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3D Modeling for Illustration

Oscar Iván Jiménez

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22 Lessons (7h 45m) View My Notes
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 2D Concept Design: Using References

    • 3. 2D Concept Design: Illustration Using References

    • 4. 2D Concept Design: Finishing the Donut

    • 5. 2D Concept Design: Final Details and Background

    • 6. 3D Modeling: Starting the Process

    • 7. 3D Modeliing: the Arm

    • 8. 3D Modeling: the Face

    • 9. 3D Modeling: Legs and Hat

    • 10. 3D Modeling: unwrapping

    • 11. 3D Modeling: Character Variations

    • 12. 3D Modeling: Digital Sculpting

    • 13. 3D Modeling: Insert Mesh Tools

    • 14. 3D Modeling: Create and Export Textures

    • 15. 3D Modeling: Fixing Textures

    • 16. 3D Modeling: Importing Models and Textures

    • 17. 3D Modeling: Creating Texture Variations

    • 18. 3D Modeling: Organizing the Scene

    • 19. 3D Modeling: Organizing the Scene 2

    • 20. Rendering: Assign Materials to the Scene

    • 21. Rendering: the Final Illustration

    • 22. Bonus: How to Create Keyshot Materials


About This Class

In this class I will teach you from the beginning all techniques required for 3d illustration.

What is the advantage about 3d illustration? well, once you already finished your characters and scene, you can select a different camera angles and get infinite render variations for your illustrations.



Which software is required? 3ds Max, keyshot and Adobe Photoshop.

What you will learn? We are going to cover a lot of topics, starting with concepting, modeling, digital sculpting, rendering and more. If you are a beginner, don't worry, I will cover everything necessary to create your own project, Also I will include my projects files if you want to take a look the result and process.


