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4 Big Content Marketing Mistakes And How To Fix Them

teacher avatar James Canzanella, Affiliate Marketing

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 4 Big Content Marketing Mistakes And How To Fix Them

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About This Class

Content marketing is a great way to get the word out about your specific niche, but if done wrong, nothing more will ever come from it. In this course, I'm going to go over the 4 biggest content marketing mistakes and how to fix them.

After you've completed this slideshow presentation overview, you'll have quite a few AH-HA moments and a completely different view of how you should go about marketing your content. So if you haven't seen any results with content marketing or are looking to dive deeper into it, go ahead and enroll right now.

Meet Your Teacher

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James Canzanella

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketer, course creator, and fan of everything 90s.

Join my new affiliate marketing Facebook group here.

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1. Introduction: hates James Skins? No. Welcome to my course. Four big content markets, mistakes and how you can fix them. So what I'm going to be doing in this course is going over a video slideshow off the four mistakes. Why there? No buoyed up. I don't want to do them. And most importantly, how to fix them. As if I didn't show you how to fix them. There would be no point to this course. It would be one giant rant, Andy, for warning. I have nothing against content marketing boat. What do have against this is the way it's done, the way it's done properly. And like I said, I'm going to show you how to fix it. So this is for anyone who is doing content marketing and is not happy where they are or someone who is looking to dive deeper into content marketing. This could save you a lot of time, effort and, of course, some nice money in the end. So with that being said, go ahead and roll. Right now, you look forward to seeing you on the other side 2. 4 Big Content Marketing Mistakes And How To Fix Them: Hey, it's James can zonal and welcome to my course four. Big content marketing mistakes and how to fix them. So a quick primer. Who is this? Four If you are doing content marketing, if you are interested in content marketing and if you're not reaching the level of success that you want, if you're not making much money or any at all, this is definitely for you. This is going to change the way you view content marketing, what you doing, what you should dio and a lot of the mistakes. I see so many people making that they end up kind of doing nothing. Maybe they fizzle out. Maybe they quit. Sure you don't want that. So what's pay attention? Let's begin not messing around here. Number one. What I like to refer to his free traffic syndrome, right free traffic is good at a specific point in your online business, but at when it gets to a bigger and better things, it's just not going to cut it. Let's continue so first and foremost what I'm going to do in all these is basically say, what is it? White sucks and how to fix it, because if we didn't talk about how to fix it. This would all be one little rent, Actually, one big grand that is. Okay, So let me also give you another little primer. I don't mind content marketing. What I do mind is the people the way people do it, okay? And you're going to see that's what this course is about. So I have nothing against it. But I just want to kind of throw that out there. So if you think I'm some like anti content marketing Dude, I'm not. Okay. So what is it? This is obviously relying on Leon free traffic. You see this? A lot of times where it might be just posting and Facebook groups. It might just be foreign posting and might be blocked. Posting or it might be the, um I guess you could say the slowest way to go, which is S e o. Especially if you've got, like, something ranking for digital marketing. Good luck with that. Will see in about six years, let me know how it works out for you. Her anyway. So why, it's no boy, No, OK, no. Bueno is no good. Okay, case you don't know Spanish but good luck, Skilling. Now, Okay, I ran to this problem when I was doing product launching. It was horrible, OK? Was always relying on free traffic. And for that, I basically had the beg people toe promote for me, which I hated every second of. And you're not gonna be able to scale a business because you're always relying on other people. Okay, when you're relying on free traffic, it's going to come and go. You're only as good as you are. How many people you can hire you can't skillet, like with paid traffic Where If you know your numbers and you say, Hey, after two months of making $6 back and a lead cost me 2 to $3 then you just spend as much money as possible. Aside from that, I always like saying, Where's the offer? Okay, you're going to notice this come up a lot in this course. Is that a lot of people that do content marketing? I don't really have any type of offer. It's for no rhyme or reason. That's gonna be another specific example. I will dive deeper into, And aside from that, since you're doing free traffic, it's basically, you verse millions of others. Okay, Content marketing is is so popular for the wrong reasons. Okay? People love eggs. They're passionate about it. They want to help people, but they don't focus on monetizing it whatsoever. So since you're not gonna be using paid traffic and if you're only relying on free traffic , which is why it's called the free traffic syndrome, you're gonna be going up against a lot of people doing this similar things. And you're going to run into quite a few more problems, which I'm going to talk about. So now that you know about free traffic syndrome, let's fix it immediately. That's what this course is all about. So how to fix it? Very simple. Fix okay with say, you gotta blogged. Maybe if you're writing in Facebook groups and you don't have a blocky the wake and always get people to some type of page years, depending on if group allows it, I'm sure other places allow. Either way, you got your