5 Best UI / UX Wireframing Tools | HU Shahir | Skillshare
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About This Class

UI/UX Design has several processes to be done before creating the final actual design that goes to a developer for developing process. Wireframing and Sketching is one of those fundamental phases of creating UI / UX design. There are numbers of tools that you can use for wireframing from hard paper to Web application tools.

In this class I am going to introduce you to  5 best wireframing and Sketching tools, some of them are the Web application, it means you don't have to install them but most of them are a stand-alone application that really helps you to create amazing wireframes/ Sketch and prototypes.

If you are ready lets jump into it and lets get started:)





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HU Shahir

Motion Graphic /Visual FX Artist (Polygon Motion)

Hi, I am HU Shahir, Motion Graphic Artist and UI/UX Designer based in Germany.

I love to share what I already know and what I learned from other people in the creative industry.

I have 6 years of professional experience working with major TV Channels and Media productions companies in Kabul and Germany.As I always loved to share what I know and help people to achieve their goals I have started building my teaching startup Polygon Motion.

Polygon Motion is a provider of o...

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