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3D Meme Gif! Becoming Giphy artist with Blender and Mixamo

teacher avatar Joseph @ Carryou, US President 2050

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (51m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 1A - Onboarding Adobe Mixamo

    • 3. 1B - VJ loop: Additional use case of Adobe Mixamo

    • 4. 2A - Rig custom character with Mixamo and import into Blender

    • 5. 2B - Setup light and camera in Blender

    • 6. 2C - Assemble gif with free online tool

    • 7. 2D - Cyclorama - Rendering with shadow vs. transparent background

    • 8. 3A - Explore different materials and surface types in Blender

    • 9. 3B - Add partial color in edit mode

    • 10. 3C - Emission: The fake 2D style

    • 11. 4A - Make character head with modifiers

    • 12. 4B - Build a meme character with skin modifier

    • 13. 5 - Applying for Giphy Artist

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About This Class

Want to grow your personal brand or company brand?

You should try building some 3D memes!

In this lesson, students will learn how to build 3D meme mascot with Blender and auto-rig in Mixamo.

Once you build a 3D mascot, you can render it into gif and create some viral meme to promote you brand with it!

Who is suitable for this class?

▌People who want to run a personal brand and promote side hustle to a larger group of potential users

▌Renew company's branding, create animated mascot stickers to integrate into consumers' daily chat

▌Bring original characters into the 3D world, build a trend for your character

After taking this course, you can do it too!

  • Create funny animated stickers easily

  • IG story meme sticker

  • Bring original characters to 3D

  • All-purpose transparent background gifs, suitable for commercial websites and personal projects


Course structure

1. Mixamo - Bring the model alive in the first class

The structure of this course has been planned by the teacher, abandoning unnecessary stuffs, go into core content and bring your mascot alive. Give student a great sense of achievement.

2. Blender - Customize your mascot

After successfully rigging the model, you must really want to add some elements of your own style!

Blender chapter is divided into three parts, from color, head to limbs.

Give your character an eye-catching and charming appearance in these lessons!

3. Real world example - Giphy

Congratulations, you learned how to create your own 3D meme creature! It’s time to share it with the world!

In the final lesson, teacher will share some tips about applying for a Giphy artist account.

You should find your funny creatures in Instagram Story after becoming an Giphy artist!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joseph @ Carryou

US President 2050


Hi there, I'm Joseph (aka. Kangbo), founder of Carryou.

Carryou is democratizing domain knowledge by providing high quality e-learning tools and online courses. 

We believe learning can be optimized by utilizing modern technologies. 

By providing e-learning tools and online courses, an ecosystem that helps people grow better and faster can be accessed without barriers.

