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3D Logo Animation Element 3D Adobe After Effects

Amil Neal

3D Logo Animation Element 3D Adobe After Effects

Amil Neal

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6 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Intro Element 3D Logo Animation Tutorial

    • 2. 1. What is element 3d

    • 3. 2. How to make 2d to 3d

    • 4. 3. Texturing, Camera, Depth of Field and Animation

    • 5. 4 Final Scene Arrangment

    • 6. 5 Adding Lens Flare and Changing Background

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About This Class

Animated logos are on the upswing, and it's no surprise. Our eyes gravitate towards things that go: ocean waves, blazing fires, and computer screens.

I am coming up with a new series of Logo Animation tutorial. 

In this class, I have used Element 3D Plugin to create this cool 3d Logo Animation.



This is exactly what we are going to learn! 

How to create 3D logo animation with Element 3d On Adobe After Effects?

you have seen this type of animation on Television and Social Media Networks

All you need is after effects and element 3d on your computer.

We have tried to go into detail as much as possible. 

You will learn about element 3d, how to make your 2d logo into a 3d logo, then we will add custom texture and animate the logo with camera.

This class also has important scene styling techniques and tips

How do you leverage the power of animated logos?

There's more than 1 method of leveraging the ability of animated logos. Below are some areas where you could promote your new remarkable logo to stick out from the competitive business world.
Social media: Use GIF animated logo and compose it with a message or insert it into a movie to print on social websites for getting more engagement.
Business site: You may use the animated logo on your institution's site for keeping your visitors' attention and leave a favorable impression on them.
Presentations: You can incorporate animated logos to demonstrate originality to the people.
Promotions: Finally, you may use animated logos on your promotional post, sales page, and revenue videos for shooting attention and making the audiences excited to obey the message. 

I also have Title Fx Animation Classes, I have tried to cover different types of Text Animations. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Amil Neal


Amil Neal the creator of AN Productions is a self-made young man. He was successful to teach himself efficiency, punctuality, proficiency and professionalism from the very early age.

Amil Neal has worked with companies and organizations like Telenor, UNDP, USAID, English Movie, Bollywood Film and more than 1000 startup companies.

Moreover, He has created a digital shop and sold his creations to thousands of people all over the world in his shops and other marketplaces.

I would like to show you how to be a better creator, make money from your digital products and services, and live the life you dreamed of. I would like to share my journey and real life experience, how to be a better designer and also a seller. It is also important that where to sell and how to charge... See full profile

