5 AWESOME AND EASY TRANSITIONS IN PREMIERE PRO ! - No plug-in needed | Bart Riem | Skillshare

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teacher avatar Bart Riem, Mr. Belt

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction and preview

    • 2. Swipe transition

    • 3. Luma-fade transition

    • 4. Smooth zoom transition

    • 5. Color glitch transition

    • 6. Normal glitch transition

    • 7. Audio effects for your transition

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About This Class

In this tutorial we'll be talking about the first 5 transitions I learned when I started out in Premiere Pro. They are super simple to learn but very effective in your projects. You can use them for your vlog, wedding video or corporate video and they'll look super slick. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Bart Riem

Mr. Belt


Sup my friends! I'm Bart Riem a.k.a Mr. Belt and I'm a content creator. I'm also 50% of a Dutch DJ-duo signed to Spinnin' Records called Mr. Belt & Wezol. I'm responsable for all the music video's, social-content, visuals and short sketches. 


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1. Introduction and preview: without their people. I'm back with the second tutorial. I'm Bar three, a k Mr Belt from Mr Melon Weasel, part time deejay, part time concept creator. And I also like to make video clips and music videos. Today we are doing five very cool transitions. No plug ins needed in Premiere Pro. The 1st 1 is to swipe transition. The 2nd 1 is the Lumen Fade. The 1st 1 is the smooth soup transition before one is a color bitch and the 5th 1 last but not least. 2. Swipe transition: Let's start with the 1st 1 This is a very cool and easy want to do, and it's called a swipe condition. As you can see, I already make the five transitions and I have the 1st 1 right over here. Let's check it out first, and so wipe. And so what? I shouldn't see. It's a very easy one. The only thing you have to do is get your camera out. Let me show you guys very old camera. Hold your camera. I like this. And during your first shot, you'll go like like that real fast. When you are at your next location, you'll start your video shot like this and do this so you end like this up ways and you start like this always. The next thing you need to do is I have the swipe footage right over here. So I did this important them to my computer on. As you can see, I'm in my work room and I go to the right. So I go in right over there and out in the middle off the movement. So that's the first part off the footage I'm gonna take in the next one. We did the same way. Start during the movement and we go out during the movement as well. So put this footage next step footage next one same story and this one same story as well and this is it is really fast. It looks like this huts. I'm in my living room and I'm in my kitchen and I'm outside Super easy to do but still and awesome professional looking position, if you ask me, it's cool for blogging is cool for videos. For a company, it's cool for a wedding video. It's just an overall cool transition really easy to do. Don't do it too much. So if you have one video, don't do it like 10 or 20 times. Do it two or three times and you'll be good already. That was the 1st 1 3. Luma-fade transition: the It's time for the loom, a fade, the loom, a fitting I have it ready right over here. Loom a fade. So it's first this one, and then you'll see the sky like that and what it does. It filters out the blacks and the whites on Let them, Lex and the wives fated separate. So the way to do this is by getting two clips. What? I'm right over here. And what on top of it that right now you'll see nothing. But we need to go to the effects and get the grade. Ian's wife. That's transition radio wipe. Uh, nothing is happening just yet. And right over here you can check what happens if you work with the key phrase. So as you can see, if I put this on her 100 you'll see nothing key frame right over here. And let's take a few seconds. 12 to failure in the Louima had put it on zero right over there. And as you can see, we just made a loo. Moffet. It looks very cool. Kind of trippy. I guess you can play with the loom of fate as well. So this is not the only way to do it. Another thing you can do is invert radiance. Click in that way, it will fade in inverts. You can decide for yourself what looks cooler. Um, this one. What is one? I think I'll leave it like this. That school is one, and that's pretty much it for Lou Moffet. I think it's a really cool transition. You can use it for the more trippy transitions and a small tip for Lou Moffet. Make sure to use this guy or wall or sky with birds on it. Something simple. If it's too crowded or two, too much colors in in the clip. The loom. If a won't look that nice, has this guy like we just it, so make sure to check if that's the case. It's signed for the 31. 4. Smooth zoom transition: the 1st 1 is the smooth zoom open an I t. The smooth zoom. I have it right over here. Let's have a look as you can see normal footage and we have a pool with stripes on it over there, and we want to zoom to the pole. And in the next clip, you'll see a poll, uh, with a clothes shop. I want to tree zoom and are we have it. The poll we saw right over here zoom and that we're at the pole. So yeah, the zoom transition you probably have seen in a lot of flogs and a lot of videos lately is very popular one. But it's very easy to do, and I think it's a very clean and cool transition. So what we need to do to get the smooth zoom transition we need to take the Transform Effect dragon on your both clips. So the Fares one and the 2nd 1 the way to get this motion blur see right over here is by going to the transform effect and put the shutter angle on Treaty 60. In this