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3ds max + vray : Interior Day & Night Time

Jamie Cardoso, Viztechsupport services

3ds max + vray : Interior Day & Night Time

Jamie Cardoso, Viztechsupport services

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31 Lessons (5h 7m)
    • 1. Interior Night Time 3ds max subtitles 1

    • 2. Interior Night Time 3ds max subtitles 2

    • 3. Interior Night Time 3ds max subtitles 3

    • 4. Interior Night Time 3ds max subtitles 4

    • 5. Interior Night apartment post production subtitles 1

    • 6. Interior Night apartment post production subtitles 2

    • 7. Interior Night apartment post production subtitles 3

    • 8. 1 Interior Daylight course 3ds max 0001

    • 9. 1 Interior Daylight course 3ds max 0002

    • 10. 1 Interior Daylight course 3ds max 0003

    • 11. 1 Interior Daylight course 3ds max 0004

    • 12. 1 Interior Daylight course 3ds max 0005

    • 13. 1 Interior Daylight course 3ds max 0006

    • 14. 1 Interior Daylight course 3ds max 0007

    • 15. 2 Interior Daylight course postproduction 0001

    • 16. 2 Interior Daylight course postproduction 0002

    • 17. 2 Interior Daylight course postproduction 0003

    • 18. 3ds max Vray vray frame buffer settings

    • 19. Forest pack & vraylight select

    • 20. Floor generator

    • 21. Project manager jamie cardoso

    • 22. TurboSplines with 3ds max

    • 23. Mirza Link Manager with 3ds max

    • 24. Spline Cleaner with 3ds Max

    • 25. Proxy Textures with 3ds Max

    • 26. Automodeller with 3ds max

    • 27. Overnight Batch Render with 3ds max

    • 28. QProxies with 3ds max

    • 29. Verge3d with 3ds max L

    • 30. Q Proxies with 3ds Max part 2

    • 31. SubSpline for 3ds Max

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About This Class

This unique in-depth step-by-step course takes users through the Amazing intricacies of Lighting, Shading, Texturing, Rendering, and the PostProduction of a Day & Night Interior  scene; while using 3ds Max, Vray and Photoshop (similar post-production techniques can also be used in After Effects) .

My methodologies are widely implemented by Award Winning Visualization companies and famous Film Studios World Wide.

Who this course is for:

  • Designers
  • Architects
  • 3d Artists
  • 3D Visualizers
  • Anyone interested in Mastering their Shading, Texturing, Lighting, Rendering, Post-Production Skills, Etc

