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3D Studio Max - For Beginners

Dr. Petyo Budakov, Impossible is nothing

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About This Class

In this course you’ll learn to use the latest version of 3D Studio Max’s basics tools for modelling and renderings. You will receive hands-on training that addresses real world production issues. However, you should be informed that 3D Studio Max is an extensive program because there is so much you can create with it. Please, be aware the course starts from the beginning, showing you around the program and teaching you how to do the most basic functions. It aims to provide basic experience of 3D modeling practices and applications. The course is suitable for students who aim to master a career in fields involving graphics design, multimedia, creative advertising and digital art.





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Dr. Petyo Budakov

Impossible is nothing

Hi there,
my name is Petyo Budakov and I am a founder of my own studio - Bf Studio Ltd.
I graduated from New Bulgarian University with Ph.D. in Visual Arts.
Actually, the 3D design by using 3D Studio Max is an amazing art. It is my passion, profession, inspiration and may be a leisure.
However, I am a working as a Chief assistant professor at the New Bulgarian University and as a visiting professor at HMKW Berlin - University of Applied Sciences, Germany.
Teaching all...

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