1. Introduction: Hi, everyone and welcome. My name is humaneness. And three, the artists and designers from Colombia B three, the artist For about five years now this training curves I'm gonna teach you my techniques . About three. The demonstration using three DS Max Ky ship and the father shot, we're going to cover a little topic slide modeling, sculpting rendering. It was processing on much more. The Cygnus X will teach you how to use them. This software required for three the administration from the beginning. I hope you can use everything you learn here for you to create your own projects and ministrations. So let's begin with the training and have fun. 2. 2D Concept Design: Using References: okay. In the first part, off the strength occurs. We are going to make the basic concept of sign about were about our project. So I'm going to We're going to make some toothy ministrations that just a basic one. We are not going to focus. Ah, word art war came to create a realistic design. Now we need only Ah, a basic idea about what we're going Teoh in in in the three d modelling process. So a first Errol, I do recommend ah, to visit this. What patient called pockets till you here You can find a lot off and three d end to the illustrations. There are work is really amazing and incredible. So I really, really do recommend and to to take a look about it this way with this weapon. Um, so here had bean doing load an illustration about about a nice screen. As you can see, all these illustrations in illustration involves and a syrah Clark sign all these characters and and and it's in this kind of stuff. Has these circular designed these sphere design? So, Seka, look another one. This is a three. The illustration which cares a lot off characters on it. And these characters also has. And this it's fear design old. It's very, very beautiful. It's highly highly complexity and environment. Bet the the the principles about the three d modeling at literally the same, even their Roberts has thes fears in o his body so you can see another image about and this kind off our work. So I really, really do recommend to and to to take a look about this weapon. And you need to understand the basic reference at our work. If you want to create something and something special, another webpage, the do recommend is and the Andrew Hickey Kinky boot him. And what page? Because here you confined and more and more stylish work about people bad. The principles about his artwork is literally the same. So I really, really do recommend to take a look about this patient, especially the colors are are very similar, like the pockets. Still you with Paige. Okay, so the first thing that we're going to to is is open at the father ship to, and we're going to place a some images that could be very useful to if if you want to start your concept thing process. So we're going to play to place on it, and then we are going to create the the basic concept design. So in the in the next tutorial in the next video, I'm going to show you how to do it, how to do that. So let's continue in the next beat him. 3. 2D Concept Design: Illustration Using References: So let's continue with the second part. And right now I'm going to make the the basic and donut concept. So, Aziz, you can see here I have has the reference images in and this thesis folder. And now we're going to create a second folder, and we're going to call it, Done it. So inside here, Insight Done it, father. And, um Ah, a real place. Ah, a new lawyer and a real name. And let's listening. Um, basically so in the base color. Liar. I'm going to use them. The Ellipse, too. So let's select a, uh, a pink color like this, and let's create our done it. Um, as you can see here, the gift we we kept A We gather this this basic. I'm sorry. Fine. OK, now, once you have created thesis based color, I'm going to rest Arise lawyer. Right, sir. Nicely So And do you have no right now you create a Solich a solid color. So And once you have thesis solid color, you need to erase the the center off our done it, like, just just like this. Okay, I'm going to and increase the size of our mother. No, I'm going to apply on an effects. A stroke to create just simple. You okay like this? So here, right now, as you can see, we get we get there the basics and the basics about our inish. So I'm going to use right now. Damn, the magic went to and let's let's select the insight or our done it After death, you you need to select the granting to right like here, like this, And just place some colors, some pink pink variations to give to our How can he say to our model or to keep him? Ah ah, bull metric A wall metric effect. So right here, maybe be like this and yeah, Yeah, you could. It's work to me. So right now I'm going to place some of thesis this color, I don't know how to say, and in English, Spanish, we say. And a cheese bus. Ah, I don't know which is the correct war to say that, but let's place these this chips. Yeah, I think that chips is the correct the correct and the correct name or the correct ward to Sadie. So let's put some chips. And in this sir, face off our work, done it. Maybe with this round it rectangle to to I'm going to create a new lawyer. And let's I'm sorry. Let's change corner and let's see. Okay. I'm sorry. I know I know what's happening. Maybe this site the size and just create another one. - Yeah . Seems like a being used, uh, on incorrect technique. So to do that, you need to to create at this, please chips like this. And I'm going to place in this in this surface. Let's let's give him some variations, and we're We need to rotate some of them. This maybe like this. All right. This something like this, and I need it. And right now need to Yes, you can see here. I'm going to Russell Rice lawyer. I'm sorry about my pronunciation. It do no have any, dear. How to say this. This how to prone Prince. This thesis him and this warden. So once you have you, can you have? You have made it this process. I'm going to marriage this oldest layers, and I'm going to duplicate this trips and I'm sorry. Let's let's block this Some that skim this. Give him some variations again. Let's rotate it and OK, we get we get this. - Okay ? And now it Now we have once we we has thes this basic and and this basic sort face, we need to marriage old this liars again. I'm going to select on the no money I'm going to select a the insight, Our area off our done it, um that fares I need to rusted rights lawyer. It's very hard to to to say that that war and I'm going to select this later again and I'm going to right now. I'm going to to apply it. Modify And I'm sorry. Let's see in Versed it Let's see, let's see and could arrange more if I expand theater in verse embers I am I need to to use this embers and and comment. So once you apply the embers, you need to delight the lead. Oh, old old chips that are outside that were done it. So here we have and more beautiful done it, Mark. So let's see a or let's let's take a look about these faces. This and this face is, um, As you can see, the some of them has these beautiful tickets like this or this or this for this. So maybe I'm going to I'm going to use, um thes This is style. Something like this or this. So let's see. It's boots to teats. Let's create a new lawyer and do you need to put it just and just like this on, let's see which to a could be work for us and gain their ramit rectangle tool. It's changed the cooler. Something like this. And this again. Okay, we can't thes two teats. - Okay , well, and now I need to create and the mouth or or maybe we I don't need need to do it. I I'm not sure if I want to to make this area like, like like or are. Make the mouth right here. Let's see. Let's see again. Yeah. I think that I'm going to make us a month right here, and I'm going to place a in front off this, too. It's so let's see, you know, something like this, we are going to use their the lips tool. And okay, now with the pet to I'm going to am He raced this one, and we need to convert to again to convert 2.2. - Yeah , I need to make a more much more bigger of this area. And yeah, I'm going to marriage this shapes and going to Yeah. Now we get the mouth, be a little bit smaller, and now I'm going to place the ice. We need to duplicate this eyes, but I think that I need to take a look about about our reference lets you which kind off off Mullican work for these and guns up the sign right now? Well, small is beautiful. This state also are very beautiful. So I think that I'm going to to place a lips around thes area. So let's create with spent two. And now I'm going to move old dispirit disease and so you can see here and yeah, and now I'm going to change the the lips courtroom. I'm sorry. It seems like an and make this the I in the same liar like elipse like the lips. So Okay, now I'm going to activate the feel lawyer and a I want to to use the stroke. Liar. Okay. And again, that's and eliminate old. This points that and we turn meat. And now we're networker bitter. No. Yeah, it's yeah. Is this more this is It's work to us, and let's change again. Okay, let's erase this liar, and I'm going to place. It's morbid. Okay, in the I'm going to play this common again because we need to select only this area. And now I'm going to Okay, we need to select the outside area off our mount, and I'm going to erase this. This you can see here and now again, I'm going to select. I'm sorry. This area and, um I interest rate. Erase it again. Yeah, we get the mouth right now, it's a simple one. And let's see above the ice, this eyes to be seriously, don't convince me. I think that I'm going to change it. You damn well tangled toe year looks more beautiful. Let's change the this change. This this quarter like this and also this one like this. Let's decrease right now. They the failure one point 1.5. Maybe work. Okay? It's erased it. It's racing. And yeah, I think that it it's been working much mark to us. No, I'm going to make a displaces area. Are you? Maybe I can use chocolate or for Terry. I don't know that I need to make something like this. So let's do it. So I'm going to name it again. Mouth, um, heat it merch, shapes. And now and it's called eyes. Its name, eyes fit and mouth. Okay. And so I will continue with the with the second part off of them and the concept Art. Yeah, Process in the next video. So I think 4. 2D Concept Design: Finishing the Donut: So let's continue. We're with our training Kurds. And in the third part off our him episode I'm going to I'm going to finish our done it. So right now I'm going to make a, um I'm going to make a chocolate glaze it. And in the surf ace off our done. So I'm going to use depend too. And I'm going to rename and disloyal. So, yes, you can see here. I'm you sing from this tool to make some curbs right here. Okay? And I'm going to erase all this points that I will not like this one. Maybe this one, um, and this one. I'm going to move our pat joints to make air more stylish. Kerr bitter. Let's It's at the one point right here, and we're going to look for it. Okay? Yeah, I think that that so, no, I think that maybe a will not use chocolate. Maybe a different color. Let's try. Let's see, Maybe some something like this Strawberry places or something like this. So let's see. Mm. No, I'm going to use pet right here. Dis bet. Um, select the brush tool. Let's increase our oh, are a area Kober and I'm going to play and going to use this button. Well, seems slight. Capacity is in 22% percent. I'm going to change the colder. Maybe this one more intense. And let's play again. Yeah, I think that cool. It could work for me right now. I'm going to now. I'm going to Russia, Right? Rust arise. The lawyer on Sorry, that warms It is very hard to me to To to prevent she ate it. Prince ea t. So again, uh, I'm going to compare to a smart object and apply, Rice writes, That arrives again. And so the select they were packed. And here, as you can see, we get I work our workplaces area. So right now, I'm going to select again the base cooler and in day glazing area, I'm going to erase everything that I that we will not needed a role. So select in inverse and do it. Yeah, and now I'm going to move this liar behind and the mouth. Yeah, and let's supply maybe effect, I like level on em. Boss, Let's change this color, okay? Yeah, Increase. Maybe I'm going to play with this parameters and okay, texture even I can play with texture. Dexter bread. I don't want it. I mean, this exchange is cooler. Okay, um, let's play with this form of hers again, okay? Yeah. Once we get this, yeah, Displace it. Lines room here. I'm going to Russia. Rice, the lawyer and it supplies stroke. Let's see, we can Yeah. Work with it on it's plate. It's That's use. Okay, so a sweet as you can see here we get some details that are working to us That's applied bevel and emboss again. Down or contar turn in your glow. You near m bus? Yeah. This is the fact time I'm looking for Let's try another one. Pillow, stroke, pillow. I m bus. Cool. Cool. It's nice on the same thing with the mouth mouth, and I'm sorry. Supplied effect bevel and emboss. Um, in your m bus, and that's a cane. Okay, we get our donut face right now. Now I think that I'm going to to create at the camps the cancer. It Let's see, that's take a look. About were and they were about our reference images. Maybe this one, This one. Yeah. This is Well, I'm looking for, So I'm going to to make something like this. So let's let's use it's place, this image, and that's OK. Him just I'm going to cook willing with mitt number. Okay, Now I apply Once I applied there in Burt lawyer or the the inverse A comment. I'm sorry. I'm going to place to move into their reference folder. Okay. You? Yeah. I want to make some. I went to make the the arms and Allex, so let's do it. It's safe. Were five from its star. I smile at least and arms. Let's see your arms. Maybe it's changed the corner black. Maybe work to us, and I'm going to use the this shape tour stroke. Yeah, stroke. It's changed the colder black. And that's OK. I'm sorry. Pan to okay, it's correct. Make some corrections. That's some corrections. Right here and here. And I'm going to increase the size. Let's see, What can I do right here? Okay, it's more this this one and going to played discriminate again. So right now I'm going to make a account. I'm going to use the fingers for the fingers and I'm going to use just there the mouse miles bit. Remember, debt. This is This is just a reference. This is only to a concept. Art. No, we do not need to make to made it in realistic. This is just an idea about what we are going to make when we start and the molding process . So let's make a copy. Now edit, transform and sleep air re cental. Yeah, we get our arms right now, and now we dialects see the same same thing with the lex. It's creating a little lawyer. I am. I'm sorry, Lex. Now I'm going on. I want to make some some boots like this. So let's let's use, um, something like this and the activates stroke and going to use feel maybe Purple Purple. Yeah, and no. Now I'm going to edit this at this point. Yeah, Let's increase our size and let's copy, Change the quarter. Yeah. And now I'm going to use We're tangled to again, again. Something the same thing, Something darker. I'm sorry. Darker. Okay. And it's okay. Two points, like here and here. We I said, told you we don't need to make a perfect yeah way. Don't need to make a perfect and molding or perfect illustration. So Okay, that's That's what we have right here. Supply some stroke. Throw a fact effect like this. Maybe it's increased size the same thing. And it's organized behind the that can behind the base color on the same thing with our arms stroke. Something like this. Okay, Okay. And I'm sorry. Uh, yeah, that's that's why a I get this. This issue okay? Again. Stroke Changi were colder. Select corner. Yes. No, we get that work. Done it. It's no perfect one. But I think that it cool work to us. Maybe in them in the three. The process. I will make some changes. Two made it more realistic or more beautiful. Hey, I want to to pose, to make our opposed to were done it posts. And so let let me see if if I'm going to to continue with Really? I think that right now we get as simple done it. It's OK. It could work to us in the next video. I'm going to finish them in this leader environment. Yeah, I'm going to place it back down and put in our illustration the final tastes. So let's continue in the next video 5. 2D Concept Design: Final Details and Background: Okay, in the last part, off these trainings, about about a about to the concept thing. I'm going to make a Niecy background. Also, I'm going to place some basic shadows. Basic Banksy, basic shadows. And And we are going to finish this this concept design, as you can see here, I found these cat aimed and the internet. And I use it because I I I think that's very berry. Beautiful accessory. Also air I being changed. Ah, the hand and the arm. So and because they think that in especially in disposition looks much better. So right now I'm going, I'm going to duplicate and these this arm so And you need to select the lawyer. It makes sure that you you've bean a active the lawyer, the lawyer, the lawyer commend. So when's that AL abs you to select, um, to select every every individual lawyer. So when's you select your arm? I'm going to and mirror it. You sing? I'm sorry. I need to duplicate it. We're holding at the old key. Then I will, too. I need to flip or re cental and yeah, that's so now I'm going to activate the the stroke effect and the same thing with the other . Okay, with the other. A hint. Finally, I'm going to place a but grown How you do How you did this background well is very easy. As you can see here, I use only the girl into in age justice This color I still like this colors. Okay. And then holding this ship key, you can just move again. Be in this area much more. Let's try. I'm sorry. Well, it seems okay. Once you you finish the the background, I'm going to apply a shadow. Sperry Breezy. How I do it. How I did it. I'm sorry. Just select the brush tool. It's It's called 80. They be leather and then I select my damn it. I'm sorry. A new you like your into the shadow folder that you see here. And it just select a color. You seem dear And this brush tool you can see here and that's all I I apply. I played right here and paint the background with this brush that's made it again. It's increase size, maybe produce a little bit capacity going to crease them capacity value again. Let's change at different. Called your friend called. You can see here your big mark or you can city its scale his shadow key. And now I'm going to activate this liar. Once you do that, I'm going to reduce it, really beat them. Passivity. And let's seem we can find any effect that work to us. Thanks, Overlay. Keep us a very good result. It seems that's more. Let's move this. Yeah, And again, shadow, it seems, but the shadow darker, it's it's scale it again. Yeah, no, we have we being create our we're shadow. Okay, okay. Apply. Take a look that it's a very difficult, different result but it it works to me. So don't worry to experiment a power. So as you can see here we have a create a basic concept design about what we are going to do in in there in the following steps off our tutorial. And personally I really, really love much more the three d design because because we can work, we can experiment when with different kind of materials lighting the facts and much more. So in the next tutorial, the next part of this tutorial I'm going to continue making Ah, the three d design mobile using three DS max. So, for so I hope you can find it this first part off. We're trying very useful to you and see you again. 6. 