5 Crucial Items to Check Before Publishing Your Blog Post | Allison Boyle | Skillshare

5 Crucial Items to Check Before Publishing Your Blog Post

Allison Boyle, Outdoor Adventure and Travel Blogger

5 Crucial Items to Check Before Publishing Your Blog Post

Allison Boyle, Outdoor Adventure and Travel Blogger

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7 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction - 5 Crucial Items to Check Before Publishing Your Blog Post

    • 2. Lesson 1 - Optimize Your Photos

    • 3. Lesson 2 - Build Email List

    • 4. Lesson 3 - Create Pinnable Images

    • 5. Lesson 4 - Social Media Share

    • 6. Lesson 5 - Keep Audience Engaged

    • 7. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

There are a lot of things to remember when creating a blog post, but after you've created your content, make sure you include these 5 items into your workflow before publishing.

Join Allison, founder of the She Dreams of Alpine blog, as she reviews 5 crucial tasks to check before publishing a blog Post. Whether you are blogging for fun or looking to take your blog to the next level, these 5 items will help set you up for successful marketing and search engine optimization, SEO.

Key lessons include:

  1. Optimizing your photos for SEO
  2. Using your new content to help continue to build your email list
  3. Creating "pinnable" images to market your content via Pinterest
  4. Adding Social Media Share options into your posts and way for your readers to connect further with you
  5. Keeping your audience engaged in the rest of your blog content

Please Check out the class project for further resources such as tools that I talk about in the class and my free downloadable checklist.

If you enjoyed this class and are looking for further ways to connect and interact with Allison you can find her on several platforms below:

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Allison Boyle

Outdoor Adventure and Travel Blogger


Hi there. Allison here! I am the founder and primary author of the She Dreams of Alpine blog which is an outdoor adventure and travel blog. I focus a lot of my content on hiking, backpackin, rock climbing, and other outdoor related adventures. I also enjoy teaching others how to make their blogs better and improve their social media and marketing strategy. Thanks for visiting my page! I'm looking forward to sharing what I've learned from blogging and my adventures on this platform. Cheers.

