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4 Weight Training Secrets that Accelerate Your Metabolism

teacher avatar Jack Wilson, Reprogram Your Metabolism & Transform Your Body

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Lift Heavier Weights and Lose More Fat

    • 3. How to Use Explosive Movements to Enhace Fat Loss

    • 4. Use Strength Circuits to Burn More Calories and Accelerate Fat Loss

    • 5. How to Create Intense Workout Finishers to Burn more Fat After Your Workout is Over...

    • 6. Your Project!

    • 7. Let's Get Started

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About This Class

When it comes to fat loss, weight training is king vs. cardiovascular training. Weight training alone is super effective when it comes to losing fat and preventing fat gain, but there are some special techniques and tools that you can use while weight lifting to double and even triple the effectiveness, to lose fat. 

Here are 4 Weight Training Secrets that Accelerate your Metabolism

For the example weight training workouts from this course, you take a look at this article


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Jack Wilson

Reprogram Your Metabolism & Transform Your Body


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About Jack Wilson

Jack is a CPT (certified personal trainer) with 10 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. He was formerly almost 50 pounds overweight, before choosing to pursue a healthier lifestyle transformed him. Since then, he has passionately dedicated his career toward helpin... See full profile

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1. Welcome!: Have you ever heard someone say before that they're using low weight with high reps because they're focusing on Tony? That's just one of many miss that air perpetuated in the health and fitness industry. So what we're gonna be going over here are four weight training secrets that will hope you accelerate fat loss. What's really interesting about the relationship between low weight, high rep and low rep and heavier weight is that there's very little distinction that the human eye can make between what those different kinds of lifting programs are doing visibly for your body. But lifting with heavier weight in lower rep schemes that still sticking to a higher volume is actually a lot better for fat loss than doing the low weight, high rep programming. So we're gonna be covering four of my favorite weight training secrets that help you build up your metabolism that hope to accelerate fat loss that will hope you lose weight, build lean muscle. Most people, for whatever reason, tend to jump into cardiovascular programs and what I mean by cardio vested programs. A cardiovascular exercise is that most people simply just jump on the treadmill or the elliptical or they were coming. Bike the upright bike or take a bike ride for a while, or even with things like of boxing or jump roping, which has a little more muscular development in there. But people who do steady state cardiovascular training for fat loss and weight loss as their primary goal are actually eating through a ton of their lean muscle tissue. And studies that I've read up to 30% or more of the weight loss is actually lean tissue. And here's the thing. You want to keep that muscle mass on. You want to keep that lean tissue on you because that's the functional tissue that keeps your metabolism high and burns calories while you're resting. And fat tissue does not do that for you. The last thing that you want to dio you're focusing on losing fat losing weight. You wanna focus on building as much lean muscle tissue, at least preserving this must much lean muscle tissue as possible. So before I get any more into the sign to this, let's go ahead and jump into four weight training secrets that will hope you accelerate fat loss 2. Lift Heavier Weights and Lose More Fat: So, like I just mentioned in the previous video building muscle is one of the best ways to help you lose fat. It could be really frustrating when you're slogging for hours on a treadmill or elliptical or come by just the fine that you end up hitting a weight loss plateau and absolutely tank your metabolism because you're doing so much cardio and you're not giving your body the strength, training and conditioning that it needs. And let me give you a simple breakdown of how I tend to explain fat loss to my clients and why building muscle is so important for fat loss. Like we just discuss scientifically, building muscle is a lot better for losing fat than just doing cardio cardio vascular exercise that's just steady state oriented. You're just burning a ton of calories while you're working out, but like I said, you're eating into upwards of 30% or more of your lean muscle tissue while you're doing cardio vascular exercise. So you might be burning a ton of calories while you're doing cardio. You're actually eating away at the lean tissue that's gonna look really good on your frame , and that's going to burn calories at rest. So what do you need to be able to build? Muscle weight training is one thing that we are going to be talking about in this course of build muscle. But we also talked in the previous video that the high rep low weight training schemes air actually worse than doing ah, higher weight at lower repetitions. And I would usually recommend