4 Steps to Prep: How to Plan for Purposeful and Easy Classroom Engagement

Ken Brown, Make learning engaging, memorable and unexpected

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8 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why Change How You Train?

    • 3. Are You Ready to Change?

    • 4. Step 1: Identifying Need to Know vs Nice to Know

    • 5. Step 2: Planning Your Purposeful Questions

    • 6. Step 3: Designing Activities

    • 7. Step 4: Creating a Strong Opening

    • 8. BONUS: Group Leader Duel activity


Project Description

Prepare Your Plan for Purposeful Classroom Engagement


Unless you’re an improvisation professional, engaging your students purposefully and consistently will not come easy to you. Before you can successfully engage your students in the classroom, you must prepare. This project will help you do just that.

Based on the 4 components discussed in this course, use the provided Prep Work template to develop the following plan for one of your existing courses or a new training course.


The basic deliverables of your project require you to:

  • Review at least 2 hours of your course and indicate which content is Need to Know and which is Nice to Know.
  • Working from your Need to Know content, identify the key takeaways for that segment of time.
  • Write one Purposeful Question (PQ) for each key takeaway.
  • Write out the steps and time of one Teach Back for one (1) of the PQs that you wrote.
  • Create one question that you will use to designate the Group Leader for the Teach Back.

Student Projects