIY ideas with thoroughly and clearly presented instructions and tutorials.

Follow us on Instagram @sustainmycrafthabit and Pinterest for beautiful DIY and craft inspiration daily!

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1. 5 Last-Minute Gift Ideas You Can Make with Items from your Kitchen: Hi, Jane. From sustained my craft. Have it here. Do you ever find yourself stuck at the last minute for a gift like you're heading out to friends for dinner and you'd like to bring her something for a hostess gift? Or the holidays are coming up and you'd like to give something nice, Get inexpensive to your coworkers or your kids. Teachers? Well, my sister Sonya and I are going to be showing you in this class how to make five simple gift ideas using items from your kitchen. These ideas include some gift in a jar types of ideas way Have some succulents in a teacup for plant lover, as well as how to make themes basket such as those for tea lover or a baker, and even how to make a package for it in the class. You'll also be getting a printable supply list and to help you plan which materials you already have at home and which ones you need to go out and get, as well as gift tags that you can add to your completed gifts. So enroll in the class, grab a coffee and let's get started 2. Collect your supplies and say hello: welcome. We're so glad you'll be joining us in this class. If you haven't already stopped by the project description to this problem to this class. Be sure to do so because we have a number of goodies for you there, including a printable project guide that will help you decide which materials and supplies you already have on hand, as well as gift tags that you can add to each of your gifts. And we also have a winter on holiday inspired greeting card template. This is part of our monthly Siri's that members of our blawg communities sustain my craft habit community received every month, which is perfect for any occasion. So in this series of videos, we're going to show you how to make these five gifts, uh, a handmade brownie and a jar gift succulents in a teacup, some luxurious peppermint sugar scrub. Then you'll learn how to up cycle coffee 10 that you likely have in your kitchen to make it into a container for any variety of themed gifts. And then we'll show you how to assemble one for a baker, maybe someone who loves baking and someone who loves tea or coffee. Introduce yourself, please start a new project in the project section. Say hi and let us know who's still left on your gift list for this holiday season. 3. Homemade Brownies-in-a-Jar: to make the homemade brownie in a jar gift. You need one cup of flour, 3/4 cup of cocoa, one in 1/4 of sugar. Pick up a chocolate chip on a little bit of sea. Salt will also need a 32 Alan Mason jar to put it all in, and it helps to have a sieve, or I use a cold coffee filter and a pair of scissors. Just cut off the bottom to help get everything into the jars. Okay, let's assemble the gift in a jar. First, we'll start with the flower layer. Next, you want a brown layer so we'll do the cocoa powder next, another white layers with sugar and then the chocolate chip. That makes it pretty much to the top of the jar when we top it up with a touch of sea salt , that's it. But on the lid you have a beautiful, layered gift in a drive. We're going to add tag like this one. Love peace truck. Bigger smile. So there you have it. The gift in a jar way also have in the Project Description section a second tag that has the remainder of the directions for making this home make Brownie in a jar with the other ingredients that the recipient will need to add in the baking fine and such. 4. DIY Succulent in a Tea Cup Gift Idea: to make your succulent in a tea cup gift, you are going to need some small succulents, which we got from a local nursery. Some potting soil, some teacups you can get from your kitchen or the dollar store or first store and some rocks decorative and then also some for drainage. And that's it. To start, you want to take your cup and add a little bit of rock to the bottom. But you have drainage for the plant, then with an old spoon. I am taking some soil, and I'm putting it inside, being come filling enough about 3/4 of the way, and then I'm going to take one of the succulents. See, I can get two of them and more so, yeah, and impress from town. Give him a little bit of water, and I'm going to just add some rocks to the top for decoration. And then, using the gift tags that were providing, I just cut one out and then glued it to a stick that I hadn't from the kitchen. You can use a toothpick or skewer and sign, and you have your gift 5. Luxurious Peppermint Sugar Scrub: materials that you need to make the peppermint sugar scrub are 1/2 cup of coconut oil, 1.5 cups of granulated sugar, a tablespoon of peppermint extract and just a dash of green food coloring. And make sure you have a bowl and spoon to mix, and a large or a large mouth mason jar pretty strapped. Okay, To start, you're gonna take your half a cup of coconut oil and put it in your microwavable glass pool and you're going to keep this in the microwave because you want it to be Teoh. It helps to be a liquid oil that on put in the microwave for about 10 seconds. Okay, so that took about 2025 seconds, actually, until I got it to liquefy. So gonna add the sugar, which is 1.5 cups. Then I'm going to add the extract and I need a table spoon. I'm gonna mix it, and if it looks to running, you can add some more sugar. But this is looking pretty good. And then I'm gonna add just a drop of the green food coloring you can also use. Or that was a bit more So, um, you could also use different colors to get, uh, something other than green. Mix it until it's all consistent