3D Modeling: Starting the Process: Okay, let's continue with the second part off our training. And this part A I'm gonna made our three d character. We are going to transfer dis concept to a three D model and character Intravenous. Max. So this is our previous design, as you can see here. And this is another version that get about our character. As you can see, I've been include, and this chocolate and and these chocolate covered in the top of our Dennett. Also, I've been include some, some sugar, some sure grains, and that's all. So I think that I am gonna work with this concept. So let's get sorry in three DS Max. Okay. Okay. And right here this is the three years Max interface I had to recommend to take, um, maybe a simple training curse in adult. In, in, in negative. There are a lot off training curse that explained you about some tips and tricks and some shark. It's and how to navigate in the interface. Now I'm gonna work. I'm going to start working in Teoh and in the front view. I'm gonna I'm going Teoh, press the maximized be Portugal. And right here the first thing that I need to do is to place our word. Our work counts of design in India in the BUE poor background. So in the geometry panel, you can find a plane plain button, and let's create it. Okay, Once I being create AAA were our playing and want to place this image and I were and and displaying without the firm ations So what I'm going to do right now a press click the right click and sorry. And let's see about our properties here. We confined our dimensions. So I'm gonna use not the same dimensions I'm gonna erase at 10 so I'm not gonna use it. Teoh, Let's places dimensions. You seem okay. This is this is a correct dimension for our background. So right now, make sure that you bean activated, realistic view or shaded can work to. So I'm gonna work in the realistic view. Now I'm going to place right here at work kinds of design, this press, um, the M key. And now in the diffuse channel, I'm going to place a bit. Let's find out our written a word sign and OK, no, Aziz, you can see it being date. This material with our council. Now I'm going to play. Apply on it on our plane. So that's a sign of war material. Now, as you can see, we get this. Yeah, This has bean changed the color better. We can see our image yet. So now they think that you need to do is is activate the the shade and show shaded material . Be poor. So once you activate this bit and you can see you're Hamish well, it's It's organized. It's organized work. I were Hamish into its center so close to the center. Don't worry about it. So in the in the creation panel, the janitor poem, we are going to use the tourists terrorist enough to it's created terrorists. Yeah, Right now, as you can see here we get our done it. Yeah, Let's let's see, I'm going to be activated the shadows because they didn't need it. You never. Yeah. This is correct. Proportion about that work, uh, scale about that work then to I'm going to use a little transparency network down it. Let's create another material. I'm going to assign it to just done it. This change some their passivity level and that. So we get our capacity now we can work more easier with our janitor. Now I'm going to erase just a health. Our design, They're the right the right part. Why? Why I need to do that? Because, um And when you make any change in this part, I'm going and can use the mirror to to two cup E and and to the other side. So it's more easier if a working on only in in the in the left, in the left side, off our body and then just drag it and copy it to the other side. So let's race. But the first thing that we need to do is, as you can see here in modify panel, we get these tourists and geometry. So I need to combat it into an A table polygon like this. And now I can select this faces and I'm going to delete them. Okay, that's a case for us. Let's see. Okay, so I am red now. I need to start modeling. Ah, were our hands and arms. This is the most complicated thing about our design. So the first thing that I'm gonna to yes, yes, create It's make a hand so the hand. So let's see how how we can do in this part. I'm going to work in this area. So the first thing is create atmosphere like this. I'm sorry again. As you can see here, I only activate a six says Zeman set segments. I'm sorry, only 66 of them because I can change the number of segments. Bad six. It's enough to me as you can see him working in the perspective view you poor How can I do that? Just spread. Just press the p the P leather and your keyboard and itself. If you went to work again in your front view, you can you can press the f key and now we're working And now we're from view This is the shark it So let's see. Now I'm going to try and convert this thesis fear geometry into on a table publican. And let's erase these faces. Yeah, okay, that's good. Yeah. Now when I'm going to do right now, he's Let's select the border, deport their option and holding the shift key And your and your mouse Butin, do you just need to Drac were there. They left with their left sleek and sorry if your mouths and you can make an extradition. Sperry simple Sperry Now into top you on top of you. This will work as our finger indep top you. I'm going to create at backs, as you can see here, these backs with me organized him. Okay, as you can see here, that scene that's working, let's me see. I'm going to organize this dishpan against you can rotate them, or I can mirror me already. Maybe did. Why? Looking white access. So I am at the the books on being created right here? Yes. And two sites in deluxe, um, segments, Three sites in the white segments and two sites. Yeah, no, in them high segments. Why do that? Because I need. And this I'm going to to and to attach this box with this finger and I'm going I'm going to weld it so spare, important to to have and the same the same number off points on faces in this polygon and in this one. So let's take a look. It's transformed to let's come Bert to a table part again and erase just this to two faces . Now I need to attach this one with this one. Okay, as you can see. Yeah. Now way get the same color. Yeah, We get the same core right here. Bet there is something important. I'm sorry. I'm going to brace Contra C it because we need that this polygons. This points off our finger? Yes, or are organized in the same way that this one in the top off our warbucks and the same with this. So I need to rotate this this finger. Let's activate facets. Um, A ich ich facets. Now I'm going to retake this finger like this. Let's see from view now that retention is good marquee. So now I can work both. That's attach with their we did with our backs in here. Now we get this unity. That's a single, a single JAMA tree. Now, with selection and with the border selection, I'm going to select boat off this. This holds and just Let's let's pre press bridge. Okay? Yeah, we get our geometry. Let's see. I don't like it. Maybe let's try again. It's scaled this scale. It seems okay, I'm sorry. And forget a very important thing. I'm going to copy this finger two times more. Sorry, three times more. So let's see. We can detach again this finger fixing the proposed the proportion and with the and using the element to I'm going to detach again. Its name s finger and it's blood in its Okay, So as you can see here we get again at this different entities. How can a cup it? It's very si unit to to press the shift key And with your mouth, you only drac your finger and the same thing with the other one and the same thing. Or maybe using the irritation, irritation to and holding shift you can take again their last one. Okay, let's move. And now I need to attach these backs with this finger again. So it's a touch. Let's ride gam. Try again with With the bridge tool, it seems Select the itch. Yeah, let's use breach to again. Yeah, it's OK. Let's see. I'm going to change this morning group about this. No. So now we get our first finger. That's right. With the with the other, The other wind. So again I select this entity. I'm going to the race. This these polygons? No, I'm going to select again. They born there too. I'm sorry and need to attach this finger and let's elect deported to it's press. That's use bridge to again. And the same thing with the other with the other fingers. You leave tench now this less one. Okay, we get our hands, Seka, Look using subdivisions or face. Yeah, the activate showcase showcase Seem cleats include more generations and we get this. It's got tune hand Just let's fixem for portion tales This points maybe just a little bit This one And this one too. Now I'm working the top. You remember the Sharky? Yes. Is the top letter there? I'm sorry. The t letter and return to the perspective using P letter. It's kind important too to learn about this This shark it's and yeah, thats a kay Think I think that we being finished a word cartoon hand. Let's see. Let me see. Thank you. Just a little bit this point to give our hands Yeah, to give to our can't just a simple operation. Okay. In the next tutorial, I'm going to cover how to to attach or how to create the complete arm once we finish our left arm or I'm sorry. In the The Carter is the right arm. So once I finish the right arm about our character, I'm going to mirror it and copied in that. So So See you in the next video. Thanks. 7. 3D Modeliing: the Arm: So in this video, and I'm going to finish at the arm. And so right here, As you can see, re dad were hand. So let's finish it. Family. Do you need to You need to select the whole hand. We it the element selection. So once you select old old help, I'm going Teoh in the modified panel. Rule out you can and use it out the smooth to or Putin, as you can see here something change. Let's see. Yeah, that's OK. Now our geometry has a simple smoking because I being applied the same moving group for old . Oh, the whole man. They hold Jimmy. So right now I'm going to scale it. That seem okay, Just the activity. Fine. Another Another thing. I'm going to change this and this gizmo or this people to the center of our object. So enduring inherit e panel and you need to use Yeah, this modified here a big working people. And now Okay, Yeah. Sorry. I'm sorry. Affect people only. And now I'm going to use center to object. Or you can move it. You seen the same poll till? Okay, as you can see here. So Okay, that's fine. Um, now I'm going to scaly and from view. No, I'm going to retain it. You send the angles adaptable. I'm going to activate and let's use select an invitation to like this. Something like this. It's Callie again. Let's see the proportion. Maybe just more. Um, it's OK. And let's change some details. Remember on now India did more than five panel and being select the Partick smoke. I'm going to change the position. Oh, our points just give organic style to our hands. It's he again. Yeah, it's Kelly just a little bit and that's a key. We get our him. I am going to deactivate the the subdivisions or face. And let's apply a thing that we get too much space between our fingers. Some going Teoh, use a multi fire more than fire. See and in modify panel. Let's use this arrow and I'm going to use. And with fire cold, push this one. That's increasing volume, Bailey, You said you would be Yeah, that's OK. Okay, lets see. Yeah, I think that's looks very Looks nice right now. So let's continue with our arm. But I'm going to do right now. Is Riddell lying to. I'm going to create holding the left. You need to if you want discover bitter, do you need to hold at the left? Leak? Holding the left leg came Can get this car bitter. Yeah, some things. It's not good. Right here. Let's your race this this point on with the right click you can use smoke. Right click for Baseer Corner. No, this here. Yeah, it's a key since here, I think this is sicker. Bitter day one. Okay, now in the rent in the rendering, Um, the rendering panel I'm going to activate, enable in render and enable in before. So here we get our our armed, so I'm going to increase it. The thickness value you can see and let's take a look deactivated. It's a late selection trouble. Maybe make more increased thickness. Why? I'm being I didn't use the same position like our our comes at concept design. Because if I place if I use the bell, the same position in the future could be very hard to me. Change, um for different positions. I think that if I use this one, it really be more easier to me. Change in the future. Our position off. Discourage. So let's change again. Art ICS. Why six points? And that's OK. Okay. The active berate deactivate There the great Let's see Smits deactivate the Etch Face Small . It's great! The material this is these material represents the body of our and done it. So just call, um, Trans, uh, transparency. And this one are arms necks. Let's change the GPS collar back. Let's play on this one. Hence hence, change were defused. I'm sorry. He's got to white. Yeah, to right now I'm going to create on this fear from this area, and even this fear, something dead can work to us Another. Maybe another towers Terrorist gamut Dream. Yeah, it's changer were value okay and now going to retain it. Remember, you need to activate the angle snap toe the united 93% great. That's decrease that were were radius one. Something like this. And let's change our material to hand. Yeah, it's pretty good right now. Same thing I'm going to do. It's duplicate sing holding shift key that's that's rotated 90 Greece. Yeah, and that's good right now itself when I need to do right now, Yes, I'm going to to duplicate it This arm. So you need to select You seen the control key All this geometry and I need to going Teoh, use the mirror to I'm sorry. Let's see again. Let's try again. First thing, let's duplicate this arm using shift to Yes. Okay. Tried to rotate, take our geometry to Yeah, and 100 80% or one area degrees and from view displace it in the same place. Thank you. It's create that done it A body. I felt the material something pink. You see this? Okay, Going to play Apply to the whole body? Yeah. I'm going to apply a different I'm sorry. I'm going to apply them. Symmetry to why I used the symmetry. Because this'll this morning fire automatically. And, well, our points in center off. This stunning too. And the worry this happens just activated. Awfully. And that's OK, that's all. Now we get word dunnit body. So in the next speedy a I'm going to continue. We're with our with our face. It's supplied the transparency material again. I'm going to continue with our face. Made it No, I work. There were characters face and and that's all. So thank you 8. 3D Modeling: the Face: So let's continue and with our faces sign. So right now I'm going. I'm going to start, um, at using them. I'm sorry I made in the the mouth. So the first thing that I'm gonna Dewey's need to height this this body. So just select the right click and in in use this had selection. So now in the front view, you seem deaf key. Remember? I'm going to create him this mouth using a shape. So you need to select their ellipse tool and just I'm sorry. Just drag it now. As you can see here he in the in the modify panel. I can see the bird takes mode because and their lips two dozen Al al loves you to change your verdicts. So you're back. Birth explains. So I need to trends to convert these ellipse in a line into a Navy tables plane. So right here. Now, as you can see in the modified panel, you can see you can find that and we get enable our table Splain e multi fighters. So in the birth X point in the birth sex selection. I'm going to move this. This points like this. No, Just let's move this points I'm going to add. We refine with the referring modifier refined tool and going to at two points more. And that's OK. No, As in our previous video, I'm going to activate the enable in the rendering the render and enable in the BUE poor and thats a kay. Now I'm going to increase some interpolation values, which means that we get more details in a worker bitter. So let's activate Maybe two more. Yeah, in debt. Suki. So now I'm going to make a our teats. So let's go to to geometry in the human tree panel and I'm going to use the plane to I don't know what happened. Sorry. Let's try again. Okay. So I need to transform displaying into and a table pony again. And no, you can see if we get the spurt six points. So with their select select and moved to I'm going to off this points to get I work. Arbiter Kerr bitter. So maybe something like this seen, except let's select these points. Just move. I would be with a little bit, and that's okay. Yeah, yeah. Now when I'm going to do right now is in the modified panel I'm going to use, um a shell multi fire. Let's see, shell. So in the perspective view, you can see that we get this volume. I'm going to decrease the our amount in just a little bit. Something like this. And no, you can activate. Um, now and now you can You need to transform these peace these objects into on a table porn again. And in the modified panel off our table. Polygon, you can use the use nervous of division, and this is health. We get our seats now. I'm going. Teoh Cup made a copy. You've seen the shift key. Just drag. That's okay. Yeah. Now, using or holding do you your control key? You select. You need to select all these elements off all this mouth elements and just put morphy moving around or move. And in the in the UAE, in the white plane, as you can see here No, I'm going to and to see, I want to see our JAMA tree again. Our body. So let's let's use the right click mouse and it's let's oh, hi, toe again. I'm sorry. Selection. Okay. And now you want to place. He's in the correct area. Yeah. Okay, maybe here. Spare. Now I'm going to make our ice. So let's take a look about our reference. Let's make the ice, Let's see. So for the ice I'm going to use I'm going to and go We need to go to extend primitives and let's see, capsule, uh, capsule can can be a very good geometry for our ice. So in the front view and sorry. Let's see in side view are yeah in the front Be differently. There's a problem. I'm going to retain this this capsule 90 degrees. I mean to scale it at your bid. - I'm going to scale only in the white. Why a Y plain? The white viewer. I don't know. To get these things like this now I'm going to rotate it. Just you beat? Yeah, it seems like it is. Get right now. Next. Better now with their m key. I'm going to apply our material. - Yeah , right now I'm gonna do something to gift. Were I just a little tail? So what I'm going to do right now is I'm going to transform this this capsule into an end table pony gun Once you did that you need to use the the edge and with a double keep click . You can see that we bean select this area and this this edge around our capsule. So once you select this edge, I'm going to use create a shape from selection with smooth shape, um, eyes line. And it's icky. Yeah, looks better now we can You can move this I And now when I'm going to do is we need to attach the complete I to. That's a touch with this line holding chief. But get these the ice. Yeah. Now, I think that looks pretty good. Yeah, I like I like it too much now. And in the next tutorial, I'm going to teach you how to make a were our lex. So let's continue in the next video. Thank you. 9. 