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1. Introduction: A, do have this worry is your personal brand, it could enrich more potential users. Difficult for companies brand to reach down. Customer base. Artwork is limiting and lead to the world deck of energy, whether it's a personnel or company's brand, a way encounter period of stagnation and could not see a brighter future is time to summon your mascot and made redeeming features can be used as animated stickers and dive into the daily conversation of costumers, rendering into peeves that dense early in Instagram. For those who have a website, a1x density waves into your website and also greatly increase user engagement. I guys, we are carrier you. In these lessons. We will teach you how to create 3D means creatures and demonstrate how to become a give me artists, give you the opportunity to expand your brand to reach a larger customer base. My name, I don't know how to paint. Don't worry. Discuss does not require you to have superb. Our skills teacher will guide you step-by-step. Even if you own stack squares, you can create mascot. The structure of this course has been carefully designed to omit complicated details. Every chapter is work oriented. Students can get into a flow experience by following the course. We go straight into Adobe Mixamo in the first lesson, experiencing the power of proton regain and motion animation, Len, student that JS and Carter of the mascot, you create an eye-catching appearance. After being proficient, you can start processing modelling the hand. Finally, at unique limbs, have your mass college ready? Want to enter that I made the universe 3D. Want to show you branch, more. People. Watch this creates means. It's great laws. We are here waiting for you. Cast, cast. 2. 1A - Onboarding Adobe Mixamo: Hey guys, welcome to the 3D mean classrooms. In this lesson, I'll teach you how to use myxedema. Myxedema is a software that can auto req your 3D model and the gods lateral motion animation kips, so you can choose whatever motions they provide WU costume curated animations. First, we need to register and counting order to use maximal. And if you've got a Adobe's account, you can just login with your Adobe account after logging and you mix them out you as the lots of different animations. And there's an workspace in a right which displays the character. Hi. So first we choose N characters on the left, top side and just pick one characters you like when we will use it as injury reduction. So let's pick a guy with a helmet. So whenever you kick a new characters, the old one will be removed. So make sure you save the old one so you don't lose your previous work. In this workspace, you can use your left mouse. Click your left mouse to rotate. I'll click middle mouse to pan and you can swirl. Uh, we'll do ringing or rule out. By if you only have two button mouse, you can click these buttons. Click the pen to move, or kick this room enduring in, in this lesson we suggest you to happen three button mouse. So if you want to do any 3D modeling, you will be more convenient. There's them button that you can show and the skeletons. Okay, so let's get into the motion animation clips, chosen animations on the debit side. So we will pick this hub density. It will add motion animations in doula models we choose before. So you can see that person is dancing right now. If you want to address the speed or their own space, you can just these buttons. We suggest you to live. The last option trimmed in default settings, it goes, most of these options will be the optimize Y. And after you set up all those different options, we can click Download, and they've all those options as devote because we are going to build gifts. So we don't need much this cartoon settings. After we download the animation farm XML, we can enter a lender. There will be a dialog box in a default section, just click on the screen and you were disappear. The first time you entered lender us yo Shri updates in the screen. The first one will be a camera and a box and also a light source. Because we are going to use the characters so we don't need this cube. So let's press X and then delete it. Let's import the FBX with download. So click Import FBX, find the motto FBX file you just download. And you can zoom in or zoom out to view these characters. If you want to check our characters materials, just click the second button from the right top. Your shoulder material preview mode. And you can see their characters, card costume materials. You can click Play button to show the characters animation. I'll kick space to play the curators movement in order to come to the depot and viewpoint, who can use the middle mouse? Click the middle mouse to rotate and shift and middle mouse to pan this 3D view and also use the scroll wheel to ringing or rule out. Okay, so this is the basic control of the blender. So it's time for you to choose and curators from Mixamo and importing your blender. In next chapter, we will show you some more advanced usage or mixing well, okay, so it's time for you to try out. See you in next chapter. Bye-bye. 3. 1B - VJ loop: Additional use case of Adobe Mixamo: Hi guys, welcome to the 3D mean classroom. In this lesson, we will show you some examples of the usage of maximal. So if you check our Mixamo website, you'll find lots of different motion animation clips. Some of those clips have the numbers on the left button. So this kind of tech and our tech motion is a combinations of different motions. It can give game designers or artists more control of their characters. And working in animations. This one, you can have an in-place options. It will clip the characters in the origin bus you're working. How does this affect the animation pipeline in game design? So in the game designer, if you want to move our characters, we will make the characters who walked in the same point. In the meantime, we can come to our origins or the characters were moved either forward or backwards. So let me show you an example. So in this example, the current as