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1. Introduction - 5 Crucial Items to Check Before Publishing Your Blog Post : My name is Alison. I am the author and founder at the She Dreams of Alpine Block, which is an outdoor adventure and trouble block. It's primarily geared towards hikers and climbers and anybody who loves being outdoors. It's something that I just sort of relaunched at this year with more attention around it and growing. So as I started to do that, I'm realizing there are a lot of things that I didn't do it a lot of my old posts. And if you're just starting out flogging or you're wanting to make sure you're doing things right and setting up your body was right, I want to go over five crucial steps that you should check before you publish to make sure that your log poses optimized for Seo. Now you set yourself up for success today, and in the future, if you ever decide to take a look further or one of monetizing, so I'm just gonna go over five things. It's by no means on expensive list of everything you should do for as yo our marketing, but it's things that I always try to make sure, so just to give you an overview about what I'm going to be talking about aging in today's class is number one. I will be talking about optimizing your photos, and that's really addressing, like image size and titles and good descriptions. Also be talking about How can you incorporate building your email list into your blocos? What kind of called actions? Pride Third is Pinterest and Pinnacle images. How can you set up yourself? Set up your block post for success for Pinterest marketing. Now I know not everybody does this. So this isn't something you're interested in. You can move along, but I find it a key part of my marketing strategy and something that I incorporate to everybody. Those number four is. How can you invite people to share your content and invite them to connect with you on social media? And then, finally, you want people to stay engaged with your site. So how can you set your blood post up for success to keep people reading through your site and finding the next thing to go to? If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below, and I will get back to them as soon as I can. I look forward Teoh teaching this class you so let's get started 2. Lesson 1 - Optimize Your Photos: all right. The first thing we're gonna talk about is off Devising your photos on your bog Post things is something I never really thought about. When I first started blogging, I just wanted to upload my original photo sizes. I wanted you to look as best as possible, but I didn't think about how that might affect my surgeon known optimization. It's recommended that you keep your photo size is less than 500 kilobytes. This way your images air compressed, and it helps your site load quickly, which SDO which helps us yo a lot. So let's look at this one tool I like to use called J Peg many. This is their home page, just showing you like this original Andi versus J. Peg Mini and you can't tell the difference. It's kind of what they're kind of trying to show. Also, if you can see I have a little mouse pointer here just so you can call me a little bit better. So I tried out this tool, and I actually love it. So this is what the map looks like when you download it and let me just go open image, for example, just an image from the past trip I took this weekend. And it is five megabytes, naturally in its original form. So I'm gonna impress this and show you how much space is safe. All right, so let's compare the original photo. All right, So the original photo, five megabytes and then now the new photo after it's been compressed 369 kilobytes. Three. This is perfect thistles. The file that I'm gonna upload to my block posts this'll tool isn't free, but it is fairly cheap. It's a one time cost. It's $29 for the many app, and you get unlimited use after that. So it's definitely worth it. And I think a good investment, especially if you're uploading a lot of photos, too. The next thing you should do before publishing any of your content is making sure that you know what your keywords are and that all of your titles, including your your block title and your image file veins and your descriptions are all keyword rich titles and descriptions. So let me just give you an example for this last post We did, uh, my keywords basically, here are hike and, um, telescope peak and Death Valley National Park. So those are all things that people are looking this up. I want those definitely to be in there instead of me, maybe just posting, like, cool hike I did this weekend or something. I definitely want them to know that it's tell So geek and it's in Death Valley. It's a national park on bits, a day hike. So that's kind of one example that I used here. And there are some tools, you know, if you have different text block posts and you're not sure what your keywords are that you can use to help find good keywords, for instance, actually, like using Pinterest for keyword search. If you go to Pinterest, you can type in any key word like Let me type in hike so you see hike here. But then it comes up with some suggested other keywords, like hiking trails, tips, tax skier photography, the's air, just getting some suggestions of like what people are searching for when they search that he were tight. Also, another popular one is the keyword tool and kind of use it in a similar way. Tightened, hike and look at what the keywords are the search volumes and etcetera, except that you know I haven't paid for Keebler Toe Pro. I find interest. It's easy enough to sew up to you. So the second aspect to that, besides having a good if you were rich title is making sure that all of your files have images, something I never really paid attention to. Let's open just for an f. Y. I am using squarespace. But these things are all found similar block blogging, other blogging platforms such as WordPress. It just might look a little bit different. So I want to look at my file name for this image. Just double click way. Want to make sure we have a keyword rich file name. So I think I wrote, uh occurs on a 13 mile day hike Telescope peak, Death Valley. So this the image names and the descriptions or something that Google and we'll search through when they're determining your CEO. So this definitely pay attention. Don't just have some random file name, image file name on there, like J 1532 dot j peg or something like that. Definitely pay attention to make sure you have a file name on every single image in your post Theune as well as descriptions are as well as image titles. I also like to make sure I have a description for every image. I just hide it. And