3D Modeling: Legs and Hat: now in this video, I'm going to continue made in making a were a worry We're Lex. And also I had to pretend to make were happy. So let's continue with dialects. I went to use a line. Make sure that you're working from view the f key and hold this ship key. Get this. He's this line. Once you do that, it's applied the material. And now we need to make our and we're boots. So in the geometry panel, I'm going to use their seven cylinder. Just drag it and rotated using the angle snap total 90 degrees. Now we need to increase our high crease. I'm going to increase the radius, and that's OK. Yeah. Now I'm going to transform the cylinder into, uh, internally table polygons. So, um, in modify panel, I'm going to use the parliament to to select all these faces, something like this. Okay. And now I'm going to just track this these faces now we need to work in the side view, decide in abuse Shark. It is the l elke, and we need to change our we need to change. And two white frame mode on, You know, we're view Port Why? Because I need to select old. This points more with under. It'll be a now and the in the H move. I'm going to select this this just and oldest pitches because they want to kill between them using the connect to I'm going to use to different segments. And that's okay for me Now in the Arctic Small going to move this points gift this ter bittern Things like this, something like this. It's changed our were white frame to shade it most. Yeah, you get so right now I'm going to move on a little more points. Let's see. But first, I need to take a look in the using their It's a division mode, so divisions or face deactivates showcase. That's what we get like here. So I need to to create online right here and right here in this this area the bottom off our But so the activate number, cell division, and again, you seeing the it part of two I'm going to use sick lip something right here and here. Okay, let's activate use normal subdivision. And that's a king. Yeah, Yeah, it's better now I'm going to I'm going to you Activate that can they use, um, the nervous subdivision. We need to isolate our put select them like this This face circular face and I'm going to use Let's see, going to use insect fire. Let's price this written. That's increases value Greece and sorry, this value where increases skip on its plight. Now I'm going to use extra and now we need to be Greece Something on be 56 It's OK. And again we in the edit panel I'm going to use it safely. Okay, to get this in this part on also in this part. Okay, now I'm going to very five using new subdivision on opposite with vision we get this beautiful but the activated insulation mode Let's see what we get here. Can take a Luca buckets to the year. Hamish Yeah, I want to change Just if you set things or our propulsion and sorry I'm going to change at work were but proposed proportion. Let's move. So details some points. That's select this nine with using double click now holding the old key and the rectangular selection and holding all key Remember going to de select off this edges that I don't want like this. Okay? Holding control. If you need to again, I'm going to show you how to make a selection. Correct selection. So with double click bean, select all these edges now holding out key and and under on the left on the left, click in your mouth. You can select this edges. An old so holding out key can select this one. And here you get his age is that you want to take a look? Let's take a look. Just a little cur. Butter Bet. Maybe know it can. Doesn't work to me so well. Back to the to in your steps. Anything that's fine. This is fine, Tim. I see one. I am not sure. Sure. If I want to scale in the front view, we're good. Now let's try something. Don't stop you. I'm going to select this place is take a look. If I working correct all the correct faces thing been selected, it's increase to select this one. Cam. Let's try again. I think that it's not working, so yeah, that's good. That's fine. I will see in the future if they want to change that. But we can continue right now. Is the activated had the selection more to make a copy. The same thing that we're back and that's all. So now, as you can see here, we get our done it, get my work, done it, we get our face, were arms. We're boots. Let's guide this this background and that's what we get right now. I don't and I'm going to make our were had. So let's create a cylinder again. And in the top you we create this senator on the perspective mode, this perspective, you I'm going to place in the correct the correct area now in the front view. I'm going to shame change that supply, the transparency, Yeah, material. And I'm going to just Greece area here. Let's say something like this. Yeah, thats a kay. I'm going Teoh dish to transform. Convert this He's on cylinder into any table pony. And now I'm going to Greece, going to scale things points money, want to scale. 00 old All this points at the same time. So I'm going to activate them. The sub selection. Let's see, Greece were fellow this fellow values and now I'm going to skill all of the same time. Yeah, get our Let's move it just a little bit. A decrease in value. A little bit to the left. Yeah, that's our so and right now I'm going to use that did superglue to create, to kill this spot against the activate their sub selection. And now in the deep Polygon did Polygon I'm going to select faces our party. I want to increase this Britain our and I had. Now I'm going to and to the panel mollify. I'm going to use again just in the meal of this area Acute itis this polygons now with scale scaled to want to skill Just something like this. Now in the perspective and the perspective you poor I need to I'm going to cut this party guns around our own, You know we're hot. So let's see if see if Luke works again. No, Seems like yeah, yeah, I can use this clip. Teoh kit on just in this in this part, please. OK, let's take a look. Using subdivisions, replace the activation case and change the color and yeah, I think that being creating a beautiful Okay now going to going to the insulation mode. Deactivate this face. No, sir. Preservation. That's use and is it too? Let's apply something this and now need to extreme yeah, negative value. Want to give them negative value if it value and I'm going to accept. Yeah, it seems okay. No, I'm going to and But they're a circle on this fear and the tough of our hat Me and you need to take maybe the grease I'm going to hide the background on Let's a touch these this cat with worst fear Let's desolate and this object and you sing that f D. That's at the, um four by four and more fight. I'm going to modifying this. He's had to You need to press their right click mouse and activate Contra points. Now you can move it. Just gift. Different appearance. Let's see side beer and out off the selection mode. And the actress. Yeah, I'm think that that's looks better much better right now. So get our heads and and is this sign that soon high toll and apply this trends. Barnes, you material. And as you can see here, our body has old old the off the time of How can I say off the tails off our and the sign our and in the in the body. This this character. So in the next tour, I'm gonna show you how to how to add all these details to make this character more beautiful and more close to our guns have designed. So let's take a look in there. Next, media. Thank you. 10. 3D Modeling: unwrapping: So now, Now, once we finish our mobile, I'm going to apply a modifier for Theis Donut. And what is in rev and rep is in a process to which all goes in the future to text her that were done it. So it's very important to apply them rapidly. Fire to this fear is done. It I'm sorry, because because I'm going Teoh to export this model into see brush for the point party painting process. Now we're going to extract a word. I were I were painting and create and some textures in our model That's collapse. Oh, now I'm going to apply date rapping with fire. So here, Yes, it's desolate, this body. So here is our were our base, Mitch, and I'm going to up in the UV editor and take a look. But we get here, so let me see. Yeah, we get on Lee a health or off this this base mish. So I get this umbrella helper that Let me see if I can erase this. No, I'm going to select. It's just a health. The health part Deactivate, ignore back facing goes I want to them press f three to see White firm mode. Now let's take a look If if I get oh, my my polygon selected And now I'm going to use, um felt Yeah, that's awesome. This is our pelt modifier. I'm sorry again. Now I'm going to use commit the same thing with the other part. I'm going to edit. Did it, Tobar? And that's, um let's see. Find selecting birth. Okay, I'm going to use and build up again and I'm going to use coming now. I'm going to select all these. It's parts T tools and pack Yoervis. Well, maybe Let's move this This one, this part and this one here and now I'm going to select a thesis Parts I'm going to use em rejects too relaxed by polygon angles. And so relax. Yeah, that's that's good. Now I'm going to Let's see, let's increase just a little bit. You need to make sure that you are working into these this'll a square area and also this you these Children be overlap. Overlap means wins. When you you you place these for example the scalp in the top off this of this one you can see that we are crows burgesses right here way are and I'm not sure what its day and the correct the correct ward bed. That's means that this is overlap. So we don't want that. I want it. Let's see, Everything's looks good. Another overlap sample is when you, for example, let's let me show you when you have something like this, this is another lab edge, so make sure that everything is correct. Okay, Now I'm going to collapse old, but it's applied. Jess F three again in. Now we get this geometry we there? Yeah, correct. You be map. Okay, I'm not going to fuck to focus and on on you be mapping in this tutorial because you re mapping is a highly complex process in this is not there. This is not idea about this training eso here. Now, let's kite this and respect around, and I want to press up three. Just sell breast one, one key. This as you can see here. Yeah, we get it. We still get our were lying because they deactivated, enabled renderers and enable report Make sure that you don't be collapse and your line, because if you transform it into into I see into an a table part again you can not move. Or you You were lost. This points rich? Yeah. Try percent. Our arms. Yeah. And this is our arm. Mm. Yeah. I'm going to Tate to retain this this hand. Let's let's collapse and canned on. I'm going to use with Burke Picks points? No, Maybe spirit, if a select my party guns and let's activate and sub selection again. Seems like something's when wrong with my mouth's It seems I'm going to rotated things like this. Maybe to get on this curve bitter like here. Now, I'm going to do the same thing with this finger too much. I'm going to the grease there. The follow Philip. Vince, The sense things like this some grease your beer, huh? Sorry. Something's I expect you. Yeah. - We need to play with this Baileys to get on there so that we went I think I'm going to use Etch this Since this increase these valleys you see, it's increase this. No. Yeah. I think that I get the my result they want. Now let's move this this line like here. Remember, this is not a character for any mention purposes. This is only a Carter for registration. Let's create one point right here. You seem another country point. You sing and refined 3.2. Now I'm going to move right here to create the shoulder. It seems mood turned to miss your again. Que. I think that's good. That's enable working in birth takes malt. Remember? Yeah. Now I get and the kerber through name looking for That's saying something like how we get this crux this cross section. Okay. And now I'm going to work with there. Second arm, maybe, but the same. Going to to find a post. I think that is easier working. Only with this line. Sorry, I'm going to select smooth. It's Beller. Now to rotate this hand, I'm going to place it in the correct position. I'm going to enable to take, just take a look, get. I think that this can could be work. Better end up saying it's sure. Let's see if see if I can. The front view pressing F key number. Since this shark for from you, I'm going to activites up selection. Increase them. Okay, since no, no one you see maybe activating it since we need to play with this valley's because we don't have a raging, then half a reading. And now we're mobile in This is an this is problem that we don't want to create. I don't want to make a Reagan, because this is this is another topic. It's a little bit complicated. Yeah, you know what? And what's the problem here? Maybe you're right. This I see. Yeah. I think that get the curb its or day one. Now, let's try with this finger. I didn't show you. Okay, let's try it again. No, no, it's degrees now. Spare important, too. Play with these values, you activate a sense. Let's move again. Chris. Just be much more. Yeah. - Good . No, I don't think that we went. We have the it's Greece. This valleys that we have our model complete, I think. Our hand I'm sorry. Complete. No, it looks nice. No, I need to do the same. Like the other arm 0.2. Create your point. It sure that your warranty need Teoh in the ber ticks. The Arctic smoke. You don't have selected this. Okay, this mode you can You can't that used to reporting to went changed to smoke, you see? Oh, yeah. This point. This will be this one like this here here year. I'm sorry. I am. Think that being lost something. It's good. Let me see. Thanks, Kirby term. It doesn't look good to live again. This point. Yeah, I think that it's looks kit pretty good right now. Yeah, I'm going to safe. That's a done. It posts. I also have another dentist posts files I went to safe. The name has done a post to, um, the same thing with their but our that were feet. As you can see, this is only a line, remember, or keen departed smoke. I'm going to refine. It's wrong transform into its mud to get a correct Kerr bitter. That sort team, I said, Don't be and I think that this poses. It's so simple and I don't like it. That's trying another one. Let's try another one. You re plane that refined to again. It's transformed into ones. It's more smooth line and you're passing. It's it's bearing port. It's important to experiment with your with your model because said, there are an infinite ways to to create your posts. Next, good and from in the front view. Beth, I don't like it. How it looks decide. You let me experiment more. Much more. I think that nukes and he repeats better. Let's say I'm going to Maybe the activate on it's been a render just to see Okay. Think that I have too much subdivisions right here. So I'm going to decrease the interpolation steps to six. Maybe you've been no work. Four. It's increased the thickness to fight. Yeah, I like it. Taking a three. Let me see. Um, treat one point too much. It's changed this a smile just a little bit. - See him and thickness. Six. Yeah, Something in the mail. Five. Yeah, 0.5, maybe. Yeah. Expelled for me. I see. No, no. I think that we get, uh, simple posts. And it's cool work to us for now. Remember, if you don't need to do the same pose, you can experiment a lot. You can also drawing make drought about different poses, and you can experiment a lot of power. E only show you techniques that I used to suppose our mobile because at these techniques, well, olives you to create down. Yeah. Different angle or movement off year if you're mesh or your mother. So I think that looks good. Maybe let's take this hat. This, You know, you can experiment as you want and be like this, and that's sure, but you can play around can play. Yeah, I think that salutes. Now. Look, Speller. So ah, as you can see, I being finished. Dispose. So in the next tutorial gonna show you I And when I'm going to finish the final details and now we are war, we we'll work. Um, And we will continue with the text serene and the tailing processes into Suresh. So see you in the next tutorial. 11. 3D Modeling: Character Variations: Let's continue with the following media in this video, I'm going to to finish my mo. Um, as you can see here, this is their past model. And this is one this one He's another and it is the same is the same model bad with at the friend me that the friend air posts I made a little changes. Like the leaps. You can see the lips and and a player different material that basically is the same thing. I'm going todo a table polygon more the fire you can scroll down in the subdivisions of face. I'm going to activate the use. Nervous of division. Also, I'm going to verify if we mate and rep wrapping process currently went up light in thes checker map. If you don't have any idea how to create a checker map, it's very easy. Select. You need to select a new yeah material. Remember, this is the material editor or or you can use the M key to to open thes every time. Um And so if you went to bury fight, you know, the only thing that you need to do is in the diffuse channel you need to select at the checker map and now in the tiling options to increase Freedy, then apply the material and death. And then you need to show shaded option and why I I apply a checker map because if you see any deformation right here, that means that you then have a correct and correct wrapping process. And when you apply the texture, you will see at the information. And that's not what we want. Because we are going to export this body into see brush. It's it's very important to to have a correct and squares, um, proportions, our own, our body. So now going to activate this one? This one, too. And now I'm going to create a new and you a new character. So I'm going to make it so faster. So just pay attention because I'm going to use the same thing. Death. The same techniques that used to create this, this one. So using the jumper bucks, that's great. The body, our object. It's increased use. A real I'm going to copy. The face can increase crazy, too. I'm going to copy this shark with two copies scalding this ship. She doesn't remember she key. Let's rotate this I'm going to morph the perspective. You pressing the leather p from view again. Do you need Teoh? If you want to learn to Mother Foster, you need to use shark. It's it's very, very, very fast to change your view. Park, It's got this one. And now the arms. I forget this. Forget these. This object One key one. Remember Arctic smoke? Maybe it's changed too. - Expiry . Good. Now you're just finish. I'm going to create in the left of you I've seen using the Elke continues to create standard primitives Cylinder, I'm going to make a copy. You wrote it The tough view. Shark Tiki. Let's see what I can use Agree this ark are can never used this. Okay? Yeah, it's good. The first to be seriously is the first time the use this Uh huh um, this explain type art that work Sprick it and I'm going to transform. These are convert to two and, uh, table supplying the rendering Going to disable press one key Fernand summaries and you can and you can edit this. This points we need to move two sites and your you are available to some of these his joints points and it something like this, maybe. Yeah. Same thing with this one. Now a thing did Knicks good bird fighting. I think that I need to increase, um interpretation Teoh, maybe 10 more, maybe. Yeah, 15 years. It's pretty good tonight. Feel that's curb. It doesn't look very good. Yeah, I think that some things Yes, I'm sure it's running again. Yeah, I think that looks better now. Okay. We already finish our character, Barre. See, using the same the same. More of the same. How can you say that? The same mashes are the same parts the like, the other model way already finished. Discard thing that I'm going to take this fit like this. Um awesome change. It's this left just a little bit. Yeah, we already finish. I were our model. I can know too. Yeah, made em on wrapping process Berries very fast. Just pay attention, Brooke. Process. I'm sorry. That's transform this jumper backs into any table polygons. I'm going to apply the rap process. Them wrapped modifier. Oh, looks pretty good. This is exactly what any I'm going Teoh up in UV editor. I'm going to select. Yeah, this said, like element and faces part again. As you can see here, this is the back side of the body. This is the front side. And here we get and and at the site park, This is not working to us. Let me show you why. We will see if the information right here to take a look that's will not work to us. The same thing Us, the sports. So I'm going to apply there the relaxed, too relaxed by polygon angles and now began correct information. And when this when? This part. Oh, okay. We get this, this could right here. That's okay. Let's apply. Relax. Might be with this one. Yeah, that's increase the moment. 