Luke stack walking forward, but actually is really walking. Let's check it in the blender animations. So when we kick starts, the character start your work, but isn't really working forward. So let's rotate nurse 3D view and you can see the Curtis actually working in the same spot by the mountain, is moving backwards. So this kind of motion can create illusions and encourages walking at a color is provided by these shiny materials. So the overall concept is simple. If you want to make your character move, you can move the origin of the curators violin in the meantime, give them the walking animation. Okay, So this is one usage of maximal. Now unless all different kinds of usage for EDA, again, designing or an amazing teacher, I encourage you to find some examples and try to yourself. So let's try with Liberian characters from Mixamo I imported your blender. In next chapter we will show you how to update characters to mix email, auto rig with those motion animation clips. Stay tuned. Bye. 4. 2A - Rig custom character with Mixamo and import into Blender: Hi guys, We're going into that 3D mean classrooms. In this lesson, we will show you how to update, okay, it has two maxima and import into Blender to create some motion clips. So next, up no characters by clicking the Upload Curtis, and choose the FBX file the teacher provided once the current taste of those as x volley, it will show you some markers to add it to characters according during the explanation on the right side. So we move the wrist and elbow is according to the image on the right side. Since these characters only have two fingers, which engineers fingers to do jammed fingers with 41 skeletons. And we click Next. You'll take two to three minutes to replace characters. So you can go check our default animations, 3D models. In the meantime, after finish rendering, decorator will start moving in workspace. So we click Next. So the previous characters will be removed. So make sure you have saved as backup. Let's pick some animations. Vote is characters. So we can pick a weft dance animation character. Absolutely, you choose your animations. We can click, download, and import it into the end. Once we end her blender, we can delete the default cube by President asked on a keyboard and we can create new collections. So later on, if we want to do more complicated actions, it will separate into encourages in different folders, make the workspace can nest imports by clicking File and in port. That's an icon on the left button will show which buttons that teachers tracing right now. So you can get a better understanding of the key is the teacher is using. So in this blender workspace, if you wanted to move their characters, you can select it by dragging a box. Make sure you didn't select color light, just the characters and click grab, which is the G. Thank you. Want to rotate the characters. You can get r. And if we want to scale, you can kick. The concept of manipulating. Obviously, blender is simple. If you want to grab this character in certain excess, just present G and the nanny of the access dial, it will move only on x axis. And gy, you were moved only on y axis and z axis. So it will be same for the rotate left rotate, x axis, y axis, and the excess. So important your animation into Blender and players play to see how the character is smooth. If you click this armature on the right workspace, you will see some red dots. You can login by scoring up the wheel. We will show only 36, which is the brand's character has been animated. Okay, so it's time for you to upload all the characters to maximal and add some animation and age are important to Blender. Next chapter, we will show you how to render these animations and you can do vowels and assemble in New Guinea. So try out yourself. We will see you next chapter. Bye. 5. 2B - Setup light and camera in Blender: Hi guys, welcome to the 3D main classroom. In this lesson, I will teach you how to render the motion animations into PNG files. So let's import. If you follow the previous lessons, you will have an curtains inside the blend your workspace so you can click space or play button, do. Playlists, curators, animations. So currently we have 36 friends in is animation. So let's go to the right side. We have an output properties. We can set the end to 36, since we are just rendering PNGs for gifts, so we better set our resolutions in 300. You can press 0 and get into the camera view. Most of the time we will adjust the character's position. The Zionists came up. So we can click on to open the right tab and go into View and click the dock camera to view. After we check the locked you came a real, we can rotate or a GS, the current position in Xi'an came on view. The Bible, we unchecked the luck to KML real. We will get back to no more 3D workspace if we rotate the 3D view. If you have a big keyboards with a number pad on the right side, you can click one to get into sign and three into the right side. By if we don't have a numpad on your keyboard, you can click the View and you point to switch to different viewpoints. And we can enter the kingdom viewpoint by caking non panel. So let's adjust the characters in the middle of the camera. After you found the character is working fine inside you came on view. You can sort it to render an image. You see how it works. So let's keep the render. Render image is a little bit dark because the light is in the back of the characters. We want to move the light. So by placing G, we can grab the light, like we grab the character. So let's put the line closer to the characters and get into the camera view and press Render and render image to check in again, still, still not good. So we need to fix it. If you want to use the shortcut, just press F 12. Okay, so it looks better right now. Since we are rendering Gibbs, we need to set up the background into transparent. So in the render settings, we check film and checks transparent. And finally, we need to decide an output folder. Go to the folder structure you sell before, and add a new folder, volume