5 Astonishingly Simple Strategies To Read A Book A Week | Brandon Hakim | Skillshare

5 Astonishingly Simple Strategies To Read A Book A Week

Brandon Hakim, "Everything Popular Is Wrong"

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7 Videos (12m)
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    • How To Change Your Life With Books

    • How To Automatically Read More Books

    • How To Cut Your Reading Time In Half

    • How To Double Your Reading Speed

    • How To Read Books The Right Way

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About This Class

In this short course, I'll show you 5 simple strategies you can use right now to read more books than you ever have before.

My name is Brandon from InsiderSchool.com and I use these same strategies to read around 300 books a year. If you've had a book you've been trying to finish for the last 2 months, or just know you're capable of reading more books than you currently are, this course is for you.

Here's what you'll learn inside:

  1. A simple mindset shift that will help you get through more books...and actually USE what you learn [Lecture 3]

  2. The obvious yet forgotten thing you NEED to do to read more books this year [Lecture 4]

  3. What you have to do as soon as you open the book to get through it quickly [Lecture 5]

  4. A simple trick that can INSTANTLY make you a faster reader [Lecture 6]

  5. Why you need to divide your reading into two separate categories to read as many books as you can [Lecture 7]





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Brandon Hakim

"Everything Popular Is Wrong"

I'm on a quest to reach my human potential. And to share with others what I learn along the way!

In college, I realized school doesn't teach you that much. And that I needed to take my education into my own hands.

So I started reading hundreds of books from everything from personal development to investing to direct marketing (and in the process learning how to go through books really quickly).

I believe we all have incredible potential and can start to achieve our bigges...

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