3D Voxel Art Building Environment Worlds with Unity 5 | Yohann Taieb | Skillshare

3D Voxel Art Building Environment Worlds with Unity 5

Yohann Taieb, Unity, iOS, Android, Game dev, mobile app, reskin

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14 Videos (1h 25m)
    • Introduction to the course

    • 01 Overview and graphic assets download

    • 02 Import custom village unitypackage into Unity project

    • 03 Starting with the village floor layout in Unity 5 editor

    • 04 Extend the village floor layout quickly making reusable prefabs in Unity 5

    • 05 Customizing the vilage flooring using tress and flowers

    • 06 Designing a voxel house in Unity using modular parts

    • 07 Customizing voxel houses using doors and windows and flower pots

    • 08 Creating new unique voxel houses reusing prefabs in Unity 5

    • 09 Customizing home look building fences

    • 10 Enhancing the village adding rocks, bridges, trees, and slabs

    • 001 Extending the village inside of the river boundaries

    • 002 Preventing characters to go through houses

    • 003 Adding battleground boundaries


About This Class


What you see here is a medieval fantastic village that i made in this course. All the steps will be show to you.

I am using Unity 3D to create the video game world.

I will start by taking modular part to create patches of grass, road pathways, and even assemble houses using walls, pieces of roofs, doors, windows, and flower pots.

It's super easy once you know how to do it, you don't need to be an artist or you don't need to be a programer. 

By the way, you will get the modular parts so that you can follow along and take the fantastic worlds that are in your head and make them come to life.

Alright, welcome everyone to this course where I'm going to use Unity 5 and get some modular pieces from a great package and  show you how to build a village of voxel style kind of like Minecraft but for medieval fantastic games like World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy.

If you feel like following along on your own, make sure you download the graphics pack.

What I want to do right now is a background environment like an arena but something like the ones from warcraft where people can play  online multiplayer and play one against one, or 2v2, or five versus five. And basically the teat that kills the other guys wins the tournament and that's what I want to achieve here.

But before I do so the first step is to obviously create the actual arena environment, inside of unity 5.

Now i'm going to do an arena but that's not the only thing that I can do with that village I could create a village for to explore do quests like in world of warcraft. You can also build Minecraft type of games with a whole world, or even just an RTS (real-time strategy) like Starcraft .

Well we can do one village against another village of things like that. 

Should you start with an empty Unity project or should you start with a custom project?

The short answer is: Both way work. 

You can start of from scratch but i'm going to reuse a project I already have so that i can use premade characters to give me a good idea of scale ratios between the world we will build and the people living in it.

All right ...having said so.... let's get started....





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Yohann Taieb

Unity, iOS, Android, Game dev, mobile app, reskin

Yohann holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from FIU University. He has been a College instructor for over 7 years, teaching iPhone Development, iOS 9, Apple Watch development, Swift 2, Unity 3D, Pixel Art, Photoshop for programmers, and Android. Yohann also has plenty of ideas which naturally turned him into an entrepreneur, where he owns over 100 mobile apps and games in both the Apple app store and the Android store.

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