rendering violence. Make sure you enter the fires or it will render inside the folders, not outside the folder, give you a name. So blender will add the PNG extension at the end of the file, okay, and just left the RGBA mode as default. And we can get into the camera view by pressing 0 to check it again. Okay, so everything works fine right now, let's render the entire animations by clicking render, render and emissions. It will render the entire animations and you'd have hotel use the lap. Okay, so we finish rendering the characters. Sometimes we want to adjust the light type. We can click the light hand, go to the light settings they are for. Categorical is in settings like point, some spot or area. You can rotate the area light or rotate the sunlight to adjust the light angle and also less than power, which controls the shape of the baggage. Train yourself and see which lied provide the best rendering and resort. So okay, is your time to render your animations in geo PNG files. Next chapter, we will teach you how to combine this PNG files, then assemble GIF file. See you next chapter. Bye. 6. 2C - Assemble gif with free online tool: Hi guys, welcome to the 3D main classrooms. In these lessons, I will teach you how to convert PNG files in the UK in files with free online tools. So let's search PNG to give him browser and click one of the free tools you like. I'll use Easy gave in this example, the lake gif makers and upload the files we just rendered out, choose every friend and by pressing Control a. And up though to make an good. Okay, so now we can see 36 brings in a window. We can say the enthroned to 36. And also we need to make sure as the delay time is aligned to 30 FPS. So 30 FPS means each framework delayed around 0.03 seconds. So less than three in this area. And look calm just the big blank because we want to build an infinity loop. So now we can click on make a GIF. You will see some friends from the previous image. So make sure you don't mistake friends and render that give again your disappear. Okay, right now we can download the gift opener. Give us see the result, which is quite nice. So it's time for you to assemble those PNG files you render out and combining and you give the threonine tours. Next chapter, we will show you some advanced symbols when you render 3D mean creatures. See you next chapter. Bye. 7. 2D - Cyclorama - Rendering with shadow vs. transparent background: Hi guys, welcome to the 3D mean classrooms. In this lesson, I will show you some tips if you want to render characters with shadow. So let's get into the blender workspace. If we render an image, now, you will see the background is transparent because we have set up the transparency in this film is edited by fully uncheck Transparent, where we get some shadow on Guam. So know you see the background becomes gray. If you want to have some shadows, you need to add something Goal, Seek Rama DES, use the promotional video as example. In the video you can see we have something green in the background. And if we render the characters in this kind of psychodrama, you will have some nice shadow and infinity big one in the oceans. So let's build a Saccharomyces lender in Blender. If we want to add anything, we need to place a, you can choose different types of object you want. So here we use a blend. If you want to use an upper GI button, you can also use it there. You can click edge and just add a plan. Press S to scale the plan. And players tab on your keyboard to enter edit mode. So we have different modes with different purpose. If you want to change some properties of shape about the object, you need to go into edit mode. So select these two buttons and cake e, z. So you will extrude on z axis. And we need to select list, you mean 0, and click Control B. To give it a label, you can scroll your mouse wheel to add more segments. If you want to set up after you learn this pebble, you can just go a left corner and switch segments to four or five. So in here we use five segments, press Tab and returning into object mode. Right now we want this area to becomes moves. So we can right mouse button and add shadow moves. You will become smooth. Press 0. So again you can one view. And let's see what will we get if we render an image. So right now, USE a shadow on the back of the characters. You can also view the shared hours in is random modes. Can circle Barton's top. You can adjust the light, you see different shadow area. So this is the use case of Rama. When you want to render as on the wave shadow, you can add a second Walmart, you create a better background shadow effects. We will enter this chapter here. So go try out to build your own sac Rama. Next chapter, we will started to adjust the color of the materials of the characters so we can get different kinds of appearance and fewer characters. See you next chapter. Bye. 8. 3A - Explore different materials and surface types in Blender: Hi guys, welcome to the 3D mean classroom. In this lesson, I will teach you how to change the materials, often characters to get different purines. So first we kick the characters Mardi. Then in the right side, you can get into the material preview and check out different materials. Most of the time we will set up the operand n for this material. So later on if we got more materials, we can pick our correctly. So if I want to switch to different colors, I could just pick an existing colors. But if we want to add custom colors, we need to add and create a new materials. So let's create a new green materials and pick another color. Right now you can't see anything in his view when you modify the color of characters, we can go into materials, headings to see what kind of materials we added in these characters. Right now we need to get into edit mode by pressing tab the yellow dots means we select the merchants. If we want you to let everybody as we can a and click Assign, so we can assign a color in edit mode. So this is the first materials we change right now, like 89 green materials. And if we want to change different type of