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2 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 3D in After Effects

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About This Class


Creating 3D in After effect is an interesting topic, there are lots of plugins that allows you to import and create 3d object right inside of After effect like Element 3d but, sometimes you don't need to create complex 3d objects or surface instead of that, you want some simple 3d material and beveling effects to give your project a sense of realism. In the latest version of After Effect there is a render engine called Ray-traced render engine that allows you to create 3d effects like extruding but, it is very slow up to this point and for a very simple 3d extrusion you need minutes to render so, in the After Effect CC 2017 version there is a new render engine beside of it called Cinema 4D renderer engine. It is fast and very powerful.

In the latest version of After Effect there is a render engine called Ray-traced render engine that allows you to create 3d effects like extruding but, it is very slow up to this point and for a very simple 3d extrusion you need minutes to render so, in the After Effect CC 2017 version there is a new render engine beside of it called Cinema 4D renderer engine. It is fast and very powerful.

In this class, i am going to show how to use this powerful 3d renderer engine to create amazing effect and materials in After Effect.

Let's get started :)

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HU Shahir

Motion Graphic /Visual FX Artist (Polygon Motion)


Hi, I am HU Shahir, Motion Graphic Artist and UI/UX Designer based in Germany.

I love to share what I already know and what I learned from other people in the creative industry.

I have 6 years of professional experience working with major TV Channels and Media productions companies in Kabul and Germany.As I always loved to share what I know and help people to achieve their goals I have started building my teaching startup Polygon Motion.

Polygon Motion is a provider of online training courses and tutorials in Graphic design, Motion Graphic, User Interface Design, 3D Animation and Visual FX Fields on different online training platforms.

Polygon motion helped those of students across the world to learn creative skills.