100. And OK, we we have our model currently, and rep I'm going to in tills the toots panel. I'm going to use back you be activate dispute. I would say this one to 93%. 90 degrees. That's mobile when I'm doing that. Because if you are doing and rep process, bring it to we need to use all the squirt space. I don't want anyone to reform that, but I'm going to do Yes, it's good. So ain't different parts. I'm going to use a break. Yeah, right. Going to rotate it? Yes. As it told you. Want to optimize MySpace? Yeah. You know, it's pretty good. Can scale. Maybe, Maybe more. Let's take a look if I don't have any overlap, you bees. Everything looks fine. That's pretty good. That's awesome. Seems like we have a little deformation right here in this area. Bad to our purpose. I think that deafness that will not be important and that will not effect at all. I were were put painting Come process into Syria. Sh and texture. I'm going to collapse part So thanks for watching. In the the next episode, I'm going to show you how to how to export into see British and apply. Some have to create Partain fully painting and new details to our A model its own. Thanks for watching 12. 3D Modeling: Digital Sculpting: Hello again and welcome to this video. So here, as you you can see or in this video I'm going to show you Explain, You have to export Ah, your body, the body up your model into see brush. And I also especially if we are going to do in si brush. Yes, is basically I'm going to 22 mobile. These chocolate cover Also, we are going to to create these sugar grains, the old, these sugar chips and finally them and the this place it lines in the face of our off. We're done. So this is what we are going to do in, say, British and that first and the first thing that you need to do is great. That capsule it's it's very easy to do. I want to. I created this capsule because it's it will be our sure chips, so it's very easy to create. You don't really need to, um, the geometry panel and extended extended primitives you can see here capsule. So this is basically well, Jimmy three capsule. Also, thesis capsule has a lot off a lot off subdivisions because see, brush do not identify it's moving groups. So if we if we use Smalling groups to give the curvature and Suresh just doesn't visualized currently. So that's why I include all these subdivisions. So now what I'm going to do is let's export in this capsule going to, um, export sports selected. And then I already has a previous capsule. You see here you can see here the capsule, then export se and make sure that you are using the same brush present see brush percent to export. So, export on this is that's a now in there the material eded editor panel. Just make sure that I'm exported. They correct and mesh. You can see we get they wrapped. The wrapping process and UV map currently displayed it. So this is there the German tree down going to export and that's export. I'm sorry. Export. Selected sports elected and Dannatt body. Yes. Don't. No, I'm going to work in in Syria. Sh The first thing that we need to do ease import our our body to find your father application or you when where you export your model in my case is in pictures and you can create any any file location that you want. So in export that selective Donna body. Just drag to your screen and then activate edit objects. Now I will duplicate into stepped in. The subtitle panel will duplicate this one and here me to select the 2nd 1 Nets import a word, Captain. Yeah, so just the activity. This one that the capsule I'm going to use Frame looks good. So now I'm going to create an insert Miss brush with this one. So in the brush brush editor, the brush palette and immature We're going to create conserve mish brush. No, you need to select New and Detzel. So now And this this, capitalists no more useful to me. I'm going to do it Dilated. And that's a Now here, you select this one, meet to use frame. Okay, I'm going to use my mile span. A real stop using my mouse. Yeah, Okay. I already working with my mouth. So here, when I'm going to do the insurgents and brush so you can see here. I already can't select this one. You can drag and drop and you can see that it creates it oughta. Maliki automatically creates my my chips. Ah, but a real use. I will use it later So now in the Sunder Planet, in the centre brush, select May center Brush in a wheel and subdue. Bite this geometry. Maybe to four for anything dead. This is enough. Now you need to holding control the control key and you can create the chocolate cover. I basically drawing into the down a tarp. Ease just like this. Take a look. Our reference. - It's good knowing the backside the same thing. So you can see this is another. A realistic, really sick Blace it or chocolate cover? I want to create this cartoon Kerr Bitters. Something like this. Maybe Alex looks pretty good. Let's finish this one. Remember, Holding country key looks nice. So now I'm going to create a need Germ. A tree with this with this mess. Keen area. So in the septal panel, we are going to use the extract. And But let me see, There's something that I don't like it. So I'm going to dis elect some areas holding control and out key at the same time. No, I think that maybe in the masking did masking going to sharpen sharpened misc. Now again, this is a tool panel extract. Yes, it seems, looks good to me. I'm going to use a set. But now it elta medically creates a new geometry with this, um masking Cordner areas. So holding the shift key I'm going to when Teoh give a cur Bitter India around all these All these this lines See now And I'm asking you can diss elect a masking or raise my masking. Just ah, pressing control in this empty area. Just drag it and your mouse No. Well, and we continue using this and this It's this It's moving to decrease the sea intensity you need to They keep holding the shift key and the crease they see intense looks awesome. It's pretty pretty good. We have the spirit ful cardinals. It's beautiful. Colbert Curve Attar's Yeah, I think that we already finish this This color this chuck late looks So let's continue with , um let me see. And maybe this you can see here. I still have my mask in into the siptu. An object I'm going Teoh, raise the misc I showed you here You holding control and drag and this Maskey area. Uh so I m but they want to do with this than it is. Basically, I'm going to create this glaze deadlines until it's change our material. This one and I'm going to increase our subdivisions. 256 maybe six school work to us. I'm going to activate the party pain, The pain option core rice. I keep an this see yet and air rgb channel and bet the first thing them need to do is create this this background, this pink background So select selective pink color Something like this. Maybe it's too dark. Yeah, it's school work to us, you know, in color you need to use feel object. It's very good. No, as you can see and the the glace ID lines are darker, so I'm going to select. Um I talked her corner bad. Just be it. Poor people, right in purple. Yeah, I think that looks good. Looks very good. So, um, let's select, um, this lawyer and brush tool and just and drawing just throw the lines into the the surface. Let me see. Need to activate the are RGB channel. And let's increase the energy. Be intensity to 100% and excuse. It's very good bet as you can see. Some done. It's, um just think Glater area is just a help off or in the top, off our done it. These, some of some of them are not completely covered by by this chocolate Gober or glazing cover self. What? I'm going to do this first. Here's the first thing that I'm going to do is you sing em. Oh, holding country. I'm going to drag and select just and help all done it. And I called in control going to create this. It's Cuba too. A corpse like this. Maybe that means that we can work only in there. Une selected area on masking area And it looks pretty good. Yes. So, no, I can continue drawing Win May. In my related lines, I think that will in CREss increase their instance City there see intensity? Yes. - I think that my pulse is failing. Yeah, that's let's try again. - Let me see. What can I do here? Maybe you can do something. Let me Let me Let me try something. Yes? Yeah. Maybe like this. Let's continue with them value. You're I'm sorry. Not sure what's happening here. You know not sure what happened. Let me see. Not sure what I'm doing wrong And now you're Yeah, I ready? Select. Something's wrong here. It's weird. Oh, let me see. Just have deactivate this. Sure. - You know, maybe a real increase and size. Yeah, something like this. Expel. Let me see. It were reference again. Yes. - No , I think that now it looks good. - Looks good. We'll use the same technique. I really we activated our It's pain. - Yeah , I think that looks pretty good now. So I'm going to the masking and I'm asking option. I'm going Teoh Sharp Mark Musk going to inverse it. Maybe select a chocolate color things like this or are not. Maybe break. Yeah, it is. Go work to us. I see. Yeah, Knicks get no. I'm going to the color palette to select feel object. And yes, we get that work done. It's your face. So in the next video, I'm going to show you how to I am finish our Oh, yeah. And seemed that seems like a I made this This lines in the the different direction bad. That's not a problem. Because when this this software is only, um I used itself are only to create in the textures so I can easily written rotate their my don't in my in the direction that one running back to three d max. So in the continue in the next tutorial we continue. We will continue finishing this This he's done body so you can enjoy. See your later See you in the next video. 13. 3D Modeling: Insert Mesh Tools : hello and welcome again. So in this video, I'm going to show you how to use their insert mash, insert mesh tool. So and while I'm going to do iss right here, about the first thing that you need to do is safe your file. So in the document in the document bottomed, you can and select sleep us button. Now do you need to select? Save the tool and you can save your your moles. I previously save it. I do not need to to re safe this file So let's create some insert mish brush. Yes, you can remember In the previous video, we create this insect mesh this so I'm going to great bad. The first thing that we need to do is to duplicate And this done so, so lucky. No, I'm going Teoh to duplicate now I mean to he's one going to increase our levels and this one I'm going to activate this so just hide I dis mish and also this. Now this and the point pain and the act with coal rice will change the color. So now I will work in our in this low poly mesh to create our in submission tools. So and its track Seems like I forget to remembering. I'm working this party. Mesh the German tree. They need to deal higher. And now I can create my my chips. Make sure that you are creating about them the same sides working with the same size. Yeah, it's good. Once we get our award chips with okay, we once we have our chips, absurdity are completely you know, Lady, finish it. We need to, uh, create a new SIPTU with this inter mesh. So what I'm going to do iss India Deceptive partner in a split a wheel use split the similar parts. All right, but first I need to mask everything, and I'm going to use split two similar parts now. Okay? And we get I work chips as a new too. I'm going to erase this one or hide this one. And as you can see here, we get our chips. I think that I'm going to move them just a little bit. Yes. Looks pretty nice to we already vanished. Finish work, chips. I'm going to do the same thing with a war read outward. Yeah, that were sugar grains. So it's changed the quarter expelled. I will not apply AM I will not create them apart painting into the surface or the chips Because this sir phased us in half and you be map So but I'm going to do yes, I will create and serve mish using insert mesh Cube. I'm going to create them. I work who were sugar grains. So let's see something like this. It's basically the same process that like, yeah, like our chips. It's the same thing using the same technique this artistic development so usually takes sometimes maybe there are, ah, different techniques to create or thes chips or faster that consider death, that with this this process looks good. - I will decrease the density in this backside expiry. Good express ticket. Don't worry about the the colder or the material. Don't worry about it. Because and this material I will day Schuler grains material. I really used three DS max, too, to change our material. So look scared to hide to my Now we get a work Chuck late cover we the sugar grains. So I think that we already finish our I've done it. I'm going to use the same technique as I used to the same technique that I used to create that work and to create outward were sorry. Forget that word chips where she were chips. So and just, like, select this This look too. Now in split, split, similar parts. And then Okay, now we get a word. Sure. Sugar grains. So I'm going to say this document, I mean se us safe tool. They will replace this one. Yes. Okay, so in the next video, I'm going to show you how to To export were materials into and three DS Max suffer and we're going. Teoh Teoh, We are so close to finish our our model. I will see you in the next episode. 14. 3D Modeling: Create and Export Textures: So let's continue with Let's continue with this video Now What I'm going to do is I'm going to export and some tools. It is better. I do not export the base mash the original base mation because, as you can see here, ucas too much subdivisions. So this is highly high party mobile, which on it's not very useful to work. And also, I'm going to, um, export at the normal Mott saying, going to create the normal a diffuse Matt. I'm sorry. A diffuse map and normal much which will be included in our or, you know and base mish. So let's see, the first thing that I need to do is I'm going to erase and this this low, poorly geometry because I don't need it anymore. I don't need it anymore. This one I'm going to delete. And now I'm going to merge old these all these tools then you. So let's merch down. Let's see in nurse, the two power to merch merged down and merch down. Okay, so now we get these two and and I'm going to export export. So let this Let's export this to on going to name it may be gonna details. Oh, Blaze It done. Then I exported. And now with this one going to the activity, them going to be activated glaze. It's up to and with the dunnit body I'm going to create. Yeah, uh, texture met. So, um, as you can see here, I already has created this this matter but it is very easy when you up in your texture map and you're extinction of map family fire. You can see an empty an empty box right here. So the only thing that you need to do is create new from Polly Pain. You need to create new from the pain. And now what you get Do you get this section? When do you Once you already has your diffuse lecture or your color texture. I'm going to clone this one. And now in the text, sir, the text are And how can I say well, in in in this six or a box I'm going to The first thing that I need to do is flip birth cult. I'm sorry like this. And now it's already and it's ready to. It's exploring. It's no that six part and more guns. I already create a new texture folder and you can save it's sure to se And I will do the same thing about the normal month with the normal My bet. If you want to create a normal mop, you need to decrease old subdivision levels to one. Danny did normal matter going to create normal month. And now, as you can see here, I get my normal men. I'm going to use clone John, my normal men here spurring it's important to and well, and don't forget to to sleep. You're no month to vertical like this, and now it's ready to export. So I'm going to name Mitt. Um, normal, you know, done it, damn it. So let's say and now it's ready. So in the next video, I'm gonna show you how to to I'm gonna show you help too. It did your your diffuse and normal map in at the father shop. See you in the next 1,000,000,000 15. 3D Modeling: Fixing Textures: Welcome to the media. As you can see here, I get my normal man have a normal map and I'm going to Yeah, mate, some I'm going, Teoh, fix it. Issues dead. I get in this when I when I create my normal mapping in Syria. So let's fix it. As you can see here. Yeah, I want to catch them more organic or again Kerr Bitter. So I'm going to be this this line? Yes. You need to use their brush tool the brush tool now, just holding off Key you to you will select the scholar pressing key now independent in the past City, maybe 40%. It's still high, maybe 20%. It's better. So it's it's increase of your being. It's increase. And now with this, with your little line, something like this. And now with this Carter, let's clean up something like this. Maybe the same thing, this site, just to get a more uniform curvature. Look, speller. Now, now you can see here I get this This line this I want to erase it. Um how worried should Children be perfect? Just goes, we'll apply. I'm going to apply. You're effect reach which cool correct all the details that I don't want. It's you raise the things that we don't want. Yeah, the thing that we're close to finish I work were normal. Just correct these little details like this. Maybe in the same thing with this. And now this one. Help with this in size and we are so close to finish, it seemed with this one, too. That happens because I a youth. Yes. You remember, There are some bad details. See, Brush. They already and you erase it. Now I'm going to use, um filter lure, Goshen. Yeah. Okay. That's good. No, we have a word nor part normal. Not complete. It's complete. Yeah, and it's clean, I'm going to say. And now we get our normal month, and it will diffuse map. So let's clean it up. Our diffuse mint. This is a word diffuse. We can do the same thing, like the the same thing that we did that I did with the normal now. So just with the brush told, I think that now it's a look spell. So I'm going to to use, um, going to use have filter. Let's see. Oh, okay. It's It's a great field. So as you can see, you can find a lot of filters and and that were in this window. So, um, in the sexual folder, you confined this grain field and meet Italy. You get this, this grain effect that I think that it's very good and can work to us. Lukens select old, different styles. They think that's very good. You can increase intensity, for example, or just interest. Anything that that's looks pretty good. Okay, so now we get our diffuse, and I know we're normal complete. So let's save the Knicks in the next video. I'm going to apply the structures into three years, Max, so far, and we will continue on. And then we real export it into a key shit T shirt. For I am I already half at some materials that I prepaid for you, and we will get a beautiful render to our character. Then we will complete Ah, well, mate and seen in the three DS max. And then we will export it into two key shit together to get our final Hamish. So thanks for watching 16. 