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3D Scanning using Smartphones

Gabriel Teo, Academy of Media Arts

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3 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Overview of the 3D scanning workshop

    • 2. 3D scanning with 123D Catch

    • 3. Publishing your 3D scanning video on youtube


About This Class

We will be using our smartphones to 3D capture objects from our everyday life using the free 123D catch app. Generating 3D models from a series of photographs is a process called 3D photogrammetry. We will explore the simple and fun technique to 3D scan our favourite treasures and share it to the world.

This workshop introduces the exciting world of 3D scanning using affordable gadgets such as our smartphones and digital cameras. The 3D models can be used to prototype ideas in a 3D environment, and keeping a library of 3D models and textures. Common uses of 3D scanning include the medical and architecture industry, archiving of historical artefacts, including 3D scans of our favourite toys and home decorations, even our favourite pets!

We are very excited to see your 3D scans, and let's build an awesome 3D world together! I have made this newly launched premium class exclusively free for the first 25 students. Thank you all so much for supporting my workshops! Cheers Gabriel \m/


High-resolution 3D model scan in 123D Catch

Dropbox link to the photos I took for you to follow along with my class:
3D scanning photos on Dropbox






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Gabriel Teo

Academy of Media Arts

Gabriel Teo has more than 18 years of global industry experience working in major film and game studios. In 2001 he headed the cinematic department at a game development studio in Dubai Media City and founded an animation studio in 2003 in Dubai with Disney Channel ME as his primary client. He became compositor for Weta Productions in 2005 before teaching at Auckland University of Technology, lecturing and heading the animation and moving image departments. As head of Media Research and Devel...

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