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3D Scanning using Smartphones

teacher avatar Gabriel Teo, CGX STUDIO

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Overview of the 3D scanning workshop

    • 2. 3D scanning with 123D Catch

    • 3. Publishing your 3D scanning video on youtube

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About This Class

We will be using our smartphones to 3D capture objects from our everyday life using the free 123D catch app. Generating 3D models from a series of photographs is a process called 3D photogrammetry. We will explore the simple and fun technique to 3D scan our favourite treasures and share it to the world.

This workshop introduces the exciting world of 3D scanning using affordable gadgets such as our smartphones and digital cameras. The 3D models can be used to prototype ideas in a 3D environment, and keeping a library of 3D models and textures. Common uses of 3D scanning include the medical and architecture industry, archiving of historical artefacts, including 3D scans of our favourite toys and home decorations, even our favourite pets!

We are very excited to see your 3D scans, and let's build an awesome 3D world together! I have made this newly launched premium class exclusively free for the first 25 students. Thank you all so much for supporting my workshops! Cheers Gabriel \m/


High-resolution 3D model scan in 123D Catch

Dropbox link to the photos I took for you to follow along with my class:
3D scanning photos on Dropbox


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Gabriel Teo



Gabriel Teo has more than 18 years of global industry experience working in major film and game studios. In 2001 he headed the cinematic department at a game development studio in Dubai Media City and worked as the visual effects supervisor with Disney Channel ME. He became the visual effects compositor for Weta Productions, New Zealand in 2005 before teaching at Auckland University of Technology, lecturing and heading the animation and moving image departments.

As head of Media Research and Development at Huhu Studios in Auckland, he supervised visual effects for Noah’s Ark, as well as developed collaborative cloud technologies for games’ cinematic production. Gabriel developed the Visual Effects department at SCAD Hong Kong, and led the design an... See full profile