3D Modeling: Importing Models and Textures: So let's continue with our class when I'm doing right now. Yes, I'm going to import old. I am models and texture study already and design using some brush. So the first thing that we need to to iss going to the import No libraries, in my case, remembering your special case you can safe purifiers in in your preference location for and your personal location. Let's see in models going Teoh export on a place it done going to impart Well, well, Seems like, um, I were were details or our mobile is inverted, but this is not This is actually and this is not a problem. So the only thing they didn't to this just mirror it into into this. Why axis and you say no, That's in the perspective. And also it's important to mirror it into their into the why Access. Yeah, that's correctly located now. Seems like it needs to to move just a little bit and now looks now it looks good. Okay, To select the face, just move it to the front just a little bit on some, going to delay Tsum Strong's farm into a table party and this mashable's table particle old tales pointing to and no going to just off the states and erase some details meeting. Okay, now I'm going to apply, um, aboard. I'm going to create a new material. Just be a little patient. You don't know what's capping. Okay, Going to select. Are these pictures, uh, models, Textures? I'm going to apply structures the picture day. They modify using and father shop, then plight. Oh, okay. Seems like Yes. Burt, make sure that you are not clowning. And you copy off your mother. Now, with this one, I'm going to apply its name. It first material, then a body. The 2nd 1 movement called maybe trucklike check late. It's change work. Order to this. May be this on going to apply to sugar greens to a past city going to increase capacity. It's increased respect level. Change. The color made something like like this. Yeah. Looks pretty good. Yes, I think that we have I work down at the finish. I'm going to for this cat. I'm going to create and special material to do that. Do not pretend to rapid because could take some time to us. So let's see time. Okay. What? I can to? Yeah, they had an idea. Get on an idea with this head. Me tried something. Her lips. Oh, yes. Computerese of your slow today. Yes. Let's select using this. And I'm going to activate. No, but face, - you need to do that. It's important. Uh, if you keep the cold and they all out key, you can diss, elect and any views elect control, you can select. We're going to check. Yeah. Now I'm going to apply a different material to this to this part. Maybe Something like read now in Eddie Select in Burke to blight. The foreign material at this one had to And it's changed the color to Jell O maybe. No, once I do that going to use your perceptive ation makes more fun. Gentles has to too much intensity. Yeah, it's beautiful. We're going to change. Um, this fear, it's like to read. Yeah, X. So now I need to apply a new material. Um, let's name it. Troops. It's changed the color, you know, press. No, I'm going to change. They change. Were some of them different carbs. Respected view that seems I am again chips to that same changed called, you know and a plate? No, let's see. I want to create the final quarter tree. It's like some of them change this corner green. That's supplied, as you can see here and this stunning ISS finished. It's pretty good. It's safe, our fire. I can do the same thing with this because, remember, I just don't already cast at the friend. It's done that the cast and friends yes, uh, UV map create already created. And from this one, I can create a variation off our textures. Let's rotate this in 19 Greece. That's a word selling guns it. So in the next video, I'm going to show you how to create some textures variations to create that different style for this one. And finally, I'm going to create. And also I'm sorry I'm going to create and a complete scene which will be exported into T shirt for for the final rendering. So I hope you can enjoy it. You can enjoy this training we are supposed to finish, so thanks for watching 17. 3D Modeling: Creating Texture Variations : so no back in at the father shop going to to change on this. And I'm going to create a new body, a shin off this section. So what? I'm going to do this just drash in track These sex, sir, To create a new, larger direct right here. And I'm going to in the file, in the image. And you Sorry. Let me see in adjustments. I'm going to change hue and saturation. Next, Select that. Select on the threats. No, see, You know blues. No, no, it's right. You know, General greens. No. Well, this not working in this using this channels. So it seems like it needs to to create these variations manually. I'm going to select old piece or Spink areas. And now and adjustments again. Hue and saturation. I want to change quarter this one like this. So you see? Yeah, it's purple. Okay. I don't like how how this is looks. Let's change everything. I'm going to decrease tolerance. It's shiny free trading . Yeah, Let's try again. Let's try again. So, Hamish adjustments que In situation, You know, maybe a thing that General could be works better miss your reply. Yeah. Okay. I'm going to select a word. Work related lines. Red color, right? Mish adjustments in saturation. Let's try with a different something like this. Maybe white. What? You're white and thing that expelled. I see. Not sure. Maybe this color looks better Or white. White this in this case. So now we being already change? I'm sorry. Let's do something different like this. This? No. And come to work. Yeah, it's true. Greece. Yeah. I'm going to play and you feel maybe floor Schindler. Just you. Nice. So we already has. It already has in your texture. Finish it. I'm going to save him. PNG his number three Don't say Okay now. Yeah, back in three DS max going to church. I'm going to use structure baddie to and okay, get a new variation. A new donut variation Looks good. Express the empty I went to use big in this one. Do you speak material from object? And as you can see, this is their hands Material to play applied like here Year. Here it's here. I want the same material. So I'm going to make a variation about but this one Back to the lead deleted in front of you. It's made a copy with this one holding shifty person You material now going to de select your subdivision again in this time the Simon going to the activate ignore back facing because I want to select old Well, my geometry I want to select jittering back face, old six kids. Same thing with this one more I'm going to select Member I'm going to use this material I got a variation of Were hot and we get Now we have two different and done It's I went to buy different material for these What's if we fight in the future and we'll try to export We will export this all this model oldest smashes into and a key should file So, for example, if I applied this chips material to this and boots that means that the material diarrhea that I already apply here key shit hadn't eaten automatically identifies that this boot has the same material, so I don't want it. So the thing that I'm going to do right now I'm going to create a new material name it boots the mother which the color I decided to apply snow important now Boots too. Mother, this is only two. Is this only to identify that in that word key? Shit, you should. Five. We have different materials and maybe the same thing for this very Treem. Here's green. It's applied. That's okay. The's material. That seems like it's the same that old, this one, for example, to create a tete material. The and that Suri This is secret White Justo to right tit. Sorry. This is a mistake. I'm sorry. It's I hope you can correct it. So once I applied this material into Keisha, he should file we will get and the same the same for all this for old, These models of automatically. So you we're hence, and same thing with this You? Yeah, one supply. It's affected. Different quarter. Yes, I know material to So this file is already complete, and our models or three different moles are already completed. So in the next video, I'm going to show you how to create the and it's seen. And then how to how to create a render using Catia. So thanks for watching 18. 3D Modeling: Organizing the Scene: Hello and welcome to these beer tutorial. Now, in this video, I'm gonna show you how to create this kind of compositions. As you can see here, I already being created in this this basic and seen which, ah, which has a leader history about the work characters. Also, I being include a camera which can be m a very useful tool to us if we won to create Ah, this kind of history in our scene. So if I select my camera, I get all these dis characters or this doneness, Um who o r. Which there are actually running from this This principle character also I've bean include the basic animation which show us this three D dimensional space, which looks very awesome, I think, but and you can use a different type of our off and the civilization enjoying or rendering giant like, like, be re or any any other suffered off your preference to to render this kind of animation bad . And I well, the in the next video, I'm gonna show you how to create to render on this scene. This a scene. It's just one frame off these a scene You seen key shit and all these materials. And this realisation effects that T shirt kitchen offers to to create this beautiful image . So let's start with Without were passed and five So, basically, when we get our I were done it finish it. This is there. Yeah, I were in his initial concept design then, as I showed you in the past tedious. I create some variations. Just simple. Oh, everything the original Diffuse the fuse channel map A already create all these kind of types. Let me see. I copy. I yields accompany these objects and ah, place them well. This is not This is not necessary right here and here also it's not necessary And you see here that are not in this is already objects. So you see, if I get yes, seems like and I could be twice this his German tree. Make sure you don't have a double geometry and your object it's take it review. It seems like a okay like I double copy and this object so but now Knicks pretty good and let's say fit again from view. Remember to use the shar quits to get any sea navigation your people Let's erase this peel in this capsule that a exporting the past beatus, the previous business. So to create the and, um, an environment like I showed you earlier the the other file And the only thing that you need to do is and it's moving this one. And let's make a new copy of this Okay? Knowing the from view, I'm going to skay scale this. You can use them and your right click of your mouth and bracing right here. And you can increase may be 100%. 200%. Let's see. No, it's mobile or you can use Yeah, just dragging your mouth. You can scale distract your mouse and and Yeah, next break it some of this. So because this is a line they told us they show you horse or us I teach you in the past, BDO I only move this points you're seeing it's mood or or this year that in this case I use smooth I smoke this move to to give this beautiful corporate. I only rotate this in this hand. You can see here I only irritated and and to give this the's cure bitter Ah use I select this too and I use this and modifier cold. Well, it himself showed you s IHS. Let me find a motive Fire. I can found it. It's very by. It's very by. Seems like I can find it so by let me see Stretch she'll bro mish No, they came fine. Peace Mike Cohen. It's very fine gate I use for by and I decrease the value you can see eight I can together and here just a leader Curve it it that this can casts already applied this more fired so it's not required to a plane again. So the mouth again I only moved this this point No. And they get this this Hamish so and once I and get this mother answer So once a a already scale this this character I'm going to just change your bid expressions. No, this character will try to to eat and done So let's move this down its prepare. But it's prepared first I'm going to change. Um, my position That's changed something like this. Maybe with a little bit. Let's create a new there. It's great. And you, you point using refined Remember, I'm working in Varteks. The verdict smote and the shark with this one. Number one? Yeah. No, it's It's It's very good. So once I already moved. Are you already a date on the position off my or the post of my my character? My character posts? That seems, say, and most. Yeah, I lost their tits when it moved them. This is because there are individual objects. So what they want to do right now is I'm going to Let's see. Yeah, already. All the tales are selected, all objects are selected. And now I'm going to group this and done it. It's called Done it. Um I'm sorry. 1234 12345 Done. A three. Done it. Number three. Yeah. Now, I already group this die, so it's more in its place in work. Monster hand. This is some kind of monster because trying to and to get this done it It's beautiful. Done it. The kid his scary face. So let's see. Yeah, Looks very good. Exporting Nice. Let's continue with the next one. I'm going to change, so maybe this. Okay, this is now on the table mesh, so I can't. As you can see, this is not on a table display anymore. So if I changed to a table, explain. I am sorry. In table mesh, I can edit our points. That's the important thing when I'm trying to do not convert and and your model into on a table polio or a table mesh of you. If you are going to make some changes in the future. So let's they want to change this arm, for example, I'm going to delete this one. This one this one and thats copy this using a mirror tool. Just placed dear correct position. And now I get this. He's done it, Yeah, running. We tried to That's that's me. Wrote it. No clone. And that's OK. Yeah, these white chocolate covered X Better now, the same thing with maybe this one. All these donuts are already Case has this scary or are, uh or there are no happy because the are running. So let's change our expression like this. Maybe yeah, or this suit down its cast. The made the same. This same the same post. I don't want it and I want to do that. Maybe let's sleep to Yeah, and I'm going to delete this one cup team. It's more okay? No, they has different decisions. You know, we get these differing this two different facial expressions. That's enough to me. Anything. Maybe. Let's move this points just a little bit. Yeah, looks pretty nice. This one. I think that I'm going to change this position off the Senate's feel scared moment, sir, because he's trying to to get them. You know, it's running, That's your tape. This a little bit spring good. And now Oh, he's done. It's it's made a copy of this one. Something like this. Maybe, let's change. That's changed them post again. Something like thes Maybe I'm going to change. It's jumping something group close. So as you can see, I get this off this five different don't styles. Okay? Yeah, All of them has different expressions are similar bar bet different. What then are running? And this is now our most let's change. Let's save us, um, than a position composition. I previously And save this file. So we're gonna cold it done it composition to maybe yeah. So now I'm going to create a background. Yeah. So it's great on this fear in a standard prima tips. It's green. And this fear Let's increase size that scene. Yeah, I like this curvature effect thing. That this is enough. I'm No, I'm not going to To increase the size to our sphere. Let's rotate it 90 degrees. Sorry can see. Yeah, 90 degrees. Okay. And we get It's beautiful. It's fear curvature. So I need to transform this fear. As you can see, I get a lot off subdivisions. 200. This is what I need to get these discover bitter. So you need to increase it. Were segments to 200. If you want this kind of style concerned, I'm going to transform it to a table. Polygons copes. I'm going to erase everything that I don't need it. Yeah. Now it just select your this this face thesis fear select. And it Let's freeze a word selection. This is if you use a free selection, you can you can select anymore. You're it's fear That's important because I'm going to Mm. I'm going to group my objects, my characters, my donuts Let's see if everything selected done missing something and its name it group as stomach one in the next one. I can code done it too. To now. This one I'm going to call you. See if I has select everything. Yeah, let's call it to free. Free, then four. And don't five. Let's see if I okay. Oh, okay. I miss this teats. You know, we're in this group, so I'm going to attach. Seems like that's close. This group. I'm going to I'm group again. Now I'm select this one. This to he sits now I'm going to group again. Free. I don't to tended to one. See that one, then it to down a three, then it before and damn it. Five. Okay, now we get our were characters. We can move. Move them. We don't have any problems. Yeah, it's safe. No. Well, I'm going to do right now is I'm going to create a camera. So let's say rates, etcetera. Camera in The creation panel went to select camera. And let's select a target camera for us f three. Just drag this camera to our scene. Let's see your camera. It's mobile. Maybe your clothes, things like these may be Yeah, I'm going to Don't forget to get out off your camera If you want to modify your you're objects because if you keep walking in your camera example of something like this? Do you are moving your camera so you can select Herbert Perspective or or three Or press for example, Camp camera number one Or you can press the shore Could be. Which means that you are no into perspective. So let's move this. I spoke this character's scene Beautiful. Donna, it's beautiful. Done it. It's more right here. Maybe something like this. This is scary. Done it that small Our camera that's rotated just a little bit because they want to cat capture these these Kerr bitter Don't forget to change the camera shark. It is the letter C and the perspective shark. It is the leather key because you need to change you review every time. Looks awesome. Yeah. Now we get this first plane down it. So let's smoke this This one. I've seen the camera already last. Things like this maybe. Yeah, looks It's pretty good. Now I'm going to to place this one. I'm sorry I lost it. Let's see if I can see the camera. No perspective again. It's more than just a little bit changed The position that's rotated. It's like this, maybe and think that we have too much. Too much. Done it, Cindy, for explain. So I'm going to places more clothes. But this is the same. Same one Same Donna. So I think that I'm going to change at the material for this one. Who opened? Select this? Yeah. No select group. Close. Yeah, it's pretty nice. 12345 Let's safe our dunnit composition Fire. Now I'm going to create some Ah, additional details. I already has created this. This can be this candy bar. So how we can he signed some something like this. It's very easy. The only thing that you need to do is to create them to create a cylinder, something like this. Now you need to increase the height segments to trying to and sites too 15 15 to him to get this a lot. Subdivisions. Then do you mean to copy? Make a copy. This he said like the other one. And make this cop you can. I'm going to Camembert. All this but this for sitting there's into a table. Partida. Once you do that, you need to attach one and three. Now that you get just one object and the final thing that I used and use ISS. I used which more than five twists. I'm sorry. Three