own Facebook profile. You can post stuff there, but what you want to do is put a retargeting pixel on your block. Okay? Could be on a specific article. It could be in a specific page. Whatever it is, then what you want to do is just spend about $5 a day. Were targeting people who read that page. That article, that video, they don't read the video, but you know what I mean? And what you can do from there is send them to maybe a list. Maybe you want to get him on your list. Maybe it's for a promo that something related, maybe want to get him on a webinar or the very popular one. That's how a lot of people get clients is basically a consultation call or will be like a breakthrough session where they go over maybe, how to get clients how to get leads, how to do lead generation. But now, instead of just relying on free traffic and crossing your fingers that you're gonna sell something when you don't have anything to sell in the first place, you're basically taking that traffic and you're leveraging it to use with pay traffic and look $5 a day isn't a lot for Facebook were targeting, especially when it's really targeted traffic people who have seen your stuff and loved it. That's a great way to get qualified traffic. Okay, so that's free traffic syndrome. If you're just relying on free traffic, it's gonna be very difficult to scale your business, All right? Even if you're making money in the first place, Okay, I've ran into that. Even when it wasn't through content marketing. I'm just letting you know. So that's a simple little fix you can use for that. Try it out. You could do it for just about anything. Let me know how you like it. All right, so that's number one. Big mistake. Fixed number two were falling asleep here. Okay, those were some Z's for you. And what this is is basically being plain dull and boring. Oh, my goodness. The fact that you're not running, then he paid traffic. You're relying on free traffic. Like I said, you're competing against the millions. Others you got to stick out in some way, shape or form. Okay. So people love being entertained. It's crazy. It's like information should become last, and entertainment should be first. Look at any of the big YouTubers. It's ridiculous. They might look like they're everyday people, and they are okay. Or you might say, Oh, There's nothing special about them. But you know what? They know how to entertain. They know they're targeted audience. If you've ever watched anything, it was just like the hajj twins. They are entertaining as hell there in like the build muscle Mitch. They also this talk about anything. They are funny, all right. They could answer any topic, but it's going to be valuable to someone's life because they laugh. Okay, they know the situation, and they know how to answer it. But it's a much more entertaining answer. That's why I believe, like Howard Stern was a great example of this lot of people like him. A lot of people didn't like him. He was entertaining as hell, and he could talk about anything, all right. People also love others taking stand on something, it takes balls. It takes confidence to step up and say, Hey, I don't like this. I prefer this. Take a stand on something People are gonna love, that people are also gonna hate it. But you're really going to get a lot of people on your side when you speak up. And there's this woman who always does these, like two minute news breaks. I think it's like Tommy Lawrence or something. The blond woman and she should put up a video on, you know, Facebook. And I'll get like, a 1,000,000 views in one hour because she takes a stand, she knows what she's talking about, and she's kind of entertaining in the process. Okay, so once again, it's going to be you verse a 1,000,000 other people, OK? And if you're playing dull and boring, your odds aren't looking so great. Okay, with free traffic as well. So and as Anthony Robbins said, we are in the information age. We are in the entertainment age, and I couldn't agree more. So here's how to fix it. What you want to do is focus on marketing and entertaining first and content second right now. Have you ever noticed people with huge followings? They all talk about the same boring topics. However, they know how to keep it entertaining. It's ridiculous. Like I talked about before. The hajj twins are a great example. They can answer every single type of like how to do arm exercises. You know how to do push ups side of bill your chest. Hajto have a great gym workout, but they can always find the way to make it funny. A great example of this is a YouTube re Probably heard of him is Ty Lopez. This guy could literally be one of the most boring people in the world on YouTube. Right, cause all he talks about his knowledge and wisdom and making money and books, I find that stuff awesome. But if you just did a video is like, check out my bookcase. It's awesome. You know, there's not gonna be as many people watching now, tell you what, but I'm sure if you've heard of him, you've seen that video. You goes here in my garage behind me. I got my Lamborghini would like more than, you know, sports cars and all these fancy cars is knowledge. Okay? You notice how he There's a reason why he used that Lamborghini. All right, Obviously, I'm not saying you have to go out there and buy a Lamborghini just to make your point. But he knows what's gonna draw on a ton of people, okay? Captures them with the Lamborghini or any type of entertainment you gets like Mark Cuban on their gets. Gary V gets all these people. And then he provides content and he can obviously entertain in his own way. He probably isn't the most entertaining guy in the world, but he knows how to market a market slash Entertained first content second. Okay, so he can literally talk about the most boring stuff in the world. Actually, Probably does. But he knows the way to keep his audience around case to keep that in mind. It's another little fix. Focus on entertaining. You could be funny. Everyone has their own way of entertaining. Even if you don't think again, something need to come up with. I can't just, like, jump in your mind right now and say, Hey, do this. That might not be a way of doing things either way. Let's