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4 Easy Watercolor Projects You Should Try!

teacher avatar Ale Lozano, Illustrator + Lettering Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Watercolor Bookmarks

    • 3. Galaxy + Lettering

    • 4. Guitar + Flowers

    • 5. Watercolor + Mandala

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About This Class

Hi! In this class I want to share with you 4 different watercolor projects that are really easy for those who are just starting to use watercolors. I think this class is going to help you a lot, specially if you are just starting to use watercolors and you don´t know what to paint maybe because you are not inspired. I hope this four ideas and techniques inspire you to paint something really cool! I know it will, so enroll now and enjoy the class!!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ale Lozano

Illustrator + Lettering Artist


Hi friends!

My name is Alejandra Lozano, aka Ale Lozart.

I'm 21, Graphic Design graduate based in Mexico. Calligraphy, Hand Lettering, Typography and everything that has to do with letters is totally my thing! I'm also really into illustration and using watercolors.

You can buy prints of my work on etsy too: https://www.etsy.com/shop/AleLozart

I have an instagram page, @alelozart you can follow me there if you want and see what I'm up to!

Thanks for reading guys, I hope to see you soon :)

Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/alelozart/

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1. Intro: Hi, guys. My name is Alexandra, and I am very excited because we're going to be working with colors in this test. So as you can see from the title, we're going to be creating four different projects you can use your water college with. We're going to be working with some techniques with sold with alcohol and with some straw. So, um, I think this class is gonna be really useful for those who would know. For those who already know how to use your why, I call it, but I don't actually know why pain, because you're not inspired or anything. I hope this class inspires you to paint more. So I think it's gonna be really useful if you are just starting with your water colors and you want to paint something cool. I think this guy, this class is gonna help a lot with that. Any of you enjoy working with water cars as much as I do. I think this class is going to be really useful for you. You're gonna enjoy too goodbye and good rope. 2. Watercolor Bookmarks: Hi, guys. For these projects were going to be creating three different bookmarks with water colors, a mandala, one watermelon and also some flowers. So we're going to need watercolor paper and water colors. Of course. So I'm using these bookmark I had at my house for the measurements. And then I'm going to cut them first. Will be doing the watermelon. So I used a kind of orange and red line up caller. So I'm going to start doing this kind of d in the middle. And I am using more color than water because I wanted to be really intense once I painted dark part. When I'm gonna do is kind of soft Inbee edges like this with more water. So what I'm doing here east add more color to this part because one strike, I mean, the caller is a little bit lighter, so we we have to make sure we cover it off with a lot of college. So nights time for the green on them, using darker green. So I'm going to be doing I know your line like this. Then I am going to soft in the edges with more water like that. Then I'm adding these other green, so these kind of yellowish green. So it looks really pretty like that Denham. It's black and green, so it is a little bit darker on the edge. So once it's dry, we're going to start throwing the seats. I am using my bathroom. It would look something like this now for the mandala. We're going to be using a compass, and we're going to make circles until you cover all the bookmarks. You're going to be needed enough them brush to start working with your Mandela. If you don't know how to drama Dallas, it's really said You just have to guide yourself with the lines we did before and from there you just have to start making lines or or these kinds of shapes. Here you can start practicing with the ones I did here. You can add details with other colors, and it's up to you. So I'm doing this in fact, in fast motion so you guys won't get bored, but it would look something like this. I'm sorry you don't really appreciate what's going on, but here are some close up videos of how it would turn out. I really really liked these book Smart, but do if you want to do it, you need to have patience for it because it took me a while. The third bookmark is the easiest one. First, I am just going to be using more water than color. And I am just doing this kind of stains on the both month. So they will be flowers. No, I am just going to pain some leaves with different kinds of greens. So once it's dry, I am going to take my my krump in and start join flowers on these things. What I'm doing is just kind of make them fit on the water colors thing. So you have to choose what kind of flower would suit the You are caller. - So for the final touches, what I'm doing is just adding some dots with different kinds of color. I think it looks pickle. The final result would look something like this. Did you like it? I hope you like these ideas for bookmarks with it today. If you tried any of this, it would mean so much to me If you showed me and yeah, that will be I hope you liked it by 3. Galaxy + Lettering: in this activity, we're going to be creating a galaxy. We're going to be needing sold watercolors. And what a full of paper. So if you see what I'm doing, I am just using a lot of colors. And I am making this kind of stains in combining colors with no order. I all and I am already solved before it drives. So it would be kind off galaxy