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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Intorduction

    • 2. Setting up project

    • 3. Simple Flat long shadow

    • 4. 3D Text Long Shadow

    • 5. 3D Icon long shadow

    • 6. Final Tought

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About This Class

Have you ever tried to create 3D Shapes with Photoshop ?

Do you know Flat long shadow trend is the most popular trend among Graphic and Web designers ?

In this short class we will learn how to create almost every 3D Flat long shadow with Adobe Photoshop CC with several ways and you will learn a lot of tips and trick on how to create this type of effect in Adobe Photoshop.

This class is designed for people with a little bit knowledge of using Adobe Photoshop and after ending this class you can create almost every 3D Flat long shadows with built in tools of Photoshop and give an artistic look to your graphic design projects.

Lets have some fun with Flat long shadow trend :)


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

HU Shahir

Motion Graphic /Visual FX Artist (Polygon Motion)


Hi, I am HU Shahir, Motion Graphic Artist and UI/UX Designer based in Germany.

I love to share what I already know and what I learned from other people in the creative industry.

I have 6 years of professional experience working with major TV Channels and Media productions companies in Kabul and Germany.As I always loved to share what I know and help people to achieve their goals I have started building my teaching startup Polygon Motion.

Polygon Motion is a provider of online training courses and tutorials in Graphic design, Motion Graphic, User Interface Design, 3D Animation and Visual FX Fields on different online training platforms.

Polygon motion helped those of students across the world to learn creative skills.