smelly fire and increase Increase that angle. If you get something like this, for example, you can see I get a little deformation. This is because I work Gizmo. That's it's changed to top you press f three work is more It's not in debts This center, our object You need to move it just to the center. Our object Now you get twist Chris at three. And you have this beautiful twist. So this is how I I I create right and my can do You are okay. My I already has one. Okay, look. And they also applied Depend more fire Ben, More fire gives me this car bitter. Make sure that you that you're surface are a completely circular It don't you can scale. Yeah, to get circular Sirico Nargiso face. So what I'm going to do with this is easy. Let's change. Let's transform it into a table Polygon Now I used at the elements election so like this too ends to barbs. Let's create all right, new material candy. I can give one and can be one. Let's change the colder we'll be ready are blue. It doesn't matter. You can change. You can create any color that you want and forget to assign the material. And now on this is candy to to change the color to white. Yeah, with your object selected. Let's selecting Burke. Going to use this material. Those no get in this candy bar. ST Candy bar. So, the camera I'm going to increase the size. Maybe I'm going to make a copy. Its scale. Let's rotate it. The camera can. And I'm going to move and create. I love that. Okay, Things like this, maybe. And now I'm going to increased size. - Yeah . Looks good. And express good. This this bar that's rotate this one just a little bit. Sorry, I think. Then lost something like this maybe. Yeah. Thing downing one closer to the camera. Too much goes this. Yeah. This this first plane done it. It's safe. Our fire. I assumed that I will not. And it this to mobile. It's anymore. I think that I need a new donut for this one going to group open. I'm going to use the chalk like material. I also has create this Chuck to material I want to play and this shapes I'm going to change , too. Two. Black chocolate Chuck Late one. Yeah, in a caps. Already create the A body ation. Yeah, so let's potato stated in a bid. Move it And that's pretty good now and it's safe. Our composition. We are so close. Finish. I'm going to and great the box camera. It's great. I'm sorry. Front view and that shoot. Will it from you to create a box? It's changed a size 10. Tim can create sites. You can change the size to something that you consider that looks good. This is some kind off particles to see in a word camera that we get here. It's rotating for more tips. Que particles. That's Skopje sound of them. It's rotated. Okay, let's make a copy of this one. I can make some much more copies copies, and we'll take him once some of this close to my camera. Something like this maybe seem like this. No, sir. Seeing the work came around did y x x? I'm just this one still high. Yeah, it's rotated. And yeah, if now we get our particles, let me see something like your A copy, like two years copyrights you And here and here. So let's change work. It's work, you know. We're you poor, this one going to use realistic, shaded in its place simple Help me front. And now we're camera. Now this up me perspective, I'm going to use shadows, Debate shadows, more modifier panel and that's all. Now we get finished our scene in the next video, I'm going to show you how to create a basic animation. And we are preparing everything to export our I were seen or our the composition into to kiss it. And finally, we are going to make a render. So thanks for for watching See you in the next episode. 19. 3D Modeling: Organizing the Scene 2: Hello and welcome again to these training BDO This media and government I go, I'm gonna show you how to didn't create that basing animation. Also, we are going to organize. I will fight our file and we are going to prepare everything to export. So let's work in the perspective. You and see, we kept some issues something like this, and need to move, move it to the ground and place it to the ground. Something like this. Let's see if we get any problem here. Everything's looks good. Think I need to make sure that that our scene looks are are correctly organized? No one and this Kaino Oh across seeing crossing objects. Let's see what we get here. Everything looks good at the moment Now this fit is a little bit It's insight were it's inside that were it worked ground things like skin Let's return to our camera. Let's see this one Maybe like this Yeah, now into perspective. Going to see I'm going to check out if there is no problems. Looks pretty good. So now Aziz, you can see here I already include this harmony light also in activate shadows e t to just together. Uh, and, uh, just an idea about how it will licks. And when a export my file indication Now I'm going to create a basic animation to create an animation. Ah, camera animation. It's very simple. The only thing that you need to do is I'm going to create and into use out two key coming. Then I I scrolled these Sporten into 100 frame the 100 frame. Now I use a set keys and buttons. I get my my final frame, which means that here this camera is our where were 100 frame. So I'm going to and return to my camera and I m going to create my zero frame. So maybe something like this, as you can see here, I get my animation already Many 12 I want that this animation continued continuously. Re repeat. So too, did that. It's very easy. I'm going to to my curves editor panel, the curve. Any editor panel. Let's up in it. Let's see we get and that's select old thes lights, this camera lines and I'm going Teoh Indio it the edit button, the transformation tools. Well, let me see. Editor BJU Yeah, in there in the controller Roll out. I'm going to use out off range types. Then I will select being punk. Yes, Way. Get this continuously. This line this continuously in old, these frames. I see. I'm going to close this and I'm going to change. I were okay. Our time configuration weren't increased to 200 frames. As you can see, they have this camera with this infinite animation. So if you want, for example, to render it dear directly you seen and three DS max So four or using beery or any rendering giant Very useful to create this kind off of animation. Which show? Show us, uh, were were three. The environment, it's very good. Looks pretty beautiful. So now I'm going to prepare our work file going. Teoh, let's deactivate out a key frame and I'm going to, um, prepare. I were work. Were seen to export. Maybe in the left view we're going to select everything was to select this camera. I'm going to hide it. That's kite. This object also this too. Theis, off the lights, head selection. I'm going to select everything. And when I'm going to do is let's transform it to convert to a table. Monica. Now spare. Important to safe a new file. Save us. Yeah, done it. Composition three. Maybe. Why do death? Because now we don't have a d option. And about this objects to, um that's let me show you open this lines that are this arms and they are in any more allying You can see you can move your your points, Adir. Because now the resented table polygon sparing Porton If you want to export into your object to another en Jane to transform everything to in the table polygons. But you need to do that when you're seen is already complete. So let's close it Group close. And now when I'm going to do is, um I'm going to in group everything Grip, grip now and grip. Great. It's so ready. Good. I'm great. And that's all here. I'm going to select Oh, all this objects that one to have the same material example for thes. Don't forget you need to keep you need to hold control to select. Well, this is this already group, so I need to grow up. But now it has been select all this objects, so let's continue with it rated. It's already group old, so I need to in group select these objects. They want to have the same material. I see. He should identify tights. Um, your object. If you apply in material in three DS Max fam, it's T shirt. It means immediately identifies that this is a an object. So it when I apply a material in T shirt, this in of humility applies the same material to every objects that I apply. And in Treatise Max, the applied three years maximum, it seems this objects are from three already selected and want to two missing, Nothing to miss nothing And no guys. My English it's not Not very good. This is to be seriously my first training curves so you can understand. Yeah. Now everything looks good. You see? 12345678 I want 2345678 Yeah, Correctly wants to free for by six seven a. Maybe. Let's change. Yeah, it's very easy with this kind of view. 1234567 to 34567 123 45678 Missing Something work you in 234 Yeah. Eight. 1212345678 12345678 Yeah, No, Let's elect our material. Hence it's applied. Okay, I'm going to select this one group hunger, and that's through the same thing. 123 456 78 It's applied. It's already This is ready. This one is ready. This one's ready. And now this. A group of hunger free for 56 78 Supply hence material. And okay, we get were seen. I work. Intense material ready. So let's see with this one one free for for 456 seven, eight. Its supply. Okay, now I'm going to used to shade it. You and it's safer. Were five. See? Um Okay. I don't remember the name of this one that lets name all these bodies. So this one will be and done it. One, then one. This body tend to It's ready. Down. What? Free? Don't know. For then, five and down. Six. So this is done It. I see this one. 123 123456 Yeah, but this one is the same like this one then in one. And then it's free. I'm going to change. I want be. One, 34 56 And this one, then it 10 7 So now we there that word boots See our material, But to it's one. So maybe this one I'm going to apply. But the boots one, this one puts one. This one puts too. What's Yeah, that's good. That's okay. And this one, but one. We see things. That thing doesn't looks good right now. Yeah. Now expelled. It's returned to a work camera. Looks older. And now the teats work. Teats that select own teats material. All tickets, objects. I'm sorry. And I'm going to apply same material to everything you seem. Play basil. Ice it better. Yeah. Yeah. In its press, M and key, I went to use its final work teeth material because they want same material for for all this, it's chocolate too. Maybe this one teeth. Okay. I already applied. No, it's safe now. Really sick mold for the lips. Maybe a one. The same material. Yeah, its final. You met real too. Candy. It supplied the chalk late material or chocolate day chocolate. The white chuckling material. No, maybe I want to use a different material. Let let's select everything first shaded. Okay. Make sure that you are selecting everything now. Really sick. Let's see if I get this is the candy can be material. See this head? Teoh that to sugar grains, Body T chart late sheeps new material. Think that cereal and the problem here because I do not organize at the beginning. When you make file Senate body, it's not. Can you use this material? It's boots. Candy can be warm. Let's create a new material. Call it lips. It's called Leaps on. I'm going to use orange This in my little No, maybe team this great. Oh, yeah. I don't want to lose my selection. Okay. I want to do with my selections again. Leaps, select this being color in debts. Okay, Now I have already get my lips before the ice. The same thing, the same thing for the ice. I'm going to use ah, work candy material for Cheesman. Let's let's used as you can see, I get I already has this object attached. So that's why I need to use element candy. I didn't see if I want used a can the red corner. Excuse. What color? Maybe? I don't know. Maybe I want to use the same lips. Material? Yeah, same lips material. So that's use it lips. It will take some time to be patient. Thank you. You are playing when you're using this kind of Let's use our lips mature. It's material. Same thing with this one leaps. - Same thing with all of them. No worry wears clothes. We are almost, you know, close to finish. We're close to finish so I can attach the object this I with this I But you know, one cause. And now this one, I think that this is the final one. The last one? Yeah. And now I get thes material. Seems like a pregnancy t again. Select this one. Supply the lips material. Yeah. No, I get all my objects. Let me change this. This one, but material chips find boots. Okay, that's safe. Yeah, that worked. Leaps, we get No, all of this came stuff ready. Candy can be one. I see. Yeah, candy materials. It's already It's already so everything looks good. I'm thing that this file is ready to export it. Let's see. No work camera. It's playing animation. It's very good. See your names. Work body names. One you for five seven one one to floor five six material three. Yeah, one to for five. Seven. Want I want to remember this. It's a sin. Uh, no, I need to remember this This material because I want to apply the same for oldies. When I exported into Keyshia, they want to apply the same the same materials for everything. So I'm going to Frieze Frieze. Oh, Priest. Oh, let's create them a new wrapping or or you be maps for this, um, for the surf ace. Let's go, Teoh rapping you b w select everything open UV editor and that's use Pelt to meet. Yeah, Now we get that work. Were so faced correctly. Rapid going to collapse Everything. Yes. Safe again? Yeah. I'm going to apply material for the surface skin. Let's see. Plus one is lips. I want to create the new or three for material hands for the back room and see what can use . Which one? Let me this new material to If I change, I've seen a word camera. I am some. Okay? This is the same material for our no I don't want it. I want to do that. I think I need to. The race. All these sluts to candy. Can you let me see this one? It's a pity. Yeah, I can use this one. Nothing change. So I'm going to apply this replacing material that changed the name grown ground and it's changed the color. Teen darker. Okay, seeing want to to replace anything Here. It's change. Our were facility desalinization More. Nothing change. Yeah, I get. I have these five ready to export. Save it. It's kind. This camera selection? No, let me do the final thing. Let's create fear like here. It's only height. Everything. Yeah, maybe a that want to use this one as a It's like when a export to kiss you its strong form to a table pony cone. Right Selection. No high this election. Next. Let's export everything to he should safe export export. And it's fine. Our night parties. Yeah. Pictures model export O P. J. Exporter composition, new composition, new composition to save it. Um, we have a preset. I see. I believe no, like let's export has none and its export. Let's keep we get a lot off another off. That's cute. Well, of German three here don't. So in the next video, I'm gonna show you how to apply your materials and how to create a composition using using ky ship. So see you in the next. Yeah, BDO. 20. Rendering: Assign Materials to the Scene: Hello again and welcome here in key. Shit. I'm going to show you how to Orender Awards were seen. So what? I'm going to the right now is the first time that I'm going to do is let's import work file . So select a day and you can position number two. No, um, I'm going to import it. Well, as you can see here, this is our background. The shadows show show s our background and I were seen is that's rotated in 90 Greece. It's so if something like this happened to your file, you need to the project. New composition in the position. I can't. I can't change the rotation to Syria of the grease. And now I'm going to adjust everything to the background. So it's not to the ground. And here we are. Now we are. And this sphere is close to the ground. So once you do that, the first thing most important thing was to create camera. Let me see that. No, We will create the camera later, maybe. Let's see. But Missy And will we apply at the beginning? The materials So done it. Janet Body. Here I get my my, uh, my name's the names are off our files for some of them. I'm going to use ah, redesigned material. I'm for some of them. I will. I will use the same. So let's see, for example, for this one. No, we're library. I'm going to use my fantasy material. I will try to share with you this all these materials. So, um, let's use this stomach. One material Brady sign material and in the texture going to change this one. So looks very nice. Expertly nice. Yeah. Let's do the same thing with this one. And yeah, it's just the correct one that in this special case, I'm going to change at thes I'm going to change the material. So if you want to change the material properties, you need to work in the in the project window. So let's see the properties. I think that they have a Bense at Bense. A bench scorers activated, you see? Yeah. So it's change this spectacular transmission to something they read, maybe. Yeah. And now to diffuse transformation me that miss sees Pickler transmission. Yeah, something like this, but pink. Okay. And now, with few strings mission okay, now and expelled as you can see here and I get a prepare. Uh, already, I use their bomb material. So to do that in the tech chirps and pictures we do, you can't select your normal done it. Which is? Ah, the material debt. We already has, uh, clean up. Now we get this. This lines, I can also increase the bomb high. Just a little bit. Knicks. Better now with the chocolate surface that I'm going to use some chocolate materials that I already don't load from the t shirt patient. I will keep you and we'll try to provide you with this materials. And as you can see, home all chocolate covering Colbert's are already change it. For example, this one. It's a darker one, but for a day. So now with the leaps, maybe Let's select this being chocolate. No, I don't like it. I don't like this being chocolate. Next, let's select our paying close. I'm sorry. See again? No, it's to darker. Well, I can't change this. It's cooler. It's close. Red. I can and, um, change. I see something like this. Maybe refraction. Increase that infection. Indexing. Yeah, and people expelled. Now that's increasingly orbit. That's okay. I'm going to use thes pain gloves white to our our Hence that's already applied. Let's change our chips material. I'm going to that. Change the speculum level. Still do the same thing with this one. It's spectacular. And chips one this spectacular material. Okay, refraction index. This one in this one. It looks pretty nice now. Now I'm going to use going to use and let me see what kind of material? Maybe less for peace. Sure. Grains. Oh, yeah. Good. Maybe decided. Yeah. Look, spatter. Awesome. Now with the head. Let's change the candy. This is the candy material going to Yeah, increase speculum level and the refraction index and the same thing with work refraction. I didn't see a speck wheeler white and the refraction index went increase now with our boots. But see, maybe in plastic, going to select It's clear shiny plastic with a screen Xiang plastic. Oh, this It looks slick, speller. No, for this one, Missy. In fantasy, we try to provide these materials to you. As I told you. Let's change. It's pretty good. You see, date the state material. I'm going to increase the spectacular in the refraction index. Yeah. Expelled. Let me see With this one going to change, I want to change their to apply it. Chocolate. I'm sorry. I'm going to use my donot material. Yeah, and take sure to change with the green one also. I'm going to the properties. Let me see. Were events, corners? Something like ring? Maybe too much. Well, you see, you know you don't like this. Yeah, it's one darker spec record low. Yeah. Now there. We'll