4 Weight Training Secrets that Accelerate Your Metabolism

Jack Wilson, Reprogram Your Metabolism & Transform Your Body

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7 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Lift Heavier Weights and Lose More Fat

    • 3. How to Use Explosive Movements to Enhace Fat Loss

    • 4. Use Strength Circuits to Burn More Calories and Accelerate Fat Loss

    • 5. How to Create Intense Workout Finishers to Burn more Fat After Your Workout is Over...

    • 6. Your Project!

    • 7. Let's Get Started


About This Class

When it comes to fat loss, weight training is king vs. cardiovascular training. Weight training alone is super effective when it comes to losing fat and preventing fat gain, but there are some special techniques and tools that you can use while weight lifting to double and even triple the effectiveness, to lose fat. 

Here are 4 Weight Training Secrets that Accelerate your Metabolism

For the example weight training workouts from this course, you take a look at this article