Chec... See full profile

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1. Intorduction: Hey, guys, welcome to another sharp class from Paladin Motion. And today we'll discuss about flat shadows. In these days, you can see flat shadows almost in every design in every website and also printable steps. We'll learn how to create different flat shadows simple and treaty shadows in at a photo shop CC. After completing this class, you will be monster in creating flat shadows inside a photo photo shop. So my name is that you share your from Paladin Motion. And don't forget to put to review on this class and also post your class project also. Okay, let's have some fun and get a start. 2. Setting up project: Okay, here I'm in photo shop and also I'm using at a photo shop. CC 2015 The latest worsen off out of photo shop that out of release And also you can download for Russia for trail version and let me show you have to download the trail version off out of Photoshopped 2015. Okay, open your browser and also type arab dot com Once you type, go to at the end of the page and click on download on the weight for download page. Once it's appear you see all the products off creative Cloud you see in here, for example, aftereffect you see illustrator or a premiere and dream of ever on all the creative cloud product. Okay, in this case, we need a photo shop CC click on photo shop CC, and then this forms appear And in here you have to choose your for example, your level of experience, maybe beginner, maybe experience on also, for example, your failed and who you are video, professional or photographer or a student or anything else. And also and here you have to select a y. You download photo shop for your own professional use in this case, we have to choose man A professional. You is because you have to test these free trails when you select all of these animals, for example, graphic design. You have to sign in with your ad. Obaidi. If you don't have, click on a sign of pattern and put your Emil and these kind of stuff and it's completely free and then download there. 30 shop failed version. Install it on your computer. Okay, let's come back to the food shop and let's create new document. And in new document, let's try and come in Name, for example, Simple, flat, shadow or flat, maybe shadow, an in document type. Which type of document you want you want to design for film, you have to design for iconography, mobile app, design or any details. But in this case, I'm just using Kasten because, um, I wanted to find a wedding high of thes document myself, for example, in hand choosing pixels and also pixels because I'm working for Web and other application. If you're working for printable continent, you may choose centimeters or inches art this kind of stuff. Okay, let's have a weight off 1000 also the height of 500 don't vary. We can change it once you can create. You can change it by at these two bars also, and also there is elation. A tree 100 calor mood RGB because I'm using for Web and also eight bit color on the Bagram continent. You want a white background or bang on callers and maybe I use a Bagram caller. And here, for example, this Bagram caller Flat collar. Very nice, and you can use different caliber profiles for yourself. For example, Adam RGB are Sergey but and I am just doing color managed to document because it's not really matter which color space I want. It's not a professional document. Also, in pixel aspect, ratio is secure. Pixel is good. The aspect or issue is how the pixel are arranged from hide and wait Howdy arrange from which a style in which shaped Okay, once all the setting is good, you can all save your presets thes praises and you condone Use it another time when you open the photo shop at for this time I'm just click OK on duh and wait for creation off document documents created and you see has we select at their color and also in here. I have my layers. Let's unlock this layer. Cancel it, Andi. Uh, okay, in next. Listen, we want to create a very simple flat shadow. We'll go to, ah, process and find it easier way to create these simple flat shadows. 3. Simple Flat long shadow: Now let's open our icon, go to file and click open, open. And also, I have to mention that you can find these assets old in court description, attach filed and all of the's icon and also their project for these that shatters are available for download. Okay, I'm using this icon and click OK, once you click. OK, it's appearing here and just drag it and put it in color document. If you've created okay, put it in center on maybe a little bit smaller like this. And now the first thing that I want to do is create a flat shadow for this ener icon and this inner shape that in this case, it is a monitor. And I Mac, we want to create a flat shadow that's going a PM here and cattle with this circle. Okay, I want to create this with a good technique by using off this pat tool and also go to shape and the sector color off black also, And let's zoom in controlled class and rack a lying like this to hair sq shape and once you create, go to discuss her and select this area and let's to weaken, tell a tip it Very nice. And also And now, once I create that, I want to put it on the back. Off this I'm AC Okay. How can I do that? It's not appeased The file to separate these liars. It's a completely rest rise and push rise layer. Okay, let's separate this. I'm AC from their election. The first thing that I wanted to is a duplicate this layer control J and that make off this layer and in here, click magic eraser. Click. In this area, you see all the Bagram areas going off and now off this layer and go to this layer the first layer. Select the area that you want to delete in my case, this area and go to edit, fell and use Canton in aware. And it's a kind of magical option for every moving anything from background click in hand. Now let's see magic. You see, all the thing is going off and you have a completely flat ellipse. You can also create another shapes from here, but it's a kind of good track. Good technique to save the time. Okay, Now let's on this and also this. Put it in the back of this. I'm AC on. Let's down to capacity. Very good. And also, let's tweak it a little bit. Maybe in this area we need a little bit changes. Align it to that age of thes. I'm AC now it's good. And also I want to create a clipping mosque are also I want to cat thes area off this shadow with this helps the simple way and the very professional way to do this kind of technique is by going to your elop shape and by holding the control and clicking on this Leah, you see that the selection tool is slicked all the area, all the exact same area of this shape. And now, by selecting off this shape and creating a mask for that, you see that all the ages off thes shadow is carried out with these al apps and it's very cool, very powerful. And the cool thing about this is that you can also adjust that for example, I want to erase some part of my shadow like this. You can also raise that what have any changes to the actual shape of this? Okay, it's very cool. I want to create out of flat shadow for this callups. We can also used this technique for this Ellen ship also. Okay, let's go to our custom shape and also drag it like this. Very nice. And let's select this part and drag it to here. Byington. Now let's lower down the opacity, Put it in their back off your shape and also maybe a little bit off the screen on now. Create a mosque for that by using off eraser tool. You can create 1/5 nace through this flat track. Okay, our flat shadows created. It's very simple. You can use this kind of technique for almost every ellipse and ask your shape and you can do it for text or any organic ship because needs another type of shape and shadow that you will discuss it in the next lesson. 