3ds Max + Vray + Photoshop : Photorealistic marketing images | Jamie Cardoso | Skillshare

3ds Max + Vray + Photoshop : Photorealistic marketing images

Jamie Cardoso, Viztechsupport services

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7 Lessons (1h 43m)
    • 1. House outside postproduction

    • 2. 3ds max Vray frame buffer settings

    • 3. Vray multimatte element & 3ds max

    • 4. Interior Design 3d Rendering Tutorial

    • 5. Forest pack vraylight select

    • 6. Floor generator

    • 7. DOF Control the depth of field effect in Photoshop or AE, using a depth map from Vray


Project Description

1- Post-production of an exterior daylight scene in photoshop

2- V-Ray Frame Buffer settings/parameters in 3ds max

3- How to create V-Ray multimatte render elements in 3ds max

4- Post-Production of an interior daylight scene in photoshop

5- How to use Forest Pack and the Vray light select script with 3ds max and vray   

6-How to create procedural floors with the Floor Generator script 

7-How to create the depth of field (DOF) in post production 

The Project FilesHD Videos, Custom Captions/Subtitles3d Models, Textures, PS files, and much more are available for All Lectures.    

Every technique covered in this course is backed by 10+ years of experience in the 3d Visualization/Production Industry, and popular Books Published on these key subjects .                             

Finally, my methodologies are widely implemented by Award Winning Visualization companies and famous Film Studios World Wide.

Project/Resource Files Link :  https://drive.google.com/open?id=12-lVk5EiT5Vmj-CQzz7VNudfh3HSg4gZ 


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