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Jamie Cardoso

Viztechsupport services


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1. Interior Night Time 3ds max subtitles 1: Hello, everyone, this is Jamie here. Welcome to the night version of Didn't Europe entitles apart and discourse, I'll be taking you through the process of turning a daylight interior apartment into a night one. Some of the lives have already been created from the previous daylight version, and some new ones will be created in their schools to help capture typical into apartments in at night. So, without further ado, before we start rendering best, reduce some of the high resolution values previously entered to rendered into your daylight scene. First opened. Render set up Darla by clicking on this button and delete the previously created satellite objects back in a render set up dialogue in a common style, less reduce or under up what size to 1000 big sales by 578 pixels. Not that because the image our space locked, the width and height values are relative to one another. In a theory, tap under the frame buffer promises and check the vivareal image file function. This will prevent the view away from saving or overriding existing funeral image files. While we test render also unchecked, separate render channels. Most of these functions have already been discussed in detail in the previous daylight interior cause and check the reasonable rendering. Prestigious uniform. Probably stay. Find his hate for test wrongness under the bucket in assembler parameters because we'll be carrying out quick and draw off renders less decrease the minimum substation value to about one and the maxim divisions to Fool, which is extremely low in the nice threshold. Let's increase it to 0.1 to speed up to run during times under the color mapping. Let's keep the motors color mapping only because the camera factor of 2.2 has already been applied in a three DS max preferences in a G high tab under onion Seclusion section less for Jesus subdivision violence. About eight. To speed up the time it took losing computation in the radiant smart parameters to speed up to pre rendering calculation process and f draft results. Let's change the current preset fairly low. It a lot Cash parameters for quick and draft like cash results. Let's produce a subdivision value to about 600. Let's carry out quick test runner to see what the scene is looking like without sunlight. Object as you can see the oral runner still looks like a daylight render, Even with the sunlight deleted, the first step is to change the textures of the building outside toe a 91 Let's start by clicking on a lawyer for amount in choosing the shaded people option from the drop down list. Next, we're going to select the building outside object and isolated by clicking on the isolate button up in the material It. It's a dialogue by clicking em on your keyboard or by clicking on this button on the main toolbar. Select the building outside Miss. You'll slot in the basic parameters rollout. Click on this diffuse tuggle and then only speak map toggled. Choosing open a bit. Map ended a name off High rise night. Syria's your 50 weight on the school, one on the school. Seniors under school L All these higher resolution textures came from texas dot com website , formerly known as city detectives dot com. As you can see in a shaded report, detection is now updated and it's more consistent with a 19. Next, let's open the modifier panel and change some of the love with turning values to match the windows houses off the previous one. Change the live within height value to our 3000 while the U V W map is still selected. Used a move tool to adjust Attack. Chernov Port. Once satisfied, exit the modified panel and the isolation mode. Let's close and minimize some of these open dialogues before we go any further. Let's bring in a photo reference to be used as a guide for your or looking females around there. Click on a rendering to ball can choose a view image file option from the chop down list in the View fall, Darlow chooses night photo reference. 2. Interior Night Time 3ds max subtitles 2: As you can see, this photo reference encapsulates. Everything is striking. Interior night photo reference should look like everything that's outside has a tinge of blue spilling through the glass windows, which is contrasted by the warm lights inside the apartment. Does she contrasts of these two powerful colors? Make most noise scenes extremely appealing. Falling step is to emulate its look and feel in the render. Let's minimize some of these dialog boxes and expanded view pools selectively ray like window and open the modified panel. Click on this color swatch to open the colors. Lecture tallow, enable the sample screen color and picked a blue tinge depicted in the photo reference. We can adjust it further in a color selector. Tarlow. Next, let's close the control panel. Incorrect View a dome light. To do so, click on the like button. Intrusive your option from the list. Next, click on a beer I like button in the top. Few port clicking tracked. Create the very light object. Open the modified panel in a general group. Click on a light type and choose it on life from the list. Next, click on its color Swatch and change it to a similar blue thanas. The window light. Select the window law in the scene in a modified color swatch right click and copy selected online in Pacer in its color swatch. Under the options, rule out, let's make a dome light invisible to the camera by enabling invisible function. Also on check the Effect, Reflections and your facts. Speculum option. Decent functions have been checked because Donglai often created and desired results gone reflections and the speculum off other objects in the scene. Let's do a quick test runner to check these latest changes. The run was looking much better but still needs few more tweaks. Let's cancel to run the first while the dawn light still selected. Let's change his name. To underscore dung up in the modified panel, click on his color swatch and change into a darker town of blue competence color. Select the window light and basing its color swatch best to another test friend. That check that changes. Do you have a real run? Is looking much better now, However, detector of the building outside seal remains unchanged. Let's cancel the render and rectify this Sarah. Click on it if you struggle to check the texture that if you sexual X correct here, click on a go to parent button to go back to the basic parameters. Next, let's carpeted a few stature by right clicking on diffuse tuggle and choosing to copy it from the list scrawled onto the self elimination group. Right click on this toggle induced it clearly current texture. Once cleared, why click again? Induce the pace in since the previously carpet texture from the diffuse Tuggle. As you can see, the self elimination image is not consistent with a diffuse texture. Falling Stop issues this photo reference To place a strip light washing down a ceiling gap . Let's open the great panel. Click on the last button in creating a line in the top. Few port once created, rightly gin juice and rotate the light in April. The angle Snap tunggal to slept a rotating to specific angle. Using this tool is a lot more accurate than eyeball in the rotation. Moved a like closer to deceiving opening. Rename this light as under school ceiling wash. Open the modified panel. Any options, rule out enabled invisible function and then check the effect perfections. The effect reflection was in checked because of you really object itself often produces reflection artifacts on other objects 3. Interior Night Time 3ds max subtitles 3: change of equal to front and moved a lot up inside a silly next. To make this light, wash down the surfaces in front of it. That's enabled. Rotate tool in changing rotation. Type two local. This way, the rotation will occur in a crack angle. Became rotating delights. This error is pointing towards the surfaces in front of it. Let's do another test friend that the check the changes. The light. Washington The ceiling is now parent on walls and the curtains next to the window world for mistaking place. We can quickly go through some of the main runway elements, such as the window lights, the iron slides and so on. We could quickly change the colors, and they tested the lights in three years. Max to match more closely to the photo reference, however, the overall run that is already looking good enough to be taken to post production in order to control every aspect of the image without having to were under anything. Next, let's click on Orender, set up button to open his darling in a Render Elements tab will select and delete all existing light selections. Incorrect new ones Toe update. New Life's created in their schools to do so versa. Late All the lights selections from the list and click on delete. It's previously done in the interior Daylight course. Click on Auto View. A lot selects script button to open a style Oh, in England, all nice in the scene function and click on the Create Elements button. Notice all lights like elements being created in a Render elements list automatically. For more information of our this amazing scripts, please check additional lecture in their schools as mentioned earlier. Toe like colors, intense 10 shadows can easily be changing past. The final step will be to increase of wondering settings. Back up. Institute a Phal Orender Let's start by opening to render set up Tyler in a conference type that's increasing, which far put size, too. For now, our father and pixels and the high to 602,000 pixels. The's render size values are big enough for high resolution prints in a V Retire scrawled onto the bucket in a simple rule out parameters and increase the minimum subdivision just about full s previously time. This values often set toe one, however, because of a complex of the scene and lights. It is necessary to increase its full in order to smooth out some of the noise in Narendra. 4. Interior Night Time 3ds max subtitles 4: increase the maximum division 200 as before. In a nice threshold. Decrease its value. Tobar 0.3 to improve the College of the Renders substantially as mentioned earlier, Decrease into noise value will increase 100 times drastically as before. We will be using the uniform for publicity option to speed up to computation of lights and increase its value to 30 for better accuracy. In Yemen Seclusion section Let's increases subdivisions to 24 hours before to smooth out the I meant occlusion Crane in the radiance map. Ruler parameters. Let's change. The current preset to medium is previously done, and a light cash ABS visions to about 1500. The Falling Step. It's enabled the Vero Image Farm and rename it by clicking on his struggle and name in the far Layers Apartment Night. As you can see, the E X, our DP x r Dr Limited frame number was enabled as before has mentioned earlier. This functional czar saves at the render automatically if you want to crash properly, enable the separate render channels function. This function saves our all rounder element separately. Click on the name total to pick the location and name during the channels named a Follows apartment night and click safe to take full control. Dialogue should be prompted. Choose a 16 big color option with no compression and 300 dots for inch. Finally, you can enable the reasonable rendering option as before, and Flickr under this function is only available from 3.6 in recent versions. Dysfunction should only be enable before sending the final render. So if perchance he decided to stop to run the halfway through closed three ds max continue to surrender the falling day you can. Vero will know where the last pockets stopped rendering and continue exactly from where the last bucket finished rendering. However, the pre calculation will be re computed. Price continue rendering from where the last bucket was saved. Dysfunctional za works. If the render crashes or stops abruptly, the final render she looks similar to this one. Morphed it or not, you might be required to our people in your scenes to help sell the spice improvised some sense of scale. You can find some of the best people to art in your seen by visiting global tree dot com tohave both two D cutouts and realistic 50 people in their website with three D people simply done winzip the phone after unzipping the file into her folder, you should see a list of falls similar to this the once using three s max harder ones Names standard back in three DS max, you can simply merge them in your scene. He also come into right scale. We're checking quickly. Measure by using the tape, it'll I really hope you enjoy the schools. The next one is supposed production calls where users will be taken through the process of transforming this for render into this one in minutes. 5. Interior Night apartment post production subtitles 1: Hello again. This is Jamie here, indisposed production calls. I'll be taking you through the process of turning a roar under into an amazing final image , using some of the best techniques in industry. So without further it'd let's start by loading up to prevent it falls. First click on farm schooled on two scripts and use the load falls into stack option in the load layers Dialog. Click on LeBron struggle. Inside the folder, disliked in time set. Click on the first layer. Scroll down. Hold down the shift key from your keyboard. It's like the last layer. Now the whole set of files are selected. It's like, OK, old falls are now inside the load lays dialog. Click OK to load them up. As you can see, footfalls should start stacking up in the last time. One of the biggest benefits of loading falls in this manner is that every runner element comes with its original name next to it, which makes it easier to determine which layer is which. Now they're old. Render elements have been loaded. Let's start turning off the visible it of all layers apart from the orangey beer into element to do so selectively rgb low. First, hold on okay for your keyboard in click on the icon of the RGB Element. As you can say, all remaining run for elements have been turned off. Next, we can select in a movie RGB layer to the bottom of the pond. Also a scholar codus RGB liar by right clicking on it in choosing the red color from the list following step, he scraped the first group by taking on this but double click on it and name it as equal, multi Matt equal. This is a group where all the multi Matt and the wire color run run elements will be moved into. It's always good practice to organize layers into groups, especially when you have this many render elements floating around. Next. It's like the first multi McLean from the list. Scroll down, hold on the shift key from your keyboard and select the last multi month player from the list. Would Elissa multi might render elements liked it? Move them all into the multi Mac group created, also selected with the viewer while Cala render into it. The next group that weekends crate he's a render element group. Click on this button to create the second quote. First name. This group has equal render element equal. Next select of remaining run for elements and moved them into 200 Element. Everything is looking of it or organized now. Next groups Great is the Light Select Group. Let's correct New group and Navy has equal life Select equal Ankara. Another crew. Pinkel. Equal adjustments. Equal adjustment Screw is where adjustment layers such as curves, levels here and saturation and so on will be. And the Last Light Group is where older viewers last night elements will be the last light group. She don't be position under the Adjustments group is it works best controlled you Horrell privates to fall in the stack. You still bring in the photo reference years in a previous schools, as mentioned earlier. It's always good practice. The use captivating floaters is God. For the rural. Off direction is the best game. Three experiments in trial and error is to see what works best. Let's go to fall and just open juices. Photo reference here. Once open less, reduce the size of the main run the document so we can continue to refer back to the photo reference less are the first adjustment layer by clicking on this button from the list, let's choose a curves adjustment life. The's upper areas without the craft represent the broader ears of the image. The lower areas where you see the craft represented darker areas of the image. Let's start by clicking in hunting a point here and another point that move the upper point up to increase the levels of the brighter areas moved a low point down to decrease that partners the darker areas of damage. Let's suggest the point a bit further to add more controls and magic closer to the photo reference. By turning the layer visibility on and off, you can clearly see the huge difference that Curves Adjustment Layer is making to the overall runner for rendering is already looking close to the first preference. Let's move this adjustment layer inside Adjustment group. Next, we're going to move all the the realize slice elements from the Runner Elements Group into the lives like group. Select the first few last select element. Scroll down, hold on a shift key from your keyboard and select the last one. The whole set selected simply moved them into the last like from the Fulling step basis. Start waking with realize like elements to make the random for too realistic. Let's start with the window light. Select. The window like element is written on a layer in change. Spending mount from normal screen theory. Last like elements work best with a screen blending mouth. Just by turning the late on and off, we can clearly see the massive difference. This fewer last element is making to the entire under. Next, let's go to the adjustment group and make the blue turns to look a bit closer to the fate of reference. To do so, click on Investment Layer button induced the selective color from the list in a color selection. Let's use the science from the list. All adjustments made here will only affect the Cy Interns of Image. Thanks. Click and drag the yellow turns to just a scientist in slightly do the same with the magenta tones. As you can see, the colors are coming really close to the photo reference. Now, less is just a sigh in turns as well. Next, less are the hue and saturation adjustment layer. To be sure, the human saturation is only affecting the selective color below. We need to clip it to do so while the hue and saturation is still selected. Hold on all key from your keyboard and moved on because until you see the clipping sign collected Clifford against the selective color below. Now the U. N saturation changes will only affect the selective color adjustment layer. Begin moving the saturation slider to de saturate the sigh in turns a bit. Pick and choose the Cy Interns from the hue and saturation lists and adjust it slightly. Go back to the master tone in just this situation again. As you can see, the blue turns are looking for inclusive effort reference. Now let's rename the selective color layer to under school science. It's good practice to rename layers according to their functionality, in case we need to revisit the false and feature, also renamed the hue and saturation layer as under school and science. Let's check the changes by turning adjustments. Corning off next, we gained to enable more very lastly elements. This is the first win Last life enable the visibility to see if your last like element in change of bending mode from normal to screen turning on and off to see the differences making in a scene. Less are the levels adjustment layer in clay pit against the sphere. Be relaxing element below. To change the color of this light. Let's choose a red turns from the Levels Properties list. Begin moving this ladder in the middle to make the light source of it warmer. The changes can actually be seen in a large stand and the reflections Lessels. Choose a blue turns from the level properties list and making even rumor by moving the mid flight a bit to the right vessel to do something similar with the green turns from the list . As you can see, your look and feel of surrender is coming closer and closer to the photo reference. Let's rename this layer as under school. Red, blue and green is all three colors were tweet individually banks. It's like the kitchen light wash and changes slayer blending mode. Screen s previously done with all other theory. Last, like elements has repeat the same process for the next kitchen light wash element 6. Interior Night apartment post production subtitles 2: and we have both kitchen like elements enabled that's selecting enable the dawn light element using the same process as before. Move it on my way. And so it sits under the we know like layer I don't like. Layers should always be placed under the window lights and artificial lights to reflect your in which they affect is seen in real life. Turn it on light layer on and off to see the huge difference is making to rule seen, which is quite amazing. That suggested color of the sphere, light of it more the next like to enable he's a ceiling light. More slayer, using the same techniques as before, turned the layer on and off the check its impact in your rule seen. Let's reduce it's opacity vying to decrease your expose. Areas seen in the range of the ceiling enable their year slight 0 15 Using the same techniques as before is you zoom in closely. We can clearly see the IRS. Like Parton, age is being generated on a wooden floor and surfaces to crack. This first begin to create a layer mask by clicking on this button. Next enabled a brush to buy clean run aside toolbar or by clicking M new keyboard, one layer mask and a brush to line able. You should always use a black or white back one colors seen here. The black color brushes away pixels, and white color does the opposite. You can switch pretender colors by clicking on that arrow button or by using the X key from your keyboard. Set a brush a pastie value to about 12%. This would allow you to quietly pressure wave pixels without making any mistakes. Begin brushing white Increase of Russia passed Tovar. 47% is he can see the IRS like pixels are not being brushed away. That's because the back one color is said toe white. Switch it to black and brush away again. As you can see, the I s like pixels on are being brushed away. Gradually, you can repeat this action on other areas. You might find reduce of Russia buster M. Brush away more areas when brushing. Every stroke can be seen in a layer. Most thumbnail Next. Let's change our years like color s previously done. Repeat the same action with an X higher sly in a list that's are the lay a mosque in quietly pressure way the hard edges off my Eslite. Who named this levels adjustment layer as underscore red and blue. Select the next higher slight on the list and repeat the same actions as before. Instead of treating intriguing new adjustment layer, simply select a previous adjustment layer. Hold on walkie from your keyboard and moved a layer up to copy it. Clip it against the IRS. Slide 0 13 This adjustment layer is now affected. Yaya slash 0 13 on Lee. Check out his light and color affecting the scene. Do you have all seen is coming together very nicely and looking closer to the first office . Let's make the color of this light to beat more radish and rumor to look closer to the photo reference we named this adjustment layer has under school red, green and blue. Both images are now looking very much like repeat the same action with the remaining lies to the list. - Building outside Calderwood Bearable blew town to its facade, and the office windows could be a woman to do so. Let's create a new group inside adjustment. Next, It's great. A selection opened a multi mike group enable the visibility for the multi mount over the building. Outside. Open the channels have hold on the control key from your keyboard and select a green channel. While the selection is saline able, Go back the layers tab and turn off the multi mat layer. Scroll down. Selected you group and other groups. Master. Then the new group has iPhone background iPhone. This group Mass will ease your all future layers and adjustments Insider will be contained within the mosque. Next, open the front element group and selected a few filters to copy it. Hold on all key from the keyboard and move it to copy the Liar movie inside the background . Next, let's other color brothers just one layer to make the office inside a bit warmer. Moved the mid term slider slightly to the right side, and it's slider flat into the yellow side before long staff is other. View the blue tone to the dark stone off the building to do so in a room for Element group . Turn on the visibility of the Duffy's filter enable the Magic 12 by clicking on it. So by simply pressing W on your keyboard once or twice set a tournament of 16 in Click on the Dark Stone Areas. Zumar Theses slighted areas to de select undesired areas simply enable the marquee tool by clicking on his iPhone. Oh, by clicking him on your keyboard once or twice, subtract selected areas. Hold on Oh key from a key road until you see the miners on a screen, followed by drawing around who areas apart from the building. Dark stone Next inside the back one group, while the selection is still on, are decided. Call adjustment layer by clicking on this button in its color picker Tylo. Make it talk a blue tone and close the tire law reduce lasted slightly to blend in with the building. 7. Interior Night apartment post production subtitles 3: - Next , we will start working on the curtains in a render elements group. Turn on the multi mat layer. Would curtain open the channels, type hold on the control key and select the Red Channel de select and desired areas and turn off the multi Mac Layer Graining group with the mosque on top of the lights. Led group Name the new group as equal curtains. Equal copulate elimination layer from the run for elements crude and move inside of cuts in troop. Turn on Delia and reduce it's opacity slightly to blend it. As you can see the clone elimination layer work well for the curtain on the right, but not so much on the left curtain. It's correct this hold on the control key Select occurred mosque enable the marquee tool indecent like the right curtain. He's like everything by President control in D. When you keep food quite a layer mask for the global elimination layer, select the left Kurt again enable the presto he can set to increase or decrease the brush size with the left or right bracket on your keyboard will go to the main toolbar in Click on that arrow button to set of rest size, while the layer mask selected begin brushing away that pixels off the floor Elimination life. This will mean to see the results close all groups to see how all A is organized. We can still tweet with some of the Justman, such as hue and saturation and the selective color. - Next , let's like this feel eyes to do so simply right, click and select it from the list. This is one of the main reasons why groups had the equal before and after the name. This way it will be easy, it declares inside a specific group when you right click on it, suggested like colors of your father, the fallen staff used to talking to dish of the light stand to do so enabled a multi mat layer fast in a general stare. Selected blue channels enable the marquis, too, and subtract all selections apart from the large fish back in the last time, turn off the visibility of the multi layer school town under the last like group. Any group with a mask and name as equal backlight equal art a levels at just one layer to the new group and dark in a bit that's also tweak with this fear lie, select levels opened, Ally slash group and selectors feel isolated levels. Thanks for you is gonna do is before it's gonna make the year the frames of it darker end stools as well. Before we do that, we're actually gonna vignette ing just other people contrast what we're gonna do We just make retinue, let you there Name it vignette ing on being in a used the radiant bucket to the paint bucket tomb uh, create a little mosque and sleep that being dark is gonna make it totally invisible. So we're just gonna So that's invisible now enable the brush tool in Greece the brush size with the bracket on your keyboard can shift there between back one colors that black omits the pixels. And what brings them to the full run in this case, you on this 10%. So you can just gradually Ardan she still will be more contrast. So there is and we're going to start breaking down every single object with the multi Matt selections as we previously done after breaking down most subjects in the scene. The final results should look similar to this one. Do refer to the daylight calls to see how each front element was used. The final step is out of chromatic aberration and safety. Final fall first enable the move to enclose all groups. Right. Click on the angel to documents and use it to placate. Take Okay, Scroll down. Select the bottom layer. Right click and choose to flatten image. Max, you just gonna resuming 100% both channels. She's the Red Channel there to move too long, Not you Up. It's like the Green Channel. Najib down Bones Luce General, not just to the left and go back to the old GB I've come across monster cooperation. Next thing that we're gonna do is too complicated. She's the fascination document. You're gonna choose the one. So is here last name as chromatic aberration and then we're gonna choose the talking blending mode. The next step is to save this image as a tiff file for Mart. Too far for months are the best for high resolution prints. Click on farm into savers. Let's name the father's under school night. Inject the layers option to flatten image and click safe. Obviously going to choose it to Scott Layers and save caught me in science. And obviously you'll say this is the PST Kocian full. And so this is the final result. Here. You can say Diskant, clues are interior in articles. A really hope you found a useful and look forward to seeing in the next one. 8. 