that people do that with a higher volume of training so they still get a decent amount of hyper trophy. So basically, what this breaks down to is in order to build muscle, you need to get stronger and you don't get stronger by sticking with lower way to get stronger by pushing yourself to lift heavier weights, which you can still do safely, you don't have toe load up a bar with hundreds of pounds and try to rip it off the ground with your one rep max. But I'm saying, lifting heavy weights in five or six reps at a time. It's going to be a lot better for you in the long run, in building strength and building muscle and ultimately losing body fat and trimming your waistline and steady state cardio is or sticking to that high Reb Lo Wei training program you may have done in the past before. So keep in mind the next time you go to the gym and you're talking to one of your friends, or you may hear this from other trainers. Just know that the myth of the high Rep low weight training scheme for building muscle and getting more toned, as people call it is not backed up factually. It is a different kind of muscular hyper trophy, like I said before, but you can still get a high volume of repetitions in your training, but by just adding mawr sets of heavier weight. So just keep in mind you're going through this course. Focus on lifting heavy because lifting heavier and pushing your body in that way is a better way of building muscle. It's actually a much better way of getting that tone ripped physique that you want. It's gonna help you accelerate your metabolism, term that waste and help you lose fat 3. How to Use Explosive Movements to Enhace Fat Loss: now another awesome weight training secret that a lot of people don't know about. Losing fat with weight training is that you can use explosiveness in the contraction portion of your repped. Actually get mawr out of building muscle losing fat, increasing the intensity of your workout. Now I'm not talking about cheat reps here, where you see guys with £100 dumbbells and they're flinging their whole body into a hammer curl I'm talking about while you're focusing on the contraction portion of your exercise. So let's say you're doing a bench press where you're coming up through your bench press. You can be forceful on explosive shooting to the top of the bench press and then take your time through the eccentric portion of your exercise to get it back down. By focusing on explosiveness through the contraction of that exercise, you're gonna get your heart rate up more during your workout, which is going to help your fat burn. You're also gonna demand mawr from your muscle fibers through that exercise because the amount of force that you're putting into lifting that heavier weight. So if you're looking at increasing strength definition size and then also focusing on burning more fat, burning more calories during your workout, adding mawr intensity Teoh. Each rep with an explosive contraction is going to really help you in your weight training . 4. Use Strength Circuits to Burn More Calories and Accelerate Fat Loss: now, another really great secret for losing fat with strength. Training is incorporating strength circuits into your workout program. Now, if you haven't tried to circuit training or strength training of any kind before, this is going to be a really great asset for you to be able to increase your burn during your workout four hours after your workout. And this is gonna be a quick time safer four building muscle while accomplishing both of those things. So what our strength circuits and how do you put them together? Basically, you can do anything from a super set, which is just putting two exercises together. You do a triple set with three different exercises, or you can do four. Orm or exercise is to integrate into any kind of circuit or Supercenter triple set that you want todo Now when you're taking a look at strength training movements, you have several different ways to work your muscles and how you work particular muscle groups. So if you start with your lower body, you have your squatting movements and you have your lunch patterns. You have your bending and lifting movements, which work all of your posterior chain muscles like your hamstrings and your glutes. Obviously, those squads and lunges are gonna be working more of your quadriceps, and then you're gonna have your upper body pushing and pulling motions to think of your pulling motions in a horizontal fashion as a horizontal cable row or a barbells or dumbbells been over row, and then you're horizontal push ins. Obviously going to be your bench presses. You're gonna have the rotational ones, like doing chest flies with dumbbells or cable flies. And then you'll have your vertical pulling and pushing motions as well. So you'll have things like your overhead press and then your lat pull downs, whether it's under hander overhand grip. So there's an arsenal of great exercise that you can use in your strength circuits. Now how I usually organized my strength. Circuits is started off with a lower body exercise because that's usually going to be the most complex in terms of technique and form. So you want to put the most complex exercise in the front, usually want to leave them or isolated or easier to perform exercises toward the end of the circuit as you get fatigued so it won't be as critical to focus on an