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1. Intro Element 3D Logo Animation Tutorial: Yes, this is exactly what we're going to learn how to create 3D logo animation with elements really on Adobe After Effects. You have seen this type of animation on television and social media networks. All you need is awfully bags and elements very unequally creator. We have tried to go into detail as much as possible. You'll learn about elements for the how to make your 2D, the wind, pretty logo. Then we'll add custom texture. And anyway, the logo with camera. This glass also has important Cindy styling techniques and tips. And I'm a mill I have worked with more than 1000 is smaller than big companies in the last ten years. Let's create something awesome and barely see you in the glass. 2. 1. What is element 3d: So element three is basically a plug-in you can use on after effects. And it has been created by one of the most popular guru of After Effects and recruiter, Sandra Kramer created this elements ready so you can use any objects. Obj file here, import, you can import it and then you can animate it. And you can also create your own logo 3D, and test3. So to do that, I have this composition elements. I'm sure you know how to create a composition. These are worried, clicking. Then we'll create a new solid. Okay? And i will limit element 3D. So now you can go to effect than CO2 video copilot. So when you basically install element 3D, you'll have these video copilot and this option element. So now you go to sin 30 go. So this is the main interface of elements. So you can bring in any object from here, like they have some built-in pretty objects. So you can, for example, sorry, go. So this is basically a pretty good software you can use on all three pegs and it is very easy to render. It doesn't take much time to render. So you can easily do very quick three projects here, and it is quite handy. 3. 2. How to make 2d to 3d: So this is the icon or logo we have, which will animate. So I have dragged and dropped it here. And then after dragging and dropping, so you select the layer, ok, then you go to composition. Can then layer, then you click on auto phase. So we'll replace it the asset. So now we have a auto trace version of this icon so that we can make it tricky. So an element for D you cannot actually works with an image. You need to autophagy. Or you can import OBJ file, or you can even use fonts. So now we'll create a composition, ok, so I'll call it C1. C1. And the frame rate will be 251920 by 1008 pixel. It will be 7. Second law. Now, what allowed copy and pasted? I'll I'll I'll switch it off. Then. I'll create a new solid layer. And now we'll go to Effect, then go to video copilot and click on elements. So now we have the element on, but we cannot see anything as we have a non anything yet. So now we need to go to custom layers, custom text and mosque. And there is at layer one. Okay, so we'll select the Auto phrase version on the apec. Now go to sym. Okay, here is the elementary, the interface, which I have explained on another park. What is element 30? Okay, so now you heat on extrude to create the table. So what I'll do, I'll also skill it down. So there you go. There is scaling option, so I'll produce it already said 30%, so it's up to you and it will be based on your asset you'll be using. Okay, so now I will increase the fabled size. So here is the Bible table, and here's the table size. I'll increase it. So we actually have teacher bevel. As you can see, it's increasing. And I will explain the edges. And we'll also work with the curve. Okay? Now what we'll do, we'll actually bring some AC texture on it. So we don't, as you can see, there is no texture in our 20 increase. The extraordinary. Looks nicer. Ok, now, there is some set preserves here, okay? So you can, for example, go to pro shader maps. I'll also show you how you can actually customize it. So you can select any shader or maps if you, if you have this back in your elements. So I'll, I'll just quote a meadow and, and just double-click on it. And will hit okay. 4. 3. Texturing, Camera, Depth of Field and Animation: Our object 3D object query. Okay, now we'll create a camera. And also I would like to change the texture of this, but before that, let's create the camera. So I'll go to layer. Then I'll go to new and camera. And I'll hit OK with this setting. And what I want, I want this icon to move left to right or right to left. Okay, so I'll see on my keyboard and then bring it down. So you can also do it by using from here. You can go here. There is a transform of phonons, so you can do it, do it also from here, but I'm basically doing with my mouse. So you can also do it from here. Can you see? So I'm basically using the sharper cake. So I have selected the camera or B option. So I want it to look like this. Okay? So I'll hit stopwatch of point of interest and polishing. And one to two seconds long. So to look something like this. So like the slow movement, like rebuilding itself. And also what I want, it will zoom in so our heat and others see until you have this option, then you so many. So now I'll select both these oil like for these stopwatch icons frame. Then I'll go to people men, keef, MS is ten, easy. You hit F9 on your keyboard, you'll get done. So now I'll go to Camera options so I get them failed. Okay, so I'll increase the aperture. Here. We have the standard 17 