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4 Real-world Lifestyle Hacks on: Tattoos, Pretty Faces, Daily Fitness, Weighted Fitness Vests

teacher avatar O. M. Allred, Writer | Speaker | Educator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Lifestyle Hacks Introduction

    • 2. The Tattoo Hack

    • 3. The Pretty Face Hack

    • 4. The Fitness Walking Hack

    • 5. The Weighted Vest Hack

    • 6. Lifestyle Hacks Conclusion

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About This Class

4 Real-world Lifestyle Hacks on: Tattoos, Pretty Faces, Daily Fitness, And Weighted Vests

Four Out-of-the-ordinary Lifestyle Hacks and Life Lessons

The Tattoo Hack One of the most important decisions you'll ever make is about your FIRST tattoo. It's an
important lifestyle decision that will affect you for a lifetime. Here Mike Allred tells about his ill-fated first tattoos and the consequences of his being too hasty in getting inked. He also tells about having to have his tattoos removed,,,before laser tattoo removal technology even existed. Ouch!

This hack isn't for or against tattoos. This is lifestyle advice is for the real world of today. It simply offers first- person advice on getting your FIRST tattoo. And it all started in The Blue Dolphin Bar in Hong Kong, a lifetime ago... A tattoo story I think you'll enjoy.

The Pretty Faces Hack offers practical advice on how to have a pretty or handsome face without surgery or
expense. Using Mother Nature's natural gifts of a warm smile and happy laughter, you'll look ten times prettier, and you'll be more charismatic.

The Fitness Hack tells the story of how one woman got sweet revenge after attending her 20th high school
reunion, and being told she had 'lost her girlish high school figure' and 'put on a little weight.'

The Weighted Vest Hack is about the under-appreciated adjustable weighted vest. As a longtime user of such vests, Mike tells the benefits and advantages of this passive fitness and dieting aid.

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O. M. Allred

Writer | Speaker | Educator


Writer, speaker, storyteller, narrator, video/voice spokesperson. 


