#4 Learn WordPress in Bits – Menus and Widgets | Ricky Wahowa | Skillshare

#4 Learn WordPress in Bits – Menus and Widgets

Ricky Wahowa, Teaching Serious Web Technology stuff

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5 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Welcome to WP Menu and widgets

    • 2. 1 Create a WP menu

    • 3. 2 More about WP Menus

    • 4. 3 All About Widgets

    • 5. 4 last video


About This Class

In this series of classes you are learning WordPress in bits.

You  may start by joining the first class #1 . Or you may choose the WordPress topic that interests you.

It is all up to you to choose where you want to start from.

In this class you will learn about WordPress Menus and Widgets. If you are interested in either WP Menus or WP Widgets. Join this class.

You will learn how to create Menus. You will learn how to reorder Menus. You'll learn how to work with Widgets. You'll find tips and tricks in dealing with Widgets and menus.

Join this Class Now.





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Ricky Wahowa

Teaching Serious Web Technology stuff

Web Developer and Trainer specializing in WordPress and Front End solutions. (HTML, CSS , JS, PHP, WordPess Dev) .

Notable skills in : SEO, Email Marketing (GetResponse, MailChimp etc), Usability.

You will learn step by step.


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