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1. Overview of the 3D scanning workshop: everyone welcome three D Scanning your smartphone class in this class. I'll share guys how we can use our smartphones and take a series of photos around on objects and then stitch it up into a three d just purely using our smartphones. And in our share guys. How 10 years desktop program 123 D catch to stitch up all the photographs that were taken on smartphones and then create an animation turntable off the objects. I'm sure you guys have a can upload to YouTube you can present in class or show ideal clients. So there's a really, really fungible shop, and I hope you guys enjoy it and thank you very much for enrolling in my class. 2. 3D scanning with 123D Catch: So the first thing where we need to do is to launch the at Wonder three D catch. All right. And then you were introduced to the world of scanning that people have done across the world. All right, And if you look on the right side of your screen, you have to look in first to create an account. All right? Once it happened, account you can then swipe to the left, right, And then you can then start a new capture, plus cool test. Easy is that And what I'm gonna do is to focus on the sculpture. Okay, you can see from here. There's a God given to you by auto desk, where you had to go around that sculpture, increased 61st appointed it perpendicular to the sculptor, and then one time toe face it 45 degrees downwards. All right, so we're gonna do a fresh round that's facing this way and look at a brew icon. There's an indication of ready to stand. Okay. I'm gonna focus in this culture like I'm gonna move to the right. You can see there's indication of blue. I can't write there, You say? Okay, this is where you have to take a second photo. All right? And it's moving. Right? Beautiful granite sculpture. All right, So I'm gonna do a full round, and then I'm gonna come back and straight, guys, how we can teach them all together using the at right now. I'm pointing at the stop turned 45 degrees. Okay. So focused on the sculptor. And then so again, I'm gonna go one round and just facing fortified degree thousands had a sculpture, right? So wonder if done, I'm the 360 skin. When you do just hit. Yes. Okay. Right. And then you ask, you reveal photos. Do you want to retake? I love what I do. So I could yes. Again. Okay, So he's saying you're using data. You might use a bit of your internet data. Say Okay, mine. Okay. And over here, you can see that. Now it's uploading to the cloud. Right. And was gonna dio is 123 catch for process or three d in the cloud using the Rennes system . Okay, so we're gonna win just for a little bit. So I paused the current scan. I'm going to just show you guys the previous scan, which I did so once it when it's finished, uploading to the cloud you tell now it's ready. Okay. All you need do is hit. Yes, right. And that you are. The 30 scan is right here. You can use two fingers to move it around to zoom in and out, and you can just use a finger so sort of rotated around, right? It's in for three D, which is really, really cool. Okay, so I like the skin. Okay. Only do ruin right now. Do you say yes? I love it. I'm just gonna keep it okay and ask you to reframe it. So this frame means that when we upload to the community, you're gonna see this as our first frames. I'm gonna make it a pretty frame. Okay, Next. So rename it the creature and the hashtag. Yet Christians can I'm gonna get share. Well, I know it's online in the cloud, OK? And everybody can see your creation right on the 12 or three d catch community. But what's really cool is now you hit a sharing button. Okay? You can't show you Teoh Dropbox. You can save you don't drop balls. You can tweet it. You can shade on Facebook, right? So you can check with lengthen. We can measure your friends off a new skin. So really cool. I'm wake and even measures your friends on Facebook, like by your new skin. So really, really fast and easy Way to use a smartphone to skin sculptures or you go on holiday a museum or you see something you like outdoors. Scan it. Probably to the community and the share with your friends. 3. Publishing your 3D scanning video on youtube: Hi. Guys will come back to our class. So, for this lesson, I want to show you guys how we can use 123 D catch on the desktop and in general, a three D skin off a model and as party to YouTube as an animation. All right, so let's get started. Right? The first thing wanted you guys to do is to go to this website, okay. And then bound. Look, application. Right. So it's available for Mac and PC. All right, So feel free. Download it. Okay in the story. Why this first thing you need to do, and then I want you guys to lock into account. All right, so I'm gonna Simon, this is the same. I'm signing account as what we have done throughout at on our phone. Right. So the same user name and password. All right, So once I've looked into account, what need to do is to go to a come, okay, and then got a recent activity. Cool. OK, so whatever we've done on your smartphone has been uploaded to the cloud and then save onto account that we can get from the browser. Okay, so I'm just going to click on the skin, which we did at since donkey hell. Okay, Okay. You can see now that this is that the scan, which we did earlier. All right, if I go to the three d view over here, we can see in three D Check it out. Really, really cool. And it's all done on our phone. All right? Capes are really cool. You can I'm just maneuver around with the left leg mouths, right? And then you can also use the right click button. Teoh, move it around this way. And also the scroll view toe out. Really awesome game. So he can doing here. But what I want you guys to do is to go to the edit download tap option and then taken down three D models. Okay, so why I want you guys to Dio is toe uncheck, Chris creature skin or the skin, which you did the right. STL. This is for three D printing. We don't want that. The mash package. We don't that I spell this three D objects. What were one is the photographs? All right, we just need a photograph. So have a check on that and then take Donald Moto's okay. And then what? We're gonna do it. Just save it anywhere on your desktop on the hard disk. Okay. So really safe. That zip file. Someone can. So it cool. All right, so the next I want you guys to do it, look at a Z foul and unzip it right in the same zip folder. Once much. Unzip it. You can then see all the photograph. They were taken. Our smartphone. Right running. Really cool. Okay, this is how we synchronized the pictures taken out smartphone and then get it from the browser. Right. So these are the images that we need. I have the images on Dropbox. So you wanna follow along? You can go ahead and deal with the photographs as well. So the next time one knew you guys to do is to launch the 123 d application there were installed earlier. All right, so they sent in their face really simple the first time. What you need to do is create a new capture. All right? I'm just gonna take on it. And then why you need to do is go to your photo, all right? Does it for her And then we need due to select all the images around. You can shift clicking on the images. Okay? And I take open. Okay. And that's a check. Okay, cool. And 39 4 has been selected for upload. So again, auto deaths 123 catch can upload all the files of photographs onto the cloud to making a three d model. Yes, when we name it Toe creature, and then hit. Create cape. So right now, what are the desk to is gonna do is order for grafts onto the cloud to do a three moto from the auto desk. Red Cloud. So once the year for God's bean uploaded, you would tell Okay, has been completed. And then what water that's gonna do it to make a three d model from the cloud came so in progress, this might take a bit of time. So this is where you had to wait a little. Awesome. So once the three d catch finished processing the three model, and this is what you're gonna get, right? So at the bottom right here. This is our order photograph that we've taken with our smartphones in case of Boston. Right? So we can actually look at the model based on the view of the photograph. Okay, Right. So at the top here, these are all the tools they can use Teoh for Enhanced the model. Right? So right now disappears locked onto the a photograph here. Right? His view. So a lot of you all we need to do is click on this camera. I can write their unlock it. Okay, so now we can choose using the rotation tool throw today around. Okay. And this doesn't mean it now, till begins will meet amount. And then there's the pen two, depending around of. You supposed right. Depend. It is a meaning out. And then you can rotate it around this way to OK, so all these little camera there See here these are all the indication of the camera on a path that were from taken outdoors. So the next have one on one you got to do is to look in a model, right? So if I zoom in because it had videos are their super awesome. Alright, guys, come out okay. And I'm gonna he the rotation tool and looking a top view right there. Some artifacts here that I didn't really want it. I want to delete them away from the model. Or I need to do is to take on this less so to this one. Okay. And I'm just gonna go around the areas they want. Deletes. So where are you? All right, it becomes red and just hit the delete key on your keyboard. All right. Suppose in both again. Just do a cleanup off edges. He believed. All right. I want to move it around again. Just get on the pencil, tending to the middle and then again using a eso select all just the areas that I wanted to Let's all right. So there's a good way to clean a moral Especially if you are skinning out those my skin in additional 20 items that you want to delete. So there's a good flow Teoh practice. Okay, awesome coat. And I'm gonna get on the rotation tool. And today, back to the view. I love what you have done. And the next phase one assured guess how we can exported as an animation to YouTube. All right, So what I want you guys to do, you should look at the bottom left corner called Animation Path in Cape. So right here. Right. So what you need to do is to open up, right? And then there's two options. There's created default animation path or create from current view. So what when you got to do, just create, just click create default animation path? Okay, so it's gonna complete the key frames based on our camera path. They've been walking around through around it. Sculpture. Okay, so once you hit dead, all you need to do is he play over yet? All right, So what the animation does is gonna follow along the path off the photos They were taken on sites and then create a rotation turntable animation, which is super awesome, May. All right, So the first thing is how to export it to YouTube. It's super simple. All right, so over here, they've already created for you. Attack. All right, So when you need to do to try to you too, and then you can just pick on a cone, your possible it and then just publish it right? You can publish 280 p. That's awesome, too. Okay, right. Option for you. What if you just want to ask what? He has a movie. Okay, So option for you is to just click on the movie icon right here and now You can specify where you want to save the foul, okay? And then you can go Teoh Hasty, preset 180 p and then just render all right. And you can get a Navy I movie that you can upload to YouTube and Joan Facebook and then even possible to collect in the studio. All right, so have fun. And this is a really cool way too easily. Skin sculptures and environments and things that we love. And in a pretty to YouTube. And we can even publish it to the gallery both on the phone and through the application. It's fun. Congratulations were finishing the class. I'm very excited to see your skins and post it on YouTube. Share reverse on. Gonna see the world around you. So thank you very much again for enrolling in my class. And I hope you see you next time in my next workshop.