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4 Excercises That Boost Creative Confidence

teacher avatar Daniela Andrea Guasti, The best way to a great day is to learn

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Confidence Can Be Acquired

    • 3. Outside Of Your Confort Zone

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About This Class

Do you know what Creative Confidence is? What does it mean?

Creative confidence is the natural human ability to come up with breakthrough ideas and the courage to act on them.

When people become confident in their own creative ability, it changes everything

In this class you will learnĀ  the best things you can do today to start improve your creativity and the 4 excercises that will

BOOST your Creative Confidence

See you inside!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Daniela Andrea Guasti

The best way to a great day is to learn


Hello Friends,

My name is Daniela A. Guasti, I have a dregree in turism and I?m from Buenos Aires, Argentine.

I like to learn new things everyday because I think that knowledge is the foundation to have a happy and meaningful life. And so, I also like to spread my knowledge with other people, in order to motivate and help everyone I can.

You can contact me or message me if you have any doubt with my classes. I?ll be glad to help you always.

Have fun learning!


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1. Introduction: Hello. Welcome to my new class for exercises that boosts created Constance. So do you know what creative confidence is? What does it mean? Created confidence is a natural human ability to combat with the breakthrough ideas on the Courage Toe Act on them. When people become confident in their own creative ability, it changes everything. Think about how much people come out more positive. Your life is when you see yourself a security person, when you have created competence, you can change things. You can do what you set out to do. If you work in a creative profession, you've like it a likely battle with self doubt at one point or another. So in this class you will learn the best things you can do today to start to improve your creativity on therefore exercises that will boost your creative confidence. So to run the class heat the blue bottom below the video on DSI inside. Thank you. Sorry about that. I think you'll see in sight 2. Confidence Can Be Acquired: Hello. Welcome to the glass. So this is start with some things you can do today to start building up your creative confidence. The 1st 1 is to believe that the confidence it's something that can be acquired. Growing insult Confidence is really about growing into skills. Save A Warner's on growth mindset. The first is understanding yourself as objectively as you can, what you're good at and what do you sack out? And the second is being okay, we did. I'm realizing that you were that where you are now. It's just a 13 point for where you can get to with time and sustain a fault. Then you can go through the gritty, professed again and again and again. Okay, there is no shortcut to these. You can read all the books in the world, but unless you have actually gone through experiencing the coldest difference weight, you can try toe, make something from nothing on, fails or succeeds, it will be pretty much impossible to earn the confidence that comes from having done and survived. How do you know not to freak out when the 11th hour on you're basing your head again? The world because you have no ideas left because you felt the same staying Because some day you have felt that thing a stressed time and time before Okay, on. You have always gotten through it. This may not seem like a little bite for the patient, but I have always found it comforting in the simple act of doing no matter how it turns out , we're building up disappearance and learning that we can passion for creative confidence later on. Okay, then you can improve your skill. Okay. I have never seen somebody who might consider to be creatively re confident who wasn't in the top 5% of some particular skill in their field who was also incredibly self aware of feet. You told not going credibility and confidence by simply wanting, eat or acting it. Even if you are well liked, you must have the heart skills on the track record to be considered credible. Otherwise unit. You went up looking credibility arrogant. So we took your craft service seriously. Gunshot As what? The minimum I can. You have to finish the show. But what will push these Toby better than anything I've done before? Home your work until it cleans hold it against a regulars everywhere else lands. If you do not trust your own, I ask for feedback from the most regards person you know. Also, it's a good advice to invest in your process. A rock solid process that he's a Siri's off repeatable actions is the cold in both toe building. Grated confidence de sections include a throat really exploring their every idea. You are really trusted. Beers can come up. We'd getting lost off early feedback from as many smart people as you can. OK, even if you hear different are conflicting things. Understanding the range of viewpoints ensures you will consider the trade off carefully on if you start here that everyone agrees your solution is obvious then great You work is if you're gets them okay. And also a connecting with the real people you're building for It's hard to overestimate the power off user research done well, it gives you an embarrassed understanding off the why behind how people think on what they do. Nothing builds confidence, like research that validates the problem you're solving is real and that the solution you come up with a it's really working for people. And will it work? Okay, well, he was all for this view. See you in the next one. Thank you. 3. Outside Of Your Confort Zone: Hello. Welcome to this video. Okay, so in this video, we're gonna we're gonna see the for the four exercises that will boost your creative confidence. Okay, Created confidence. As with all skills can be built. It's a step by step, day by day, project by project, so big cures and make things perfectionism. Is the bank off any creative professional existence? Constant insecurity on the quality off your own work can cause created paralysis and make it difficult to stay motivated. And that's a big problem. Is being creative. It's how you make a living. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for developing confidence in your own work. But there are a few exercises that will help you get started on the right path. Okay, So the first exercise is I think that the best one that is to learn a creative skill outside your comfort song. And if you're a copy writing Ah, a couple writer, you could take up photo referee. If you're a graphic designer, you can sing up for a cocaine glass. If you are a painter, you can try poetry. It doesn't matter what you do as long as it's full side off your usual creative grind. What is? Start earning a living in a creative feel. It's easy to where the stock in a right. We're getting paid two brothers creative work in a single area. So what, she told you, trade anything that doesn't directly relate? Tweet but still not say off your creative comforts on and trying a new skill can have a positive impact on your creative confidence. It is called Created Cross Training, and he can help creative professionals embrace new points of view and come up with fresh ideas in the respective fields. You don't have to become an expert in your field. You shall have to trade out and commit to spare imitation without self chat mint. How, for example, a Poskus host and writer traveled out really isn't growing A phone eight gave him a new appreciation for everyday objects. So challenge yourself to train new ski. Let's say off your feet for 30 days, take a class, did a book on the suction or just searched. They were for tutorials. It doesn't matter how you learn it as long as you committed to it fully on. Approach it with an open mind. The second exercise is embraced checklist. So just leads up getting a mention in many articles on Protea Vitti and creativity because they really work. Setting small, attainable goals and marking them as complete not only help us keep big projects on truck, it also boasts our confidence and give us more creative freedom. If you're worried that checks least are too recent, uncle or confining to be useful, integrative, professional and accept up opposite is true, you won't feel confined knowing you will remember everything will free up the brain space to use your creativity safely. When we cross something off our checklist, our prince release dopamine dopa Mine. The chemical that makes us happy using checklist to simulate dopamine levels can help us from polluting habits and feel good about accomplishing attainable test, which in turn boosts our confidence. Sykora. She's called this effect self directed learning. When we acknowledge successful actions with small reward, like taking off uneaten on a checklist, there is something release of dopamine served to look. Our attention to the current topic, which plays a role in in correction focused practice on task for sexist is possible, but not searching. So, in other words, were more motivated to complete the next task because your brain knows it's going to be rewarded. Okay, so don't forget to use check please. Then the other exercise is just 30 saying a flexible work process, another basic, one game creative work and sometimes feel inherently him instructor, specifically especially, feel so he especially if you're a freelancer but the same process. You can continually come back to coming conquering creative project more methodical unless off our make it off, make it up as you go kind off endeavor. Having a probing approach i m to creative work helps as build confidence, giving us a method we can fall back on if we ever hit a creative block so it is in the process around your walk doesn't mean you need to immediately create a strict shuttle for yourself or put intense expectations on your daily output. Going from no Carrie, defend process toe a super strict process overnight, Eastern realistic and you re setting yourself up for disappointment when we put unrealistic expectations on ourselves toward year to stricter creative shoulders. We usually only end up getting mother ourselves when we fail to meet those lovely goals right away. This heart our creative confidence on make us feel like where the simple wearing, disciplined valiantly Oprah looked it enough. So start documenting your process to see what works best for you. I mean it. A daily great IP practice around. What have you discover? Keep a record of everything you do each day for a week. I am on Look for patterns on the days you were most productive and motivated. Okay, so remember the patterns unlovely. The last exercise is to build based on hearts terrorists. The heat author off the power off habit coined the term based on habits to describe a positive habits that have a strong correlation with other positive habits. Like a ripple effect off positivity, for example, exercising regularly has has been proven jing grease coffins levels on lead toe healthier eating and sleeping habits one you love Kistane have it's ah, look off. Other things in your life tend to fall into place, so building case don't have it's around. Your creative endeavors can help you develop more confidence in your work and is your overall productivity on a daily battle start By cultivating positive daily rituals, you will actually hold yourself accountable for lady will open the morning free rid of rating practice preparing a meal completely from scratch or even shots Making your bed the seemly small highlights Can other structure an intention to your day Researching in more good habits on confidence down the line So Okay, this was all for the class. I hope you like it. I hope you find it useful for your creativity. And so please share with us. Which one? Off the exercises you liked more on? Why? And if you have any questions, please sex me and here to answer all your questions or your dad's You need more information also you can ask me and so please leave a review on Check out my other classes. Thank you so much. For what Team? Onda. So you always say keep learning. Keep growing. Okay. Thank you. And see you in my next class