by 17 pixels. So I'll visit. You basically play around based on your protect. So it is too much. So already you see it. I'll raise it to okay. So now it will look like this. Yeah. Yeah, how we want it. So this is our first same texture we have right now is basically a, a built-in texture of elements for ladies, but I don't want to use it. I want to customize a so then you can customize your texture with any pictures. Or immediacy want? So this is the textures, the goal one. I'm going to use it, so I have drag and drop it here. And what I'll do, I'll drag and drop it in my composition. And I'll size it down to already it and scale it down. And I'll pause it. Now I'll go to my elements ready? Okay, let's name this layer elements tray. So now there is a custom texture often in, and I'll go to layer on, and I'll select image number, which is two. So again, I'll go to element ready. I'll basically go to this option. In Korean, there is diffuse or our change it. I'll hit diffuse, then we have this option, then there is a drop down my cone. Then I will select custom label. Okay, so then I'll hit OK. I'll go to specular. Something, e1, e2. So it's basically coming up in action. And also this one. But there is a darker part of the texture is one. I want to move it. So what I'll do, I'll, again, I'll offset is the offset value is 09. I'll do it for others also. And also the one player. I'll hit OK. So now what I want, I want, I basically want to increase that China will in density part C. So will increase it, will increase it to one. So we have more reflection and also their effects and intensity here. Okay, now we'll hit OK. Now we have a very good-looking custom made at 20 icon. So we have the first two seconds ready and we'll create another camera option. So I'll go to Project. So what I'll do, I'll just duplicate this sin one. So I'll control, Control on my keyboard. So now we have seen two. There we go. So I'll delete this camera option here. Now we have the basic camera thing, so another camera and I'll go to new. And so what I want now I want it to like it's coming from the top. This disease or how I wanted to apply. So so I'll go to two seconds. I'll keep families bring need to 00 and it will slowly fall behind. So now I'll select all old friends then go keep MS. Stan is the 0s. So this is how it will look like. Okay, we have a, now what I want, I basically wanted to rotate, so I'll go to element trading. And there is a world control transform option here. So I wanted to rotate, ok, so we have the rotation going on. Okay? So I'll, I'll just animate the y rotation value. So I'll hit the stopwatch option and select this layer and you and I will move it forward. And I wanted to look for yeah. And select both prevent and go to give a message ten and easy. So now if I played, you have that. And also you can also animate from elements radius. So what we'll do, we'll just enemy and the bird here. So we have the word position X, Y. So I'll hit the stop watch he basically wanted to animate. It will actually move down. So global reveals slowly and I don't want to show the pool over. I will have another animation for it. So this is how basically it is animating and we have the third option in the resolutions aid is not looking high-res, but in the final render it. So now we'll create another scene. I'll go to sin, sin 2x, and I will do the same thing. I will hit control D on my keyboard. So we have the same three option. I'll do the same thing. I'll basically a remote camera and also a good elements really, I don't want any animation, okay, cause animated differently. And also removed a world XY version. Ok. Now we have the camera and we want to rotate it like this. Oh, by the way, we haven't created the cameras or I'll go layer new and camera. Okay, now we'll just see now have a look like this. Then. We have this option by Control C, hitting control-C on our keyboard and zoom in. And I'll bring it down. So it will look something like this. So it will basically animate. So I'll go camera. Ok. There is a transfer function, a stopwatch, and also a point of interest, stopwatch. So now we have our camera and our camera is writing this position and we have keyframes, our initial point. So what we want, basically we want to move in. So moving from here to here, like will hit the sea on our keyboard, then just move it like this. We'll bring the camera down. I will basically select o whole keyframes and go to go to our easy ease option. Keep your message. And now we actually need to work on our depth of field. But if you want to keep this way up to you, but in this type of scene, depth of field does actually create a cinematic look. So make sure you have that depth of field option ready and will increase the aperture size, aperture pixels to 70. Around 70, okay? Now, the focus is for distance. So, but we don't want it as a, we, we want to make it post like 200. Now, let's increase to 400. No, I haven't gap then this is how it is looking. Yeah, sloping variable is y. So now we have the sin three animation is how it will call and it is adding. It is looking good. 5. 