4. 3D Text Long Shadow: okay. And this? Listen, let's greet a Tweety flat shadow for dis text has you should have a background layer. Okay, Fortis Aikens used a previous technique, for example. Creating this and it's very time consuming. It's possible, but it's very time consuming and not accurate at all. What its dissolution. The solution is to create a treaty extrusion for dis text and din. By using and placing delight to some area off this scene, we can achieve that kind of look. Okay, let's say a selector ethics layer and go to treaty on. Once you go to treaty, you see a bunch of parameters. These are very, very powerful parameters to create and organize on. Also printing the treaty objects went Photoshopped I'm not going to all of them, but I'm using new treaty exclusion from selected lab. And what death it's create a treaty extrusion for your layer that you have selected. I just forgot to mention that to first, you have to rest, rise your background and create a treaty postcard from this. Okay, select Yulia and go to this palette and use pretty post cars and so create okay and wait a moment that create okay, has. You see, it's created a treaty background and and go to layer right click and arrest rise a treaty. Now it's there alive and add a treaty. Tools are in tracked with this bag around. Select your polygon text and go to treaty New treaty, exclusion from selected layer. Okay. And now you see a very beautiful tree extrusion from my text, and I can orbit around to the scene from this options. For example, if I change this, you can orbit to the environment and you see a very good shadowing here. It's completely treaty and also zoom in our placing forward, zoom in and zoom out and a lot of other things. Okay, And here you see a light that I can figure out placing lights to the scene and you see that it's completely contracted with this three extrusion. And it's your appalling on treaty extrusion mall. This you're lying and seen environment. We don't want to talk about these outer perimeters. We just want to create our effect. Okay, the first thing that I want to do is select your polygon. And when this circle is appear in here rotated like this and 19 degrees very good, and let's go above of it. And it's very useful. Very cool on the other thing that I want to do a select your light and place it somewhere to this area. Okay, I want to orbit around the scene and also make it like this. And now I can achieve a very good result by placing delight to this area. Very cool. Make it the suit, man. Okay, I'm just creative human for my scene. Put it in here like this. Okay. You see that I can achieve very good resolve by placing their comrade to the France phase and also placing light. Okay, The first thing I want to do is placing this a little bit back him like this and also a little bit less down the extrusion in here. Extrusion depth like this. A school. Now I want to change that fixed color toe white. Yes, And also push it back like this and also place a little bit light. Go to polygon. And also it's like your face polygon, and also make the shyness a little bit more. Or if you don't want Chinese unjust, push it back. And also refraction reflection. I do need and diffuse to why? And also relativity Ambien list to this. Okay, you can use a bunch of other things true for that, for example, glass or any other thing, but in here and just using white once you're sitting is complete. Let's maybe a little bit adjustment to this on Slipped your apology earlier on the race. Tries it or make it are simply, and also change it to a an image. Okay, arrest rice ready. And now you have your treaty extruded fixed with flat show. Okay, As you see, here is some issues in hair that we have to fix it. Yes, like your polygon. And OK, select your polygon, Leah, and go to MH A Justman. Maybe a little bit curve to that on with core of I'm just going Teoh hair on. And it's a little bit wider, brighter like this. It's very cool on. Keep in mind that you can achieve a lot of better results with playing these valleys, and also you can render this treaty exclusions. Not in this time, but when you create your treaty, you can also render it. But it takes a lot of time for simple works and for for not professional works are easy. Boris. It's useful to arrest, rise it layer and create flat, shallow like this. 5. 3D Icon long shadow: Okay, Now let's create a flat shadow for this icon for a shop icon. And as you see, I have ah, layer. And also a Nikon slick, your icon and go to treaty treaty extrusion from selected layer. Yeah, And once you select that you see control. She's like, you're seeing an orbit around to the scene. Okay, Very nice. And let's select your layer and maybe a little bit extrusion that not much more. Okay, maybe slick this and also players. Okay, But also go to this, Elia and change your color to this. Ok? Very nice. Now you see, I have Ah, good icon. And now let's select earlier and the rotated around like this and push it back, maybe like this. And also place your camera scene to the friends, select your infinite light and dragged somewhere like this. And also, while the tip it adjustment to actual scene And also the cool thing about this that you can achieve different results. You can place your camera to this type. And also you can drag it down and make it like this. Very cool and very dynamic. And supposed that we want to arrange the route This document Good treaty and head to render battered surrender in photo shop is very slow and as compared to add a crease authors, because for the job is not of treaties after and we don't expect much of this render time If you don't have any professional document and you just need a simple treaty, don't render on. Just use a restaurants treaty. Okay, on you see that it takes a lot of time. You can cancel it with escape on. And once all the thing is set up, you can go to layer and choose your photo shop icon rece rice. Really? Now you have all those things and here, and you can play around with these values and achieve out a good result. 6. Final Tought: Okay, guys hope you in dry from this class. And now you can create almost every flat shadows inside of at a photo shop At what the things and attempts that you have learned in this class. And don't forget to put review on this class and also post your class project. Make your own treaty flat shadow and posted in the class project area. My name is you to shade from Polygon Motion on that. It's you guys next time.