easier movement as it is to focus on a more complicated one. For instance, you could start your circuit with hammer curls or cabarets isn't ended with dead lift. But you don't really wanna have to worry about the nine things that you have to have on your mind for keeping great form and technique while you're dead lifting why you're exhausted from doing the other 23 or four exercise that came before it in your circuit. So an example for a string circuit that I would use. And you could use this as an entire workout and the order of the exercise I would use. Say you want to use a dead lift. First, I would go ahead and use a horizontal pushing movement. So let's say I would do bench press next horizontal pulling so I would do row, which is kind of an antagonistic set because you're working opposing muscle groups there and then I usually like to throw in a core centric exercise at the end of that. So let's say I would throw in a plank or a different plan creation, and I'll include the notes of this in this lecture So you guys have this example, so I would go straight from a set of, let's say, five or six reps of heavy dead lift, two heavy bench press, same rep count and then a bent over rows with the bar bell, same rub count and then plank, variation or modification. You could also do something that's anti rotational, like a Russian twist or AB twist. It would be great to They're on a little weight in there, so basically what I would do is five or six reps of each exercise. Let's go with that number for now, and then rest, and I would repeat that circuit for four or five times. You usually want to make sure that you hit a total rep count for each exercise, or at least each muscle group of 20 to 30 reps. And like I said, if this is getting complicated, don't worry about it cause all included in the notes of this lecture. So there's a great example of a four exercise strength circuit that you can use to get your heart rate up to build muscles. It's a total body strength circuits. It'll be great for that really metabolically demanding exercises that you're using with your big compound muscle groups and your primary movers, and that's gonna help you burn a ton of calories during your workout. Build muscles that you burn calories after work out, help you trim that waistline and loosen fat. 5. How to Create Intense Workout Finishers to Burn more Fat After Your Workout is Over...: using ah, high intensity finisher to your weight training workout is another awesome way to enhance fat loss and hope you trim up your waistline. Now what do I mean by high intensity finisher? It's really taking any kind of exercise. You have a wide variety of cardiovascular, explosive, dynamic or athletic training exercises that you can use for as little as five minutes or as much as 10 to 15 minutes at the end of your weight training workout or your strength training circuit to increase the amount of calories and fat you burn after your workout. So it's really cool about using high intensity finishers is what happens before with your body when you're doing your strength training workout. So basically one of the primary fuels that you're gonna be using to get yourself through your strength training work out of strength Training. Surgery before is stored. Glycogen that could be intra muscular, glycogen or stored in other areas and organs of the body. What'll happen is after you burn through your glycogen stores and any of the food that's in your blood stream. If you ate pretty recently before your workout, that's gonna leave your fat stores fully exposed and vulnerable for burning at the end of your workout, which is really awesome. And that's why these high intensity finishers are so important now. Like I said before, the cool thing about high intensity finishers is that you can use a wide variety of different exercises and movements for this. So, for example, some of the things that I like to dio is it the end of a strength training or strength circuit workout? I'll just jump on the treadmill and I'll run anywhere between four and 10 20 seconds sprints, making sure arrest between usually 40 seconds in a minute after I make sure to put the treadmill on a pretty high incline because I hope up the intensity of the workout. Also reduce the impact on my joints if you hate running. No worries, because there are a lot of other great things you can do to. I keep my boxing gloves in my car so I'll just do drills on the heavy bag in a pretty high intensity. For 5 10 minutes. You can pull out your jump rope if you have one of those and go for a certain rep. Count for single strikes. Like just yesterday. I did four sets of 250 strikes and tried to get it done in 10 minutes, I think ended up doing it in 10.5. That's another great example. You can use body weight exercises that are high intensity to do it, like mountain climbers, jumping jacks, wide jumping jacks, Burpees, broad jumps, anything you could possibly think of. You have a speed ladder available to you. You could do foot drills on a speed ladder for agility, coordination and also fat burn. One that I used the other day was 300 kettle Bell swings for time and taking as many centers you need to kettlebell swings. It's another great strength training and also cardiovascular exercise that can increase your burn. So, really, the great thing about high intensity finishers besides just increasing that