1 Interior Daylight course 3ds max 0001: Hello there. I'm Jamie. Welcome to another session of this text for services in this class. I'll be taking you through the process of building parts of the scene, shading tech, chewing lighting and rendering the final scene. As you can see, specific scene is quite bare, and old textures have been stripped off. So we literally starting from the ground up here. So without further ado here, we're going to start a floor material before we do so we can to the customers toolbar in choosing in its set up option from the list he uses, often switch between the display units depending on the values that need to type in it. Finds are too small. I usually working millimeters if the values are too big, are working meters. In other cases, depending on the country you live in, some people might use the U. S. Standard custom or the generic units display unit. Otherwise, you'll be just a metric system. As a standard, it's worth mentioning that these units are only for display purposes and do not affect the physical scale of the scene. However, the system units set up does affect the physical scale of the overall scene. For instance, if the scene objects look too small, you'd need increases. System units scale values. In this case, it probably be. One unit is equal to 1.5 or 2.0 every time you change. Since divine is such as this, you need to measure the scene to check if the scale of your rural scene is correct. Equally, when you receive a scene from 1/3 party, always check the units, set up values and measure common objects in the scene, such as floor to ceiling heights, chairs, etcetera. The time being we're going to set up to display units. Skill. To meet us to Next tap is to load up the Vero rendering engine. To do that. Let's start by opening their under set up down long by clicking on this button. There in a common stab load up, the viewer advanced 3.6 from the list. An earlier version would also be okay. Most of the rendering settings will be quite draft because we'll start with test runs first up in the V, right have under the image sample promises change the type to bucket if the bucket top is now available in your version of the way. Choose the progressive type after news that the bucket rendering type because it's easier to track the roving progress and the bucket errors in a very buffer. You can also use the master tractor runners. Some of the key view I settings actually hidden under the twofold button to make them visible. Simply double click on each of two default buttons to expand the parameters. As you can see after double Kahin a full pardon, it will turn into an expert type with all the hidden from voters and display under the image filter. Do the area type, however, feel free to use any of the other filters listed under the bucket image. Simpler to size draft. We can set up the minimum subdivision just one and the maximum 24 to lower the maximum subdivisions. The quicker the rendering time you'll bay in the noise threshold. The lower the values, the less nosy the runners will be. Also, the running chance will increase substantially. For draft test runners were going to leave the values as they currently are, ended. A color mopping roll out the default up his Reinhardt, however, for the purpose of this exercise, we going to change your exponential time discolor mapping type helps to correct the over exposed areas and makes most runners look more realistic. In general s previously done double click on a default button until the expert mode of Here's as you can see, other functions. Such a sub pixel mapping affect background and the linear workflow are no visible. Also enable the subjects of mapping option enabling. This function often helps to correct renders with small want dots up in the G. I tap and turned the primary engine T radiance map and the second engine to like cash. Also enable the expert mode and turn on the I'm in seclusion. Function I'm into closure is crucial for adding deaf in shadow details still seen Otherwise , you have seen the look of it flat open the radiance map and set the preset to very low again. We'll be starting from the dry friend ER's for quick tests, then gradually increases settings. Is the progress towards the final runners also enabled the showdown right lie option This function a lot of the right light to be seen deer in the pre calculation process. So if you know, happy where the lights are being cost. You can always council a pre calculation opened the light cash roll up perimeters set the like at subdivision to about 600 for a quick and draft render. Next, we're going to start with a normal camera and later use of your exposure control through the environment. Understand it? Cameras. Let's click in a target button to create a tiger camera by clicking and dragging on a top view port like so because we will be moving, the camera began to open the modifier panel while the camera's still selected and change the camera. Type two free. A camera with Dark Target will give you the flexibility to move around more freely. You can always are the target, even run necessary. The first thing that we're gonna do is to set the camera height just about moving it up slightly. Martin and not the cameras are set at high level, which is one point CTC for 1.65. There are times when you might need to go a little bit lower than usual orbit higher than usual to get the right frameless, rotate and move it slightly to make sure the cameras at the right height, we going to use the tape tool to measure it. To do so, opened a great panel and click on a helpless button. Next, click on a tape tool and tracked correctly on a front view port. Next, we're going to open the modified panel and set alone failure to about 1.64 meters, which is the standard I level back in the view port. We again to ensure the base of the tape tool is in the base of the safer because that's where the floorboards will go up to the next tab, estimated the camera up to the top of the tape tool. Widen the camera lens to 20 millimeters to see more of the penthouse and rotate the camera to frame the shop. It better because the camera lens and the render are put size Working conjunction. We going to change the frame size to landscape opened runner. Set up dialogue in the common tap in the output size group Change a lift about 4.5 1000 pixels and the high to 2600 pixels. As you can see, the overall shot is already looking much better to make the framing more peeling. Let's rotate and treat the camera a bit more to correct the verticals. Let's on the camera croucher modifier by right clicking on a selected camera in choosing the camera correction. Next, we begin to turn back this camera in tow, a target type and move it so we see less of the ceiling. After a few tweaks, the final camera she looks similar to this year, alternatively, simply merged. The final camera from the max fall on in the name off camera to the first surface that we're going to create other floorboards. For this, we're going to use a playing call floor generator. He don't eat. Install anything, select and isolate the floor first. This plug in is free to create symbol floorboards, However, to generate more complex floorboards, you need to purchase it for 20 euros. Flow generator were expressed with splints and shapes as opposed to surfaces. For this reason, we going to delete the extreme modify first Donald this plug in simply Google floor generator. As you can see, it belongs to a website called CGE Souls. There you can find the free version and the full version. Also, he have the multi textured received a material to help you randomize the textures of the floor after downloading and unzip in the planking, simply copy and pasted DLT filed for multi texture and the dlm file from the four generator in a plug INS folder off the virginal, fruity Astmax you're working with too low the four generator simply gonna open the modified panel and four million from the less. As you can see, the floorboards and extrusion have been automatically generated. The first thing that we going to Dio used to change the direction of the floorboards. To do so under the general rule up from Attar's, begin changing the direction values toe by 35.85 degrees. For this project, the client had given us a real dimension of the floorboards because we'll be working with small values. Let's change the display units two millimeters mentioned earlier. These values are only for display purposes. Let's at the max left for you to about 1860 millimeters, the max width to about 148 millimeter 9. 1 Interior Daylight course 3ds max 0002: is they grabbed 23 millimeters Any offset value. Tobar 32.187 millimeters de Select the isolation mode and set the extrusion to about 31.671 millimeters. We can also enable the move to a movie up slightly to the base of the safer. Next, we'll start work in a floorboard material. I select a floorboard up in the material editor by clicking em on a keyboard and select new material slot, followed by renaming as floor. The following staff is to load up the multi texture procedural map. To do so, click. Understand a toggle first in the material. Brows of Dialogue expanded the Roma to a role art into the V ray material. Shader from the list on Slow did click Honest Aziz Togo and load up the multi textured Siegel map under the standards list. Inside the multi texture parameters, click under managed texture. Tuggle followed by clicking on the heartbeat map. Tuggle. In a dialogue, you have a range of multi map textures downloaded from the city Sources website. There you have all the sets. What board? Based on real dimension for manufacturers, you can simply pick and choose the ones you client my require. After downloading one sat, he she'll end up with a number of variations, as seen here, select entire sat and know them into the managed textures dialogue. After we all loaded simply closer dialogue a sign this material slot to the selected floor and enabled the button to show the shaded material view port. There's no need to apply the U V W map modifier. It does a little to magically. The next step is to start randomize in the GAM appearance by setting up the values to about 0.5 It's not prudent to go higher than this value, as the difference between floorboards will be too apparent in my local big and realistic also set the distribution to about 61.0. The next step is to bring up the entire surface to life by adding sheen and bomb to it. To have two full control over the reflect settings de select the formal reflections by default. The highlight closeness. Fadi is locked. The reflection color swatch to control bullfighters separately, simply unlocked. The highlight Claussen. It's funny by clicking on this button, the fallen step is to change a reflect color swatch store brighter tone and start tweaking with a highlight. Glass owners and reflection glass in its values went tweaking of reflection and gluttonous lawyers. It's best to double clicking the material slot to maximize the preview and float the dialogue scene in the right hand side of the screen to our debit machine to the surface produced the highlight classiness. Value from one tube are 0.63. Note. How the size of the highlight Claussen This grows and spreads around surface insecurities. The values Click and hold a color swatch to bring up the color. Selected are lock as you moved a slight advantage to a brighter town eking cleaning. Start seeing the reflection of mark being displayed. This checkers in a floating material preview. As you can see from the Checkers material Preview, the current reflectivity looks to Kenya to disperse such fees. Reflections slightly simple reduce of flashing loss in his values. In a real world, most officers reflect light on evenly. To replicate this affecting three DS max we're going to first selecting dragged the contents from a few stock who interred or flag Tuggle choose the option to copy on OK to close a time Lord. A copy of the multi texture procedural map is now inside a reflect ogle reflection, and glass owners work best with black and white in grayscale materials. For this reason, we going to use the color crucial Siegel map to achieve this. To do so, click on the refraction. Toggle first. Inside the reflect map parameters, click on the multi tax your total in the material map. France Attallah Choose the color correction procedure amount from the list. In this replacement dialogue, choose to keep old mappers sub map and OK to close it. First we going to gray scale all the multi takes a bit maps by dragging the saturation slider to about minus 100. It's worth noting inside that reflect map toggle, So all these changes will only affect the reflections. Under the lightness parameters begin dragon, the Brightness slider to see how it's affecting the surface. The further to the right you go, the more effectivity will get and vice versa. The contrast values will also help foreign tune the results. After feet weeks, the contrast finally was set to about 100 uprightness value to about minus 45 550. Let's go back to the main Vero parameters by clicking on the go to parent. But the next step used to copy the contents from Reflect Tuggle into the highlight loss in its total. Just drag and drop it there. Choose the option to copy Go Inside a highlight classiness. Tuggle set the brightness value toe by 85.382 and the contrast value to about 22.259 has previously done we going back to the basic parameters in copying a total contents from the highlight classiness into the reflect classiness total inside a color correction that set the brightness. Told by 12.957 and the contrast about minus 100. The falling stap is to get back to the basic parameters and begin mixing between the external values and the color correction parameters, scroll down and expand the maps. Roll up parameters. Currently, Vera is using our 1% of the contents. Insider AFLAC Tuggle to mix the content inside a struggle with a reflect color swatch. Simple decrease of black value to about 70. So now theory is using 70% of the Tuggle content in 30% of the river calls watch next weekend to reduce the highlight Claussen its value to 40 properties in the highlight closeness value to 40. There is now using 40% of Tuggle content in 60% of the highlight closeness values, from the basic parameters to our bump to the surface. Simply right. Click in juice to copy the grayscale content from the reflect loss in a struggle and paste that into the bump toggle. He can actually see the results in the material preview. Blacks were going to exit the isolation mode. Let's open the render. Set up Tala and Change, though, is rendering settings in a common tap change. Render are put size to 500 by 299 pixels. Also make sure that image aspect is not. Let's check the other rendering settings into a quick test run. Since there are no light in the scene and some light needs to shine through the windows, we're going to focus on the windows. The entire set windows are currently groups Select the window group inches to opening from the toolbar select group window and isolated. Make sure you have all four reports and display this window us created by simply clicking under standard primitives rollout in choosing windows from the list in a winner subject type, click on a sliding button in a top view port. Click interacted a right to set the word first and drag Ford to set the deaf like so opened a modified panel and begin tweaking the window perimeters. There's currently a chance for modifier harder to bevel the sharp edges. Before we start applying materials, we need to establish the default material ideas of the glass and other parts of the window . To do this. Let's are the edible Polly modifier. First in a selection group enabled a polygon selection and select the glass here in the view port. Back in the modifier, you concede a polygon maturity set to three by default. You can set this materiality to a different number if you wish. Let's go back to DMZ. You let it in, creating new material. Slow for the window, selecting you material slot and click Understanding. Tuggle in the material processed Our law selective every material has previously done. Next, we're going to click on a V Roe material struggle and choose a multi subject procedural map from the standard list. Choose the option to keep old material as sub material. The next step is to copy the view a material toggle for material i. D. One to materialize t three, which is the glass. Let's go inside a toggle and make this material transparent in a refract group, click on its color Swatch and make the whiteness value very bright. 10. 1 Interior Daylight course 3ds max 0003: the brighter the witness fighting, the more transparent material will be enabled. A background button to preview the transparency more accurately and double quick calamity was slot to scale The preview thumbnail more transparency, less transparency. You can control the index of refraction with these values. One point. Sex is often the refraction value off a light bulb. The window glass value is often said toe 1.1 or 1.2. Because this is a transparent material, we need the effect channels function to remain to all channels. And in fact, Shara's option enabled. This will allow shadows to cast through the transparency in this properties to be picked up in runner elements such as very light, select and multi. Matt next began to check the window frame materiality, while the sensible police still enabled. As you can say, the window frame materiality is currently set to fall back in the material editor less continued, tweaking the glass Miss Hero. It's previously done for better control of the settings. That's injector for Nell. Option. Also a lot the highlight classiness. But bring up the material slot Previ again and begin reducing the highlight closeness, hoping to reflect color Swatch Turlock and increasing effectivity slightly. Let's go back to the main multi subject material and named the material I D. Three has glass next against work in a window frame material. Let's start by copying the very materialize one to material. Adee, full in name has metal inside a metal material. Let's change the baby RDF type to ward. This is the ideal time for metal finish you're trying to achieve. Next, we gained increaser. If activity slightly injected for now and unlock the highlight Costner's. We can also brighten up to defuse color of it. So for the Highline glossing this value, we going to decrease its for about 0.69 control. How spread out the reflections they're going to be? Let's produce reflect value to about 0.88 in the reflection values. Let's set it about 70. No surface is a real life. Have a follow up that transcends from a base color to a dog. One. To emulate this effect, we're going to use a full of procedural map cliff on a very material toggle in Choose the fall of CEO map in the standard list. Let's change a darker color value to about seven and change a brighter color value to about 27. Normally, the bright a color shouldn't be way much brighter than the base dark color has mentioned earlier. It's simply to have that follow. For fact, let's go back to the main, more dyspeptic perimeters, and the sign is to the window. Let's open. The modified panel enabled a polygon selection, followed by selecting other past the window to see the material i d. Number. Now we can see that Smith, your I D. Number one copy the very material I d for too little I t. One and use the instance it. If you want to find out where the material I do, too, is simply go to slight idea in typing Number two and click Select. It's no selected. Now you can get to the multi subject copy and paste instance. Experience Lee Ton close the modified panel and exit the isolation mode. The next step is to create the sunlight. Make sure you have all four view ports in display. First click on the lice button cheese Vero from the list, followed by clicking on a Vera San button in the top few court click and drag a target greatly. Very son. A dialogue asking it another. The rest son environment should come up. Click yes to close it. Fall in step is to argue exposure control to the environment. Opened environment in effect, Star Law by clicking eight on your keyboard. There, you can see the viewer sky previously added to the environment. Map part of your exposure by clicking on exposure, control, rule lot and choosing view exposure control from the list. Let's set the I so value to about 200 to make you overrule exposure a bit darker. Before we do another test render. Let's lock the camera view port first. This means that even when another view boys selected camera, one will be the one to be rendered when rendering. Always make sure of the display color in S RGB space enabled, especially when working on daylight scenes. The next step is to position the sunlight in a way that you will cast shadows through the windows, affecting the wooden floor on the sofa. This will make the overall scene a lot more appealing. Right click to choose the move to and begin move in. The sunlight also enable delights on the selection filter. This will prevent you from slighting objects in the scene accidentally. It's good practice to always have the four view ports and display one position in the sunlight. That greens flown in the middle is a good indication of where the direct lies being cast. Let's do it a test run there. You can also use the track mouths wild rendering tool by enabling its button less. Reposition the sunlight a bit further, while the sunlight still selected, open the modified panel and increased the photon rate is to encapsulate more the living room area and less due to the test render. We can now see that that right light being cast on the floor and other surfaces, However, some of the areas affected by the sun sim of it too bright. This reduces some intensity multiplier to about 03 and do another test runner to sun Intensity is now looking much better. The falling staff is to continue playing the textures. Let's start with a safer on the far left to start. Let's change the selection filter from lights toe all select a so full of far left and isolated when he comes to seamless, high resolution textures often go to seedy textures that calm simply Google CD textures To find it here, you can find all types of high resolution textures and they all seamless, so you don't need to spend time in post trying to make them seamless. To find a specific textures, simply type in the name, so for the sofa, you'd simply type in fabric. Here's a list as you hover over. The website will display the size of the texture in question and whether they're seamless or not. Once he found you seem this texture, simply click on it inside a texture. Information. You can check how seamless detection is by zooming in and out of it. Once you happy, you can collect it. Download from any of the available sizes. For this sofa, begin to open the material editor in pick. A new slot s previously done. We're going to load up the V Ramos here real fast. We're going to start by applying the follow for procedural. Map s previously turn on this struggle. We against Apply the color correction procedure map. Let's rename this trouble as darker. Go back to the main full of parameters. Copy the color correction 11. 1 Interior Daylight course 3ds max 0004: the name is brighter. We're going to emulate a similar fact as previously done. Let's go inside a target color correction and apply that bit map texture. Choose detection named Tuffy four dot shape, a click apply and the show shaded material in the View port. The pivot point of sofa seems a bit off less century by clicking on a pivot button. Affect, pivot on Lee and center to object. This will make it easier to move the object if necessary. Let's make the top few port shaded and then check the engines option. If I surfaces to tens. Sometimes it makes it difficult to see the Texas roughly currently detection each tiling of it because he looks too large. Next begins, Apply the U V W map modifier from the list by default. Thievy Demure mapping in such a planner. For objects such as safe for us, we need to use the box map in type. When using box mapping parameters, always make sure the length, width and height values are exactly the same. To prevent stretching the texture. As you can see, the texture tiling look smaller and more realistic. Now it's also good practice to look at photo references to get good idea of texture siders on surfaces. Next, we came back to the material editor inside a doctor color correction. We going to right click in copy detection, go inside a brighter color correction and paste Instance. It's worth noting that the textures are no instance, but the color crushing parameters are not so in a dunk color parameters. We going to delight the settings and make it darker next week into the brighter color correction and make it pricier in the material slot thumb. Now you can actually see the follow between the dark and the broader color, which is very consistent with what we normally see in real life. To make this surface even more realistic, we're going to use the mosque to try patches between bright and dark colors. To correct this mosque, we're going to use a Vero Bland Procedure map, click on a fear a material toggle and choose the Vera Blend political map from the list in a replacement here, old tile off. Choose to keep all material as sub material. These are some of the main parameters. The base material is what we previously had. First, we're going to copy the base material to the coat material. Tuggle. So now we have two sets of materials. Go inside a court material and rename it darker. Also, go inside the base material and rename it brighter. There we have two materials for different functionalities. Next, we're going to use a grayscale who are black and white texture in a blender man toggle to mass between the two materials. Choose a big drop type and pick the texture named dirt iPhone 14 dot shape a. There we gained are the color correction on top of the brighter material to make the fall off even brighter for the darker material we going to do the same as before can make the color correction darker. If you double click on a go to parent button, you'll be able to clearly see the mass dividing both materials to quickly recap the first use of fall off on a main texture to make it more realistic. And the blend material with a master art patches on top of the same for it might seem a bit complicated at first, but it's actually quite an easy process when you practice. Let's also renamed this material is mosque. That's the mosque material here. The next step is to exit the selection and do a quick region. Render opened a render set up dialogue and the frame buffer. Click on a region. Render Parton and draw around the sofa area. As to a quick test run, we're going to increase friend or output in order to see more details. Two. Following Step East, Apply the same techniques to the other sofas ended carpet to final results should look similar to this finish. See, there are separate scene showcasing the various stages of this process that Stewart and a quick test surrender to see what the overall scene looks like. Mature the region. Buttons de selected before we start week in the lights that spring in the photo reference by first clicking on a rendering tab and choosing the view image fall option you'll be using. This photo is guide to get towards the final result. As you can see in the photo reference, there's a beautiful blue tinge crown asili, which is probably coming from the environment light. So the next step is to emulate this effect by creating a Vero Plain light. Let's start by having all four view ports in display and change in the top few porters. Plato Wife frame under the real lights. Click on a very like button and directed. Correct a plane light in atop the airport. Let's great the light by clicking and dragging it along. The balcony enabled a rotate all and angled a snap title. Rotate the Vera lite about 90 degrees. Rotate to light again to about 145 degrees so the arrow is facing towards the window. Adjust the position of the light a bit more to fit the floor area. Next, we're going to change the like color to match closely to the color of the federal reference . Opened Modified panel and click on the light color swatch in a color selector. Tarloff. Click on a color picker in picture blue years of the photo. Also, let's name this liars under school window, as mentioned earlier. It's good practice to name the lights according to their functionality. That's adjust the length and width for the light to fit the windows. Next expanded like options rollouts and make the light invisible to the camera by checking the invisible function Also unchecked. The effect reflection function. This will make the pain light, invisible of reflection of all objects in the same. Let's test render the results. The scene is coming together, but the blue tones are not very prominent. Yet let's change the color of the plan light to attack a town of increase the multiplier value to about 130 into another test run. Two blue tones are now more prominent. However, the gamma is making new rules seen a bit washed out direct. If I This simply opened the render set up dialogue in a view a tap on the color mapping rule out. Choose a color mapping only mode. Let's do it at a test run there. As you can see, the overall render now has a lot more depth and looks more appealing. 12. 1 Interior Daylight course 3ds max 0005: the next staff is to other background image outside the glass. There's currently a plane outside without texture applied. That plane was created by labeling displays. Button clicking line the snap to enjoying a line. Next opened. A modified panel enabled the spline selection select a spawn in the View port. An increasing outline value to about 10 millimeters to falling step was, Are the extrude mortify on top Displaying will be used to emulate the building outside. First, we're going to open the material editor and condemned some of the material slots. Next great new material slot to name it. They're Skopje, the name of the object and paste it by right clicking. Load up to the Romas hero and choose the bit map texture called building High. Rise 03 to 8 under school, one under school. Seamless on this score. M dot jp Again This texture came from CD textures. Website. Assign this material to the selected plane next weekend ourself elimination to the building coffee to diffuse texture and paste. Instance. It's the self elimination. Tuggle increased the multiplier toe Part 2.0. Let's do another test rendered to see the results to image outside makes you overall. Render more interesting to look at the next step east. Apply a glass material to the balcony area, selecting the material slots and name it balcony clause. Create a glass material similar to the one previously applied. In fact, you can simply copy and paste from the previous glass material. Creative in the view port. Find a barking area and selected guilty the group to an open the balcony crew. Select a side plane in a sign. Likewise, material to it. Repeat this action to all the glass here is of the Barkley. Next, we're going to apply a metal material to the balcony and rail. Strike the handrail in a new material slot, copy paste and renamed the new material slot. Assigned these material to the Hendro it's previously done. We're going to copy a matter much more from the or material in Pace it into this new one. Tweak some of its reflection, and glasses and settings also make this metal surface slightly different by changing de on a Satrapi value to about minus 0.5. As you can say, the reflection and highlight direction has changes. Result dissection causes of reflection to be more faint as result. So if you wish to have more reflections, simply increasing effectivity into reflect classiness values and we can change the fall of color slightly, the next material we going to work on is the kitchen work. Top first. Let's like all the kitchen work top pieces and enable A to D zoom mode by right clicking on the top. Left the airport zooming media mouths and select this last piece of the work top. Isolate the selection enabled A to D pan zoom mode and zooming opened a group and decent like elements that are not part of the work. Top exit the isolation mount and isolated again. Let's hope in the Material Editor and select any material slot. Let's rename this new material as marble Stan. Following step is to load up the very material as before and choose a big map named Marble Base. 017 300 school. Two seamers under School Excel 100 School cream. This structure came from CD textures dot com. Enable the show shading material V port and assign it one of the work talk pieces open to modifying panel. As you can see, the U V W modifier has already being applied using some of the techniques highlighted earlier. Again, we're going to use the follow procedure map using the same steps covered earlier to make the work top reflective. We're going to inject the for now and unlock the highlight class. It is thank you to fall in step is to increase the reflectivity toe about 13.0 decrease The highlight Claussen Assaidi to about zero point in 75 enable the background. But to check the reflectivity on the preview thumbnail in the modified panel, there's already a chance for modifier apply to this subject. It was originally applied by going on the money filers in choosing chum for from the list. In the real world, most objects are 100% shop. The jumper modifier is often apply to level the sharp edges of objects and make it more realistic. The's champion edges will also be useful to pick edge highlights. As you can see, the champ was applied before the U V W modifier. That's thanks in the isolation, and the two D zoom mode next began to start out in plain light under penthouse kitchen covers. These lights should wash down the back walls has previously done, we're going to be re lights in creative ear. A light in top viewpoint you Some of the techniques covered earlier to move the light close to the kitchen wall and under the cupboards, hoping to modify a panel in the just a light dimensions, exit the isolation mode and change the rotation mode to local. This will make it easier to rotate to lie in a specific direction. Rotate the Vero Plain light so the arrow is angle against the kitchen wall. This will help emulate the light. Washington The wall. Also let's rename this life as under school Kitchen Wash again. Naming Leslie called into their functionalities will make it easier to merge and edit lines at the later stage. Has to another test render to check the lights as you can see, the light washing down the wall is looking nice, but the light objects shown in black color is currently visible to the camera, hoping the modifier panel and turn off the fact reflections and turn on the visible options . We can copy. Instance the lights along the cupboards by holding down the shift key and moving the object instance. Lights whenever possible as it reduces Orender times. Tragically, we can also use the scale toolbar to reduce the size of instance light to fit series without affecting the other instance lights. The next step is to create the curtain material named New Material s Curtain and load up the view Immaterial has previously done. Use the previous steps to choose the bit. Map named White under School diffused to Dr Schafer Now that the texture is loaded that set the U and V tile to a 0.0 again begin to use the full of procedural map and the color correction to emulate a real surface. 