continue. So just because you know why not just cause, right? So what is it doing it just because, all right, content marketing, You know, I'm just gonna, like, throw this piece of content out there until, like, five zillion other pieces of content just like it. Okay, there's no rhyme or reason. There's no end goal, OK? And something I can't tell you how many times I've heard. I heard this a lot in the fitness nature, which is hilarious. I just want to get my name out there. Okay, Guess what? Like five million other people just want to get their name out there, and what they'll do is they'll justify Will say, Well, you know, I'm providing value, but they're not making any money and it's insane. It's like, Why you going to keep doing something if it's not making any money? That's that's one of the big problems I have with content Marketing is that it's just it's like so against selling that people never want to do it. Yet selling is gonna be the biggest way to you achieve success bringing money, generate cash flow and all that other fun stuff. Okay, so wide Snow Bueno there needs to be a reason why. OK, because you're a nice person isn't going to cut it right? So if you're doing CM, which is content marketing, I'm sure you figured out you're not making money and you're just quote unquote getting your name out there were just providing value. That's not going to pay the bills. Okay, I'm gonna give you an example about the one year blogger When I signed up for a mastermind for about $9000 someone else signed up and I remember my coach saying he was giving me a story. Now I don't remember the exact, like amount of time that could been more than a year. Okay, so I'm just going to say a year. Every time I tell a story, I never remember the exact I just remember the main principle, and that's the most important part. But anyway, he said that he was dealing with the client once was a blogger, was doing content marketing and a different coach that she had basically said, Are you gonna be doing this for a year? And you're not gonna monetize it until that year and, like, I just want to throw up all over the place. Look, if you want to do something for a year and not monetize it or not, make any money, you might as well not even begin. Okay, that's ludicrous. That's insane, especially with the Internet and the ability Teoh literally be everywhere at once, having advertising and via cells and webinars and auto webinars going on. That's insane. I don't know why anyone would want to do that. But that's the reason why content marketing is just all about providing content. So many people forget about the biggest mover when it comes to an online business which is selling. Okay, so let's look how to fix that. So start with a goal for each piece of content. What do you want them to do after going through the content? Okay. Knowing this will completely get rid of the you know. Oh, I just want my name out there. That's not a reason. Okay? You're not Gary Vaynerchuk, okay? We'll talk about that coming up. But either way, what do you want them to do? At least have some type of goal? Do you want them to get on a list? OK, Do you want them to follow you on Facebook on Twitter on Snapchat on instagram? At least start with one of those, right? Those aren't the greatest in the world. Getting on a list isn't that bad. But like even a YouTube video, are you provided all this content? What are they going to dio? Okay, there's got to be something you're gonna have to do otherwise. Great. You know, maybe you're building up your views. You got to do a little bit better than that. Aside from that, what do you want to do? Maybe check out a resource now? Maybe could possibly start doing affiliate marketing product, whatever it's going to be. Gettinto get into that in the next one. But keep that in mind if you're throwing out content just to do it. Like I said, there's millions of other people doing the same thing. Hi, good to make money from that. OK, especially for your only using free traffic. You were fighting such an uphill battle. It's not even funny, so kind of the last one. I know a lot of these intertwine a lot, but this is the biggest one. I've talked about it previously, and it's basically not selling, not selling anything at all. Okay, so if you want to have an online business and you're not selling anything, you are in trouble. I'll tell you right now, seen it many times before. So what is it not selling anything at all? Not good at all. So I'm sure you've seen big content marketers just constantly throwing out videos and articles all day long, right? So how come you shouldn't. Well, let me give you a perfect example. As I mentioned on the previous light is with Gary Vaynerchuk. If you've seen him, this guy is a machine. When it comes to contact literally, it's like as you as if he doesn't sleep, OK. He's doing videos like every hour. Res doing contact. He's going block post more videos. You doing Facebook? Live grand. Cardone is similar. Okay? The difference between them and you is they are super successful. They have a ton of money and they have a ton of systems in place. Okay, this is how content marketing should be. You should be able tohave your business word, running their systems going. You're making money. Then you can go out there and provide content that way. Okay. A lot of people love mixing that up, as they say, Like putting the cart before the horse or whatever. They did the popular thing. All right. Maybe they were creating wine videos in the beginning. But you know what? They had stuff. The cell, they had wind the cell. All right. Maybe they had a subscription. Maybe Hadad bottles on, say, a subscription. I mean, like a newsletter Maybe they had, you know, sending out bottles to people. I remember Gary v talked about you create, like, hundreds of wine videos. He was doing content, but he was selling. He was using that to sell. He's using people to get whatever. You know, Maybe they want to order a box of it for Christmas or maybe for the tomorrow, because they had a hard day. Whatever it was, they still focused on selling huge difference. Okay, if you're gonna be doing 500 YouTube videos and it's just to get your name out