increase the rockets with this one. The texture? No, my bum. Not about done it. I'm sorry. It's increased there. Hi. Sorry, but something's X were here. Maybe with this man. Yeah, I think that try again. It's decreased from high. It's too much. And being No, I didn't see right now. No, no. The prime ill and bring color. Ambient spectacular. He stressed. Mission. I'm not sure about this material thing down. Going to change it to Maybe this one now properties again. It's Let's see. Yeah, looks bell. It's better now. Expelled. Um, you see different mission and darker. And that's OK Now this one it's applied Donald material now in the properties again. Now I'm going to change. They're some bodies spectrum, something right, Phil. In the events? Yeah, something like this. Yeah, that's good. Now it's applied the chocolate material shop plates. I see. Show chocolates. Let's apply this white chocolate. That's right. With this one, I think that this one looks better. Yeah. No. With this, this one I'm going to use, um, fantasy. Maybe this Screen this for thing on the bubble bubble for, please particles. This chocolate material going to change sharply. Let me see in a scene. The material, properties and point increase Spectacular. Yeah. So I'm going to use texture. Make sure, dammit. Good. I'm going to change these chips. Chop plates. This It's sharply quarter. Thanks. Some Let me see. I think that I already finished now. And there are some few thinks no cat, that material. It's increased that rudeness in the spectacular going to increase speculative value the same thing. But this one rudeness. And that's increases back room. Maybe for a fraction index too much. Take like this. We are so close to finish our materials missing going to use? No, I think that the previous material it expelled. Yeah, so yeah, Looks pretty nice. What's this thing? What? Oh, I'm sorry. Let me see him. I will try to hide this object this hour. We're reference plane. So in the project, you can position phone. Yeah, I don't want to see it. Yeah, So you hide it. This is our Yeah, the fault plane. So let's continue somewhere this displaying Was there reference image that I used to model our object? No. Let's see, with our lights and miss, if no triple these and fantasy this peril material again. Yeah. Now I'm going to edit these. This using a texture, this planet texture we've tried to provide you let me see Picture met. Yeah, Blacksmith, would you be coordinates? And I'm going to decrease scale too. Zero 0.1 maybe. Let me see. Um, going to activate. Going to activate the parental reflection and let's Greece and little bit there. Refraction index on may be will change. Also there spec were level will decrease. It's a little bit. Okay, so now let's place our camera. Yeah, I can will place this camera right here at this point. So once you get, you're inish already you're seeing I'm going to place my camera. So in the project, I'm going to create a new camera at camera camera number five Number. You you Camera? Yeah. Is this is the name off our camera? So I'm going to edit this camera to select it on. Let's see, that's increasingly repeat the perspective. Maybe. Yeah. Respective. Let me see the instance. I want to be creases your since. Yeah, it's pretty nice. I'm going to Can you step a field? The fake one. If you then one. It's very good this case. I'm going to use it big. My my fuck was and then I'm going to crease it. F stop. Not too much. Just 01 Yeah, I get peace. It's blue effect you can own. So use Ah, the father ship to to create this effect that it doesn't matter. You can select point five. Yeah. Now to the environment, I'm going to use a different environment. Let's see, in day I've already which which environment can work to us. Also, cereals, back plates going to use this This one. So let's take a look about that we're environment. Maybe this one shiny, I think Strike with this darker Try with this one. You see with see which one call cool words Beller to us. You can play. We all of them. There are a lot of different environments making use. He's one thing that maybe this ad missy Yeah, this one bad. I'm going to creases a little bit the brightness and it's rotated Seeing the camera. I'm sorry. I lost camera. I'm going to block this camera so now I can move, can rotate it. And if you want, you want to move around to select free camera. Think choose camera. Glenn, you can select free camera. You can rotate it again. Camera, Let's let's change this. This materials class basic. Let me try again. Bless less Basic. Yeah, and I'm going to use society this So finally, we are so close to finish candy. Let me see this material. Thank shirts at me Brightness Properties. I'm going to crease this beck winner in a fence. The refraction index and I think that now you are ready to render your Hamish. So let's take a look. Everything looks good. Well, you don't have any problem. Let me try something more. BJU library project. I'm sorry. Pregnant. You. I worry. That's it's go to camera three camera because they want to. So like this one. Lights see Lights one point. Like miss it. Why? Let's try again. Intensity. Let's increase intensity value. Let's change the color. No, I'm going to you Camera. I'm sorry. Something miss. Something happened here? Yeah, it's lucky already. Blood or camera? So now we get thes. Hold these. Let me see this. Too shiny. Maybe increase too much. And now we're by burning again. Project project to It's crazy intensity value. No, it's anything that there is nothing. Justin Mother? Yes. So it's not working well, I am not sure. Why is that happening? Bet Oh e think that I can render this beautiful Inish so maybe a can increases shiny. Just selling Be it in this one. This final tales you project project that scene. It's down on a number Free this increase that rudeness. It's increase the refraction index This back were level much more missing. Texture went increase Senegal beat there. No, we're boom from high. Yeah, Yeah. I am ready to render of this image now in the render They were in the room. Yeah, you You can select any resolution that you want now I'm going to use Ki n g include out for transparency. And now you can start your render. So see you in the next video when everything's it's already render so thanks for watching. 21. Rendering: the Final Illustration: Hello again. And yes, this is the final BDO here and you're seeing T shirt for and off course. Now they resent Kesha eight version that don't worry. And the interface is basically the same here we are going to get I were final, render off course and we can take different point camera locations for the for the illustration. And that's the advantage when you are working with treaty tools. As you can see, bean include air too more can these on the background in Jell O and red colors As part of the environment, I will render them and separately because I want to show something in our background final rendering. So I currently export this to objects? Yes, wheat exports selected option because I don't want to export the complete scene. So now I'm going to open my recent file less five in here. As you can see, I get my final Amy Inish so that I can show you back plates. I went to use Blue Mist and now and it's, you know, more Miss show in the project project. I don't know where it might break. Okay, here is my project window and no white white this happening? Okay, Now I'm going to select and my free camera because they know Want to That's block this my new camera. And now I'm going to work in my free camera. I can move my files. You can see and I'm going to import. Yeah, my their final Candies. Let's see. Perent ation. Um, keep a real, you know, at two scene. Yeah, everything's looks good. Now I'm going to party. Yeah, there are. There are currently rotated. I'm going to Okay, change and seen these two objects. It's rotated to 90 degrees. Now snap to the ground. And now I'm going to used to move to Let's see nowhere. Camera, camera, new camera. And I'm going to more them to the background. Something like this. Maybe that's movies. Something like this. Yeah, I'm going to apply my materials. They worry. Let me see now. And project materials can be one for direct, colder and chips. One chips to to the for the Jell O or I can select a different color. But I think death looks pretty good. Chips? No, I don't think so. Does this cool effect I work? I worked chips and corner right here. So let's close that scene. Our camera, it's It's already blood. I'm sorry. Something happened here. Small. I love too. You can? Yeah. That that. And this is a problem when you dont accept change. You already we see. Oh, come on. Come on. I don't know what's happening with this. Yeah, yeah, I need to a sip. This changes I'm going to in the environment. I think that happens. Because because Kesha these key shit version it's not already or doesn't Half height, hiatus compatibility with windows eight. Maybe when windows Windows 10 has better compare it, Larry. I mean, when those eight is complicated, I'm not sure. So everything's looks good. Maybe this material I'm going to finish this one. This material, this material let me see material think that this is Yeah. I'm going to increase Spectacular. Now we get a shiny Cheney done. It's place, texture, bump, picture use. That's use work balm. You need to make sure that you are using texture map, and also you need to change through you coordinates. If you don't do that, yeah, maybe they're normal. Map can can be adjust to our surface correctly. Now. I think that's already finished. But because I ready render this scene I'm going to and height everything going to heIp everything. But they will keep this to objects that first and safe my safe. Our file. You know, I'm going to save to render these two Candies render going to select my folder p and G and remember that you need to include your Alfa transparency and now use rendered very fast comes that aren't too simple objects. No, I'm going to close. Um, this car now in that ship, I'm going to open my donut composition. I'm going to place these two objects. Place them background now, um, you can increase them, increase the size if you want night and think so. Maybe I can rotate this one just a little bit. Going to restaurants lawyer on two separate car. Um, it's very hard to permit C eight with these pronunciations. Very hard to me to say rusted ice. And that's sure. So that's that's good. I think I'm going to place background. I use this. Grab you describing color like this, maybe. Yeah. No, I'm going to going to and applies to make it this background more the year. Let's increase work. Gloves maybe or up with levels. Something like this. Okay, also, can you see? Stunning Going to add it? Alright. Sound too. It's retained him and I'm going to just then levels. I'm going to clear the others. Made more light. White corner. Yeah, it looks pretty good. I'm going. Teoh, create some some clouds in the background. Going to use my mouth. Spain didn't seem okay, You know, I'm gonna make some clouds. You're seeing this brush, Maybe increase the size. It's like white collar past city. Things like this made this clouds. Now I'm going to erase. And you've seen this one, huh? Seems like my doc, you know? And has for you some kind of dark blue? Yeah. So I'm going to erase. - No . Now I'm going to use a filter. Um, Blower, you have a simpler to scale. It's gloves. It's copy again. Marriage. These clouds brush going to Great. Thank you. It's painting. There were clouds again. He'll turn gabs hamburger. So high number. I'm going to decrease a little bit. - No , that may seem that's too much clear respect, girl. Going to make these there its darkness. Yeah, please. Just to Greece and went increase lighting about ground lightning like these made. Yeah, and finally I'm going to create. So So some brightness effects And I can also can also create some kind this kind of flight in facts. Let me erase Now I'm going to use I don't get this star I didn't see. I want to. That's too much density. Yeah, I want to I'm going to select this to fly up Ocean blue, mate. Perfect. No, I don't like it. You think that this this sharpened, effectively expelled everything looks very good thing that's fine over materials this shine effects fact in our surface my so face Well, this candy candy bars It's awesome. Maybe if you want to if you want. If you don't want to see this corners you can increase at the levels of division off your geometry. Same thing like this. This can increase a little bit there, the division or you can apply mesh mood. Bet I think that safe. Then a composition down safe. Our ship, um, for you and that's no Tell me down. Okay, so here is the final demisch, if you this ah q b a berry extends tutorial bed you will. You will learn a lot about digital illustrations using three years Max, See British T shirt and adopt about the ship for this kind off for to create this kind of products. So remember, my name is Oscar key Minutes. I'm a tree. The freelance artists from Colombia. I will provide you my email if you wanna contact with me. I also currently available. So if you want some kind of work like this for your for your company, I'm free. Yeah, and to work for you. So I hope you can enjoy this training and and and happy and cafe Happy modeling. See you in the next time. Thanks for watching. 22. Bonus: How to Create Keyshot Materials: hello and welcome again in this bonus, BDO, I'm going to show you some tips and tricks that I use usually used to for creating Zoff materials or editing them. So the first Sendai McGahn in Tunis is I'm going to import this fear. I will include with them with the BDO files. We'll provide you thesis fear. Now you can import it. And as you can see here and background these this just in the middle off hours fear I'm going to I'm going to move it just a little bit. Snap to ground and that's all. So here I'm going to apply these fantasy materials I already create for you. This is my donut material here. As you can see, he's done it material. If you want to edit these material, you can play. You can see here we're material. Also, I get this properties, you can change the color. Where were you want? And now, um, if I want to use some of these diffuse materials off course, this fear doesn't have you be map. So maybe we can't see a word if you section but well, this is I were diffuse material. Apply, uh, to our texture. So if you think that this is too, for example, and you can see these purple color, you can change it. The properties, innit? Bence Ben Settings. You can change the spec alert transmission. Maybe you won thescore. Maybe this Jell O or red, Or you can simply track to none. The black corner means that chess doesn't. It doesn't kept a spectacular transmission color so you can edit the settings. It's pretty simple in the bomb material. You also need to add just to use your, uh, normal done it that we already create. If you use a normal like this a bone material normal like this, make sure that you have the UV coordinates already. This type is It's already select in UV coordinates. Also, to make sure that you have this textures matte, this texture map applied. This is the only thing. The only way that we can see a world were material already. Um, radia plight will apply. So, um, let me of me show you with this one, it's per material. Make sure that doesn't happen. And another, another texture, simple material in events, you can see that we didn't have any and diffuse transmission speculate transmission And also the friend ill the friend The front of window is deactivated of the parental setting is de activated. So if you want you can change the corner Blue Jello, take a look This material So if you want to change or if you want to save these material And sorry if you want to save in your library it's very easy. You can create a new folder by here. In my case, I already created this fantasy folder and here and here I will you name it Peril Blue I'm going to save to the library. I'm going to place into fantasy materials and that so I get my new so way can't apply Have any of these materials to I will file Let me show you with me. Open fire Let me see pictures, Problems It's open this file This card Take a look at work last five, as you can see because I already change my my textures location Some of them just has bean disappear. So when I'm But I really to I can of course, again upload. I work textures, but I don't want because this is only an exercise to show you how to work with materials. So, for example, to this dinner If I apply these material stomach, stomach material I'm going Teoh in the project show you. So here we get our material already applied. I'm going to the right now. Yes, I'm going to load. I work diffused picture and this is already applied So you can change you're and your texture. You can select any any one of this Don't get this one, for example. And it's outta Maliki automatically change. And also, as you can see let me place place background something that is maybe Missy A were camera This camera so really blacked. It's a key, so I can't I well include our I were in normal map material. So let me see in there the material these material going to load our bump texture We were normal. Yeah, it's already applied. As you can see, it can also increase just a little bit from height. But I do know I do not recommend it that if you want if you see good results you can play with this values to this is my done it with a different material. The same thing with this one, for example This Let me see and close this window. Let me show you may be this material for this one. Now I'm going to change here over textures to select. Maybe this one. This here that I don't want the and one this speculator corner going to change It may be something jello, because I want the reflections they general reflections done and one being reflection and old soon. Yet Bentz said thinks you can change this purple. This is the clerk transmission I can change it to would be something but this That's a gain on textures I'm going to load. I were normal. Danek, Boom up. Yeah. Make sure you need to take a look that you're using the texture, map and UV coordinates. And this scale is in one number. One body thesis scale Body should be one the same thing for this one. So maybe let me see no word more materials. I think that this is the new one. So let me see. Pictures One value one and were Bumpy's already applied. Picture maps up. Everything looks good and you can change at old thes thes don. It's materials and also the last the last one, I think. As you can see, I get this car bitter. They select and neither another camera can number one. No Kamer new camera, maybe. Or cam Camera are you can see this? Is that different Camera angles? This one, for example. If you want to edit this camera, don't. I do know I do not recommend to lock it, because maybe you can. You can lost a few, can lost your point of view. So the only thing that you can do is at in edit mode. You can Greece, for example, perspective. Cycle of this awesome, in fact, to increasing our perspective. Value also can let me think I see perspective value and you can irritated can rotate it using twist Bali Something like this. Maybe something like this. You can rotate it any angle that you want. And so So I know I don't want to save this file because I already has another. Another fire, which look speller and it's completely finished. So I hope you can understand everything about T shirt, about how to create materials, how to edit it's and materials. I have to change the color values on how to use them. These fantasy materials that already provide to you. So thanks for watching and see you hope to see you again in the next tutorial.