13. 1 Interior Daylight course 3ds max 0006: to emulate the transparency of the Caton again to concentrate mainly on a refreshing group parameters. First, that supply the full of procedural map to the refraction total, as previously mentioned in the refreshing perimeters. Black make surfaces completely opaque, and the white does the opposite. Let's make the black color slightly pricier by quickness, color swatch and setting it to 81.0 and the white color told about 235. So it's not 100% transparent, as you can see from the material, start from now to material has become slightly translucent. Also, let's reduce the index of refraction toe about 1.2. Finally, let's reduce a glass in its value. Tow bars Europe on eight. This will diffuse the appearance of objects behind the surface, assigned this material to the curtains and do another test run. That the check them is hero is you can see the curtain material is looking more realistic. Now his alike cast shadows through it. The falling step is to begin adding artificial lights under the ceiling light fixtures under fear. A lights click on a very high s bottom, followed by clicking and dragging in a front view pulled to correct its direction. Legs open the modified panel and then check the targeted function. This will make it easier to move the lights if necessary. Change the selection. Type two lights and moved a lot inside a pen. Task closer the wrong click on the I s file. Tuggle to load up the fall Choose this guy s fall There stood a test render to check the light intensity first began to make the I s light a bit warmer by changing its color to yellowish. Also increase intensity value Tobar 877,000. Next, copy the slide as an instance and place them under every seat in light. In a report, let's do another test run that the check the light intensity. - Sometimes the I s light needs to be moved Very close. It'll in order to see its pardon? Do you ever or lighting is now looking? Okay, let's bring up the photo reference to compare against Next, we're going to create the ceiling recess light material. Hoping to miss your editor, select a new material slot. Name it as ceiling lights flying new V ray material has previously done in a diffused tuggle. A plan a bit map named Fund Light Thought Jay Pink Change the selection. Type two All has, like the recess like object. Sincerely, Ice Layton opened. The group is you select the light object. You'll notice that there's a ready VW modifier applied to it with a cylindrical and kept option. Enable assigned a bit map. The folding step is to change the color to yellow to emulate, as if the light is turned on. Expended output rollout parameters and switch on the enable color map off. Also enable the RGB option by default. D. R g indie button enabled on clicked the G and B buttons and leave the RN able to move individually. Click on the top point off the red calf and moving upwards. Notice how the rectangular bar below is gradually changing to read. Enable the queen button Begin moving it down to change the color. Now both Friday and green colors are mixed. Next. Unable to believe Parton now that all these three colors have their button display, begin moving the points. Ritchie, the yellow color. One satisfied with the yellow color. Go back to the main Vero perimeters coffee to defuse Big Pap in paste. Instance it self elimination. Tuggle also set the multiplier value to about 7.0. Exit the isolation mode the remaining materials in the scene will created, using some of the techniques highlighted earlier. The final scene ended up looking like this as two under the test render to check your rural scene. Do you have rule? Scene is, though, coming together very nicely when resuming, he can see the curtain being reflected in the glass off the picture there and the I s Life Parton here and the kitchen lights around the back wall is good practice. To have balanced runners say, Don't end up with is that to brighter too dark. This would like to give you the flexibility to art curves in posts with crises and improve the image traumatically. Fulling step is to show how it's great proxies when you have heavy objects in the scene, such as thes sofas, proxies. Often health users navigate through the heavy scenes and run the complex objects very fast before converting objects. The process. Make sure to attach relevant objects first, too great a proxy. Select the sofa first right click and choose to be romash export in a V Romash Export dialog. You have the first option, which is the folder. Dysfunction allows users to set the location of where the proxy match will be saved into set the location. Simply click on a brow struggle into the location to save the V Romash. To find location Lars uses to rename the selected object in the scene by default it uses Enabled the selected objects in the scene, plus the file extension DOC Fee Romash next enable the function to automatically great process and press. OK, as you can see a proxy of the self I was automatically created. Also, the name Vero Proxy was automatically added before the original name. Open the modifier panel to check the process settings in the mash found section, he concede a location link where the mesh file will saved into and by clicking on LeBron's button to scale function allows users to scale the proxy object apple down. If, in one esri, the value of 1.0 is often okay and display group, you have many options by default to display set to pretty file faces. However, you can set the display more to bounding box preview from Falls Pretty form file Faces point and show whole mash He can also choose to import Has MASH. If you want to make changes to the MASH, the remaining settings are pretty much self explanatory. When copying proxies, make sure there are instances as opposed to copies. Otherwise, your images will take longer to render next began to set up the very multi Matt and the material I tease. Let's start by opening the material, and it's a first selecting the material slot and take the sofa material with material Picker next opened the runner set up town. 14. 1 Interior Daylight course 3ds max 0007: look open the Render Elements tab and click on the article. Choose the multi my Element and OK to close a dialogue in the multi man element parameters . We have the R, G and B colors. They're such as materials 12 and three. When rendered, one of the elements will look like this. These are the red, blue and green multi my colors when selecting elements in postproduction film. Cedars and most companies prefer multi matter under elements over while colors because the selection is 100% accurate. Also, because it picks up selections are reflections, re fractions and other thanks by not having the is material idea enable theories automatically looking at the object i d. Numbers in the scene to set up theology, I d. Simply select an object in the scene and rightly choose the object properties for the court menu list in the Arctic Properties Dialog on the General tab type in any number in the G buffalo off the i D. So if the full object is I d one, you can select another object the different material on the scene, and set it to a different order. I d. Number If you need more than three. Often I d numbers you need to rename this 1st 1 How are the new multi my element and rename it. Also, you need to type in a different I D number for the second multi my element for objects so attached objects with small to subotic material on, you need to enable the ease material I d option here. Once this option is enabled, this multi Matt Element will be looking at material audience that to set up material I d simply go inside a multi subject material. Click on the material I D Button and hold. As you can see, material ideas are restricted to 15 numbers, and this one is set module I. D. Eight. When using multi my elements as material, I tease for reference purposes you normally renamed the multi. My element as under school someone and changing, aren't you being numbers? According to the material ID's refer to the final Furious makes fall to see how the multi might will set up. Thanks. We're going to set up the view realize like elements. When rendered Avi relax, Select Element would look something similar to this. This render element helps users control the lie intensity in color in post. To set this friendly element, click art into the viewer. Last light element from the list Once loaded click art and select one line in the View Port Theory. Last select element were expressed with one light per render element. This will allow you to control each client individually in post. Make sure each few realize, like element these name differently because we have quite few lights in the scene. Toe expert. At this process, we're going to use a script called Auto Render Element Theory. Last length. Descript automatically. RV. Relax, select element for every single light in a scene individually for more information and have to find this script, install it. Please check my Blawg YouTube channel or Petrin Page to video school. Three DS max Forced back row Clone Envy realized like script to Touro. To start, click this great button from the toolbar in its tie log. You can choose the current selection or all lights in the same to create a render elements with lights simply click on create elements, but you can see all the your lights like elements being created automatically. Also, you can see every render elements was named accordingly, the next step is to start setting up The hard solution renders the task overall quality before sending the final render open the common tap and set runner up. Put science to 4.5 1000 pixels by two farther and 601 pixels. Next opened the viewer a tap on the packet image sampler for universal workflow. Let's set the Max Subdivision two earned it this way. We'll be able to control the run real quality with annoy threshold and the minimum shading right values. To decrease the noise appearance and increase the quality on runners. Reduce the north threshold to about 0.3 Reduce In this fight, you increases of rendering time substantially. Also under image sampler increased the minimum shading right value to about 12. Increase in this value increased the rendering quality without affecting the rendering times Back in a common tab, let's set the air. It's runner his region and adjust the region area in a V port. Next open the runner elements type and begin art in crucial render elements. Such a fury Alfa the rate refuse filter the rare DRB bucket very global domination and so on. Refer to the front or food. Yes, Max and the PST falls. See what was used. Once all elements are loaded to a quick return render, the overall quality is looking good. Now let's go through some of the render elements to see if everything is looking smooth. The race sunlight select is looking good. If you look closer on top for a hand corner, you'll notice a bit noise that let's check the window. V realize. Select. It does look a bit noisy. That's counseled Runner and tweak some of the settings back in a V. Reiter. Let's increase the minimum subdivisions to fool. Change a Render elements display to Vera like window and do another test run there. As he can see, the noises disappeared. Mostly, the falling step is to begin increasing the remaining settings before sending the father under council surrender and opened the G. I tap any ambient Achillion parameters increases subdivisions to about 24 on the current preset said it to meet him under like cash increases subdivisions. About 1500 open common tab and change area to render to view up the very tap and enable the very rules image fall this far. Former is a backup in case the foul suddenly crashes. You can choose for four months such a zero i image fall deep, e x r and x r. Click on its struggle to set the location and name it. Let's name the rule. Fall as interior Apartment Daylight Enable all three for four months. Also enable the separate rendered channels save RGB and offer options. Click on its struggle and name it as before. Save the fall type is stiff. Click on a set up cotton. Choose the 16 big cover image type and set it to three. And the DPRK's dots per inch click save also enable the resume herbal rendering option. This is one of the best fewer features this function allows of renders to restart exactly from where the last bucket was friended, even if they're in the crash accidentally. So, for instance, if you needed to stop Orender, switch off the computer and continue to falling day, you can owned a pre calculation process would be re computed, but the actual render would start from where the last pocket will saved to sanctions should only be enabled when sending the follow renders, and he can only a regime. Orender. If you have this function enable before starting to render before selling your final renders, save one or more of your previous test oneness. Open them. Impose to see if the camera looks exactly as you see in a frame buffer. If the gamma look talker and you need to enable the camera settings in three DS max simply go to customize toolbar and choose preferences. Opened a gummer N U T and set it to 2.2. Next. Guilty. The frame buffer induces saved multiple when saving it named afar. Choose to override set the crack gamma value and saving again after signing opening again in post to see if they got me school here in with a wire frame buffer. It's very prudent to do these tests before sending out funnel renders to find a render. She looks similar to this one. A really hope this course was helpful to you. The follow up cause will take you through the process of turning this rule. Render into this one. I'm really excited. Show you how 15. 2 Interior Daylight course postproduction 0001: Hello there. I'm Jamie. Welcomed another session of this tech support services In this particular session, I'll take you through the amazing process of transforming a basic rule render into an amazing one using some of the best industry techniques in photo shop. Um, using Adobe Photo Shop CC 2018. However, most of the techniques described here can be used in early version and photo shop. So without further ado, begin to load up the pre rendered elements by clicking open CO two scripts and choose the load falls into stack option in load layers. Dialog. Click Brown's Inside a folder, Select the first run dry element, scroll down to the bottom, hold on the shift key and select the last layer. So the entire set is not selected. Click OK. All render elements are now inside a load less dollars. Simply click OK, all pre 100 elements start loading up. As you can see here, one of the main reasons companies load up passes in this manner is mainly to do with the ability to read the name and attributes of each Render elements as you can see here now that all the runner passes are loaded in the stack. First we get to select and move the RGB passed to the bottom of the stack. Also, let's turn off the visibility of all layers apart, from the RTB parts to to Seoul. Hold on all key for your keyboard and click on the layers. I I can oh, layers and are turned off apart from the RGB parts. Next, we're going to right click and choose a red color to color code delay. The next step is to start organizing these layers into separate groups. The first group against Cray is a multi macro click on the group button to create the first group, rename it as equal multi Matt equal. We are guarding the equal before and after the name because later on, it will be easy to select lawyers in a document by right clicking on it. At the latest stage, you'll see the difference in my expense. Like Aladdin's on groups in a multi might group will be guarding all these multi matt passes. Hold on the ships key and select older relevant layers at once can move them inside a group folder. That small arrow pointing downwards is an indication the layers are inside a group also moved the wire color layer and close. The group always have the multi math and wire color layers on top of all the other groups. Layers years mainly for selection purposes. I easier to pick when they're on top of all the other layers, so the first group is not created. The second group against Craig is a lie Select, so we're going to click the button to create the new group. Let's name it as Equal Life. Select Equal. This group will be used to move a little. I select elements into click. The first few realize Select Element, scroll down, hold on a shift key and click the last year Ally Select Element. No, we have the entire set selected dragged him into the group. Also selected moved of you realize like son into So the next group against Crate is a render element. This is the group where all the remaining rendering elements will be moved into, so let's name it as equal. Render element equal, select the remaining render passes apart from the RGB pass and moved him inside the run Relevant group. The next group that we gained to scrape it is Adjustment Group, so that's name it as equal adjustment. Equal Adjustment Group is where we'll be Harding adjustment layers such as curves, levels, hue and saturation, and so on. Life's like group should always be under the chest man crew. So on top, you love old adjustment layers and under it toe lie. Select passes under the lights like Group will break down the scene by creating other subgroups, such as So for the work top ceiling and someone. Let's start by bringing the foot of reference before we start the work. It's always good practice to use stunning, fertile references. Is guy to achieve the final result, So abusing this vote of references guide to find amazing voter references simply goto websites such a spin tressed in typing words such as living room or pen tiles. This particular photo was chosen because it resembles our composition. Our camera. Let's adjust the document size slightly, so we always refer back to the photo reference. The first step is to always try to capture the overall brightness, in contrast, seen in a photo. To achieve that, we're going to click on your just malaya pardon in Jews occurs from the list. Click the cursor on the upper area of the car to correct the first point. This upper area of the club represented brighter. Here is off the render and these lower images of the curve where you see the great graph represents the ground into dark. It here is off the render, so we would normally stark the first point on the up areas and the second point on the lower area by moving the lower point downwards were making the darker ears off the render darker and by moving upper point upwards, were making the brighter years of the render brighter. Also, we can move lower point upwards toe, make the dark areas pricer. As you can see just by tweaking the curve slightly, it made you overall image a lot more appealing. You can see the before and after by clicking on its eye icon. Let's leave the corn curves. Contrast is it is and move inside Adjustment group. The next step is to open the life slight group and begin tweaking with Have you realize, like passes the first likes, like past we're going to start with. It is the very alike window 29 make it visible theory. Lights like passes work best with a screen blending mode, so let's change a layer blending mode from normal to a screen type as he can see it. Many of Roman so much better and realistic. Just by turning the layer on and off, you can clearly see the huge, different dislike parties make into the oral runner. Next, we get to other photo filter on top of this light pass by clicking when you just Malaya button in the photo filter settings, let's choose the cooling filter. 82 Discolor is closer to the skylight color. The next step is to link to suggest Malaya to the very light window by clipping it against the light pass. This way it will become part off this light pass. Clip it. Simply select the foretell filter again. Hold on the okay from your keyboard is you hover over. You'll see the clipping sign. Simply click on it to clip it. Now both flares are linked. As you can see, the blue tones on our more prominent is you zoom in closer. He can see the blue tones on the rim of the sofa and other parts of the same de overall runner has now become so much more realistic this result and a lot closer to the photo reference. Most users would probably look at this result. Inconsiderate, done. However, we can still take this render quality if you not, is higher. The next light past that we will be working on is the sunlight selecting. Moved the sunlight closer to the window light. Make sure it's on top of the window light. Turn on the viewer sunlight path and change the layer Blending my toe. A screen type s previously done notice How much of a difference this light passes making did your overall render by turning its layer on and off? You can even see it reflected on the window from off the wall, which is fantastic indeed. Thes lights like passes are really game changer when he comes. Improving renders the next Lightpath we're going to work on. Is this fear light inside a light stand on the right turn on its layer. That's fear lies beating against that metallic dish. You see we again to change the layer blending mode from normal to screen as mentioned earlier or light passes work best with a screen blending mount. Does he look closer to the fate of reference? You can see that 16. 2 Interior Daylight course postproduction 0002: has a slight, warm color to delight. Poll. We'll try to emulate the same effect with this fear. Like in Are in there are the wound color to the sphere light. We're going to click on adjustment Layer button and choose the levels from the list. Cliffy. Against this feel light to link to two layers as previously ton. To change the color of the sea light. First, select the red color from the RGB list and move the middle point slightly to the left to achieve the reddest color. Next, select a blue color from the lists and they just a middle point are the yellowish tend to the light. Readjust a red color again and make the colorful a bit warmer. Let's name this adjustment layer as under school color. Red and yellow selectors feel like pass and are the new levels adjustment layer. Because this new adjustment layer was created below the previous one which was clipped, it has also become linked. This fear Life pass. You're going to create contrast on this like color by moving the middle point. Notice how the changes happening to this fear light also being reflected on a picture frame , which is quite amazing. That's tweak the levels. Contrast a bit more. As we zoom in closer, we can actually see the major difference. These adjustments are making to the light. The falling step heated balance, the brightness of the Kirk as he looks to bright we again to make it less bright. Like the photo reference, it's great to have a clear contrast between the bright and dark areas, but not completely bleached out. Let's close the lights like crew for now, and open the multi macro enable the visibility of the layers showing the curtain. First, select a multi mart layer, hoping the channels type, hold on the control key and select a channel. The right channels on are selected. There are objects in the scene other than the curtains, which have the right channels on and are selected two decent, like those areas. Simply go to that side to bar and enabled Rectangular marquee tool first, while the selection is still on. Hold on. Okay, when you see the miners draw around here is you won't be selected. Now, only the curtains are selected. Go back to the lose time. Select your RGB layer pass and cranium group while the selection is still on, click on the mass button to create Group Mosque. Whatever the changes, we going to make inside this group will only affect the curtains because of the masters created disabled. A multi mile visibility all subsequent groups created for each object in a scene will be a position above the RGB layer parts and underlie slighting adjustment group that's named This group has equal curtain equal to bring back the overall balance in the texture of the curtain material. Let's open the rumor element group selected few silt Ilia, and moving down closer to the group's below is just because we'll be copying this. Render parts a few times over in the subsequent steps, and it's quicker than having to move up and down. Also selected. Moved a speculum pass, the refraction, reflections, rule Reflection and Global elimination. We're going to start with a global elimination past, So instead of moving the layer, we again too corporate. Inside a curtain Group two coffee, The selected layer hold on Oki and moved the layer inside the curtain. Delays, now copied, enabled the visibility art in the global elimination parts made occurred and slightly talk , but blue tones seem a bit too much, so let's are the hue and saturation adjustment layer by clicking on this button in de saturate, the blue turn slightly. There are exceptions when a group I need to be mute above the lights like group in order to control the brightness or the appearance of surface. But 90% of the times group objects and layers would often be positioned under the lie select that's selected to meet the curtain group of the last like group open. The curtain group can reduce your passage of the club elimination layer to balance the brightness. Also, let's delete the hue and saturation layer. Just your posse of the global domination. Layer a bit further to cut in on the right, is now looking better than the curtain on the left. To rectify this weekend's are layer Master the global elimination layer in mosque away this layer on a left curtain with a brush tool, while the global elimination lies still selected. Correct layer mask by clicking on this button. Next enabled a brush tool by clicking on this button or by pressing B from your keyboard. When using mass with a brush tool black or dark colors. Mask away pixels and the white colors do the opposite. Always make sure the my thumbnail selection before using the brush tool to switch between both colors. Simply click on a small arrow button or press acts from your keyboard will be using the brush capacity at 100%. But there are terms when it will be set 10% or less to causally Pressure Way pixels. We can increase or decrease the brush size by pressing the royal left bracket from your keyboard. Switch to background color to black by pressing X from your keyboard had stopped brushing away the pixels. Notice how the pixels are disappearing and there's a black stroke on a mosque thumb. Now the curtain Brian has is now looking more balanced. The falling step is to make the metal parts of the largest and or realistic by Ardi Render passes such a speculum reflection and so on s seriously done. We're going to the multi Matt Group and select the relevant multi matter Select. A right channel scrolled on in selecting our TV Leia incorrectly New group. While the selection is still on correct in your group mask by clicking on this button that's named the group as equal metal equal next began to select. Render passes such as to fuse filter speculum, refraction reflection in a rule reflection s previously done who hold on or key and coffee these layers into the metal group to defuse fields that should always fear to bottom on the shade of composition. After that, you should have the room reflection, reflection and speculum. We don't need the refraction because it's mostly used for glass or transparent surfaces. Celeste deleted Now enable the rumor fraction layer. This render pass works best with a normal blending mode. Les Fridge Easy. So positive. About 10% turn on the speculator this render pass who expressed with screen blending mount next to dock in them, the metal slightly begin to our levels adjustment layer and move the middle point to the right. Too dark under, Like Stan Further hold on to control 17. 2 Interior Daylight course postproduction 0003: key and click on the group. Ask. The entire metal section is now selected with a mark. It'll hold on. Oki and de Select everything apart from large stand area while the selection is still on. Are the other levels adjustment layer on top? The new levels are now affecting. The lights stand only darken it further by Justin. It's sliders. Now the matter looks a lot more realistic. The next step is a tone under lice in the scene. Let's start with the first kitchen light. Turn on the kitchen light in change The planning mode from normal to screen type s previously done Turn on the second kitchen. Light can change the planning mode from normal to screen as well. No, just the positive impact is making to the scene. Also, turn on the I s light in the kitchen area can change a blending mode has previously ton If the ages of the I s like pardon are too sharp are to lay a mosque enabled a brush to set to brush past state about temples. Then, to greatly rush away, switch the background color to black and make sure the layer mosque is selected. Stop brushing away the edges gradually enable the next four years like path. The stools in the kitchen look a bit too bright. Let's talk in it slightly, using some of the techniques covered earlier. Select a stool. Incorrect new crew While the selection is still on, try a group mosque. Let's name it airs equal metal to equal. It's previously done slightly under elements such as speculum, reflection in rule reflection. Hold on the key and copied. These render passes into the metal to crew, enable the speculator and change the blending mode to screen. To play care. This render pass and change the layer, blending mouth to normal. You know the director soul a bit darker. Also you. Some of the techniques described earlier to balance the soul brightness back in a life selections group. Turn on the ah yes, like 13 and change a blending mode to screen. Repeat the same with our years like 12 you can also aren't color to our year. Slight easing some of the techniques seen earlier. The full instep Easter Select Wood Table First Cranie Group with a mosque name as equal, would equal close some of the open groups selecting copy the same type of render passes, as previously done, use the same techniques as before to make the wood material more appealing. Some render passes my work better than others, depending enormous yearly working on the remaining materials and lights were tweaked to using similar techniques seen earlier. You can even de saturate your role image by adding the hue and saturation to digest one group. The results should look something similar to this. The final step is to play Beth Chromatic aberration on top, right click on the border of document induced duplicate Click OK to grow a new document, select any lie in a document in choose to flatten it. The option to flood a document only becomes available when you select a layer non group. Choose to flatten and discard all layers on the bottom left corner of the document, typing 100% to zoom in it 100% in a document to emulate chromatic aberration, effect opened a channel stop. First, click the right channel and enable to move to natch direct channel upwards. Once by pressing the arrow on your keyboard, select a green channel and nudge it to the laughs. Once select a Blue Channel and nudge it town. How much cooperation is now created? Click on the RGB channel to see all colors back in the main document. Close all the open groups to make your chromatic aberration layer land on top of this adjustment group selected. First, go to the chromatic aberration document. Select a background layer right click and choose to duplicate it in a destination group. Duthie. Entitle one document back in the main document. Select a chromatic aberration layer and rename accordingly. Next, change the blending month. Talking his you zoom into the document. You can actually see the chromatic aberration effect around the ages of the services, which makes images very realistic. Also, you can reduce your prostate to make a less prominent if you wish, so the final result should look similar to this document. For high resolution prints. You might want to save it as a tiff file format to save it. As Steph simply go to fall and choose to save us. Choose a tip far four months from the list to flatten the tiff file and check the offer channels and layers and press OK in a tiff. Options Dialog. Make sure the discard layers and savor copy is enabled. Impress OK to save it to save as J. Peg do the same as before and Jews Ajay paid five for MART. The reason why Equal was uttered before and after every group name. It's simply because it's easy to select layers in cycle groups. So when you right click in a document, you'll see the equals as a group and everything 100 being layers inside it. This way, it's easy to select the lion directly from the document. Ola's refer back to the final PST document in the Project Fault to see how each group of layer was created. If you want to analyze the photo shop layers and groups, you need to turn off the chromatic aberration layer. First disc includes our post production calls. I hope you found it useful 18. 