fat burn, which is really awesome, is that you have a ton of options. Don't feel like you're just stuck to running or cycling or steady state cardio. You actually want to keep the intensity as high as possible. So be thinking. Battle ropes, slams. If you wanna flip a truck tire or slam a sledgehammer, on a truck tire. Swing a kettle bell, jump rope, run some sprints. If that's easier for you, the sky is pretty much the limit is for us. High intensity and ventures go. And just that extra 5 10 15 minutes at the end of your workout is gonna make a huge difference in your body composition in your ability to lose fat. 6. Your Project!: Now let's jump in and start putting those four weight training secrets for losing fat to use. So what I've done here is I've attached some sample strength training programs and also how I personally organized my own strength training circuits. And I gave some examples of some finishers that you can use those high intensity finishers to use at the end of your workouts to enhance your fat loss. So make sure to check those out. And I've also added a little project in a little activity for you. And I just want you to simply lay out what days of the week you're going to start working out. And I want you to do this immediately. As this lectures over, take out a sheet of paper, grab a note pad on your phone, open that up and I just want you to put down if you were gonna work out three or four days a week if you're doing total body strength circuit training because you want to make sure you give yourself plenty of rest between those workouts, I usually recommend 12 days between each workouts. You could do a Monday Wednesday, Friday training program. Do a Monday Wednesday, Sunday and then start again on Tuesday and try to get in four days a week every week. But you really, if this is intimidating you, if this is the first time you've ever tried strength training or weight training for fat loss or weight training in the sense of circuit training for fat loss, start small here. I would recommend three workouts a week, and you can probably be in and out in the gym with your finisher and everything in about 40 or 45 minutes, depending on how much time you're resting between sets or your circuits. So I just want you to go head open up that no pad on the phone or on your computer and just type out what days you're going to do what workouts based on the attached workout template that I gave you for this course. So go ahead and write that down. Give yourself a goal and feel free to share with us in the community. Here is that we can help you out with your weight training program for fat loss 7. Let's Get Started: I just wanted to say congratulations and thank you so much for taking this course on four way training secrets for serious fat loss. You now are equipped with four incredible tools and techniques that you can use in your personal weight training program to lose body fat to build lean fat burning muscle mass will increase your metabolism. That will accelerate your metabolism at rest, which is one of the biggest gifts of all time and ultimately get to your goals and losing weight and losing body fat you need absolutely anything else. While you're taking this course are working out. Please feel free to post to the discussion section or send me a personal message any time, and I'll be happy to get back to you as quickly as I can. Don't forget to complete your project as soon as you finish this course. If you haven't done that already in, please go check out the link that I've provided you in your project lecture or the description of this course So you can check out some examples of weight training programs that you can use and strength training circuits that you can put together. So please, please Please don't forget that at the end of this course, if you love this course, or if you like this course, if you've learned a lot from it, please feel free to leave it a positive review. There's so many people out there who need Resource is like this and tools like this in courses like this, so they can learn how to get to their goals. I remember when I was £50 overweight, I was super frustrated with the way I looked and I felt horrible and I didn't have any encouragement or support on changing my diet getting active. And I had to figure that out for myself for seven or eight years before I finally got it really dialed in. And now, in 10 years of weight training and weight lifting experience about 10 years, I finally like, figured out the combination for myself, the last three that work the best for myself and also others. But that's been through religious testing. So that being said, I'm gonna help use that. You have to make those mistakes so that you don't have to be alone in the process of losing weight of losing body fat and getting into better shape because it's such a daunting, intimidating thing to do by yourself. So if you need anything, please reach out to me. Leave this course for positive review if you enjoy it and please share it with your friends and your family and get them started with you. Because having the support and encouragement of other people around you to pursue a healthier lifestyle is absolutely invaluable. Otherwise, if you need anything else, you know how to reach me. Thank you so much again for taking this course, and I can't wait to hear about your results. See you soon.