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1. Lifestyle Hacks Introduction: Hello. Thank you for stopping by. These lessons come from my personal experience in background and in each of the following lessons you'll find the Golden Nugget off Rheal World wisdom. And here's what you can expect in the following four life pack. The tattoo hack is for anyone considering getting their first tattoo. In short, this is advice for tattoo first timers. I'll tell you my tattoo story of how I got tattooed when I was serving in the Navy and of the unexpected problems I faced. And this advice is to help you or anyone considering getting their first tattoo to help them make a correct decision. Pretty face Hack. I enjoyed writing this. I was sitting in my dermatologist office a while back and there were two very lovely ladies awaiting to see the dermatologist. Also, they wanted to learn how they could make their faces prettier. And I was thinking they don't need to be seeing a dermatologist to do that. I can give you some practical rial world advice right now. Well, how you could be prettier, more charming, and you have everything you need inside you. Daily fitness hack. I wrote this as a result of meeting a charming lady on my daily walk and hike, and she was telling me how a casual remark about her weight changed her entire life. I'll tell you what happened, and I think you'll find that very interesting. The weighted vest hack is about a piece of equipment that I have been using for over 20 years. I was introduced to the adjustable weighted vest about 27 years ago and still consider it the most valuable piece of training equipment that I've ever had. We'll talk about the benefits of weighted vest, and I wonder why we never see them on runners, joggers or walkers. Considering the immense benefits that come from wearing a weighted best, I'll also give you some tips on how to purchase awaited this and what to avoid. Now, with that in mind, let's get started and let me tell you a tattoo story. I think you'll find this very interesting and loaded with good practical advice 2. The Tattoo Hack: Here's a bit of riel world practical advice for anyone considering getting their first tattoo. You're thinking of getting your first tattoo. Well, you're not alone. Tattoos are more popular than ever, and getting a new tattoo seems to be on our minds more than ever. On a recent trip to the beach, it seems as if half the sun worshipers that I saw were showing a bit of skin art somewhere on their bodies. These days, tattoos are more common than ever. Tattoos have gained quite a bit in popularity over the years, giving people a chance to stand out. I got tattooed twice in my younger days, so I know the urge to get inked can be quite strong. I also know that tattoos can be addictive, But before getting inked, I'd like to give you some practical riel world advice about getting that first tattoo. I'd like to tell you my personal tattoo story and how it relates to the advice I'm about to give you. When I was a young man, 19 years old, serving in the Navy, serving on warships off Vietnam at the time, we would often go to Hong Kong for our R and R I'll never forget. When I got my tattoo, I was in the Blue Dolphin Bar in Hong Kong and I was having a drink next to an old British sailor who had put in about 30 years in the British Navy. And he was covered with tattoos and to a young man like me at the time, looking at him, I was just inspired because of his experience and the life he had led. And after about three beers, he said, Come on, Yank, we're going to get you tattooed And that was how it all started. As I said, I was 19 and in the Hong Kong, those beautiful Oriental tattoos that I got cost me just $20 us. Later, back in the real world, back in the States, after I had been honorably discharged from the Navy, it became necessary for me to have those tattoos removed. Remember, this was a long time ago, and tattoos were viewed culturally different than they are today. The day tattoos air accepted back then they weren't accepted as easily. Anyway, when I went toe, have those tattoos removed. It costs me $1800. The plastic surgeon that I used to remove the tattoos had never done a tattoo removal before. And also remember this is before laser tattoo removal. The only way to remove the tattoos back then were to grind them off or do a skin graft. The plastic surgeon informed me that a skin graft would take many, many months to heal. So a ground my two tattoos off. Now I want to give you a little advice from a guy who's been there and done that. I will ask you to think long and hard before getting a visible first tattoo. That was my big mistake When I got my tattoos. I got both the Oriental designs on my inside four arms. And let me assure you, back in the real world, those forearm tattoos caused me much grief from employers, college admission officers, girls I wanted to date and especially the parents. And those tattoos even cause me problems advancing up the corporate ladder on my first job out of college. Now, here's the advice I'd like to give you. I'm asking you to think far ahead into the future, I'd like you to think ahead 10 2030 years. How will that visible tattoo fit into your career plans into your family life into your lifestyle. Think if you go into a profession such as medical profession or politics, have you ever been treated by a doctor with a visible tattoo? In all my years? I haven't for your first tattoo, and this is your first tattoo. Get it somewhere that's not visible when you're wearing everyday clothes and a short sleeve shirt. If you get your first tattoo in a not visible location, this will give you a time. This will give you time to adjust to the feel of the tattooed to decide whether it's tattoos are you and whether you want to get another tattoo. Now I can tell you this. This advice isn't pro or con tattoos. You have to understand that. See, I got tattooed. Members of my family have tattoos, so it's not a pro or con situation. But I'm asking you to please think ahead. Think I had 10 2030 years. Think ahead how that tattoo will look in 10 2030 years. And for your first tattoo, just get your 1st 1 out of sight so you can think about it. See how it fits your personality and see if you're a tattoo person. No, I know your minds probably made up. You're going to get inked anyway. And I understand how you feel. Because I have been there and I have done that when you're walking by the tattoo parlor and you're thinking, Hey, maybe I'll get a tattoo. Think back to my advice for you and I wish you good luck, all right? 