3D Animation 103 - Shading & Texturing Class in Maya - Coloring Your Own Robot | Arturo Acevedo-Smith | Skillshare

3D Animation 103 - Shading & Texturing Class in Maya - Coloring Your Own Robot

Arturo Acevedo-Smith, 3D Animator

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5 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Tutorials Trailer

    • 2. Texturing Intro

    • 3. Texturing & Shading 1

    • 4. Texturing & Shading 2

    • 5. Texturing & Shading 3


About This Class

If you've taken the previous two lessons, 102 and 101, you'll have your robot modeled and rigged. But he/she still looks pretty lame with all that grey. So how about spicing it up with some color and textures! That's exactly what this lesson is about. Learn how to apply textures and shading to your models so that they can be a lot more interesting to look at. The lessons covered here can be applied to ANYTHING you build in Maya, so feel free to take the class if you already know how to model and rig. (Or if you don't). 






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Arturo Acevedo-Smith

3D Animator

Hello, my name is Arturo Acevedo-Smith. I'm from Mexico City, and live in Los Angeles.  I graduated from USC's School of Cinematic Arts majoring in Film and Television Production with a minor in 3D Animation. 

I started making stop motion animations when I was about 7 years old and since then I began to develop my passion for animation and the film medium in general.  Eventually I stepped into the world of 3D animation and have loved it ever since.

 Over the ...

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