surface, you can change the surface into emission. You will create some illusions for fledge 2D style. So right now the character is in 3D mode by looks, diabetes and duty currently. Okay, so it's time for you to ask some of your custom colors until you change these colors to the materials you like. You can try to. It's ordered, list characters isolated, carried us. Make sure you didn't select the light or camera. Because right now we only wants two is called the main capitals. Click File, export FBX to the folder you want. Inside exporting window, you can set up the men of your output file and make sure you click the selected objects. Because if you forget to click this electric objects, it will export both camera and lights. Okay, So export. And you can then upload your Mixamo and very good with sound, motion animation clips, okay, so it's hard for you to change the materials for these characters. Next chapter, we will teach you how to change the partial materials. Like if you only wants to change the color of feet, how will you do it? So we will see you next chapter. Go tried to change the material for the entire body for the time being. See you next chapter. Bye. 9. 3B - Add partial color in edit mode: Hi guys, welcome to the 3D being classrooms. In the previous lessons, we'll show you how to change the colors of this entire carriages. But right now, if we only want to change the color of the head of how we do it. So let's get into these characters. By pressing Tab, you can see those leg virgin and that's the head. The yellow area is there area. And if we add another materials by pressing, Add and choose green, assign, USE color change into green, press Tab and get back into object mode. And we can see how it goes. We see we only change the front of these characters. The difference between 3D software and 2D software is we need to rotate through different angles in order to change the entire object. So let's go back into edit mode by pressing tab. And this time we can toggle the x-ray view. You can press auto Z, essence your cart. So when you get into X-Ray mode, the object will become transparent. So let's select this head section one more time. And if we rotate USE we have select the entire head so we can change to our material preview mode and assign the green materials. And we get entire head into grid. Okay, so it's time for you to try yourself. Let's see what kind of character styles you can come up with. And we happen homework at x2 to SR materials, characters. And you can share the results with us. Go try yourself to S and costume materials. In next chapter, we will show you some advanced effect of the flat 2D effect. See you in next chapter. Bye. 10. 3C - Emission: The fake 2D style: Hi guys, welcome to the 3D mean classrooms. In previous lesson, I showed you how to add custom materials for your characters. In this lesson, I will give you an example of a select 2D characters. So if you check out these characters, USE looks like 2D characters. But if you rotate the characters, it is actually a 3D characters. How come, how do you create this kind of effect? So actually it's more about the different materials used. Instead, Apple is currently, if we switch back to Solid mode, you can see the character is basic geometry. Only difference is the material. Materials. So let's check out the materials tab and go to material mode. This kind of a fad is actually stacking different materials on top of it with when modifier. So right now it has a body which is a great image in materials, and also the outline which is blue. So in order to come up with this kind of effect, we add an solidify modifier, make sure you click, Flip and also set up the materials offset. The offset means the number or the index of the materials we use. So the first one will be 0, which is body, and the outline will be one, and a red will be two. So if we change this offset to two, it was reached into red outline. Try yourself and materials which is emission, emission surface. And also make sure you keep this back. So your characters were only have an outline instead of in the entire material. In this chapter, we have shown you how to change the material C, the partial or the entire characters. We have one homework for you to do yourself. Change materials from their characters, the teacher provided, and upto to share with your classmates. Next chapter we will start modeling and make some costume curtains. See you in the next chapter. Bye. 11. 4A - Make character head with modifiers: Hi guys, welcome to use 3D main classroom. Let's get into Blender will learn provide the model. So first, we need to curb his head in order to add a new one. So press the body of these characters and press Tab and get into edit mode. Select the head. You want to. Make sure you are in the X-ray mode. Otherwise yours only select the font size and press P to separate the head from the body. You'll see the new head appear as body z over one. So let's go better control the duty again, P separately from selection. And we can press Tab to go back to object mode and change the name of the body 01 into ten. So right now we have the head separate from the body because we want to add a new head so we better add and different collections. So first, we add a collision for old head and selects everything included years, and move it to old head. So we can uncheck this box to make it disappear. So right now we have characters, but there's something weird because it looks like the characters is hello. So if we want you to feel this phase, we can select entire caught by switching to h selections. If we want to select the entire loop cut, we can press auto kick to select the entire loop and go to base and V0. And we can get a nice feel of character body and go back to object mode. You will see we have Viola get. So right now we can start adding some mesh for the head, but before adding any object as head, we need to create another collections so we don't miss the new head with the old one. Shift a cube. And we can add a modifier codes subdivision surface to