3. The Pretty Face Hack: A few years ago, I was sitting in my doctor's office waiting for my yearly dermatology exam, my yearly skin check exam. Along with me. There were two other patients waiting to see the doctor. Two attractive middle aged women, probably in their mid to late forties. They were both waiting to talk to the doctor about how they could improve the appearances of their faces. Now, to me, they look quite attractive as is, but they were chatting about how they would like to look 10 or 15 years younger. That incident led me to write an article about pretty faces and handsome faces. Welcome to what I call the pretty face hack. Yes, you can have a pretty face and a sexy smile with these helpful tips. No plastic surgery needed. Men and women the world over would like to know how toe have a pretty face or a handsome face. And in today's looks oriented, youth oriented society, a prettier, handsome face is a valuable personal asset. Unfortunately, we often overlook the simple steps that we can take toward achieving that pretty or handsome face. It's been said that a pretty face is a passport, but it's not. It's a visa, and it's running out fast. That famous quote from Julie Burchill, the controversial English feminist writer, is a Golden Nugget. Truthful reality. The simple, undeniable truth is our faces age. Our faces show the wear and tear of daily living and the inevitable passage of time, and it's up to each of us to take care of our faces. Fortunately, we don't need the expense and inconvenience of facelift to improve the appearances of our faces. There are several ways to have an attractive, friendly and happy face without surgery and that little or no expense. I was watching the Oprah show a few years back. She was interviewing top models, and here are two excellent tips about how they stay youthful and attractive. First, the use of baking soda of all things. The models recommended sprinkling a small amount of common baking soda on your face cloth when washing your face. Now this tip is right from the Oprah Show when she interviewed those top models about their beauty secrets and yes, I admit it. I started using baking soda daily, even on my weathered old face, but my material faces as soft as a baby's bottom. Another tip from professional models. His regular daily facial exercises learn facial exercises for toning facial muscles, and you can do this on the Internet, especially YouTube. Exercising the facial muscles can work wonders in improving the appearance of your face. These exercises can help reduce sagging cheeks, double chins, jowls and the well known turkey neck. You'll notice a visible improvement in your cheeks when you regularly exercise your facial muscles. Now remember, our faces reflect our feelings, so it's important that you smile. Your face will be 10 times prettier by simply smiling. Remember, your face is your most obvious tool of expression and communication. It's the first thing people see, and people form their first impressions about you based on your face. So show the world you're feeling happy by smiling. You'll not only be prettier, but people will wonder what you're up to with that curious, beautiful smile of yours. And second, don't be a grouch. Be friendly, smile, laugh, often smiling, happy people are more approachable and prettier. It's no secret that we prefer the company of people who smile and make us laugh. Now here's a true story that I call the pretty lady and Mr Average Guy. I once asked a friend and attractive businesswomen why she married a rather ordinary looking average looking guy instead of another very handsome, successful suitor who had also proposed to her. Her answer surprised me, she said. Bill isn't a handsome ist guy in the world, but he smiled a lot and he made me laugh. And he was always fun to be with. And she said, she'll take fun and happy over good looking any day now. Techno guys. Those words of wisdom from an attractive woman who had her pick of men having a pretty face doesn't require a face lift. Bow tox injections. It doesn't require expensive facial cosmetics or laser treatments. It simply requires a common sense regiment of daily facial care, a sensible facial beauty program and a positive, happy mental outlook on life. And above all, it requires you to smile. Who says you can't be just another pretty phase? Of course you can. Let's learn toe love are pretty faces. Now I want you to flash at beautiful smile of yours, go out and give someone you love the Huck and face the world with a happy new public over life. 4. The Fitness Walking Hack: this life, AC would fall under the health and fitness category. She speed walks her way to a flat stomach and a sexy figure. How one woman did it on my daily four mile walk. I recently had the opportunity to stop and check with a charming, attractive lady. In her early forties, we both stopped at a park bench to relax for a moment during our daily walks. I had noticed her walking before, but this was my first chance to actually meet her and talk with another devoted daily power walker. This very fit and charming lady wasn't what you would call pretty, but she was dropped its sexy. She had a natural, charismatic, calm boys charm a powder. Her figure resembled that of a female Olympic swimmer. I was curious as to what motivated her to get in shape and stay in shape the way she did, So I asked her how she kept in such good physical shape. She answered with a smile. Simple. I walk an exercise six days a week. She explained to me that a few years back, at the age of 38 she was £15 overweight. She was always exhausted she had a muffin top waistline. She had no real interest in getting in shape. And then she got the email about her 20th high school reunion. Well, she went to the re union. She totally how embarrassed She waas. When a few of her old friends had jokingly mentioned how she'd lost her girlish high school figure and had put on a little weight, she said, It's amazing how it's little statement like you've put on weight can motivate you to get off your butt and get in shape. Then she outlined for me her daily fitness routine and her exercise routine. First she power walks 30 minutes a day. That's 15 minutes out and 15 minutes back. Then she bikes 20 minutes, 10 minutes out, 10 minutes back. Then she does a fast and easy daily exercise workout. She saves this workout for each evening at nine oclock on the dot. As she's watching TV, she said, she does her exercises. She does 20 sit ups, 20 leg lifts and 20 deep knee bends, and she also keeps an exercise band, rubber exercise band Handy, she said. I use this religiously. It's the best toning as exercise equipment of every use, she said. She uses Theis Exercise Ban at any old time. I have a minute or two. I'll do a few arm stretches. They keep my shoulders and my chest in shape, and that's it. That's her daily routine for keeping in shape. But then I asked her what her motivation waas to keep up this vigorous routine every day. Habit. You gotta make it a habit so you feel guilty if you miss a day, and that's the way I feel. If I miss a day, I feel guilty. Yes, habits, a powerful force. And here's an example of a woman who put the habit of walking and exercise to use and totally changed her life. She's healthier, happier, more attractive, and she turns heads when guys walked by. And that's the ultimate unspoken compliment when the opposite sex turns to take a second look as you walk by. Of course, turning heads can be dangerous. I once walked