effect. - You didn't have a black water cooler on my pants set. So what I did to us take black being for calligraphy. I had and I started using it and it worked pretty well. You can use if you have even you can also using and start experimenting like that. I have these gold in for calligraphy and that what I did was just start dropping that all around like that. And we've My brush I started is bringing water. I mixed white acrylic paint with a little bit of water so I could start making the stars like this just start splashing around like that so they can have the effect of being stars - with the same brush. I started making some individual stars like this. That is totally up to you because I couldn't leave it like that. I took my pencil and started littering with white pains and really thin brush. I started living. I have a class off modern calligraphy for beginners. If you haven't taken it already. I teach you how to Joe these kind of places. - So this is how it would look like I really, really liked. Um What do you think? I love it. So these ones are other words I have done with this technique. I really like this technique. I think it looks so beautiful with Larry. I also have this other one off the flash. This one's a little bit different because I only use reds, but it's the same technique. If you try any of these projects, please show me pictures because I would love to see them by 4. Guitar + Flowers: and this project, we're going to be painting with our water colors on acoustic guitar. So what I'm doing is just first start drawing it with my pencil, and I am helping myself with a ruler. So it looks like this. No, but I like how it looks. I am going to take my my company and start doing it again like that. So now we're going to start painting our guitar. What I'm doing here is mixing some kinds off orange and brown. So it looks the color I like, uh, with a thinner brush. I am going to start painting the smaller parts. This one. I'm going to paint it with a really dark brown And for the strength I am using, uh, great. A great kind of collar in just started spreading like that for the circle. I'm going to start using the same great caller and I am just going to not feel it all. I'm going to leave a thing line like that. So I decided I wanted to paint some flowers, and if you don't know how to draw flowers, it's really said you just have to start with a point and then start painting the strokes all around flower just like this. But I always do for my flowers has take a kind of darker color is and start painting the edges of the flower like that. So it sort of looks deeper. I am painting these other flower just the same. I start with a point and then start painting the strokes all around. And I am taking um for my purple flower. I'm taking a really soft purple and then, with a darker particle I've came th is like that in the world. That's basically how I paint my flowers. And let's not forget to add leaves to our painting because leaves are really important. They look it. They looked a painting, look more riel and so much prettier. And for the final touches, I always like to paint dots around the flowers. I don't know. I think it looks so much prettier and the result would look something like this. Did you like it? I think this project is perfect for the ones that play guitar. In this case, I decided I wanted to paint a guitar because I love playing guitar. But if you play the bass or the electric guitar. You can always pain those. Or if you have a friend that likes playing guitar, you can give it to them. And I don't know. I think it looks so pretty. What do you think? 5. Watercolor + Mandala: and this activity, we're going to be using our water colors. They have to be really watery. Um, we're going to be working with purple, being orange and yellow. So what I'm going to do first start with purple and then I am going to start combining the pink and like that, and you can also add assault like the activity we saw the like. The last treaty was so with the galaxy, we're going to use insult to because it leaves a really nice effect. So I am using more part powerful to really intense. And then I'm going to be using pink and orange and what I'm doing. I mean, it's just combining them in this order until it looks like this. We're also going to be using a straw. We're going to be doing this effect on the edges like that. So in order to have these effects, you have to make sure the water color is kind of watery, so you can start blowing like this. So remember that I told you that you can leave a nice effect on the watercolor using salt. Well, in this case, I am using alcohol, and it looks something like this, and it looks really cool, so you can do it too. Okay, so now I am taking my compass because I will be joining a Mandela. So what I'm doing is just making this circle soul around. And if you don't want to draw Mandela's, you can always make other drawings. Or maybe some lettering. I don't know. Well, I am making this mandala. If you don't know how to make them. It's really easy. You just have to start making shapes like this and combining them. I don't know. It's not about knowing the shapes. It's about having patience for it because it does take a while. So if you don't know what shapes to draw, you can get inspiration from the Internet. There's a lot you can know from there. Or maybe you can just copy the one I'm making. It's really easy to do. You don't have to know anything. You just have to have patients. Uh, - my camera went off the end, so I couldn't show you how I finished it. But it looks something like this. What do you think? What I did next, I wanted something I could use it with. So what I did was just putting on a notebook and you would look something like this. You can hang it. Are you Wall or whatever you want? But I really like how this looks on a notebook. So what do you think?