3D Printing - How It Will Disrupt & Create New Jobs. And, What YOU Can Do Now... | Bridget Clarke | Skillshare

3D Printing - How It Will Disrupt & Create New Jobs. And, What YOU Can Do Now...

Bridget Clarke

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11 Videos (24m)
    • 3D Printing & You - Introduction

    • What 3D Printing is - a brief overview

    • Manufacturing vs 3D printing. Why 3D printing is Going to Grow

    • What is Happening Now in the 3D Printing Sector

    • What a Disruptive Technology is..

    • The Future of 3D Printing

    • Which sectors might be Disrupted by 3D Printing

    • Which Sectors are Forecast to Grow using 3D Printing

    • What can YOU do? Eight tips to take away..

    • A short easy project - your ideas..

    • Bibliography


About This Class

3D printing is a growth industry. Learn how 3D printing could affect your job and, on the positive side, what job opportunities are forecast to emerge in this growing sector

In this short snapshot series on 3D printing you'll discover:

  • What 3D printing is
  • Traditional manufacturing vs 3D printing - why is it a growth industry
  • What is happening right now in 3D printing
  • The future of 3D printing
  • The sectors 3D printing is predicted to disrupt
  • The sectors projected to embrace 3D printing & what job opportunities are likely to emerge
  • What YOU can do - 8 tips to take away..

. Learn about 3D printing and position yourself for the future. Be savvy & stay ahead of the crowd!





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My clients have included people in senior roles through to individuals with significant barriers entering the workforce.

I have a Masters degree in Education and prior to retraining as a careers pra...

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