change the cube, induce some severe like objects, and grab the cube with g z squared. Can go to a side view if you want to change the ratio or the shape of this cube, just enter the edit mode by pressing Tab and switch, switch to vertex mode. Make sure you have toggle x-ray by pressing O to see. And you can grab some point by pressing G. Okay? So once we have settled down the shape of the head, we can start adding ice, go back into object mode and press Shift a. And then UV severe reduce its size by pressing S and give it a mirror modifier. If you move the cube in object mode, it won't show you any mirror effect. So you need to enter edit mode and press G to move the severe and you got the mirror effect. So scale down this iss to proper size and press in the middle. And if you think these are good, you can switch back to object mode and start adding some depth. We can add tours. If you want to rotate these tourists, you can press R and the access you want to rotate. Because right now we want the tourists to rotate 90 degrees so we can press nineties in, rotate 90 degrees on the ISS. Grip it z axis and it's clearly down. We want these tourists to have some lip shape so we can enter the edit mode and started to modify the shape of this tourists, select the vertices of these tourists and grab it with g. Right now you will see this purchase move weird because it's like instead of some smooth shading, are we got to fix it. You can press the proportional editing or less your cup 0. And this time when you press G, it will show you a big gray circle, which means the field you are going to affect. And this can create sounds most effect. So that's that smaller parts. Then press G and Z axis. Okay? So this is the lip shaped. We want to make a wider so we can scale in the x-axis and make sure it is aligned with the head shape. If we want US moves the head or edge more caught, we can address the modifiers options in this workspace and get Vader smooth shape. Okay, we can start to edit some materials students Haidt less code into material preview mode and some materials for the head. Let's add a pink head with yellow eyes and yellow dips. Okay, So this is how you make a vase with mirror modifier and also add some surveys on new shape. If you want to export, just select the entire characters and export FBX, make sure the selected objects. So you want to export cameras and lights. Okay, so go try yourself, make a hell for your characters and export, upload you mix them up and see how it works. Next chapter, we will teach you how to build these characters from scratch. Okay, I see you. Chapter Bye. 12. 4B - Build a meme character with skin modifier: Hi guys, Welcome through CD mean classroom. In this lesson, I will teach you how to build an characters from scratch. So first, we move the default cube, ignite new collection. We can then their collection as characters. So later on we can have more clear structure if you want to add more items for this carrot. And since we are going to use a modifier, we need to merge this cube into emerges. So whereas tab and press N and merge S enters, it will become emerges or point in origin. And let's add some modifier. So far as we add mirror and skin and subdivision surface. And you can see the voltage becomes undeniable, severe. Sometimes when we are doing 3D modeling, we will use and reference image. So we can press Tab, go back to object mode and press numpad why you go into your front view. Let's add a reference image. If you want, shift a and press reference image. You can use G to grab this reference image like an object or use YOU scary upto replace the reference image. We can go back to the merchants we just created press tab, go into edit mode. And this vertex will be the heap popular characters. Or we can select this vertex and press G and Z to move the position known him. Since we have add the mirror modifier is or if you move the vertices, you will see a mirror effect. Let's use X-Ray mode with oat and v. Okay, so we can extrude these characters right now. So E extrude it through a headache. But once you is shrewd USE there's a red circle around this orange spot, which is a route. We want to keep the root hair, their hips so we can go back and press hip and go to the modify section. Whereas mock root, red, orange circle will change. So yes, it's true a deck. And this shrewd the body. You will see the ray circle change again. So we need to go back to hip and press MAC root again. So give me the shoulder. Or if you are not satisfied with the lens you just said you can use G to grab. Give me a head with E. The sometimes we want to add another next section between the head and shoulder. But right now we will just build a character who does not have a neck. So let's give it a nuke cart with Control R and use Control Shift B, you create a baby boy effect. Select these two British control aid use Garriott. You can scale up these characters by pressing Control a. So let's give you the food first, extrude. And we want to scale our character's feet. So select the vertices, control a, or we only want to scale in one position. So come to a. Why do you scale on a y-axis? So right now, let's give the stomach, we've come through our loop, control H, you scale up. And if you only want to scale in one direction, you can use Control a or Control a y squared the stomach a little bit pattern. We need to add fingers for these characters. So go to the end of the arm and extrude it through that again. We can use contrary to scale it down to create a bingo shape. Gq address the NGO. And if you find a reference image, have some overlay with the character. We can press Tab, go back to object mode and press X to grab this image. So I'll go back to the characters again. So we want to have a bigger stomach and shorter leg. We can press G and grab the fit. When we upload this character to maximal, we will want the character to stand above the ground so we can press a to select over this and press GC to move the character aboard. So let's give you the biggest domain called country. So