way, you'll get the motion blur when it moves. The next thing we need to do is make a key frame for de skill. And when we are at this footage, it has to be on 100. I'm 50. So now you'll see Zoom. And on this footage, we need to putting two key friends as well. One at the beginning, at 150 and a few key frames later. We have to put it on 100 the shipper angle on 3 60 as well. Right now we have this. That's a bit too slow. So what we need to do is put the key frames closer to each other. Let's count key frames one to one to treat for 5678 I think eight is the best over here as well. 12 trait for 56 7/8 already. Let's have a look. That's it. Eso Right now, we made this move zoom, but it really misses a swipe effect. Let's I think this one is pretty cool. So let's drag this one to the footage and all together it looks like this. I really think the audio effect is very important. In this case, Um, it just finishes the whole affect. The transition. It's a so so it should have assume audio effect. I think already. I think that's safe for the zoom 5. Color glitch transition: next is the color glitch. So let's have a look First. The colored H. It's a simple glitch transition. We need to make an adjustment layer for this. So let's go to the clean footage. If you've never made an adjustment layer before, it's very easy, right? Click over here. New item. I've just been layer okay, and it will be in your bin. So we drag it above the two clips we want to make the transition in. And the next thing we do is drag in the chromatic aberrations effect. So we direct is one under adjustment layer. You already seen the glitches on the footage, But this doesn't look good yet. That looks where. So we need to make some key frames again. A to the beginning. Off the adjustment layer, we put all the aberrations red, green and blue on zero 00 and zero. And as you can see, all the effects are gone. Make Triki frames and at the part where the new footage starts, will play with the aberrations in red, blue and green. And you can play with this yourself. Um, you can decide what looks good for your footage. Let me see, let's make the red a bit bigger, great, a bit smaller and blue. Um, like this, this looks pretty glitchy. Next week we need to do is put the glitches the aberrations back to zero, um, a few seconds later. So let's say right over here, let's put him on zero again. 00 Let's have a look. That's pretty glitches already. I think we can make it more glitchy. That's, um, put the key frames a bit closer, all right, when you have to keep frames a bit closer, you can a key frame the fall off invert as well, and when it does us, it will make it a bit shaky, and that way it looks more glitchy. So at the beginning off the key frames will make a key frame for the fall off in Burt's, when every other key frame, we're gonna change it. So and without it on one with and without a last but not least with ah think we have a cool glitch transition. Right now they have it. It's shaky, it's glitchy. I think it's awesome. Let's have another look. The chief transition number four with colors. I hope you like it 6. Normal glitch transition: glitch effect number two. OK, glitch affect number two and the last transition. Let's have a look first. There you have it. As you can see, it's a bit different than the color glitch, but it looks really cool as well. What we need to do is take the adjustment layer again. Uh, look for glitch at the effects panel on. Right over there, you'll see the VR digital glitch. If we put the VR digital glitch on adjustment layer, you'll see glitches already. And like always, we need to put it certain key frames, so it won't look weird. The P O I skill needs to be zero. Let's start by making a key frame on zero right over there and on 100 right over there. So it will be glitchy at the point where the footage switches from the one to consider, and maybe one seconds or two seconds later, it needs to be zero again. So let's have a look. Looks pretty litchi to me. This is a really easy one, but it's very effective, but you can do to make it even more glitchy. Is copying the VR dramatic together with this one, so it combines. Okay, let's put the key friends on the same as the other one. They have it. We combine the two glitch transitions together, and this looks pretty sick to me. Language E What would really finish the glitches is a glitch. Sound just like the swipe sound. We need a glitchy sound. Okay. Sounds good to me, Dragon, under the footage right where the transition is, huh? I'm always flavor guesses about how much effect sound effect gives to the whole effect. So, as you can see right over here, it really finishes the whole effect off. Same with swipe effect. Without it, it would look Lane. But right now it looks very cool. All because of the sound effects. 7. Audio effects for your transition: you're probably asking yourself right now how to get all those sound effects. Well, I'll show you. There's a very good website called free sound Duck org and those are all free sounds. So if we want to get a glitch, fact a glitch. Sean effect. Just search for glitches. You get all sorts off. We're glitches. Maybe a bunch balm. It's pretty cool and my coming handy. We have a cool video clip. Also playing sounds, uh, city sounds. Car sounds. Racing sounds wherever sound you need. It's on free sound up, arch. You only need Teoh making account. That's it. It's a cool tip for free, just for you guys, and that's it for this tutorial. Five. Cool transitions. I hope you like Teoh. I hope you like the sound effects website I gave you. Make sure to give a like or comment a review on how you like that story All, um, I'm Bart's. It's freaking out right over here, so I'm gonna take a beer and hang out on the balcony. Thanks for watching, and I'll see you in the next episode.