4 Final Scene Arrangment: Now now was like this into then hit control D on our keyboard, WK. So now we have the final scene and where their local will reveal itself. And we will have more options like, Oh, now we want to zoom in. And we want to zoom in here, 3.5 seconds. So it looks something like this. So we can actually add external rotation here. We'll actually be continuous. But yeah. And they're one. Yeah. So it will actually rotate, rotate. And then finally, I think it's looking good. Now what I'll do, I'll basically acts like the desktop failed and everything on the same tree. So on this unfolding, I basically moved the position. Oh, yes. So it should look something like this. So we have null five scenes. And now we're going to create our final render views. So I'll go to ion composition and I'll call it final vendor. Long and duty by frames like the lost time. So I'll see sin t first. I think it actually has the field and I will take three seconds already this ice to water or if phosphorus. Okay. Now, I'll take all seen five, assuming that I can make sure that a 100%. Okay, there we go. And it will. Yeah. I said. So I am animated like for two seconds. So I actually, so I've Duke only two seconds. So also it is the size of it. Okay? Now, we have these options. Now we'll go to our C1s, okay, I like to say more like this. And after creaming into oDesk, added after our C15, which is actually okay. Now, basically I like the s2. So I will go to s2, I'll make it as finalists in cause I like the rotation. I mean, it is quite simple and we needed so I like that has old gas Donald rotation and everything. Till two seconds and four seconds. I wanted to just polish it, need get it down or you can add emitted from here. I'll hit on my keyboard. Now. I will go to Planet render again. Places our final thing here. When we created our main competition it was now i will increase two by two seconds more so that we have the complete animation. We have. So now we'll do the animation, our inner read a and after rendering in, I'll show you how it is looking. Then we'll do some styling and finalize it. 6. 5 Adding Lens Flare and Changing Background: So this is what it is looking right now after doing the basic rendering. Now we will add lighting and change the background. And I'll give you some tips how we can improve this type of animations. So lots of possibilities, but start with one. So now, for example, in this scene, here, we can see the first thing. Our scene number three, the one we have created called S3. So in sin three, we can improve this part of the animation by creating a line. To create a lag, you need to create a new solid heat come from why on your keyboard. And then we need to basically change the color to black. So again, controlled shaped y and you have selected you back. Now go to Effect and there is a option, good option generate ten lengths, flame the a 105 prime zone and will position in here. And now we'll go to the modes. Now it is normal, which will give you a blending mode as n. So it will look something like this. It will be here for blacks folate, we'll call it light. And now we'll animate the position on the line. I'll read the keep him about life in Center and go to 3 second. And moving from here to here. Okay? So this is, this is a very basic animation, but it will give some, some wow factor in our animation. So, so now we will also add Same light. Flare effect here on creating new solely for effects lanes played. Five MM normal mode to add operative. So now it will be from here, two, from two seconds. And we'll love. Yeah, that's it. So now we'll go to a third frame. This one had more lighting effect. Lens flare. Here. Yeah. A 105, a prime mod two adds, Yeah. And I'll increasing density. For this form. I will just do vary more basic and just have the, you know, like Indian city is increasing when it is coming closer. Yeah. That's it. And our final thing. Yeah. Okay. The final thing for the final scene, I was basically playing with it. So we can add a f of a. For example, I have added a color like purple background here. And we can also create something like this. So let me show how you can create something like something like this. Now we don't actually have any background, like it is basically transparent, so it is all black. So now I'm going to create another solid layer on to widen out. I'll just pick up this type of grey color, light gray. Ok. I'll bring it down here and our mascot. So for example, I'll masters politician and then I'll go to feather, feather it like feather. Yeah. So we have this type of pool ramp effect so we can do it, we can do it in so many ways. For example, we can also do it in another way. There is a, sorry, there is a option like you go to generate Ram, yeah, then go to radio. So you can also do it this way. So there are so many options available. Say, if we, if we bring it down, so it will look something like this. So now we are going to create a worrying. Go to know, when do we need to create again? Now we're going to create our lighting control. Why on my keyword then I'll select the black layer. And I'll go to Effect and generate lens flare. Five-prime. Yeah, like from this to this. And I've got to add. So we'll just click on flair. And I wanted to move from here to here. Like three closer. Yeah. So that's it. So this is how we have stylize our complete animation. And I'll render it and add some MSI and show you. Thank you for watching. And also take our how the teacher ills. We have created a, a series of Logo animations, minimal 3D and so many other styles and also some more effective and useful after effects related tapes and coffer design relative tapes on my profile. So check that. Thank you.