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1. Introduction : Hey, guys, The tree from Polygon Motion and welcome to this chart class in the store class. I want to talk about how to create treaty text extruding inside of after effect without any terms party plaguing. We will use cinema four D rendering engine, a new render engine inside of after effect that allows has to create really extrusion with some Matara option in our service, So let's get it started. 2. 3D in After Effects: So the good news is that in the latest version of half Perfect after fix CC 2017 ah, a new render option tree render engine off cinema Four years added on and it has a lot of improvement on in case of creating Treaty, Bev Hills and pretty extruding Texan objects. And also there's there's very nice improvement in speed of it at a version on older version of athletic. We have re trist in Gene that it was work fine. Now it's available in this version as well that it was. It was very, very slow, and it takes a lot of time. But in this version with cinema four D rendering rendering engine inside of our perfect, it is very, very speedy. It's very fast, at any rate, rece Injun on older version of our perfect. So with this rendering engine in the athletic, you can create treaty text extra being. You can create different kinds of Bethel. It's on. Also, you can create some some simple math really options like um creating environment maps. HDR I map and also integration off to the objects which a reflection map and it's particular a, um, intensity and this kind of matter of options that gives you disability to create very, very nice Ah, Matthew Matt rials in our perfect that include a speculator reflection child on some calories stuff. So I've created a very nice example in here. If I played for you guys, you see that it is very, very nice because the quality salad bear Ah, low because its own quarter My system is not war. Oh my See my system performance not good at all. I just want to show you guys how it's look. But if you just jump into full quality, it will have it. It has a very high quality. And also you see that these reflections on if you if you should this kind of example to a person to a normal person who don't know this feature an athletic dated thing that you have just created this in cinema four year, any other treaty, softer applications. But the fact is that we that have created this from ground up in our perfect within you a cinema four D rendering engine. You see interaction of the athletic colliding here and also the shadow. Very nice off shadowing. Here, let me just put this into terror because my system is not working so good. It's very law performance. You see some recollections in him. In thes biddle, age is a big deal ages and also some light interaction and it's fork flying and it is great . And you seen here we l renderers in cinema Foreign on it is good. So let's create a new composition and a new composition when you create new composition. There was a tap called treaty renderers and if I go to treat a rendering at rear end over, it is different motivational for you because because my come one waas on cinema Fourie back your renderers should be in classic treaty in default. You see that we have rate Reese Treaty that it is not good at all. I don't like this because it is very, very slow on just selection and four e. And there was some options and hair that he can just put the quality you can go to extreme high quality. If you want that in in a matter of cookies, I just want to show you just in the raft mode and click OK and you see that decision before we render enables Extrusion are fixed and shapes. It is preferred Render for extra treaty work on most computers. Also recommending to use soon Afford rent over for 20 extrusion so click OK and let me try The name of it is just forgot to to type the name are called treaty a treaty See like to meet it that just call a treaty So the first thing is creating new fix Indistinct sward be just create e and also make collective its larger and put it in the center fed up 200 also I want to use this motion this script to just Cheney to ankle pointing Couldn't do it in here as well. Bad it is good because I have motion Ah script Now we have our fixed and also I want to create And you solid by prison Common common vie on call this BG and put this collar on it Click Ok, so now we have a very nice to t And now we have a very nice and simple to t seen. So the first thing is that I want to create a new camera. New camera 50 millimeter was okay on also The cool thing is for environment, For for getting a very nice reflection I have downloaded a free year. I'm app that you can find on Google Just type freeze your eye map and just down with this kind of ah environment map. So at the first I want to make this HDR I'm apt to act as an environment map. What it means, it means that we just want to see the effect of it on our reflection. But we want we don't want to see that in our composition And there the actual image itself by selecting your issue or I map and go to layer and clicking on environmentally at it will change it to treaty and then it on Lee effect a reflection and it only effect has a reflection map on your composition. So just put it in here. And also I want to make this BG solid treaty and also I want to make e ticks treaty as well . So just put this to quarter on. If I Now, if I go to e text on, do you see that new tab is available in here from each your math re option and math real options. So in German three option, I can simply change the extrusion fip. And also Aiken, simply slick did bibulous Thailand here. So let me creating you know as well on blink my camera to Noel, object on make a treaty as well and just turned around orbit round a little bit to see the effect of treaty. And yet sorry, you have to select my no object a little bit. Not too much to see the extrusion effect pretty well. So the next thing is, Dad lets me put this BG NZ depth because it's acting as a background and also a scale it app so e in our text, we haven't extrusion depth. Let me just turn it to thin are maybe two 45. Now you see that we have a very nice extrusion battle you want see reflection because and much real option. We have to just change some parameters. Don't worry about that. If I go to math, real options and first options, we have cast shadow if you want to Ah, see the shadow effect on the on your bag around just on this Now it is it won't effect because we don't have Leiber and later on we will create our lights. And also in these a math real options. We will create some changes. For example, if I change the reflection intensity, you will gate some reflection in here. You see, if I turned this HDR I map that we have created turning around orbits around you see that the reflection is also change with it. You see that on in middle in middle weekend changes, reflectivity and shyness off the fix and all the and also speak ill of shyness. We have this kind of things and also to controlling the sharpness and smoothness off their recollection on also in Biddle. If I go to bibulous style, if I go to bibulous style, we have different kinds of civilised, right? For example, if I ah, like convicts, you'll gates, um, Bethel. Listen here. And if I change a little depth on just slick Noel object in turn it around, you'll see some big illness in ham on. Now if I create and light in here and now if I create the light in here pint light on. Also, just put this in here. Maybe it's acting as ah so line and thing a backlight, actually, and also create a not a light. Put it in here. And also I want to make another lights as, ah, over range just to add some more cinematic looking here for for this You see that How lining track with the's treaty elements. I don't screen and satellite as a cool light and put it in here and also just make it a little bed not to match. And if I turned this around by Noel object, you see that these lights and hand and also these afflictions if I go to ah, are Beiji lets me type this speedy. You have some If you met three options that you can change some segments and also in material option, you can add a some reflect reflection intensity and also you can control reflections. And also, if I turned hdr, I map around. You'll see some African here, some some blurriness, and that is very cool on the middle, while like me, change some of them and you see that the shyness and all the things as change and also in light one. We have some options that you can cast a shadow on here you see that? And also, if I go in hand and turn cast shadow, you see that and also I can change the diffusion of the shadow to look more soft. So that was from our class. I hope you guys Ah, and drive from this class and a few in dried. Don't forget to put your reviews. It's the only way to, ah support my activities and support my works on a scale share. And don't forget to check out other Paulien Motion Course classes on a scale. Sheer. There's a lots of things on you anyways designed that you confined from from a scratch from four different Softwares for photo shop for escaped and all these afters I have over 70 class on skills. Don't forget to check out those classes as well. And also make sure to check out artists moody dot com as well because it's my block. I post some articles on this block. Try to be obvious. Does article says Well, so my name is Ichiro and see you guys next time