3ds max Vray vray frame buffer settings: Hello, I'm Jeremy. Welcome to another session of this text for services. In this session, I'll be taking through some of the key parameters of eerie frame buffer. So without further ado, let's open the runner. Set up and frame, buffer up in the view Reiter and expand the Vero frame Buffer ruler parameters and click on shoulders view and frame Buffer button. Let's go through some of its key parameters. This first button is a show crushing control. When you click it, it will display all the crushing controls available for editing. Renders Interactive Lee. First, he had exposure control settings, which can click to enable to expand the setting. Simply click on the air a button in exposure settings. You have the explosions slider to me from left to right. You also have the highlight burn, in contrast, then you have the White palace with a temperature slider. If you want to control specific correction controls, simply click on enable back then you have the other correction controls, such as hue and saturation color balance, which is similar to photo shop. It is also the background with background. If you enable it, you need to load up the Vero image fall similar to these ones here to say about your image . Farm types We need to enable the Vero raw Image file function and click on its toll. Once inside a dialogue, begin type in the name and enable the other options, such as X R and so on. If you need to after rendering interview in which fall type would have been saved and you could load it in the background image to control it, you can use as a background or foreground. Same thing, Applies said Hello, T corrections. If you wanted to controlled any T parameters, you'd need to load up the Kelut file type. We also have the all seeing eye. Oh, and I see see image control types his mentioned earlier. We can use all these functions to control the runners in a frame buffer. We can also use pre saved viewer Image Falls is the main render in a frame buffer by clicking on a load image. But vera image phone types content all the necessary data to manipulate the role. Render accurately or call control settings displayed here on the right are linked to some of these buttons here, as you hover over in click this button there will automatically unable to control displayed on the right. So you gotta at yourself color correction there. Same thing. Color balance. Same thing. Levels him. So every time you click there that would be unable to trace away. He's the colors, the levels, a curve, same exposure control. If you got any of it. Explosions, that's things there. Hell you t Didn't we have the street? But here, in order for the viewer frame buffer to save a Serie of your renders, you need to set it up first. To set a click on a settings. Tuggle in Chooses SRI Settings in a Render History Settings dialog under History Directory , he can set the location by clicking on his pro struggle. In choosing the location, you can also set the maximum file size in megabytes. All renders saving the three folder. Alternatively, you can choose the use project path. You can choose to save it manually in a frame buffer by on checking or enabled auto save to save automatically. He can also choose to auto load color corrections. It's often left unchecked because most users prefer to save it regular. If in one less right uses often enable that completed renders on the option dysfunction. Onley Auto Saves Completed renders into his refrain buffer. You can also choose to clear in Click OK, once old is done, unit enabled a viewer frame buffer history button. Otherwise, you're runners will know appear in these re frame buffer, and you have the channels A and B buttons to compare your runners against. This button allows users to copy whatever is being displayed in a frame buffer into the clipboard and later save it anyway. New computer This but allows you just to say whatever channels been displayed in a frame buffer, choosing the location and saving. If you click and hold, you have other options, such as several image channels to separate falls. So, for instance, when you render an image with multiple render elements in a frame, buffer assumption allows you to save them all at once Separately, under given name. An exception is to save all the much channels into a single fall. This button allows eases duplicate whatever has been displayed in a frame buffer by clicking on this button. Two region render allows users to click and draw the region to render in a frame buffer to track miles wild, rendering a large Jesus. Stay strong fever on dearest friend by selecting the Parton and moving the mouse in the frame buffer. This action might take seconds or minutes, depending on how fast your buckets are rendering. This button is for interactive angry. This one is to stop Orender, and this one is to render lost. In Here you have the Red Queen and blue channels. Most of these buttons and parameters will be easy to understand. One surrender is in the frame buffer. So without further ado, let's start with our first friend. Best open the runner Elements Time. Any name, Let's click. Run it. Test the scene to speed up surrenders. One override material was applied to the whole scene, apart from the glass windows, curtains and the picture frame. As you can see, the latest friend was automatically saved into the frame. Buffalo Sri Preview. The falling step is to do another test run there without the are years lights turned on to do so. We again to select one of the instance, are your slice in the same and opened the modifier panel inject enable function all instance, I yes, lighting the scene are now turned off in a V rule image found section. Let's rename it differently to prevent the previously say far from being overridden, and that's doing it a test run. Now that both friends have been saved into the frame for face re, we can load them in the frame buffer by double clicking in their respective thumbnails. This one had the IRS lights turned on, and this one had lost turned off. We can also collect the compare resentful button to compare between both friendlies by sliding the line in the middle. Next, click on a frame by for a to see both friends in a frame buffer, use the middle line to slide from side to side and switch previews if desired. Now we can use some of the correction control discussed earlier to edit offenders in a frame buffer. As mentioned earlier. All these render elements can be saved a separate files. By choosing its option or low the precepts, the image fall. Finally, you can also are the lens of facts settings in a frame buffer. By clicking on this button, I personally prefer to add its final runners in postproduction packages such as Nuke Faith . The shop will, after fax simply because of their vast tool, the nondestructive work flows. 19. Forest pack & vraylight select: Hello there. I'm Jamie, welcomed into the session of this explosives distinct recession. I'll quickly show you how I was able to cry all the cross and shrubs and now also be introducing you to the script. Call Auto 100 elements Viewer light. Select descript, automatically creative. You relax, select render element of all the lights in the scene with a click of a button. The final result of that of that particular scene would look something similar to this, where you seal the older shrubs and so on. For very turns and complex scenes such as this are used an amazing new graphics card called a M D Radiant pro. He can handle almost any scene run this fast and perfect Fulvio projects. You should check it out if you can. So to correct the shrubs. The first thing that was able to do her first created a rectangle around the area that I wanted to quit the grass or the leaves like so the next thing left on just isolated the scene there went into geometry, understand it primitives and inform the list of selected E. I to software. First click on a forest Pro button 100 of Forest Gration library, clicking on a selectable that should take you to the library first. So he's your library. Sometimes he gets hidden by accident. Here in this vast library, he can choose different sets of grass loans and so on. For the purpose of this exercise, not choosy. Oak leaves set, and once you've selected very just click enter and simply going to direct angle in, click on it. It should automatically create the self. Oakley's previously changing from the library by default for us pro display objects into people as point clouds. If you wish to change this, simply open the modified panel and then you scrolled on, hoping to display role lot and choose to display the objects in the view port A smash. But it depends. For instance, if this is all grass, I don't think you'd be able to see anything here because he would be to tends to be displayed a smash. Another amazing feature forest Back is that automatically generates an update. How resolution textures with all objects in the scene. Use the material picker to check the forest raw materials in the scene. As you can see this translucency maps bump normal maps and high resolution textures. In the end, you can convert the forest pro objects into heritable Polly's Oh, mash, if you wish. Simply select the object right click and choose to converse. Great the grass. Simply repeat the previous steps and select one of the grass library sets. As you can see, everything has been created with randomness. To decrease intensity, simply open the modified panel, scroll down and hope in the distribution rollout. He didn't stick crew to smooth the values to more tense. That wants will be the higher values the Lester's Across full bay. When objects are not too tense, there are easier to be displayed as mashing of e port. Otherwise, you probably won't be ableto taking going to mash like, for instance, if you had to go back into density here, you know duties. It obviously now is becoming more and more tense. There still be a point with to mash density so high that we will not be able to be displayed. Er's has mashing the view port for a few types of display options. Did full points cloud the mash type in proxy and he takes second stolen? Also, you can argue own objects off, for instance. Imagine if he had your own self geometry. He wanted to art. So your sphere select your forest project first, you just go into odd multiple custom objects. An arty object. This is obviously just a example, you know, gonna use this fair in, in addition to their if you on specific types of Patton's, there can go to image and then select the map. So for a spike will give you some different partners for the grass thistle based on the grayscale material. So So the arrangement will just be slightly different, mostly because it's not too tense. He can't see a lot of that part in there. The moment you start decreasing the density values that Parton will become a bit more parent. Now, you can choose a different button. See, there you can see the part in there like an arrow going just like that, you can choose. We can create your own partners. Obviously, in there, I really like this one here. Uh, quite easy, really. The forest broken also be used on objects as opposed to splint only. So that's suppose there, this is. He wanted to great some cross around this particular circle surface quite easy to do stlede to use the same approach. You can also use the scale function to reduce the size of the overall object. Then we can increase the density. Now that scale is much smaller. Let's also change the display type to mash that the X Y and rotation values can also be used to place the forest project more accordingly. To use forest back, simply go to their website and download it. So it's correct. The curbs have done something quite similar. Have used the royal clone. Well, Clone is quite easy to use. Simply go to the website and download it, thinking of a trial version for this as well. We can create amazing partners in a click of a button. So for the curbs, these skwy easy as well. So you just selected the edge off the pavement. There. Isolated have been the modified panel and click on edible Polly. We're trying to extract this blind from the age of the surface. There simply enabled the edge selection there and start selecting on the ages and then creates spline from that, you look right shape from the selection linear rename it has carved like So you got you. You curb there, just click H from a keyboard to open the dialog box. Select. Curb us the isolate that. So you have explained. So the next thing that you do, you go to I t y two software again their unique click on the royal clone Pro. First. Correct your Elkann icon by clicking and dragging it created. Then what you do while the icon and still selectivity go to modify it and you click from the library there. So you got curves. Rosie. A sidewalk, all presets, the railways, your street lights, traffic. Same thing. Concrete curbs, building types stayed. Ian's contrite bleaches. The choices are immense. We can cheese from any of these in this great amazing content. So for the Cubs that I have just chosen at one concrete curb Click Import selected so under splaying. Then the properties explains. Click on that any click years point if you just created again. He just opened material loaded, so there just, uh, make them visible in the View port with the show shaded misrule interview pool by default. This is all being display as a box again. Do not use soft taking cheese. Are you want surfaces to be displayed? Its moment is it's as adaptive boxes so you can get to mash that he offset LRT to either go to the left or right if you want. Teoh constraint the selection to just shapes because sometimes you don't want to select objects by mistaking just scared to shapes unless you curve there selected, you can move that curb. Have you told me one, too? Move the slab upwards. We'll use the actual splint itself to move it because it's constrained to it. And then there's that access. Yes, moving up. If you change today, the curve itself change the width and the gap. So on. Once you're happy, read older, setting, seeking always convert into edible polio mash, even if you don't want to. Him just art. That's what Polly on top of it. So you just keep stack. We can only go back and forth. This is I was able to create the grass, shrubs, trees, curbs and so on. Creative. You last like 100 element opened runner set up town. Look first in the run the Elements tab. Click on your struggle into the viewer last like 100 element from the list. He should be prompted for the viewer, like slag run for element parameters there. Then you click Art you cannot. A light sort of lies there. So once that's rendered, she looks something similar to this in the name Post was the light selections work best with this screen mode. See that? And you can easily increase intensity off every single light. Just simply add in the levels adjustment layer. To do so. Simply hold on all key as soon as you see there clipping sign clipping against their life, slapped under element. It's going to the middle point there. Increase intensity is required. Can you can do that? We've ever seen your light, so the end result would go from side. This is the rule render. This is a lot selection tools. The elements there, one by one, hunted. So you forward to diesel like this what you would look like, so he makes a huge difference. You can also art colors, something like Cola Pollen's this scene. Because we have quite few lies. You'd be very practical art over 100 lights manually. To expedite this process, we're going to use a script called auto. Render element very light. Select. Just get a script spot, is there? So what you do with this? You don't have to be stole. Anything we just downloaded here, this is attachment. After downloading it, you unzip it and place it under scripts. Go into Autodesk, the version of your max and under scripts. You put the full day called E C. Is heimer just going inside? You put it there so Max should definitely know it straight away. That's there. So you need to reopen Max after every open mike, just drag and drop that particular fall inside Max to correct button for the script opened the customized user interface. Open the tool bar tab under tool bars going under categories there found in Choose the easies. I'm a command from the tab. The next thing that you do to create a bottom there right, says new you could write anything there for the time being. So you but in this that so what you to you just try can drop it. That and you can simply drag it onto the toolbar. Just says I previously done with that one to automatically quite very lights like rendering elements. Simply click when it's toolbar first by default that goes to all lights on the scene. So you want allies and say, Never use this function has one element this function. Arts. All lights in tow one render element without giving you any flexibility to edit each light individually in Post s previously shown. So never use this particular option here. Once it's here, just leave it as it is to correct the render elements of all the lights in the scene. Simply click on create elements, but you can see all lights are being created here. Those who automatically created, as you can see your light selections have been named according to the light names. It's, uh so you know exactly which lights which. So, for instance, if you wanted to add it, have you realize you're 85? Simply go into post. Select a relevant light selection layer and editing post, so it's very easy, very quick. If you have too many luncheon and seen, it just makes your life a lot easier. Also, never render more than 120 life slight. Render elements your renders will probably crash resolved the check out entire exterior night scene was created. Simply check the links below to my belong in my patron page Entire causes foolish. The N word captions. I hope you've enjoyed the city RL If he did, Please don't forget to like this video and healthy on my next one. 20. Floor generator: Hello there, This is Jamie. Welcome to another session of this text for services in this Splichal session. I'll quickly show you how was able to create this floor. Takes you here after feel requested, publish 80 Children. How was able to correct this floor surface? I've finally taken time to do it. If always start, we need to dull or to plug ins. The flow generator and the multi take ship Siegel map and some high resolution would plane textures to find everything, simply clinical cities source dot com. In their website, he confined all the plug ins in the plug ins to section. We have the full generator there. We also have the multi texture map and the wood ports to download. After downloading and unzipping everything go into your programs full. The rave installed your version of three DS max. When the root of your plug INS folder simply copy and paste both the D. L M and a Deal T falls. There's no need to install anything to see the floor generator. Simply restart your three DS max and draw spine, followed by opening the modifier panel to choose the floor generator. The floor generator plug in were expressed with declines. As you can see, just by adding a full generator modifier, it automatically created the floor tiles for you in a board size parameters, Eking quickly set to max 11 which before you start writing the floorboards. Make sure you set the units set up in my case, because the crime and the bevel vital is a usually very small. I would normally set the display units scale two millimeters to make it easy to type in. It's worth noting that the display units Caylee's only for display purposes you can easily tweak with the officer and the board size venues to run demise wood planks. You can also rotate the wood planes by simply typing in the direction value to about 90 degrees. The next step is to applied a multi textured procedural map to the wood floor. Let's start by opening the materiality to tar. Look. First click. Understand that Tuggle and choose the V Ray Shader from the browser list. Next, click on it to feast Tuggle schooled on the material brother and choose the multi textured procedural map from the list. After loading up to multi texture procedural map, click on the managed textures. Tuggle in the dialog, Click on the hard bit map button to bring in the textures. This is one set of wood planks previously downloaded from the sea You source website. They're all there in batons. Let's select in toys set after loading up one self textures. Simply close the dialog box and assigning to the floor object after a son in the material enabled the show shading material in view port. But even though each bit map differ from one another in a set, we conceal randomize them further in the color Chessman group, I simply increase a random gamma value slightly and the distribution. Let's do a quick test render to see what the floor is looking like. Flu is looking OK To make it more realistic, we're going to start by tweaking with the reflection in the glass in the settings. To have the full control of these settings, let's start by disabling the Fresnel reflections and unlock in the highlight close in this values. To increase their effectivity, simply click on a reflect color swatch to bring up the color refraction. Their log also enabled the background Tuggle there. If you double click on the material slot. He allows you to see the amount of reflectivity. Dave grants the reflections at a moment. Very linear. It's almost like glass to defuse. The reflections seem to reduce a fraction glass in its values, slightly to our special highlights on the surface. Simply reduce the highlight glass in this fight is slightly the smaller the values, the mood diffuse. The highlights will be. You can control the amount over effectivity by tweaking with a color swatch. Darker colors reduce the reflections, and brighter colors do the opposite. Just one other quick test wonder. We can clearly see how the reflection of affecting the scene. The highlighted areas seemed to Cleary at the moment this council that this reduces reflectivity value to about five and doing a test run there. That's much better now. A lot better. Most Caesars would probably look at these render results and be happy with it. However, we can make this surface even more realistic by making the surface reflect light more evenly has seen in real life. We can quickly achieve this by simply applying grace, kill big maps to the reflections, highlight glossing, there's and a refreshing glass. Innis toggles. Let's start by copying and pasting the multi texture from the diffuse into the reflect. Toggle two. Great skill. The multi texture. Again apply the color correction. Procedural map, too. Dee saturates it in a replace map dialogue. Choose to keep the old my past sub map. Two. De saturate All these textures simply reduce the saturation value to about minus 400. We can use the brightness and contrast values to control the reflectivity based on a bit map grayscale. Next, begin to the maps full out parameters. It's controlled a grayscale bit map at a moment. V Ray is using 100% of the great skill texture to reflect the surroundings. To mix between the refraction, color values and the new grayscale bit begin to reduce the reflect failures. Restaurant Have a quick test render. We could make few more tweaks here and there for better preview of the effectivity and the speculum for postproduction. Simply other speculum and the war reflection render elements. So with this one, we'll actually see how reflections are behaving. So we're gonna leave. Reflections like that said that's him. That Unity used to copy that into the highlighting listeners sleep you've lost some of its because used to be tweaked slightly, so that's just test one. That's how that's gonna. We can also be saturated few sections slightly by using the same techniques as before. The colors are less such voice should now. Next, we get to our day grayscale bit map to the bump toggle To make the surface more realistic. Let's start by copying the grayscale bit map from the reflect Tuggle in pasting it into the Bump Tunggal. You can also tweet the color correction parameters and reduce the bump five years to make it more realistic. The next stage is to simply use the render elements to polish it in post. The final result can be seen in this visual produce for client. Check out my other two tools in my Freedy visuals to see how the render elements can be used in post production. A sample of this floor exercise and more detailed to Charles available to my Patriot supporters on my block in the U to meet made you 21. Project manager jamie cardoso: Hello, everyone, this is Jamie here. Welcome to another session of its export services into serious or Project manager Plug in will be exploring some of its main features in this session, you will learn, are too quickly, crew and added, are yes, lights efficiently and automatically personal rendering engine dry and edit textures or to Moscow intelligently, basically rendering engine brought in a line proxies intuitively and efficiently basically a rendering engine. Create and reorganize virtual fall systems efficiently and independently from your hard drive through it and edit materials boasting your rendering. Engine searching Really missing falls automatically select move copy, cut paste, multiple folders and much more. So without further ado, let's start by clicking on a product manager button and opening it to begin exploring some of the project managers. Main features. Let's select multiple Fullers and Explorer and drag and drop them into model step. As you can see, this section is divided into four parts. The model stab, material step, texture, step and I Estep. Easy skin drag and drop Fuller's into any of these separately in any specific order is an example. In a material SAfrican simply drag and drop one or multiple Fuller's at once in Detective Sturbin are yesterday. You can do the same, going back to the model step. All these folders structures are virtual and can be organized in any specific order without affecting the way they appear on your heart wife. This feature load is an amazing way to organize your favorite folders, messed up file structures and much more with our ever interfere reader all hard drive. Also, it saves these a lot of time by allowing you to reorganize everything inside max hysterically. Affect your hard drive. Users need to cut, copy and paste bulldozer writings or seem to delete them by confirming in a masses to delete from our drive. To select multiple fullers or items, simply hold on to control key on your keyboard and begin selecting folders one by one. Or select one item in user shift key to select the host of them in a list. Also, while multiple folders are selected, easy skill right click induced a copy cloned by right clicking in June's correcting for our catalogue. In pacing into it here, you can see all the pace it items, as mentioned earlier, pasted up that items are not virtual and become about all of your hard drive. Too hard specific files or folders on the list, simply selected right click and choose to heart from the models. He Diskin also cheese to rename, convert, catalog or fresh cut to leave for my drive removed for models at two batch rendering reeling in auto silent Previous. In this instance, we're going to choose the heart from models. Option in high directory dollar. We can cheese hard on Lee current. Hide away cancelled. That's just too hard on Lee. Current, as you can see, is hidden from the list. Ah, pathum. Cutting and pasting Most of this change is their only affecting what you see in a project manager, not your hard drive. To see the hidden items, simply click on this button here in a hidden Directors doll. Oh, you can see all the hidden items listed. You just can Jesus selecting removed or our new items. For the purpose of this exercise, let's choose to select and removal items. To close this dialogue. Simply click on this button again. All hidden falls are visible again. Another feature will be exploring. Is the ability for project managers social images or J picks to specific three S. Max Falls via auto son Previous option. If you select one of these folders, you can quickly see the Maxwell has a simple wire frame preview. In some cases, there aren't any Maxwell previous at all. In these are the separate Fuller's. By clicking on this button, who will see the images and J pays with the exact same names as a stewardess, Max Falls, which I've already renamed accordingly to different file types. Having similar names will make it easier for project manager to make here to my association when the auto son previous function is applied. To use the order son previous function with multiple folders. Let's start by selecting a world want falters. We want to use the auto some previous function with next right clicking cheesy auto son pre reception from the list. The options downloads. You'll be prompted. He should have all these options and file extensions enabled, followed by Quicken to continue in the or Tucson previous dollar. Under searching Directors group, the same director is enabled by default first. Often it's quick and only searches in one directory because you're using multiple directories that's unable to subdirectories parent directory and nearest directories. This four options will be searching for fall associations in all directories, which will take slightly longer. Also, be sure they include suffix. Option is enable and click start. As you can see, all the fall associations have been made. The same approach can also be applied to the material step. This technique only works could save material libraries in here. We have saved material library, and this folder is where we have images and JFX associate them with select multiple forces previously done followed by right clicking in choosing the auto sign Previous. As you can see all material associations that you made in the texture step, we're going to drag and drop news self textures inside a folder. Let's reduce the size of the product Manager Dollar first, Next opening Material Editor Darlow By clicking on this button, it's great new material. Aegis consumed the drag and drop textures from each stab into the material editor. As you can see, a new V ray material was automatically corrected and named accordingly. With attacks you applied to defuse Tuggle, it's great new material. Select another texture on the texture map options he's asking cheesy option to tell the texture. Using the real world for the constrain proportions function. As an example, begin typing too tall. The texture by 2000 millimeters. The former two options is using the current rendering you just confused from a variety of other rendering engines available from the list, followed by dragging and dropping in the material editor to create new material clicking. It's too few struggle to see its bit Map coordinates. As you can see, it matches with a texture map Options. Previously Set E. I. Esther Aegis Consent Funding settings in color temperatures by tweaking with his parameters here, there's also the option to previous profiling diagram mode. The auto buyer under option uses the loaded rendering engine in your three DS max fall to automatically create an I s light on your scene when you drag and drop it. Scrutinise. Yes, like basically rendering engine. Simply drag and drop in your see the object placing paint. Darlow should automatically appear you can choose any of these options available. The