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3D designing in Photoshop cc

Jamshaid Raza, Graphic designer

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4 Videos (33m)
    • 1 Understandnig 3d enviroment

    • 2 3D Layer and Options

    • 3 Rendering in 3D

    • 4 Rendering in 3D


About This Class

In this lesson you will learn how to design 3D object using Adobe Photoshop CC 2017.





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Jamshaid Raza

Graphic designer

I have more the 10+ years experience in Computer graphic, web and UI/UX designing. I have been working as a freelancer and completed more then 90+ projects worldwide for different international companies. Apart from that I have completed my Master degree in Mathematics and part time I am Mathematics instructor in schools and collages. I like diversities therefore, I go for everything which I think I can do it. And I have one slogan and that is " the aim of my designing is to make smile in yo...

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Graphic Design Creative
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