there I don't know. I see That's a very big waste of time because you need to bring Castro for your business. Okay? Just doing that isn't gonna work. Another great one wants to say in the Internet, marketing could be digital marketing. Okay, Once again, they had these amazing systems in place where they're going out spending hundreds of thousands on paid traffic because they know their numbers, Then they can bring them in. They can, you know, indoctrinate them. They can give him great content, but they're already selling their already kicking ass. Okay, They're not just going out there and say no I'm just going to do all this content. The Internet has definitely changed when it comes to content. I can tell you that much. Even though I wasn't on 10 years ago. Back then, a lot of people weren't doing it so that people who were in the beginning are crushing it now because they've been around for so long. Now everyone wants to do content. They all want free traffic and they don't want to do any selling. So as you can see, there's a lot of problems stacking up. Let's talk about a little bit more whites. No bueno. So CME loves the focus on passion. CM loves the focus on helping. Now there's nothing wrong with those, but CME content marketing rarely focuses on selling. That's why people love it so much they don't want to sell. They don't want to sound like a ah, you know, a cheesy car salesmen or whatever, Right? So for just beginning, or if you're not making money, think of this CM needs to go to some type of sale. Okay, let me explain a little bit more. So here's how to fix it. Replace content marketing with pre sale marketing think of it that way. Okay. Have a goal for the beginning and the end of the content. What do you want them to do? What big idea is this drawing them towards? Let's just say I found this new traffic system, okay? It's not Facebook. It's not instagram. It's one you haven't heard of. But I'm getting like 10 cent clicks and the Our Allies Amazing. Okay, I throw out a piece of content. I show you the results. I don't tell you what it is yet, and at the end, I leave a little cliffhanger. Let's say like, Hey, tune in next time where I'm going to be showing you how you can try and get similar results . Okay, What I'm doing is pretty selling. I'm getting people on the edge of their seat. I'm showing them results. I have an end goal to it cause maybe I have a system or a product that created about this. Okay, next time I put out content, I can give him another example. Give him some more, and then I can lead to like, Hey, if you want help with this, maybe get on a phone call with and maybe you can sell a course for it. There's a complete difference. OK? Do you see just that little example I gave you? I knew what the goal was. In the beginning. I knew what the goal is. At the end, I knew what I wanted them to do at the end of the 1st 1 Hey, stay tuned. Because the next time I'm gonna be talking about something like this, you don't want to miss it. Okay, Cliffhanger. There's a pre sell. I know the end goal. I want to get him to a cell completely different. Okay, if I already had a system in place like that which I will not too long. Once I fix my older respond her where I could send people into my e mailing list and then for like, two or three months, everything is automated. Then I can focus on giving awesome content. And it's not like I'm not giving awesome content and follow ups and all that other stuff, but it's being pre sold. There's a reason why I put out content. There's a reason why you should put out Content to is to get someone from point A to point B people don't know what their point A and point B is because they don't have anything to sell. They don't have anything to monetize. And if you're wondering why anyone ever does content marketing and they're not making money , it should be a Squier. Stay by now except probably said it 100 times. So with that being said, that was the last one not selling how to fix it. I mean, you guys sell something that will there be an affiliate marketing product, your product? Someone else's call a lead, something just please. So something All right. So here's one big shift. There's a lot of shifts in here, a lot of mistakes, how to quickly fix them. That should be Think it's okay for your grammar Nazi. You'll love it. Okay, so think of content. Marketing is pretty. Some marketing needs something to sell. In the end, they don't put the cart before the horse or whatever that phrase is the horse before the car. Okay, The reason why these big Internet marketers air like throwing content around there is because they have selling. They have systems, they have processes already in the background that they've taken months or years to create . And it's turning, you know, like a dollar into $8 You know, something crazy like that. And then they can go out there and make money. Like the mastermind I was talking about, where I paid nine K, Okay. They used paid advertising, and they turn, like remembers, like, a dollar into, like, 12 or $15 every month. Something awesome like that. All right, so they have that handled. So now I remember at the time in the beginning, they weren't doing any content marketing. It was just strictly paid advertising to a webinar. Okay, that was their quote unquote content, right? But it got someone on a phone call. Do you see the big difference there? OK, they were making money that way. And since basically, that person was doing really well, then they could focus on going on podcast on delivering value. Then they could focus on going on interviews and delivering value. Then they could focus on writing articles and delivering value. But you know what? Every time they did one of those things, it was pre selling. I saw them do it. I watched him do it worked perfectly. You need to start thinking like that person. So a lot of big shifts there, you know it needs to be done. Are if you enjoy this course if you learned anything new, One new thing, One gold nugget, one little shift. One a little break through. Go ahead, give it a thumbs up. I greatly appreciate it with that being said, I am James Kansan. Ella, Thank you for watching, and I'll talk to you soon.