smart online mode automatically aligns objects in the scenes, is decorated with a mask, like to exit the creation simply right click to select the light in the scene. Choose to filter the selection toe lights on the main toolbar and select all the lights followed by moving and placing them accordingly. Eases can also juice. Replace the selected lights to do so. Simply select another I s LA in a project manager, right click in, choose to replace selection. To replace subject. Dalal allows users to replace all instance selection only, or simply cancel the option to keep selection that's near lies in the scene, while retaining the previous one as opposed to completely replace him with a selected one chooses selection on the option. As you can see, the selected allies will replaced. Let's scroll down the list and cheese. Another IRS light will place to set Would B. I. S lights will automatically replaced again. This amazing workflow allows users to build a scene very quickly and efficiently. Back in the material stare. You just get assigned materialistic objects by simply dragging and dropping them against your option in the scene. In a model step, users can also create objects in a similar way. The IEA slice will create it before merging any object in a sane, easy skin. Choose from a variety of these options available here in a place in group eases confused. Full home Great Onley, select objects or seen objects in a clone section. Keep the instance method when placing in creating objects with a mosque, like in a line mod user skin cheese. A smart alignment or normal one. Creating objects. You can choose to display them as boxes into paint on selected objects. In Exclude group, you can choose what exclude from selected seen shapes. Hidden frozen objects and cameras are automatically excluded. You can enchant these two full options, if desired emerge. Actions group. The objects are set to be merged s proxies by default and to use existing proxies in a scene, if any. However easiest can change these default options, if desired. Dragon drop it to paint. Create the object in the scene. The objects that much we created in a scene with the previously set parameters. Every time you click in a scene, a new objects created experience. Lee separate default to exit creation. Simply right click. As you can see here, a viewer match for proxy was automatically created in the same folder is the Maxwell, which is incredibly smart If you open the modify panel. You can see all the proxy parameters here has mentioned earlier. Project managers speeds up productivity and work efficiency dramatically. Dissection allows users to quickly search for falls and labels by simply topping in and searching. Another amazing future is ability to fix any missing father and textures from the scene before emerging it. To do so. Simply select your right click on Maxwell, followed by Choose Injection to manage Asset Falls enable the missing option in a certain relinquishment. You can choose from any of these options available for the purpose of this exercise. We just want to search in real ink in a search directors group that's enabled his list of directories Tree Show. It finds it, if available in the network, also enable the recursive sub folders and click to stop to recur. Since up full deception might take slightly longer to such. But we'll definitely find them on Lee. Use a recursive full is option. If you can't find the missing falls through the searching, reeling calmly as you can see all false acres read OK, which means all missing files will found and automatically linked perfectly. Once happy you conduce, apply changes in close. Also to merge falls an animation simply selecting right click, followed by choosing to merge with default fierce max dollars or is an ex reference. See, Users also have the ability to export to a host of listed options here, correct and visual fall thumbnails, by choosing to its must be, render an associate surrendered image with a Max fall and much more the same can be done with material. Step Dis concludes our tutorial. I really hope you find a useful like in Share it and I hope, see on my next one. 22. TurboSplines with 3ds max: Hello, everyone. Welcome to met a session of this text processes in this session. I'll be taking you through the process of using and creating amazing effects with troubles . Blanks, blanking Thomas Plans can be secret exquisite animation titles and complex re geometry. So without further delay, let's start by bringing up its star log here. These are some of these to fill parameters. It's great, and he's told his toolbar first kind of the word terrorist. Want to visit their website? Fill about downloading the script into this max simply quick on a script into a bar in Chase to run scripts, Picture turtles clan from the lists and open it to install. Once installed, click on a customer's to power inches. The customer user interface option in the customers easily Interface Doll Oh, go to the temper. Pardon in. Click on a catch. Greek months scroll down and changed the spoiling. Their name is going on from the list. Turn. This plane is here deserves a display in cleaner plugging, which was a solar P earlier. It's great the button toolbar. Simply click on a new Tuggle and name it as tests for demonstration purposes only. Next clicking a total transaction and drug inside the new button, followed by snapping it anyway on a tow bar area to place it correctly. Black clicking. Just to delete this, duplicated till this point toolbar just south of the original term, respond to Bell was created tractor button again to bring up his dollars, quickly talking through some of its main parameters. Let's start by going to the Shapes command panel and click on the text button typing to the spine and click on the front. Report. Correct the text. Right click to exactly creation in a question. Parameters on the great Notify. Rule up ranchers, while the Texas selected click on our past button. The turtles aren't journalists. Allows users to clicking. Choose a power for a splint from the dollar. It's the same A selecting attacks in a scene and clicking on the art paths button to struggle is to remove pumps, and this one is to clear pass from the list. In other the mess type Onda Ness type, we have a cylinder as a default type. One plate is a list of other Nash types to choose from, with a capsule Nash box profile and any customize mess. You want art to the list For the purpose of this exercise, we're going to use a profile. Let's start by clicking on the star shaped button and dragon in the View port operator. Next, click on a master and change the profile from the list. Her back clicking on the R check button. What was simply Quickness Tunnel? In choosing a profile in a dialogue, the national sport power function allows users to set the number of geometry for each defined path. You just can also set the variation percentage here under extra features he's asking Changed to tope of the geometry and tickle slice. This last button is to build geometry easy, older parameters set earlier, unhappy with all settings. Simply click to build geometry except the max Great message by clicking. Yes, I had a modified panel. All those modifiers are being added. Emulator parameters Previously set. This one was crazy with promises previously set. As you can see here, 16 objects maybe not too much grated and selected justice to give users to flexibility to edit and manipulate each object individually. Also, a selection set was created in case there they selected in users want to quickly select them again. Here's a list of all the new sponsor grated Everything crochet can be edited by clicking on In addition button here. Since Cyril selected, we can trick the scale value by tinkering with its splendor here. When we look closely, we can clearly say the star shaped perfectly wrapped around the text. Users can also set Second Mr Similarity Ages in a Brother Edge faces to see the segments in a report. As a segment, values are reduced, the surface sledges are less Smith. That's impressive. Now, to smooth the ages, the high percentage can answer. Be tweaked with and be animated. You just can rotate the General Terry to create exquisite animations. The tres function is also available. It has also distressed function. The path for sentences quite useful for animations sweeping across the Russians can also be applied, and the slice options can also be used to animations to create specific types of animations . Center click on animation button under international type. We can choose to move the love of the path by percentage to grow Andre Villas a slice. For the purpose of these exercise, we're going to use the nerve plow 5% dysfunction allows users to set the starting time. It's set to start from zero. By default, however, use can set it to start at a different frame. Here we have the single animation left group on Emissions order offset. This is kind of certain animations with the minimum and maximum values. Here we have the path percent adoption screen to easing types, totally animation. For the purpose of this exercise, we're going to let the current settings, as they are in click to create modify animation the phone imagine was automatically created . As you can see, there's an animation cheon frame. Zero in unframed 100. The key frames can be selected individually or as a group of selections, as they currently are. Jesus can love the cliff rooms to specific timelines if desired. Next, let's nerved animation slighted to see what was created. You just can't relate the current animation by clicking this button in creating the animation, if desired. In a turn selection, you just can't just convert from London. Splints are turtles. Smith. Modifying this tool is quite useful to smooth out surfaces to quickly birth would kill excited parameters. Let's start by quoting this blind, including the Spartan Honest are low. We have the number of turns to set. It's currently set to 10. You have the proportionate to path live to start radios. For the purpose of this exercise, we're going to set it be five millimeters to start with. Divergence is currently locked, eases getting a lock if they wish to disaster. The variation Function and Versaces pair turn to create the INEC space in these parameters simply quick to select source splints. Picked this plan on the dollar and click the correct analysis button. Let's change funeral parameters and create another helix open Notify panel and make displaying venerable invisible In the report. Repeat the same action with a second Neelix in Clicked convert reputable splinters, terrorist blind objects. It's now converted to quickly go through the extra features branches. They're scared to the Christian promises and are this point from the scene. Next. Enable the taper, taper and slice options for long that click to build geometry. When we treat with a slice and position values slash position announced from its original position, the temperament is controlled. The tip of the geometry beans can also invert the tope by enabling its function in a chair . Amazing result of the remaining parameters disparage animation was crazy for quarantines in Tunis. Points you can imagine consists of the chair pairing gradually on the screen by swiping through explains This is the final render a smell to slather to previewed animation. For now, information about toughness, plants and protect the link descriptions are really hoping for this video. Useful liking Chair it and I hope to see in the next one. 23. Mirza Link Manager with 3ds max: Hello, everyone. I'm thistles. Jamie Here. Welcome to notice session of this extra services. In this session, I'll be taking you through the amazing process of working in update insidious Maxwell's while having live links from external. For such a sketch up motorcade who have it Reiner and lanky kid for the purpose of this exercise movie is external sketch up model to directly linked to our for yes, Maxwell as national earlier. The same can be tender. It falls coming from applications such as Auto Kid Rabbit Rhino, Anarchy Cat. This is a sketch up model of building will be linked controls three DS max for to shape, texture and wonder Longer sketch up falls is life and being updated externally. You know that's a great between the two flowers and execute your above mentioned affection . Al it ease. You need to use an amazing script. Could there's a link manager to found him down or the script simply gurgle nears. The late manager encourages website. I love the Lincoln Descriptions and a website. You can simply click here to download a bite after done had in the script, you can drag and drop it into the vehicle to install it and access it from the tool ball. Or simply click on scripting toolbar and choose to run scripts. Lord and open the script. It's done. Log should appear in return on condition options incorrectly. So the script the script is now is told before I open the scripts, it's worth pointing out there. As you can see, the landscape is already built in three DS max, a personal profess create the landscaping through. This makes because a proxy phones, well, clone and first bag, which were imagine too quickly. Trick landscape. Realistically, however, feel free to use any other approach he find more appropriate. Before we open the script, let's create a toolbar button for it to test so taken a customer string bar in chairs. The customers User interface option on this list shows the moves, the tools Kamande So about Questioning Button and a top piece night. Nothing about the scratches drugs, the ruins of action Internet button, followed by simply placing it on a two bar by snapping against it. Frequent scraped bottom to open this dollar. Most of this functions are quite self explanatory, really. The function to update update island trolls. The ad only function arts falls. The duplicate faction duplicates linked falls on the airport. From you have the option to Berlin, Francois Marquis Cat and Etch Option. There's information on how to explore fast from each application. Next, we have the option to bring flowers from sketch up Rhino Rabbit To know. To get this airport button allows you to clicking cheese. The Felton Brute Life after the full options to auto world imported falls, photo edges and also Smith, and to refer screen and imported father updating as mentioned earlier for the person s exercise, we're going to go with the first sketch up, but your skin is so important for us and all these other application Cindy here. Imported rushes can be organized by materials. Know about layers by default, it set to the organized by materials to explode the building from the sketch up model. Simply go to the fall press control plus a in your cable to select entire scene, followed by clicking on the fire button and chosen to export to any model in a savings type . Chose the object falls on the list. If unsure, simply go back to the city's makes felt checked information detail your heart explode from each application before expiry ity taken actions totals first, any style. Oh, enabled export texture, maps and these other options and checked in a skill gloom. It doesn't check the option to stop. One is that coordinates. Otherwise you're important model will be flipped upside on. Finally chose the nature unit system and quick will create. Export the mash back in through Yes, Max taken input Model button in Jersey Object metal from sketcher. As you can see, the friendship became loading up. Depending on the complexity of your model, it may take seconds or longer to import. Once the file sell imported, this dialog box should be prompted. Click OK, it's accepted here. He can see it imported. Fall into the same. It's just really middle. Happens to be slightly off from way should have been complete Mervan places on its correct location. Next click went up there, selected link button and choose the model is before, as you can see, even do. The file is currently linked. The manual was updated with our resetting its location into DS Max and sketch up model still on its original location, which is amazing. Same also applies to textures and changes. However, if you had to delete parts of the model in sketch up, then you would have been updated in three DS max. The next step is to begin creating in a sunny shoulders re textures to this model. It's like one of the war panels incorrect, apart in tow. Isolated Max opened a material that is her. By clicking on this button. It's like this would material slot and assign it to the world panel by clicking on the sign apartment clicking a diffuse total and enable the show shade insulin vehicle in unratified panel apartment, a few diplomatic for you and the mapping mode to folks minimizing, Maciel added. $2 an exit desolation mode. Click on a mutual editor and select a glass panels. In the report in a material editor, select a glass material slots and assigning to dissipated object. Next, let's select a little panels in the view port. Select this materials law and assign it to it. Following that, less like the roof panel in a report and a scientist metallic material to it. Next, let's select our sketch up link and click the update Link button as you can see the material sections and a full model position have all been updated accordingly, which is amazing. Another example will be to go to the sketch up fall to leave part model press control, plus a only people to select entire model. Click on off all button in, choose to export its really model again just to confirm and replace the bombing back in three years. Max, Select the sketch up modeling and Glick Top Day Selected Link Select Object Falling Question and open it. As you can see, the model was updated as expected after applying all materials and textures. The final see And she looks similar to this one, as mentioned earlier. A personal prophetic right landscaping three ds max. Because of proxy, it falls well. Call in forest back, which were amazing too quickly. Great landscapes. Realistically, however, if you prefer to build a list of external links from applications such as Ravi or two can argue cared Reina or sketch up simply unable to create function and click to import model button. As you can see, Easiest can build a big lists of external falls if desired. Next, let's do a quick test Run it to see what the scene is looking like. Clicking around the set up button to open Mestalla. Let's check some of its default parameters first by going through it stamps and click Brendan. No, this is a three DS max, a lot farther of use and zero frame buffer to make. You'll run their look more appealing. Also ensure the option to convert love space before buying that is disabled in order to apply. It's a first slept on the show crushing control partner and open its settings. All these other crushing controls will close apart from the lots, followed by enabling and loading from the low Tuggle. If you're in, check it. This is what the whole runner will look like when enabled with a lot loaded. It looks like this. The world Lut stands for Look up table By clicking on a little tuggle, he can locate and low the specific platform. This specific but fall came from a website called Treaty Collective. Unfortunately, a lot falls are for display purposes only and are not factored in one saved, he noted. To save the country under with a lot fall applied, we need to use clear script script called Lucked Explorer, took my descript simple click on a script in Button and choose to run script selecting Open Life Spolar script from Can School. This struggle allows users to locate and picked a lot form. The second folder allows users to set the location for name and extension by default. The file extension is set to PNG. Let's change. It's a Jay Peak full time and name it accordingly, followed by clicking the same rations button. After the father site, the script automatically de selected a lot file from the frame buffer to do to, say Underwood, Luck replied, simply. Go to the rendering toolbar and choose to view image as you can see descent image. That's exactly like the render with a lot of plant. Also here you can see how it if I was saved the farm name first, followed by the lot full name added in front. To send this fault, surrender in a common stop that set to run. The output size is 3500 pixels by one father, 850 pixels. As you can see the image aspect function, it's bad loft, so the width and height buyers are linked to one another. Under the writer, Expanded Global Switches Rule Out Parameters and the Frame Buffer on the friend Buffett Rule. Our parameters enabled Vera Raw image file function. Click on his struggle to open it, tapping the phone line and enable the X option. Dp Ex Art and the Doctor Limited Friend Number. The very Image Walter is right. Powerful rule for four months that allows you just reload the engine of frame buffer and survey our again in any file form. Undesired one. Enable. It saved the data off each rendered bucket, so it's per chance the run that crushes a properly. The last bucket will be site. Click the safe total. Next. Enables separate rule image file function and click on its struggle to open it known to file accordingly and choose a tick file for Mart. Click on Save Tuggle in a tiff. Image control dialogue enable 16 bit color, no compression and surrender dots. French followed by clicking OK under the image. Simple rule up parameters Amendment changing right is set to 64. High value, such as this improves the runner quality without affecting the rendering. Time went test rendering. Some users prefer the progressive time. Which is fine, however, for final, high resolution renders, he should years bucket rendering time, especially when it comes to using stripped Mondays and other key functionality under image filter. Choose the area. Type A personal professors from a shelter time, however, feel free to choose from a list of other image filters in here on the pocket. In a simple rule, out parameters often set the minimum subdivision toe one in a maximum 200 to be coherent. Universal workflow settings. In a nice, fresh short Let's set it to 0.7 Expanding Global DMC Roll our parameters and so it is no special value to 0.3 or 0.4 dishneau. Special Violent from Pocket Imo Sample rollout should always be higher to describe a TMC no threshold value here. Otherwise, the runners might take a bit longer than usual. These two nice special values are dependent on one another. Thes funders of always work well for May, however, feel free to use other values. You're more comfortable with expanded column mapping all our parameters. I'm currently using experiential color mapping type because it helps to balance over exposures in a render and makes your under more realistic. However, Phil Free teas, other color mapping types also Doubront multiplier was reduced to 0.3 for the specific sink . Otherwise, I would normally keep it 1.0 on the mount and using the color and gamma type Innogy, I time the primary engine said to radiance. Have and a second engine is set to like cash enable the I meant occlusion. Function normally certainly am into crude in value to 0.7 the radius to stranded millimeters on the subdivisions 20 whole. These values only effect in curricular areas. Also, these values were well, however, feel free to use values that you're more comfortable with under the radiance map. For all our parameters, keep the current preset has love. External daylight shots don't usually require high settings on the like. Casual up parameters leave it before prompted as they currently are in a setting. Staff on only keep the dynamic memory limit to zero. Soviet broken uses much memories required in a render elements tab enabled rental elements . Previously ardent, checked the remaining settings and click to render in a completely notorious Maxine. We can open the run A set of town in a V. Reiter. Click on a show. Vera Friend. Buffer button to open Install Um next looking. A loading much file button to load up the viewer image. Far previously saved. This what Vera Image file to look like. They're often large in size because of the data storing them collected opening. Depending on the phone size, he may take a while to open. As you can see, beautiful friend Buffel resize its frame dimensions. It's mosque Lee to fit incoming form for times about this automatic re sizing doesn't occur . This often happens when the original viewer image far is saved in a different version of theory in such cases, usually should simply type in the great operas size over the incoming fall here. Prize to loading the viewer image file for Mart. Here you can see all the render elements previously stored in a viewer image home. Easy skin. Turn off s RGB button, if desired, followed by clicking and holding this button and choosing to save all in my channels to separate forms. Chews the fat from our to save as often. Josie Explode. Take far former number two fallen click to side in a tiff, Image control dialogue enabled a 16 bit color option. With no compression and green dots per inch, The file was saving all the render elements To view the safe, all simply click on a rendering to ball and just view image form. The search image looks slightly process than the one interviewer friend offer to rectify. This less reserved of falls again in a separate Fulham enable young right option and set it to 1.0, followed by serving again. Open the newly side the image in three Esmark's As you can see the gum off the newly saves in which now matches with the one in the frame buffer next less enabled and load the luck fall previously used Here you can prove you surrender and a lot with S RGB button turned on and off. Falling debt is previously done. Let's run the Lot Explorer script and save multiple versions with SRG. Be on and off to matter in this more realistic let's open them info show I'm currently using for the Shop CC 2018. This render is a version with SRG be applied and a gamma set to 2.2 in a Leicester right click it just too difficult layer, while the duplicated layer still selected right click and choose to convert. Smile. Gentle, smart objects are quite useful to retain the parameters of filter, and the original quality of an image went scaling up in down. Next, they're gonna filters, toolbar and choose a camera or filter from the list. Any star log increased the D. Hayes function to add more detailed in contrast, image. Let's also increased that charity functions to bring up more details in shadows of damage and reduce blacks function to add a bit more contracts. That's also just wants function to make several emerging more realistic. Finally, let's adjust the shadows function to make. You were only much pop and click OK to accept a new parameters to mascot parts of this camera or faulty fangs. Let's create a layer mask by clicking on this button. Here, banks enable the brush tool falling death Search the background color to black by clicking on the sweet spot in here, or by simply pressing X on your keyboard to switch between the two background colors, black or dark colors or met pixel when brushing with a layer mask enabled and white or bright colors do the opposite. Also know that you're possibly set to 36% desisting. Ensure the brush, brush Islam. Wander back. One colors blank and a layer mask is enable. Begin brushing the pixel of the specific years. Prices will meet them. Reduce your past the violence and minimize the brush effect on pixels. When brushing, zoom in and out of the document checked several changes. The run is looking a lot more appealing to the latest changes. Smart Object Layers gives users to unique ability to edit parameters by simply double quick on a camera or filter and tweaking it. One. Nasrin. Let's minimize the document behind. Finally, that's correct. The chromatic operating. In fact, this effect is often seen a real photos and makes most computer generated images look more realistic as result until pride, simply right, click on the edge of the document into used to duplicate right. Click on any later in choose to flatten image on the bottom left part of the document typing 100 to zoom 100% into the document. Next go to the Channel SAB Inspector, right channel unable to move to and magic up once by pressing the R on your keyboard, selected Green Channel and Magic down once by pressing the arrow on, keep selectable channel and magic to the right ones by pressing the our own UK boomed following that select RGB channel to do the final chromatic of Britain effect, go to the last time and select the main document behind Select Tickle Monster Cooperation document. Again, you choose to duplicate the layer s previously done in a duplicate layer down low. Choose a destination document to be the main PST form can rename the incoming layer as a mask Operation select. The main document is you can see this the nuke from ice cooperation there is you zooming The chromatic aberration seems a bit too prominent to reduce its permanent slightly less click on a layer of blending mode and choose a dark in time from the list. Because it's a process, it's about 39% to make it even less prominent in moralistic. I don't only a mosque to the chromatic aberration there and brush your world a vignette ing , in fact, slightly use another techniques described earlier friendly Justice said the final images a tip fall for Mart on change option to save layers in click to safe. Also serve. Another version is a jape bank for printing. It is a Photoshopped fall film are to be able to edit Lay as if required, the No International. But there's a link managers simply channeling descriptions. This concludes our tour. Um, I really hope you find it useful like in challenge on the autopsy in the next one theme. 