this, for me, is that it's not only for ASIO, but it's also for Pinterest. So if somebody comes to my website and they want a pen an image, it already is uploaded with the description. And in squarespace that looks like it's the same thing. Is your cat action so I'm not displaying it right now. But if I did so, I have a kind of detailed description about what this block post is. 13 mile day hike up Telcos Telescope, Kik and Death Valley National Park. It's the tallest mountain in Death Valley National Park. Beautiful views of Badwater Basin, a stair Nevada. Kind of just you won't regret doing this hike. It's beautiful and we're pinchers sake. I like to add in a little tagline to my website. So let me just so in squarespace, you add it below your caption, and then you can just go back to your design tab and do not just lay caption apply and safe on then you. When you go to your post and you want to do a pen, or if somebody comes to your posting their pinning it, they'll pet press that Pinter sign. Now look for an image. They want a planet. Say they click on it and see what my description is already in there. So they don't really have to do anything. We can add it to a board and basically takes the work out of it. So that really helps your marketing in the end and getting your block post out there. So again, do that with every single image and image file, name and description, a couple final things to note I didn't mention before. I mean, if you do have a WordPress site, I believe the description is called cult text, and that's where you're gonna want to put your description keyword rich description. And also I like to use hyphens instead of underscores in my file names. And Pinterest has a 500 character limit for the descriptions. So just be aware of that. And Google. It's at least good to have about 300 character description as well for Google off. So just review again what we've gone over. So number one make sure you re size your images less than 500 kilobytes. Make sure you have a keyword rich title and make sure you have a keyword rich image file name for all of your images and he words rich descriptions. Put all of your images as well. Right back concludes Lesson one. 3. Lesson 2 - Build Email List: Hey, guys, welcome back to lesson to next aspect. I want to talk about for optimizing your blob close before publishing is adding in some sort of way to go your email list. This'll is really important because, you know, people are coming. Your site and your analysts is your most important asset. The more people you can get subscribe your content the easier it is to have one line connection to reach out to your subscribers in the future. So I'm just going to show you this is a pretty simple concept, so I'm just gonna show you a few examples of what I like towards building your email list. All right, so if you will notice in, um, my blawg post, which I showed you earlier in the other lesson, I usually sometimes midway through my coast will add in some sort of like I want to keep up to date with the she dreams of Alpine New content, subscribe to get notified about new backpacking and hiking trails, climbing trips, outdoor tips and other good stuff like resource is for creating outdoor block on. Then I also add, as an added bonus will shoot you. My fiber favorite recipes to cook when we're on the road or outdoors and there's an easy way Teoh, add your email address and sign me up. It's super simple, and somebody could just go in there and add their email address as there as they're working through the blood content. Another example I like is I will show you another website. This is Capt. O Malley's Squarespace website. She does something similar, and it's just it looks a little different. So I just wanted to show you an example. So you see midway through a post, she kind of has, Do you blogged for your biz? Join the free monthly Squarespace Biz Blogging workshop and get those posts drafted and scheduled. And this is kind of her pitch to get people to subscribe to our mailing list. And one other final thing I want to note to you is, um, sometimes it's inappropriate. Your beer block post might have an appropriate Segway to content marketing, which is essentially like you offer somebody something for free in return for their email address and let me show you an example, and you can do this with several different options. I think convert Kit has been probably the most popular option I've seen recently or a lot of people have been using, but you'll see that she at simple commedia has take your Pinterest marketing to the next level. So what's included your ultimate Pinterest planner? So when you subscribe here and you press, get your free countries planner, you're basically opting in your email address on and then she sends you the Pinterest planner for free. So that's another way you can try to build at the end of your blog's post. Maybe he had something appropriate like, say, you had an interview with somebody, but you only put briefs brief part of it on your blood coast. You may be a end one of your content marketing pitches could be like I want to see the full interview. Um, soon, give me your email address in your name, and I'll send you the full interview for three or something like that. Whatever. It is appropriate if it fits along with your post, that that's a good way to also build Imad email list. And so, just to summarize what I just went over, so one at in a call to action to describe and or potentially at in some sort of content marketing pitch. All right, that concludes lesson to 4. Lesson 3 - Create Pinnable Images: Okay. Next, I want to talk about creating Penna ble images and putting them in your block coast. I'm actually not going to go into a full strategy here, but I just wanted to add in some quick info on setting up your post with some interesting pentacle images, as I think that's a pretty important marketing strategy for most bloggers. Now, if this doesn't if you don't feel like this pertains to you, then you can skip this lesson. But this is something I like to add into where I'm trying to add into all of my block posts now going forward. So let's get started. First thing here is I usually like to create three toe four images, um, that are more Pinterest friendly, and that usually includes them being like bright good photos, having some sort of text overlay some things that would pop out on Pinterest. And my favorite tool to use for this is Canberra. If you've never used Campbell before, it's awesome, and they have the free version, which is what I use. They do have a version that you can upgrade and you can get a little bit more capability, but I find this reversion is clini enough