we can address the merchants, physicians recording you As a few words. And if you are satisfied with the character's appearance, we can press Tab, go back to object mode and turn off x-rays mode with all the characters we build from scratch, Let's add eyes and lips for this current. Shift a to add a cylinder for these characters as eyes and give it a mirror modifier. Press Tab to enter edit mode, scary down with S and grab it up. So we can toggle the X-ray mode and go into the side view with numpad three. Rotate with R and scary down with S. If we want to change the shape of this vertex, we can give me a loop cut with Control R, and then turn off proportional editing and grab it with g, g, z, maybe only in the z direction. Okay? So right now we have the ice, or we need to add another lips for these characters. So tap, go back and do remote, shift a to create another. Tourists. Rotate 90 degrees in x-axis and scary down to grab it and move it to the correct positions. So let's added this tourist. So we need to end the Edit Mode tab. Select the righteous. We want to grab. Press G with the proportional editing turned on repo. So GZ and scary up with S in the direction we want. So right now we have the mouse, or we need to attach the mouse with the surface. So right now unless some distance between lips and face. So we need to grab this virtuous and snap, undo the current S phase. So we can turn on the snap options and switch to face with causes, perameters, and turn around proportional editing. Inside edit mode, we can pick a merchant, turn off the X-ray mode and go to a side view and grab with y directions. And that is snap onto the character's face and go to the other side. So, so that converges and grab it. Snap on July character's face. Okay, so right now we finished snap in the deep south new phase. We can adjust the distance by pressing G Y. Before you move the lips, just turn off the snap option. Okay, it looks fine. So the final steps will be adding some materials for mildew, material, poverty and material give you the color that fits the character's personality. And we can switch to material preview mode to check the character's appearance. The lips can be maybe pink. So give me a pink. And the eyes should be black. So create a material for black. So in this lessons, you learn how to create characters from scratch with skin modifier. If you want to make these characters more smoother, you can go to the Modify section and click Smooth shading, the curators will become smooth. Right now it's time for you to try yourself. Create a character from scratch with skin modifier and export and upload your maximal and gray zone motion grips with these characters. Next chapter, I will show you how to become an artist. See you next chapter. Bye. 13. 5 - Applying for Giphy Artist: Hi guys, welcome to 3D, mean customer. In this lesson, I will give you some tips to become an artist. I apply for Giphy work by the artist in early September. So I receive an e-mail. Funky B is as my applications is now qualified to be can give the artist. Why? Because it requires me to use enzyme working vials and screenshots to move Islander artists who submit those gifts. So I attach some screenshots from my blender working files and send it back to GIPHY. I think their support system eyes that gave back to me in just one day after I received the rejections as at number 7, attach some working files and send it back to GIPHY and my application Scott approve as a number nine, it took me less than a week to become an improved give the artists by submitting more than five gifts to give me. The difference between a vary by PV RT exam, no more Chinois, whereby artists will have a dashboard and you can tell us how many Gibbs has been used on Instagram. If you upload gives us no more comments, your animation stickers will not appear on Instagram and there will be a channel between you, an end and GIPHY. But the artists account, we're just starting with your user, then you can get some analytics in your dashboard. So I've been rejected as September seventh bar. Later on, I gotta prove as Edinburgh nice. And my account just grows really fast in is one months, almost reach 1 million views. And you can also find some keywords. What is trending on Instagram right now? These words will show you what kind of Contents will reach more potential users. If you want, you apply for Giphy, whereby channel you can as an artist or apply for grants channel just following the steps, upload five to ten gifts to GIPHY and submits some tickets to land. They will get back to you really fast. Let me show you how to upload and get to GIPHY. So click Upload and select the stickers. Make sure you render a transparent background in Blender. Otherwise you will become a gift. So pick the characters we just make and rendering you give and you can add some text to show what kind of content it is. And there were some suggestion take on the button, if you have a brand new or you have XAMPP. As an artist, make sure you add your or his name and your brand names on some other veins where surgeries, keyword to find your stickers. The maximum tags you can add is 20. So make sure you find a tag, match your content and at no more than 20 texts. And then source URL link you can add. So whenever people correctly give your directing, do your website or your portfolio and slag, which is the general rating. And then we can upload your Giphy. Once the upload is complete, you will be directed a sticker connections you can share or embed in your website. If you want to add more tags, you can just click the pencil icon. Okay, So this is how you, um, no, and give to your Giphy tried to create its own unique characters and read it with mixed-mode, upload your Giphy, and it's the end of this lessons. I hope you can learn some useful tips to make on 3D means three characters then become interesting. Give me artists, let me know if you have any interest in learning this kind of material. I hope to see you share your work after this class I in Congo. See you next time. Bye-bye.