4 Untapped Barter Trade Websites To Increase Your Business and Personal Life! | Alicia Thibadeau | Skillshare

4 Untapped Barter Trade Websites To Increase Your Business and Personal Life!

Alicia Thibadeau, ondemandclients.com

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4 Videos (13m)
    • How To Barter Trade Using Free Websites With a Large Untapped Audience Overview

    • This Specific Bartering Website Has Over 70,000 Members

    • A Credit Based Site To Trade Goods Only

    • I Know You Use This Site But Do You Barter On It?


About This Class

4 Untapped Barter Trade Websites To Increase Your Business and Personal Life!

Did you know that bartering is a $20 billion per year niche? That's a billion, with a B!

Yep and it's been around way before you and I were in diapers. 

It may be no surprise to you when I tell you that you can increase your business's bottom line and get brand new customers just by using barter trade. 

Many businesses out there won't trade with other businesses, instead they will use a barter club to handle transactions. 

Most of these barter clubs cost money to join but there are a few basic websites where you can start your bartering empire for free. 

Some of these websites that I mention in this course are fairly overlooked but would be a great place to increase your business and personal life. 

Did you know that any service or product can be bartered? 

If you needed a brand new car and had a high valued service to provide to a car dealership owner, do you think you'd be able to strike up a deal to exchange those two? 

Well that's exactly what my buddy did!

If you can perform a high valued service that would cost the same amount or bring in a lot more money for a business, then you too can barter for a brand new car, a vacation, stock, shares, hell you name it and it can be done. 

In this short bite sized class, I will show you 4 untapped barter trade websites where you can get services and/or goods from to increase your business or personal life for as long as you live. 

Barter won't be going anywhere, it's still going strong to this day and many more days ahead.

ENROLL NOW to increase your bottom line!

Before you leave, please consider joining a few of my other classes:

I look forward to having you in my class, the discussion area is a great way to ask any questions that you may have, feel free to ask away. 

-Alicia Thibadeau






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Alicia Thibadeau


I enjoy teaching online classes to help others learn cool new stuff! I like to think outside of the box and teach new things that you normally wouldn't see anywhere else.

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