for my needs. As you can see, I use it a lot. I even used it to create the slides today. So make 3 to 4 images pertaining to your block coast. The reason why I make multiple instead of just one. Um is that way I can kind of very my what? I'm putting on different boards and it looks different, but it's just still my same content, but it looks fresh, kind of presented a new ways. You never know, Um, who's gonna be taken to what designed you might make so use can va. And then once you create your pen oval images as we discussed in the first lesson, make sure that you have a good keyword rich description and file named for that image. And then I'll show you some examples of how they've been kind of embedded into posts. I'll start with my blood post that I've been showing. I put my pentacle images very bottom, usually so you can see here I created for different tenable images, and you can hear some other examples from other blawg block sites. She's just created kind of her blob title slide as her penalty dependable image and simple pin media. She has also done something similar for a pebble image, and this is just nice. So when you go to that country's button and you want to pin something, you can select it. And you know the rich description is here and somebody can post the board. And then more people have the opportunity of seeing your content. So it's important to embedded in your post. And what also is important is make sure you have some sort of cloud action, so I like Teoh specifically call to people to connect. If you enjoy this post on hiking telescope, Please, Pete, please take a moment to share it on Pinterest or other social media. I actually just kind of inserted this button on my own. Excuse the ring there, and then, if you click this pin it button actually takes you to one of my pins directly so you can say that usually I also one final thing that I might mention, is I like to put model of each of these pins that way. Just people. If they see the pin, they know their enticed to it and they might want to come to my website as well that way. So to sum that up, create 3 to 4 pentacle images using Can Va make sure you add in good keyword rich descriptions for Pinterest. Then make sure you embed your images into the block posts and finally add in a pennant call to action. All right, that concludes Lesson three. 5. Lesson 4 - Social Media Share: Hi, guys. Welcome back to lesson for the next thing I want talk about and that I make sure I put in every block. Prose is checking to make sure there's some sort of way that my audience can share on social media, and so let me just show you a few examples of what that looks like. So if you see in this simple pin media's God post, she has theme. The pentru share the Facebook share the Twitter share. Also, there are other. It looks like different options over here. Different ways you can add this end but basically just just allows your audience to be able to quickly share the continent you've put out. Um, and it's important, have on every block post cause it's basically free marketing you. Another important aspect to this is also making sure that you have some sort of way for your audience to connect with you on different social media platforms like Pinterest or Facebook or Twitter or wherever you're most active. For instance, like, I usually put a little connect with me at the bottom of my coast like Let's connect and it leads to you to my accounts like YouTube and Facebook and Instagram. Now they're different kinds of ways you can add in the social share icons. I know that WordPress has plug ins for this, so just do your research. I don't use a WordPress. So I am using something else I actually liked. Add in my own buttons. And then I just linked them out to my social media accounts through a clickable u R l. It's kind of up to you. Just do your research and see what you like the most. So just to summarize what we went over, make sure you add in social media share options and add in some way for people to connect with you on social media. All right, that concludes this lesson. 6. Lesson 5 - Keep Audience Engaged: Welcome back, You guys welcome to less than five and our last lesson for the course. This last topic is about keeping your audience engaged in keeping them essentially reading through content on your website. So the last important element of every flog close is adding in one some embedded links. And let me show you an example of what that looks like. Basically, when you're writing a block post, try to think of ways that you can link to other content on your blog's. For instance, you'll see my links. I talk about other hikes that we've done. One was called Bastard Ridge in San Gravy Old Mountains. We hide White Mountain and Mt. Shasta. So I've linked to those block posts so that people can continue reading and you'll see it kind of did that all peppered throughout this blawg post on. And that's one good way to keep people on your site and keep them reading your content and and hopefully subscribing and and what not? So another file thing that you want to do is at into your block post. It's good to maybe add in. What are some related posts that people can go to to continue reading along, so maybe they make it to the bottom of your post. And then, you know, usually people might click out. But if you have something to suggest, like if you liked this pose, maybe check these out. So you see, I have other hiking related cursed at the bottom where people can kind of click through and look at maybe some other posts they might want to go to and hopefully stay on this site longer. Basically, you're just trying to keep people on your site for longer and looking at your content, hopefully enjoying what you have to put out there. So that is the last final tip that I have. And let's just summarise here. So make sure you add in embedded links to your content throughout your site and throughout your block posts and at the end of your blog's post at in related post at the end of your at the end of your content. So thank you so much. That is the last lesson 7. Final Thoughts: Hey, guys, I just wanted to say one box final Big thank you to everybody for listening to this class. If you guys take this and you end up changing maybe one of your block posts, for example, and try to implement some of these strategies into your new content, I'd love to see them. So shoot them, shoot the link my way, and I take a look at them and we can talk about it. So anyways, if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I will try to get back to them as quickly as I can again. Thanks so much you can find me at she dreams of alpine dot com and look forward to doing more of these.