24. Spline Cleaner with 3ds Max: Hi, everyone. This is Jamie here. Well, from tonight, a session of this text crosses in this session. I'll be taking you through the process of using a plugging calls. Fine, clean it. This amazing play gin helps users to quickly identify editing. Rectify complex. Find problems in seconds to find. Displaying. Simply, Google's find cleaner can enter the Spine Dynamics website. I leave the Lincoln descriptions in a website you can find and download the planking once Donald, you can quickly stole it by dragging and dropping in your view. Bolt while running the script, including two Patton. Let's check my previous turn. Responses. Still on heart is total car into parking. Once everything is done simple, click on this button to open the dollar. Dissed are warning is simply check for updates of the script. Most of these functions are quite self explanatory. Really, First button is the information dialogue. Let's collect to open it for Quick Jack. The shapes lighted displays. The number of shape selected into the airport displays amount of spines in the view port. Then you have the number of virtus. Is the span left? The longer opens wise, close flies the number of materials, single sub materials possible eros make diagnosis exposed erotic sticks thought its numbers and its your lighty on this function will be later useful to examine certain problems with our drawings or simple tanks. Detached selection button. Ours used to select multiple separate supplies in the view Court and attached him by clicking this button. Any action by fell to function. We have all dysfunction options by clicking this question. Mark totals here. He's just concretely say what each group does to start. Let's bring in the custom to exploit, provided by clients. Right click and juice rotated Enable the main Tobar by right clicking on the lane panel in chains in the main to buy auction enabled angle snap total. This allows rotations to snap to specific angle upon a modified panel can. It's worth noting that the spine cleaner only worse could shapes that have the vegetable spine collapsing. Notified, I can explain the information dialogue to open it expressly mentioned. We have all this important information about the spine demand station she'll focus on is the open smile information. There are currently Children, five open spines, which is a big problem if you're to extruded tanks hair. They have zero close points and the rest of their information. Let's click on the night diagnosis button. The one sections concentrate on is overlapping Versaces. There are currently 220 of them to close reverses before assuring the spine. Let's scatter this one clean a dollar his scrawled onto world vortices group escape that full special value to 0.1 in quick 12 verses, clubs, Aspinall, information dollar and opening again is you can see in a span information dialogue. The number of open spine is now zero in another of close bonds is 12 which is amazing. It's so been fixed. Next quickly Vertex number button. Now that the verses are closed, we cannot say an individual number of each vertex in the vehicles, which is extremely useful. Users can also see the verdict sticks in the vehicle without the need to open unmodified panel. However, display needs to have edible spine applied to it. First, American Extreme Dishpan made up any problems. This is another example whereby disappoint segments they clearly opened by a lot is what obviously had difficulties extruding open spawn such as this. To rectify this problem before extraordinary men 18 years, this amazing function to connect vortices again. The modified panel doesn't need to be openly noted today. This which is extremely useful. Practical advances for bikes Stolen display, As you can see extreme, was executed accurately. However, the holes in the tanks didn't cannot quickly to rectify this problem. Simply go to direction, group and collective fix experience Access. As you can see exchanging, is not perfect. Here's another example of the typical text provided by client, and we won't admit versus to it. If only begin. Let's other people swan Ratify first in an Ally Smart Man crew that's click to normalize the max Trip dollars should be prompted asking to collapse in time, modify a stake into vegetable splint. Take yes and enabled Vertex spoken. As you can see, the entire Texas nominal Alvertis is evenly spread across one millimeter. They can honestly changes values, if desired to traditional purchases. You just can simply click to reducing reverses here. As you can see, the nun reverses were really sorta muscular insulin, or they were affecting the original shape of the text, especially around the marker, the areas of this line for digestive verses. Even without affecting original shape around the curve years. That's really, really small value in a section to preserve angles over type and a vial of 15 to start with in collectively decent and reverses, click again that we must reduce more. Vergis is without the flu in the original text. Can I express control Plots said on your keyboard toe interactions? You just gonna sit in question under graduations, you know, don't have less reticent display descended example for users in our KFOR's industry whereby you'd normally imported WG followed strata smacks and trace over disappoints. He's just strikes over despise because they're often overlapping and can't be excluded correctly as an example. If you take through these rules and turn the view port shaded, it quickly realized that the inside rules are not shaded to spine. Ages have been extruded but nine side. This often happens when versus an all welded to quickly double check. What's happening with the spines. Simply open this one clean. A dollar is previously done in Quicken Spawns Information Dollar button, as you can see through 137 opens plants. There's also zero close plants and so on. The number opens plant is what we need to concentrate on, because the problem Senator Beatty overlapping burgesses it's corrected. You simply click to well, verses get through gaps, pretend of segments than you would have had to click on a button to connect verses and said , as mentioned earlier, 12 verses simply click on apartment. Well, versus. As you can see, the current threshold value of 0.1 didn't work well. Let's click to undo in, try new value of 0.1 and clicked well versus next. Let's exclude explain. As you can see, the rules are not excluded properly. Just technique allowed us to save a considerable amount of time by avoiding to trace entire drawing to create new service. Here's another drawing spawned with missing segments. If you are take should as it currently is, it would have had similar problems before. In this instance, we have a clear gap between splints to correct the problem, delete extrusion and clicked, connect Versaces and exclude the spine again. The world is not excluded. Problem to sound normally avoid spending time retracing the drawing to create a new surface . In this final example, we have a massive number of separates plan we want to quickly attacked extrude and apply a texture to it to do so this summer, opening the spawn cleaner and it's information dollar. As you can see, all spines are close to quickly touch them is once one press control, plus a in a keyboard to select him on, formed by clicking on a touch selected button. Click Yes to convert to expose supplying has previously done. As you can see all spines and our touches. One following that simply applied X should notify in a texture to it. Here's the final results that's gonna cause That's true for the unfinished about spring cleaning. Simply check the Lincoln descriptions we know payphone initiative useful like in chairs, and I hope to see the next one. 25. Proxy Textures with 3ds Max: thistles. Jamie here from to notice section of this export services in this session, I'll quickly take you through the amazing process of managing efficiently. Heavy three DS Max falls with high resolution textures using a plugging call proxy textures . This radius seen was created for a client a while back. It was a nightmare to manage and navigate through, mainly because of the number of high resolution textures in this massive seen the current cameras focusing in a teapot area. However, through a number of different cameras coughing other areas of the masses really seen less critical go for some of its main cameras. The scene currently has hundreds of textures and 100 and nature of them extremely big in size. Vector, our main T point camera too quickly show amount of called it. Currently Eastern. I get through to see we're going to enable the too deeply in zoom mode and use them. Our school will to know to get through the scene. As you can see with every scroll, he takes a while for TV port updates the window starts manager. Also two picks how much memory the scene is consuming to quickly download a process textures, plugging their skin to Google and dumping proxy textures and dynamics and click on its main page. This is the website depicting its main features. Under more information, we have the script Manual link became Click to check back on the main page you can to Stella the trial version or the full product. Once downloaded back in three years, Max, click on a scripting main toolbar inducing run scripts followed by choosing and opening the script to create a button toolbar like these ones here simply what some of my producer tools to quickly go through some of its main front er's in this group. By default, you have the option to affect textures and selected objects enabled. This option only proxies the selected objects with textures in the scene. For the person to sexist size, we can't enable all seen options. Instead, deception will proxy all textures in the scene to reduce Texas Group allows users to set the minimum, and maximum size detection will will reduced it. It's set to max size by default. Just can set the maximum size of such as fun and 12 pixels 1000 baseballs to father pixels . Forefathers pixels well, simply type in a specific figure here. Alternatively, pictures can be reduced by percentage. Instead, we have set sizes of 10% 25% 50% and 75% or simply type in a specific percentage value. Here, the moon's size is set to 32 pixels. This is a 1,000,000 size detector will be reduced. It depart to one enable it uses specific sets of pixel. Size is mostly used in video games for best performers in convertibility. The part il pixel sizes are too full. 8 16 32 6400 and 28 256 512 of father and 24 to father and 48. So if a specific texture in the scene is 3000 pixels in wit, the newest above two vital of three fathers should be 2048 pixels in width. The next part two values should be 1000 and 24 pixels, and so on. If the high value of the same Texans scene was one father and 500 pixels, the new squad to value to produced it would have been 1000 and 24 vessels, so the new resize value of 3001 fathered 500 pixels would have ended up being to father and 48 pixels by 15 24 when using a part two option to reduce its original size. In a nutshell. When using the power of to option to reduce textures, spoken will automatically use any of the closest preset values mentioned earlier, independent from one another to recycle specific texture. To convert a J peg PNG Hoffer option, automatically Converse, Texas in the scene into a J big file form. Art indexes without for channel are automatically converted to a PNG file. Type J pic quality sets the quality of the texture divine. Over 100 is the maximum quality did four value set to 70. The process textures button initiates a process of reducing Texas sizes in the scene. Was this spot in this? Quipped the seven reload. Seen Lozzi is just a saving reopen. The city s Maxine. Once a spot in this collect in a Process sections group, it sets a scene bond by default. What he means is that once across the sections, button is clicked. The new research sections will be automatically search in a location where this really seen was open. From the purpose of this exercise, we're going to change the global ocean instead and click on this total, say its location. Here's a new folder created to automatically saved an eerie silence textures into. Alternatively, he just consider click Click on his struggle to create new folder. This button is enabled by default to use originals on random. Essentially every time you click to run, their display in automatically switches back to your original. My resolution textures before resize in them. Next, let's open Monsieur Sadullah and go inside. One of the higher resolution Texans here is the full name of the high resolution texture. Here you can see the texture size being 8000 by 3113 pixels, which is massive. Next, let's click to process textures to begin reducing detectors with all the previous option set. Click. Yes, the closest actions. One. The texture processing Stay in place. You'll see full names and text has been switched. Is he conceding a message Dialogue 100 in 18 to extremely high resolution textures? Will Virgie's to decide to set earlier click OK as mentioned daily to location found name and sizes of 180 in high resolution Texans will automatically changed. He's a new location of to rename the resource sections. The specific direction went from 1000 pixels to one father and 24 pixels. As you can see, that's pretty seniors also extremely lighter, and the window starts spies using less memory to handle the scene. It's also easier to never get through the sane. It's smaller textures. Loaded drive images will be a lot quicker to protest some random. If you de select a button to use originals or render you're no longer needs to load in process high resolution textures before rendering before sending the final files are under . We only need to restore high resolution textures of the objects closer to the camera and leave the low resolution pictures and objects far away from the camera. To do this. Let's start by selecting all objects in the scene there, close out camera, hold under control key on your keyboard and begin selecting them one by one. Open into a letter again to say file names being restored next under the tools parameters enable the selected objects option and click the button to resource protections. Click yes to restore textures. As you can see here, the textures and selected objects have been restored to the original file names without the previous suffix names. PT resize. Finally, before sending the final run simply and click the button to use originals and render this really sure the objects in the distance will not automatically use original high resolution Texas one run drink Instead, Onley detectors, currently loaded in the scene, will be useful, rendering in summary. Now we have a mixture of high and low resolution textures in the same high resolution Texas for the close up objects and low resolution Texas for objects in a distance to find arrundell of something similar to this. Would it be a post production I really hope you find? Is it helpful, like and share it and I hope to see on my next one. 26. Automodeller with 3ds max: everyone this Jamie here. Welcome to another session of its Export services. Invest Session will be getting an amazing modeling playing call Autumn Ottawa To find this playing simply, go to Google and type in order. Ahmadullah Black on its link on the main page. We have some of its powerful three D printing features seeing here, which are amazing into eternal space age. We have some of the basic tutorials is also the feature list page, with further examples of what's possible to achieve. DISIP Age allows users to buy the full version. What you simply download the trial version and this other page here, once downloaded simply around installation and make sure he's in stone in the same directories, is is your three DS max. Nothing's told like one a customize toolbar in choose to custom my user interface in the Stalag, go to the Tools Bars panel and extend a category All commands list just autumn or look man from the list. Next click or New Parton and name. It has auto Mullah for by dragon it from the action section onto the new toolbar button, created, move and snapping onto the toolbar and close the main dollar to open auto model of plugging simple quick on this button to ensure the autumn model of plug in is automatically loaded with three years max simply green light max. Start here by clicking on it to quickly go through some of its main parameters. We have the tools button to redirect users to the details page. Just question Mark Button opens. The helpful is one Select. This button opens a properties dialog for model sources and target statics just button turned selected object in the sand into targets. This one makes selected objects into a source and this one toe on Maitham under quick tools , have all these four results to select delete height and on height under all targets. We have two options to select on make height on hide, regenerate old and so on. To hide this entire dialogue, simply click on this button. Here, despite Preston, Bar is a main feature of this. Playing one clicked. He allows users to paint masses into objects or targets. This button allows users to paint once clicked before painting their sexual needs to have a mash assigned to it first, that's open just a lot. Exterior scene, which is available to my patron supporters and doesn't already have this ready. Seen for the purpose of this exercise of hidden most ready assets such as trees, shrubs, calls, etcetera. As you can see in this render, all I had was a simple material with detection applied to the roof surface. With the auto model, plucky will be able to create amazing off Charles with the click of a button to start that selector off, dull and isolated. Next, click on a Max fall and used to say selected. Open a several fall in a brand new three ds Max E. This is a safe roof object, and this is the model Freddie. A roof tall mash, one modeling objects tabulated, painted onto objects. He sure to start pulling them by the top. U Port DeSisto had any potential problems down the line to set this roof tile match as a source, make sure the top view ports enabled. While the roof tile mash is selected. Click on a sources button here before printing. It can choose the view to paint from here. For the purpose of this exercise, we're going to show what to do first for beating on surfaces in a front report, let's begin tracing over the roof Glicken a shapes command panel and choose the line button . Next enabled, agreed and snap settings, but and right click on it under snaps, the Vertex function is enable and endpoint interruptions. All these other functions were enabled as well as the remaining function seen here began clicking and trying in some of these points to trace over the roof. Sarcastic process Flying is, you can say here the original roof. It is extra Gasser outline, which shouldn't be here to start with it. Even if you spot of the roof, it probably would have been better to model the extra pass separately. But Autumn Allah is blowing into world properly. Less of justice area with vegetable splint unable to stop toe, press the S key on your keyboard or simply click on its toolbar Button has previously done . Next. She's extraordinary fire from the less by processing E on your keyboard. In choosing it, 100 stood parameters. Increase its amount value to master death of the original roof following that applied to edit poorly modify on top the auto model of pain to works best If the edit Polly is applied before the VW map. Otherwise it won't work properly. Finally, let's apply the VW modify on top. U V W Telling is absolutely key for the autumn Allah to work. Each starling value will set the side of the roof tiles. When painting on the match souls choose the box mapping type Next open in Israel. Editor. Select an interventional slot and click on its diffuse total. Choose the Checker Procedural amount from the list if Jones into specific procedural matter because it will allow us to clearly cedar tiling on the surface. Collector. Sign it to the selected roof under UV and doubly toil. Let's start with a value of 10 for all three. Next, let's select in a roof. Dollar mash again in black on a select text seen here. Not how it suddenly changed from the tax. Select two groups. 01 To run the smashers of pencils, simply selecting the View port and click on a perhaps his Tobar, followed by clicking on and make button. The mash is now reminders of pencils. Let's move the roof tile mash close to the roof model on the roof. Time. Masters still selected hoping to prop his dialogue again and click on a Mac into so Spartan . Once again, the rooftop mashed has become the pencils, the heavy brush. I sets the sauce covered with each breast stroke or blake. The bigger the brush size, the quicker necessity will be filled with each struggle. Click. No, but sometimes doesn't affect the size of each mesh top to give VW totally invited to do that, enable the paint button and start clicking on the roof to paint it. As you can see on a small persons of the mash are being painted with each stroke. If you increase the brush sourced of five and paint again, you can clearly see a bigger area has been covered with its stroke. It's also worth pointing out that mess Charles remained the same. Size is before because they're being controlled by the U V W Tiling values, if he zoom in closely, were noticed that pass of the roof tiles are sank into the main roof surfaced. I record below two breakfasts. That's first select. A roof tile mask is more previously created by the autumn model plug in. When it was first, Sata's a Machel's next in a front view port, begin moving it down. As you can see, the towns are beginning to sit on top of the roof nicely. There are times when they matched. Our source isn't oriented in a right direction. If you're to paint such sites of match sources is depicted in this example, the match those would be rotated in a wrong directions is seen here. For this reason, all those he sure the match yours is rotated in a correct direction. Also, Auto Model enables users to select multiple masters is to be painted with for specific and more accurate results. Some users Prophet's create two separate parts of the picture of in painted separately in this final example begin to create a donut shape under splints up in a modified panel and set in tribulations. Sub two armed. Because you'll be painting on a curved surface, the more steps or segments it has, the more water at the Met. Sores will look when painting on it extrude the shape is previously done. Next, we'll create a different surface to be uses that pencils under spines enable the rectangle shape button in creating a top view port in a modified panel out of flow generator modifier and say its board size. For more information by this, modify it. Please check my other tutorials, as mentioned earlier, create your Machel's in a top view pool, if possible. Divider here two picks the amount of memory currently being used less. Increase italics region to 15 millimeters for lane that right quick and chest collapsed all and convert to edible play. Next that's assigned the same checking material onto the don't object. Previewed Italian a vehicle to and other edible pulling. Modify on top Full body. VW map. Let's make the mapping type as cylindrical with a cap function enabled in the U V and W, it'll change its 20. Open the properties. Dialog can make the new tile into a source s seriously done. Open the pain first. Arlo. This was the previous match ALS has deleted by simply selecting it and pressing Delete on your keyboard because you'll be painting in a cylindrical surface. Let's change the override border searching center form in able to paint button and begin painting tiles onto the cylinder s. Previously done. Let's adjust the gizmo off The naturals between shoe Tatars are not sang into the cylinder to overlap This gap that select cylinder object can make it step. Fight is adaptive. His mission earlier to smooth the surface. The more walker the painted Mashal deformed to a surface, this Haider cylinder to see the curve tiles to run. Demise. The titles. We're going to create new yourself towels and changed them slightly. Open the prop $2 inches. Tow unmake on hind and select to surrender. Click to Clear Pain Mosque. Select both tall objects in the scene. Make him into a source. Jeans a brush size 25 Able to deform function again. Close the properties. Darla in able to paint button again and begin painting. The new mash sources is previously done. But suggested gizmo, This scare is what we can't they have. Between these separate surfaces, we can move them closer together to bridge the gap. It's also worth mentioning that can still art other modifiers such a slice FFT and much more on top of the services to achieve a specific results. Also, in a practice Darlow, we have all these additional functions, which is specific results. Does the UV tiling section to copy and instance options for the group mashes curved surface stairs, mode, borders and much more for the brush paint. We have all these other options here, one satisfied with everything. Simply select a group of tiles we have just created Every time we penned mashes under surface, they created as one group, as you can see here. Next, click on a group to bar in just on group while he'll still selected right click Angie's to convert them into edible Polly falling. That's like the one of the objects insane and open. The modified panel enable the elements election moat in Click on your touch toggle. Just a select, all in quick to attach. All tiles are now part of one hunting. Because it's the big mash. We're going to convert it into a view, a proxy to reduce the fall size and speed up the running time of ready creativity. Toiling hard to create process Simply right. Quake in juicy option to fury. Amash Export. This fall the sets the location where your proxy file will be saved. Into here, you can rename the viewer mash fall. However, the file extension dot you're a mass should remain intact, unable to function to automatic right process and click. OK, This subject is now a proxy form, which is extremely light in size and facets run Note that its original far was automatically renamed to start with the word Be very proxy under school, followed by the original name. This will make it easier to identify and peck. If we open the modified panel, we'll see all the standard proxy parameters here. We can say its few put display as bounding box Pretty from foam showed the whole mash and so on. It's worth noting that you just cannot apply modifies under proxy objects. Otherwise, the match will render with arrows and artifacts, just to show one more example. You just can't paint. Multiple match shows is under surfaces. This is the MASH will be using a source less detached element separately and select them opened a hierarchy panel. Glicken affect people on Lee Point and descended to optic alignment. Let's repeat the same action with this mash. What a modeler has now a lot more information to work with. Slept this south tiles and clicking a source objects button to Ademas pain sources. As you can see here, the group of objects have been ordered as one source. Click to paint and begin painting on the surface to correct some randomness and apartment. Let's select some of the tiles and move them separately to add multiple sources. Let's like other tiles here and other missiles, as you can see here now we have multiple groups is the source selector, second source and click to paint, followed by painting on a surface. All you can select the previous group source and replace up again. Users can also add modifiers to distort specific mashed halls. Would your 50 modifier he's compression? Pull it will. Also you just can select and add it. Mask is Mr Stop the mash button. Finally, if you are planning to later convert to group into one single machin proxy it simply select a group in Clicked a touch here and collector of Fresh. As you can see, the group has become one single mash in a second. Even as a mash uses conceal. Continue to paint on top once you happy. Whatever Fay, it can simply convert into a proxy experience. Lee Done quickly go back to the rooftop. Previously creatures necessary or run over the roof s a texture, and just in your underwear the roof just created, using the Autumn Ottawa plug in the roof tile, Machel's and the entire roof is available for my Patriots schoolteachers and does already have the 67 day like ALS. I only hope you found this a Children's for like and share it, you know, steal money. 27. Overnight Batch Render with 3ds max: Hello, everyone, This is game here. Welcome to notice session of this text yourselves. And this session will show you how to submit multiple treaty camera than scenes using an amazing plug in call overnight. They're trending, so we're not for two. Let's start by googling Deloitte's overnight batch run there. Great Dishpan dynamics link here. This is the page where we can find quick video. Part it. He had a description examples. In here you have the trial and the full version of the Link to download. Let's start a trial version for the purpose of this exercise. Once downloaded in three DS makes less open to plug in my first game to scripting Angie's into Run script Selected opened. Download a script. This is, um, not pets. Run the plague unloaded creates toolbar button that these ones here please check the previous stools. As you can see, just seniors. Four different camera set ups overnight. Batch run The plug in uses multiple cameras and stay setting to submit the current ready seen and external finds with a click of a button under settings, we have destroyed. Yes, Max better and it'll state said, since seen states these three options need to be enabled at all times to set up a scene state simply go to tools and changed to manage since the inception from the list. This is a doll off To save. Seen states simply click in a safe button to save seen state dialogue, largely just to safe seen states such as like properties, conference forms, can properties and so on. The scene parts could be safer. This game review only if you wish and several different Selves seen. Pass for another camera by 700 different scene. State name. Once you're seeing parts are selected, simply type in the state name here for the purpose of this exercise, let's stop in this camera nine and quick to safe as you can see the safe set with its parts are now. Hear this, but in the largest to restore any previously search states. Some of the previously said parts of seen, such as Object Properties, can be later changed by right clicking and choosing properties from the slighted object and change some of his default functions off some of the runners settings. Many scenes say pause can be edited for this camera only in sight as mentioned earlier. You just can restore selected, seen state rename and delete or click to save again and select different parts of the scene to save over. Used to override the previous scene state. You just can say a host of new scenes states here, but each of these cameras to serve a new scene, states click to Safe and renamed the scene State. Select the scene parts he want to safe and glib to save. Now we have two separate seen states that can be used for two separate cameras. Once you happy with you, seen states click to close. This is our users would normally set up a scene, state State said, so similar to since sites to set them up. Simply go to the rendering. Little Ball in Jesus State sets from the list as an example. Let's assume he wanted this chair isolated as a state set click on isolation pud in a site . Still, ball simply choose to art state the state zero to was created. The steps you're one was The default scene is against the year is the object section, which recorded a current state of the objects in the scene. It is also the composited toolbar, with all these functionalities to be set up. If we quiet and a sequence toolbar reductions to assign a camera, you change the sequence. Mount Paektu, the state's toolbar. We have a host of auctions to hide state template or under outputs under old states. Delete our scripts and much more as its escalation mount to turn state 02 on enough simple quick on this sorrow here, this is our state created. You just can right click to rename or use any of these Lisa functions often when using state sets. There's no need to work with, since states of matter under state sets a quite robust and more complete to work with to set up that really a smacks batch Wonder tool. Simply go to rendering toolbar in. Choose to batch run from the list restaurant owners of water down virginal state sets he can also use since states in presets to send out a renders, sets up a specific camera to render simply quick got button, but a fault name was created while selected. Go to the name section to rename it a scale to this camera view in choose to select a camera, My click and attacks into used to select, all followed by right clicking again inches in to copy in the name section, right click induced the paste and press enter on the keyboard. We need to press enter in order for the name to change. Here they are put path blouses to set the location of the render falls to set up the location. Simply click on its whole and Jesus location and the cameras. We can sink the chiefs of relevant camera on the scene state. We can load a preset seen state fall for a specific camera on the preset. We can love one or save a new one by open your under set up. All these Vero parameters can be saved. This preset quoted a precept function. And just to save it while saving the select preset categories, dialogues will be prompted. We can choose old parts or some of the listed ones and click to site. Would a preset saved? He's considerably load it from the list, but surrender has known issues within that run the function. So for using dysfunction, if you can your right preset a large silver rider under upward side dimensions variously setting a runner set up doll. If you had to close this max fall as it is now, the current battery Masetto would have become part of this really seen. So next time you open the vaccine and get back surrender, this dollar would appear these presets loaded. We can also have the potent batch. Render presets by clicking to export best render button new camera's presets. Anna polls can be added to the better and the list using the previous steps before sending any files. Why overnight? Better run. We can override the original Render upward size villages here to do some local toughs. Renders an ex cetera. You just can also set new Oppel full name for the test renders. If you don't set up the runner up will file name for any of the render scenes in a kid. Thea put far names of scenes will be automatically saved in a default location. Seen here. Dysfunction forces serious Maxed. Ignore any potential under warning when enabled dysfunctions overrides any exists in file names when enabled. Dysfunction forces serious max to shut down once or undertaxed I completed. This spotting is to simply run the falls in the kill before sending External Tereus Max falsity overnight. Best friend Kill. Let's turn off the override. Run the settings first. Insure. We have these three functions the name at all times. If you happen to have all three options loaded in your three DS Maxine, do you wanna bet? Run. They will pick one of three options to execute the runners, as mentioned earlier. One setting obviously scenes here. They used the state sets because it's more robust, reliable and complete. Or the batch render in congestion with the scene states for or Process has shown earlier to load up your three DS max. Seen surrender simply quick to show. Run Rick, You next clip Art Falls and select the host of three s. Maxwell's previously set up Ready to Render. As previously shown 50 Under 30 s. Maxine's are not set up a seriously shown the overnight bets. Runner will simply pick the active Cameron the scene and render the output full. Name and location will be saved and full setting. Seriously, Sean once added, we should end up with a list of serious Max Wallace in here. Another way toe aren't multiple. Three. DS Max falls into the render queue is to click on a full the button and set a location of weather. Today s Max Falls will be added from it's button. Allows users to clear all this that fast from the render queue. Eases can also set the total number of files and click OK. We can also harder current seem to run a Q by clicking on this button here. Once you happy with everything, simply click to run the phones. These are some of the final render falls I really hope you find is still useful like in Sharat and Hopes Theme. 