straight into a concrete lamppost and a shopping mall, trying to get a second look at an attractive passer by. The take away here is to turn your daily physical fitness routine into a habit. Habits can work miracles 5. The Weighted Vest Hack: for the athlete. For the Dieter, the weighted training best is a winner. I've been using a vest for over 25 years, and it is one of the best fitness tools that I have ever used. The weighted training best has become a secret weapon both athletes and dieters over the past few years. These vested become one of the most popular and effective tools to lose weight as well as the tone the body now here are just a few of the many benefits of that weighted training. Best first is Thean improved cardiovascular strength and stamina. The added weight of a vest makes the body work harder in both physical task and athletic training routines. Wearing even a lightweight vest of just £10 is noticeable in everyday fitness task. As simple is walking, a second advantage of awaited training vest has been shown that it increases bone strength and density. The use of a vest and everyday routines has also shown to improve posture and back support . Wearing a weighted vest, burns calories faster and speeds up your weight loss by wearing a typical £20 vest. That's the normal size that I wear and most of my friends, where you increase the rate of calories being burned by your body. This happens because the body is forced to work harder and performing physical activities. My own personal experience has shown a significant speed up in weight loss. Once I started wearing an adjustable weighted vest on my daily walks, hikes and physical workouts. My weighted vest of choice is a £20 adjustable vest. I've had friends who used up to a £40 adjustable fest, but that was simply uncomfortable for me. A 20 pounder is fine for the average person waited vaster, not just used by athletes and dieters. Weighted vest are used by firefighters and training weekend warriors, law enforcement candidates and triathletes to gain a competitive edge in their physical training. Now this is important. While away to turning vest is very popular and effective for weight loss. Always get your doctor's permission before you begin using a vest. Always start slow with a little weight at first, preferably £10 until your body adjusts to the vest and the extra work, usually 2% of your body weight, is recommended at the beginning. After your body adjust to the initial weight work up to a maximum of 10% of your body weight. I suggests sticking with a £20 best, regardless of what your weight might be except for women than a £10 vest is adequate. After completing the main part of this lesson, I thought I should add some some purchasing tips. When I first bought my adjustable weighted vest, I went through three. Before I found one that I truly like. So I'd like to add some tips on buying an adjustable weighted vest. Now that we know the value of a weighted vest in our fitness routines, let's take a look at some key points that you should consider when you decide to purchase an adjustable weighted vest. Number one. Be sure in comparison, shop both locally and online become familiar with the different weights. Vest the style of weighted vest, especially the closure styles and whether the vest will meet your particular needs. Be sure and put a vest own. Tighten the straps of the vest and take a few steps. Walk about 30 or 40 feet and see if the vest flaps on your back. If it does, you definitely don't want that check out to see if the vest is comfortable. Also check out the quality of the materials of the best and the style of the weight of the vest. In other words, are the weights bags of sand, or are they or iron plate? Number three. Make sure to look for adjustable weighted vest only. You want to have the ability to add weight when needed or remove. Wait. If that's what you desire, an adjustable weighted vest is the best choice. In the beginning, I recommend staying away from vest, which use sand feel bags as the weight. That was my first mistake. When I bought a weighted vest. The weights were saying they can be a really a hassle to reinsert should you take some out and then want to reinsert them in the best? The best option for the weights are metal bars, £1 each. They are easy to remove and easy to reinsert. Number four. Be sure and check the warranty and refund policy on any vests that you're seriously considering. Being able to get your money back is important. Should you not be satisfied, or should you find a bet the vest or should you find the vest uncomfortable or bulky? Number five. Be sure and choose a style of adjustable weighted vest that was built by a quality manufacturer. The best recommendation Aiken give you own. Choosing a vest is to go to Amazon, find the one that you're looking for and simply look at the reviews of the vest. And once you find when you're looking for, check locally and see if that's available locally. Remember buying a weighted vest, maybe one of the most valuable investments you'll make in fitness equipment. So by carefully for the purpose of full disclosure, I want to assure you that I do not sell weighted vest. I have no connections with any shops or online businesses that sell weighted vest, and there are no affiliate links anywhere in this course. Thank you. 6. Lifestyle Hacks Conclusion: This is the lifestyle hacks, summary and conclusion As we soar over Southern California in our private drone, let's review the four lifestyle hacks that we covered today in the tattoo hack. I tried to give my sincere advice for tattoo first timers. My advice was to hide your first tattoo until you've decided. If you're a tattoo person, remember, a tattoo is forever and they don't wash off. So make sure you have thoughtfully and carefully considered your decision. In the pretty face hack, we learned that a big, warm smile and a happy, sincere laugh can work miracles in making us look pretty and more handsome. When people see a happy, smiling face, there is an instant warm connection that breaks down resistance in the fitness hack. We learned that having a daily fitness routine and making it happen is the key to staying happy, healthy and being the envy of all your couch potato friends. With a vigorous daily fitness routine, you'll never have to fear there's high school or unions. Poor stepping on the scales again. Remember, you've gotta pay the price toe look sexy and nice in the weighted vest. Hack, I introduced you to a new adjustable weighted vest, a highly effective personal fitness to that works passively intoning the body burning calories and increasing your fitness level. I hope you found these lifestyle hacks. Or as I like to call them, little nuggets of riel life wisdom. I hope you found these informative and helpful. I sincerely thank you for checking out this course if you found it helpful, a positive review and a thumbs up. But it would make me feel like I won the lottery, and I thank you in advance for that. I'm your friend, Michael. Read till later.