and even. And that's it. I think it looks pretty good. And I'm gonna add it to the Mason jar I have here. So this size jar, you stop basically my whole, um, mix. But if you want smaller scripts to give us maybe stocking stuffers, we're just, um, little toppers on gifts. You could use a smaller jar and make more of them. So there we go. It's full to the top, and then you want to seal it, um, tightly about the airtight, and it's done. So now you just have to add some nice give takes way. Have some already prepared gift tags which you can grab, um, in the project description, these air free gift tags that we have, um, so you just need to add the two and the from at the bottom. Puncture a hole at the top, add your bakers twine and just add it to the top of the sugar scrub like something 6. DIY Coffee Tin Gift Containers: to make your D i Y gift container, you will need an empty coffee tin some burlap cut to two feet by two feet a square piece. So you need a measuring tape and scissors to do that. You then also need a patino because we're gonna do some potatoes stamping. Unless you already have a stamp that you want to use and some paint any color of your choice and a cookie cutter for your potato. And lastly, you'll need a glue gun to make a potato stamp. You want to take a look at the cookie cutter you're gonna use or an apple slice o slice? There also works really good. But for this day, why? I'm gonna use this star cookie, um, shape and I'm gonna find a potato that is going to fit that store. So put that one aside. This one's for think. Probably wide enough. The battle fit as well. So use that potato. I'm gonna slice it in half lengthwise. We're going to make it a little bit then are also so I can get the cookie, cut her through, take my star, push it down, take away the extra pieces and pop it out, and that's the step that we're gonna use. The next step is to take your cuts piece of burlap and lay it down on your surface. And we have some part from a paper under me just to make sure that we don't get any paint on our countertop. So lay it out flat. And here you see where we have the potato stamp. I'm going to take some pain. We have some cross paints in black, but you can use whatever color you want. I have already given a good shape. Squeeze some onto this piece of parchment paper. I'm gonna start stamping it. So I'm gonna take my potato star, dab it in the paint, and then I'm going to start to, um at stars all the way on my burlap all over my burlap. - So now that the burlap has always all the stamps on it, I'm just gonna put it aside and let it dry before we wrap our coffee. 10. Okay, so now that you have your stamped a burlap and it's dry, hopefully it's dry. Um, you're going to put that face down on your surface. Gonna take your coffee 10 and remove the packaging. Just silver Heart is showing just like that and stick it right in the middle of the Birla. And then using your hot glue gun going, Teoh uh, beat of hot glue just under the ram on the inside like that and begin wrapping. It will be very careful not to burn your fingers. And it's in you to do that all the way rounds to do all four sides first. So now you have the four sides, um, secured. You're going to do the four corners next, Just open up space a little bit, had some more glue on and secured inside sticky extra pieces inside the 10 just continue all the way around. And there you go. So you're 10 is wrapped. Looks pretty cute and you'll you'll be able to add Give um, once you build your 10 we're gonna show you a man idea on what you can feel this 10 and use it as a gift backs basket for somebody 7. DIY Themed Gift Baskets: way have our coffee tin wrapped with our burlap. We're going, Teoh, assemble some goodies inside the tin to use as a gift basket for the holidays. So we can really do any kind of theme that you want. I have some supplies here that are kind of more related to takings. Were gonna stick these or the kitchen. They're going to stick these inside, Um, which you see the tennis empty. So I'm gonna take this drying, Matt, that I have gonna get creative when you're assembling it. Inside, there is limited space. Take some wooden spoons back, show you once it's done. And tea towel. And these mini cookie cutters, I have anything else. So there you have. The 10 is build, and I'm going to take our gift tanks. And instead of using the bakers twine, I'm going to use a clothes pin and then just attach it to the twine Are the to the burlap like that. So there's the gift ready to go. So if you have a t lover in your life, you can assemble some tea themed goodies inside. You are wrapped 10. So I've got some honey najar from a local. Um honey supplier have tea, homemade cookies and one of our society six monks. They have better nature inspired and added the gift tank and good to go. 8. Thank You and One More DIY Gift Idea: great work. We've really enjoyed making these gift ideas with you. If you're still stuff for a gift idea for ah, hard to buy for give poor person on your list. We invite you to check out our previous class here on skill share, which shows you how to make a greeting card gift set. Now these air really lovely for any writers or any note takers or no givers on your list. And the classic includes instructions on how to print out the greeting card templates that we provide to make custom watercolor envelopes for those screening cards and then a beautiful folder to hold it and present it all in. We also would love to see which projects you make if you make any of them so definitely added to your project within this class and let us know who you're giving it to. We also invite you to visit us on our blog's sustain my craft habit dot com and look forward to sharing the next class with you by