28. QProxies with 3ds max: everyone just Jerry here. Welcome to this session of this text for services. In this session, I'll be taking it to the post of using an amazing plugging call. Keep profits Que proxies the three DS max plugging compatible with any rendering engine that most boxes it reduces the polygon count in a scene and help speed up renders substantially what sets this proxy play in, apart from others, its ability to bring back the original Masri textures and modify its previously applied from any rendering engine, not to mention other great features. Such is reeling proximity, current folder removing use, falls and much more. So without further ado, let's start by Googling the name Kid Proxies scroll down and click on the spine. Dynamics linked. Seen here. Here's a quick introductory video by its capabilities and some examples. Here you can buy the light first or the full version. Alternatively, simply, Darling withdraw version by quickness. Link Here this link here redirect seizes to the manual space age where there's a full description of all dysfunctions. Once the script is downloaded. Simply go to script in toolbar, in juice to run script, but by selecting opening it from its location. This is the main dialog box. That's correct. Toolbox similar to these ones here. Simply What's the previous stools? Body Full is set to create proxy from static objects is seen here. To general approx it. Simply click on this button to correct process. In this scene, we can't have four identical shares is a mash by turning one of them into a proxy can instance ing them. It will make your rules in much lighter and quickly surrender. As mentioned earlier. Here we have the option to convert the process of static objects. Animated PRS. PRS stands for position, rotation and static. Here we have the option for animated informations. Old geometry. This section allows users to automatic with select multiple objects in the scene by the minimum and maximum number of faces off each selected object by nearly in the years size filters. You can also slap objects in the scene by their minimum and maximum dimensions when creating process. Did four option? It's quite from selected objects in the scene. Only he can change it to all geometry to create proxies from all the geometry in the scene . Dysfunction in close, always and subjects. This pension ignores hidden objects. While the process have been courageous, this option automatically convert similar objects into instances. Instance. Copies are lot quicker to render than simple copies. Dysfunction Converts Group Objects is a single proxy file on the polygon reduction to default messages. Settled multi resolution. The fort one of 500 says the average number of verses displayed in a vehicle to be quite smooth optimizers lived in displaying of people that's changing to 300. Instead, either skin cheese optimizer is lucid, explain of import as multi rails or pro up to either on the match type. He just can choose from source or any of the list of types in here again. These are for display purposes in the people on it. If you had to choose a custom master, then you would have had to pick an existing proxy. Imagine is seen to be displayed as a mass type. The Save Objects function allows users to choose harder. Proxies will be generated. It's set to sail objects altogether by default. However, he's a skint used to save by group by layer or individual. In a message stool spot on a reference falls, he can set the location where the proxy far should be saved into. Otherwise, you will be saved in a default fall. By clicking this button, you will open the current folder. This button removes the news proxy phones, and this button collects reference files to Spartan selects boxes in the scene. This button brings original mashes with materials and modifiers back into the scene. This one automatically rulings boxes to current Fullers. Two Spartan drillings proxies to new fall. This one's Lex boxes with missing rough users and this button open The proxy reference falls back in the great processed er, less clicking the generate proxies button while one of the chairs is selected. Click yes to accept the general proxies. This is a process created with diversity displayed in the importer 300 in a managed to all star. Here we have the Reference Notes name, which is the name of the original chair. On the reference file, you have to direct your weather process. Reference follows save into by clicking this, but you can change the proxy for location. The X reference made function is gonna reference in the original materials from its location saved no longer from this open scene, show an example that's put unusual editor and isolate. A proxy chair can click under next exit desolation in a sign of different materials to the chair, followed by clicking to render again, as you can see even do. A new material was assigned to the chair. The original materials were rendered because the X reference met function is still enabled . That's disable the X reference malfunction on rendering again, As you can see with the ex reference mode function, disable the materials are now being roofers from the scene, which is amazing. Let's enable the extra fit function again in a man. Still stab is Mission Aaliyah. This button brings back the original mashup textures and modifies. Click on it to bring back the mash and except to bring the original object is he can see the chair. MASH has been brought back to the original material on its original location is an example . Let's make the floor surface, which is a floor generator Modify applied to it. Next, go to the great proxy sister neglect general process. The average versus value was said to 300 this water surface displaying of you boys of a dropped to bring the regional mash with the material and modify applied. Simply click on this button s previously town. As you can see, the floor match was brought back to the material and modify approve, its replied, which is an amazing feature and currently the passing the market. Next, select a chair is previously done. Go to the create process time increasing reverses. The father living creates proxy. I select the chair de select the use proxies Runda button collector ever again is again see by de selecting the use proxies in there under button. The polygon reduction has been using the view port like the use proxies. Render button again in Quitman before sending the fund Orender. Let's copy instances, proxy it around the table and delete the original mass chairs as a final example to see how the minimum and maximum number faces his work. Let's start by creating four spheres of several copies so that all four spheres and click to generate proxies. It's Max Cryptology is a warning that no objects in the scene will fund. With this minimum number of faces, the series of less than 1000 faces each click OK to close a dollar decrease the minimum number of faces to one instead, so that all spheres and clicked general process again. As you can see, the proxy was not generated. This has happened because the minimum number of faces was set to one, but the average number of verses is still at 500. Local objects often have less than 500 verses, on average for D C average number of verses to 100. These two pointers are totally dependent on one another. It's let all full spheres in clicked General proxies again. As you can see, the process have now being generated this function to convert copies to process. Also Converse a copied Sears. Two instances of one another. Back in John Main scene, let's check to find Orender. This is a fun run, which was rendered a lot quicker because of the instance Foxes. I hope you find this tool useful like and share it and hopes 29. Verge3d with 3ds max L: thats Jimmy here. Welcome to the session of his technical services. This session I'll be taking you through the process of creating eye catching instructive abs using an amazing plaguing called verse treaty. First Reedys compatible with V. S Max 2018 and above. It's also available for Blender and Maya, so without fried Redux, let's start by opening through this maxi named car start dot max, followed by Googling the name first reedy and clicking on this link. Seen here. This is the websites is you scrolled on in this step? We have diversion of those three D for blender In this step, we have division three years, Max, and this stuff for my two pups is sexist lies. We can't use verse really for three DS max to download it. Simply click on this tab here. Also have numerous step by step rituals here and hard to use it. Once the software is downloaded, simply double click and store it. Once I was told, Restart suggests Max most everyday should appear. When you're told what has seen here, it's mentioned earlier. Bush Reading works best with three s next 2018. Currently, it's only compatible. Three. It's Max physical materials in standard lighting. Just start up in the material editor by clicking on this button here to load up the physical material. Shader Simple Take When this struggle in, choose to shade in the material process hollow. Next that sees a material preset by clicking here in choosing the red sports car Pain from the list to name the material slot selected. Preset name right click induced a copy to text in Paris in the name field by default. The material model. Gissin. Time set to stand. It is the best to advance, as he currently is, almost set it up to advance. In order to have access, the Reflections group can other important functions. Copy the base color Swatch and Pacey under the reflections and make it slightly darker by clicking. Been holding his color Swatch and change is fun, you say Scroll down to check the remaining settings. Here you have the description of each deal loaded in perspective. People rightly here in Giusti Edge faces option disruption. We let you see the selected objects in the view port. Select the car body in a scientist material to it. Next, select the glass area. It's currently grouped, Go to the group Sue Bar in just Opened group Victor Glass Object. Select a new material slot and load. A new physical material s previously done. She's a glass solid geometry pre set as opposed to the glass in geometry. Brass in geometry is mostly applied to glass surfaces such as window glass and tables. Experience. We done copied attacks and place it under them still slot name and assign into the car glass for the car. Highlights that Scarpetta class material by dragon into the next lot in naming it. Let's change the material mode to advanced because you want the headlights to be self eliminated. That's increased the mission and value to about 0.19 is again. See the glass materials slightly brighter them. Assign into the headlight object in the seat. Next, let's select a ream objects in the scene, followed by selecting a new material slot and loading a new physical materials Previously done in material preset due to call material. Let's rename this material as chrome changes space color swatch dark gray in changing until motor advance, the next material be against create is a plastic material in the View port. Select his front part of the car and maximize of U boat selected guard rooms again, and it's signed it. Crawl material to select the front. Bar that car again in a new material. Slop Loved. The physical material is previously done and cheese a rubber mature preset from the list crop in pace a preset name in the materials law Because you want a plastic material to be really dark. Best click on it's refreshing color swatch and changing but darker color to reduce reflectivity double quick and was your editor to maximize next decrease of roughness values until you see the sheen coming through the surface. Also, let's make the base color completely dark. Selected car fenders and assigned a rubber must feel to it a sanity. The ties as well. Next. Clicking a customised tool ball into user preferences. Option from the list on the general tab increased the CNN deal levels of 500. This would allow you to undo up to 500 levels in case you making a steak under false step. Let's increase the backup intervals to 30 minutes, depending on the far side. Sometimes it's best to increase the auto backup interval times if the max politics too long to save clicker pray to close a dollar. Next, let's create a camera. By clicking this command, I can select a camera button flow by clicking and dragging it in the top. The airport. Right, great toe exit creation, right. Clicking cheese to move to love and adjusted camera accordingly opened modified panel and change it to a freak out. This will give you the flexibility to move the camera freely. The large target constraint is unlike the report and knew the camera up to eye level or 1.64 meters in a prospective you poor change of you to the selected camera. Next, we're going to load the next year. I'm a to the environment map. Before we do so, click on the plus tax. It just configured vehicles under the display performer. Stand change of you. Poor background to one father 500 pixels. If he's not set to that size, already high five years will be sharper. However, it may slow down your computer under the background tab, changes can function to use environment background in clicked applied active, you next click on running to bar in choosing environment option from the list. Alternatively, simply for us eight and a keyboard pro by clicking environment map double in your browser. Click and a bit wrapped in Jesus SGR image. Unlock this padlock and said his display scale colors to 10. This finding work will K for this exercise, however, feel free to enter different values if you wish. Next, dragon drop is tuggle into an empty until slot into user instance. Method. It's great lights. Let's click on the lights. Come on, button. Those treating works mainly with standard light, such as target sports, Free sport, target direct, free, direct and on the lights. For the purpose of this exercise, let's selected on the light in creating the scene moving. Adjust the light followed by going into the modified panel to enable the shadows. Simply check the shadows. Function here, scroll down to see for the 1st 3 D like parameters. Most of these parameters were world by default. When it's seen is exported to Verse three D. The shadows may look dark with unusual Rectify this simple, increasing emission values of a specific juror slightly as previously done because you want this scent of interactive, we're going to correct buttons to be later used to change the material of the car body. It's correct. The first button investigated the shapes Command in Jews to circle. In a front report, click and drag to correct the circle. Go to modify panel, as mentioned earlier. Most light materials and objects will come with the adversary. Need parameters as seen here, increase its interpellation to make the circle smoother. Moving positions circle so it's in front of the camera, expanded parameters and reduce its radiance to make it smaller. This for position again. Next up in Michelle Edison, select the red carpet material in Copied a Texan eight. Followed by placing it in a circle object name field and a text subject in front of a summation earlier is crucial to name materials and objects accordingly related. Pick them in verse. Three D heart explode. Modifying an increase in mind to five millimeters to copy it while selected. Hold on the shift key and moved a circle down after named blue. Here, an object changes object color to blue by clicking here in changing its color, change this circle color to red. Next, let's create a new material slot by dragging and dropping this red material. Id the name blue here and changes color. Salute Sandis material to the Blue Circle Object. Copy the last circle and name it Yellow Object Genius Scholar is previously done great in yellow material. Using the same approach is before before exporting is seen to 1st 3 D Click anniversary detail bar into disruption to sneak peek thistles. A quick preview off the final result. Next, go to diverse arena toolbar into inception to run APP manager. It's creating new at Click on this icon here and name it accordingly. Accepted four settings is it can see a new apus created every time and I piss created. It goes into the specific folder is senior. It's often under your local C drive. Users uses first reedy and applications Inside Applications folder he can see only UPS created is again See a temporary guilty F All in three DS Max World was automatically created under the name off the They need to be overridden with our own Julius Max Fall and Guilty fo. It's great puzzles coding for this new happy. We need to click on this button here before we start quoting puzzle codes. We need to first export country desk Maxine as a GLT fr former back in three DS max. Go to diverse really toolbar and just export to jail TF in export dollar. Make sure to override the placeholder far off to my script. Traitor under the name card Jamie back in the APP manager thinking a puzzles button to load up the recently exported for this puzzle. Space Age is unique in truly groundbreaking diseases. Don't need any experience in Cody to grow amazing interactive and immersive applications. The puzzles list is broken down into events. Slouches, objects, materials, animations, cameras, scenes time. HTML. They are the R sound video physics, post processing to our bloom and other it. Thanks. You also have logic loops and all these other features listed here. Let's start by quitting on these events. Puzzles double click on this event here to select it. Dis event is to one plea to do something for the purposes exercise. We want one click to go to the selectors puzzles under selectors, where the number of functions that's double click on select an object function trade and fitted to one click puzzle. Click on none to pick the object from the Maxine Victor Brush Metal Road object from the list. This is why it's so important to name objects and materials. According there he Notts Maxine So one click. Don't brushed Metal Road object. We want to do something. Click on the treeless puzzles in just a sign to disposal. As you can see, there are also other puzzles to place takes you set color and much more for the prostitutes . Exercise reaches in the assignment. You'll puzzle That's dragon fitted here to connect with this puzzle in assigned material. Best use another selective puzzle on the selector material. Choose this puzzle dragon fitted to assign them to a puzzle. Clicking Jews a road sports car. Pain from the list again. This is why it's utterly important to name objects and materials according to this vaccine . In this section, two objects begin to find the white puzzle. To fit into it. Click the select disposal under the select An object Cheers. It's puzzle and fitted to the objects puzzle. If disposal wasn't Christ, he wouldn't feeling click. Sometimes you need to go through the list of puzzles to see what fits flicking this puzzle inches the car body object from the list in summary. When you click in this brush metal red object, the assigned material to red sports car paint links the object car body this from generalities were applied to the red button. Next, we're going to get these puzzles and applied into the blue and yellow buttons to duplicate the entire self puzzle simply right quick under specs. Item to set into use it duplicate the entire self puzzles in our duplicated. Next, you're simply going to replace the name of objects in the tools accordingly. In here, let's change this brush metal red object to the brush metal blue objects in here toe one plate on this brush metal blue objects. We assigned his blue sports car paint material here to the same Carboni object. Let's say that coding created so far by clicking this safe but one saved the bottom will turn grey. Let's duplicate the last self puzzles again and repeat the same for this yellow button. Here. Let's save the changes again and click the play. But now we can click these buttons to see how the coding is working. We can also never get around the scene as mentioned earlier. We can use the same approach for textures, lighting, animation, e commerce and much more. We don't want to be a program. These African go on a website or sent his links to clients. It's contact me for more information about this happened. This concludes our tutorial, but really hope you found the situation useful like in Sharat Theo. 30. Q Proxies with 3ds Max part 2: Hello everyone, welcome to another session in this textbook surfaces. In the previous two, we'll explore some of the main key proxies promises. How cookies quite proxies while retaining its modifiers and much more as mentioned earlier, this plug-in works with any rendering engine. Second part series. It will be showing you how to quickly create proxies of needing one gigabytes file with a click of a button using amazing precise. So without further ado, let's start by checking the current size of this 3S maxval is, you can see this file as 850 megabytes in size. This massive size is mostly because of the trees and cars. And see, before we begin proxying the trees and cars, that's lectin first column by clicking this button to isolate the selection, let's maximize a top view. Some of these trees are instances, as you can see here, to check how many faces and polygons under scene, let's click on this plus sign here. Induced to configure the vehicles, go to the statistics tab, enabled total plus selection to show statistics in. And if you apply an okay is it can see the scene is almost 15 million polygons, which will slow down. You can feature renders drastically. As previously shown, define Q proxies simply Google the name and go to this website. In a website, we have the video tutorial with information about the plug-in audited Tools link and a script manual. Here we have a link to get the full version to light version or the trial version. Once downloaded and unzipped, simply go to description toolbar, induced a run script followed by openness script, the script dialogue should pop up crow toolbar button of this script. Simply watch my other spine dynamic tutorial. As you can see, the minimum number of phases object is set to 100 and the maximum is up to 50 million faces. And wave formation by these parameters simply watched the previous key processes sooner. Let's start by selecting all the trees first, while one of the trees are selected, hold under control key and draw a rectangle selection by clicking and dragging it to select large gloms onto trees at once. Next, go to the presets pulldown menu. Here we have the precessed proxies, rocks and trees, vehicles, static vehicles, animation, vegetation, vegetation animators, sculptors and statues, and animated characters. Let's choose a vegetation presets. As you can see, most of these firms as having great art and a mesh type was automatically change to convex hull type. Default mesh type was from source to convert a selection to proxy, simply click the January proxies button here, click Yes to generally proxies and yes continue. It may take few minutes. Here has generated tree proxies. Next, let's select cast in a scene. Choose a vehicle static preset in clicked generate process to trees and cars have all been turned into proxies now. And the oscillation button automatically exit it. Let's check out, optimize the MAX file is now, as you can see here, the file went from 850 megabytes to 348 in few minutes, which is amazing Indeed. Here the bruxism when the input is, it can see its quite easy to novae case and much faucets retina result. I really hope you find this tool useful, like comment and share it, and I'll see you in the next one. 31. SubSpline for 3ds Max: Hello everyone. I'm Jamie, welcome to another session of his textbook sepsis and this session of introducing you to an amazing script tools exploit. As the name suggests, the script works mainly with splines and allows you to scroll and array of different types of selection in material ideas with great ease. So without further ado, let's start by downloading it first, topping the spawn dynamics and press enter in a website. Let's get to the products tab and choose a subsequence. This is a quick tutorial on how to use it, is you scroll down, we have mentioned about the scripts. Pays a link to open a script manual page. Let's right-click and choose the open the link in a new tab. Here we have a very detailed description each of the functions do. Back on the main page. Let's click on this button to get the script post download the vacuum max, click on a script into Bob and choose to run script. Let's pick out, download the script here, open it is the subsequent allo. It's toolbar button here. Let's go to the customize toolbar mars interface on a toolbox tab. Choose this point dynamics command from the sketch Coriolis, select a subsequent action and click the New button here, it's crow any button. And I'm the new toolbar and pledges somewhere on a main toolbar. Let's start by creating a rectangle spot in a vehicle. To say, well the snap tool by open the modifier and increase rectangle size in the viewport. Right-click and choose to beef. This button allows us is to see the vertex number in a vehicle. It only works on multiple slides. By clicking on any of these editable spine buttons, it will convert the spot into S plus five. Click Yes to converse it. As you can see, the vertex numbers are now being shown in a vehicle with a spot enabled. If you unclick it to vertex numbers will disappear. This button displays them Zola, the numbers in the vehicles. By default we are wooden material or D number assigned to all spoiled segment. This segment as unseal ID number one on it. Same for this one. This one and this one here, the material ID numbers are being represented in a gradient color. And in segment r, d numbers here, here, here. And here. You can select segments individually by enabling this button and selecting a segment interview poops, or by dragons collections across the board to multiple segments in the viewport. This button allows ease is automatically grow the number of segments liked it in by clicking on it or click this button to shrink or reduce the number of segments selected. This button will set selections in a vehicle, but segment needs to be selected first. You just can't offset selection foods or backwards. This button selects the segments randomly. Increasing this value. The number of random selections. This button sets the number of sections by click by element only. This section is to select material ID numbers. This section is to set from Sheila de numbers, let's say each segment with a different ID number, topic number two, and press enter to set the segment material. Idea number two is again, see the numbers change from number one to number two. A quicker way to sell material ID number is to simply select a segment in click one of these buttons, just a number that connects segments and set it to material are dealing with three. Slept there next segment has said it's Mozilla. As mentioned earlier. For these changes to take place, the segment button needs to be enabled along with them, Sheila de button. Now we have this segment with them. Sheila de Number one is one we'd material ID number t, discounted material or D number three. And this one Mozilla, D number. For. Now we can use a selected range button to Slight 15 material ID numbers. Next, let's select multiple segments. Hold down the Shift key and a keyboard and move to copy them across flight one other segments and click on the Copy ID button to copy. Slit another segment and click the button to pace until ID. You can see in the viewport to Mozilla, D number four was changed to material or d number one, district make every apply to any of the segments. Here's an example of a scene I've created for clients using the subsequent scripts. Subsequent was used in conjunction with a plugin called ROHC law. Older dot work seen here to show how they're created, let's start by selecting an isolating oneself dot well first, this is one example we're going to recreate. Let's hide it in news original spawning a viewport enabled them to IDs and the segments button does y needs to be selected in vehicle at first click OK. Now we can see Oldham Teilhard de numbers previously creativity, quote, adopt. For the purpose of this exercise, Let's let this group of segments first and sets material ID number to three. Let's select this other group of segments here and set them to LA D number 21. Now we have one group of segments, wouldn't steal IT. Number one, tool ID number t and material IT number three. It's quote didn't work. Let's go to the Query Panel and primitives. Cheesy IT software from the list selector world cone button, followed by clicking and dragging in a VIP which create the icon. Open modify panel, and click on this button to open a dollar lets students a cylindrical Doctype, which is in a rock on library under the industrial ductile. Click to impose selected. And okay, the units mismatched allo, underpay Songjiang. Click the splines button and select the spawning report. To that work is created to display set top boxes by default. Let's change it to quick mesh for more accurate previous reports. And click the Edit button to open the dialogue like this item generator and opened the limit tab. Enabled them to an id function to limit the ducks surface to Missoula d number one, only under the padding group, set the end value to about 15 millimeters. As you can see, this duct work is only affecting this material ID number one. Let's change a viewport displayed to shade it to see the material. While the rural Karnataka is still selected in the vehicle, press control v and keyboard to copy it in a clone options dialog, choose to copy. Change it up, work style in the sauna, different material number type. Let's click on this button again and choose a different ducks though. Once criteria, click on that it's a button. Again, select the item generator and certainty and ID limit to three. Enabled them to t function is you can see now the new Duckworth is only affecting the aims with them till id number three is, let's selecting copy another row called object in the vehicle. Choose a cylindrical deck, again, open to style. It is a one small. Set them to Lai De limit to number two and enable them to ID function under patting set to start to 300 millimeters and yen to 200 millimeters. As you can see, now we have 123 on objects affecting different between ID's previously set by the subsequent script. Let's use the select query decal to select all three material IDs in the spline, unlock it first, and set the maximum of the three, followed by clicking in the ID arrange button. And the set button, we can choose how different sets of duct work should line up along the spine. 0s in these materials are D number sets. We use this resource IDs button to reverse back to the original set exits oscillation mode. This is how most of the world was created in the scene. I really hope you find this tool useful, like comment and share it. And I hope to see on an x-ray.