5 Best To Do List Tips. (Try this) | Vanessa Loder | Skillshare
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7 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. To Do List - Overview

    • 2. Why A Brain Dump Will Help You Relieve Stress

    • 3. Be Ruthless - How To Limit Your To Do List

    • 4. Your Energetic and Emotional Priorities

    • 5. Reward Yourself

    • 6. Class Project: Daily Planning Guide

    • 7. *BONUS GIFT* New for 2019!

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About This Class


We've all been there...you have a lot to get done, and yet never seem to be able to accomplish it all.

You struggle to check everything off your To Do list, and end up feeling bad when you can't get it all done.

The never-ending To Do List is a drag.

And you wish someone (maybe even this dog??) could just take care of it all for you. 

While this class can't send a canine to your home to finish all your chores...it can teach you a completely different approach to creating and managing your To Do list.

In this course you'll learn a new system to increase productivity and leave you feeling good about your accomplishments each day, rather than struggling to get it all done. This system is based on the experience of successful Fortune 500 CEOs, and it'll give you a leading edge as a creative entrepreneur. 

You'll be learning new tools including:

- How to do a "brain dump" to quiet the incessant To Do list in your mind

- What the most successful leaders do each night to prioritize

- Research-backed process to increase willpower and achieve your goals

- How to identify and clear your energetic and emotional To Dos

- The most important question you should ask yourself every day

The tools you'll be learning in this course are simple, easy to put into practice, and will give you immediate results. (YAY!)

See you in class!


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