4 Deadly SEO Myths That Kill Your Rankings | Tony Chamberlain | Skillshare
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4 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. SEO Deadly Myths Course Introduction

    • 2. About Your Instructor

    • 3. Main Course

    • 4. Congratulations Course Complete


About This Class

Learn the Four Deadly SEO Myths that could be killing your search engines rankings and costing you money.

If you rely on organic search traffic (free traffic from search engines), then you must rank on the first page for your targeted keywords.

In fact you need to rank in the first three results to see the bulk of the traffic. Over 90% of the traffic from search engine results are from the first page.

Learn how to rank higher by dispelling these false SEO beliefs.






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Tony Chamberlain

MarketerGenius.com - Digital Marketing Specialist

SEO, affiliate & digital marketing specialist. CEO of Marketer Genius, LLC . 10+ years of online marketing experience. Ran 100's of websites and generated tens of thousands in affiliate commissions over the years.

Weather you're a product owner or affiliate the online marketing world is always changing and you need to keep up to date to stay competitive. Join me in the most effective methods to making money online.

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