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30-minute Cake Decorations: beautifully decorated cakes at home

teacher avatar Daniela Lambova, Food Blogger & Photographer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Fruit Decorations

    • 3. Flower Decoration video

    • 4. Piping decoration

    • 5. Fondant Decoration

    • 6. Chocolate Decoration

    • 7. How to decorate

    • 8. Choosing your cake decoration

    • 9. Live cake decoration

    • 10. Project

    • 11. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Learn how to create beautiful and easy homemade cake decorations with this class!

If you always struggled to decorate your cakes and make them pretty and elegant, this course is for you. You will learn which are the different cake decoration methods and how to apply them on your homemade cakes.

What is included in this class:

  • Useful information about the different decoration methods
  • How to use in a simple way even more advanced techniques like fondant and piping
  • Tips about choosing your cake decoration
  • How to arrange the decoration on the cake

The goal of this class is to help you decorate your delicious cakes in about 30 minutes even if you don't have previous experience. The course is full of simple decorating ideas, which you can use for birthdays, anniversaries other celebrations or just to have a nice and pretty cake at home. You will also see a lot of cake photos which can inspire you in your journey.

Don't forget to download your recourse sheet which contains links to useful materials and further learnings: decoration tutorials you can watch and recipes you can use.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Daniela Lambova

Food Blogger & Photographer


I'm Daniela, a Food Blogger, Food Photographer and Cookbook Author based in Sofia, Bulgaria. I love everything about food, especially desserts. In my blog Dani's Cookings you will find all kinds of sweets, including sugar-free, low carb and vegan. 

I've been baking since I was a child and I enjoy helping other people become confident in the kitchen. My philosophy is that everyone should be able to eat good homemade desserts, made with love and without guilt.

In 2019 I published my first cookbook about healthy desserts (it is only in Bulgarian for now but I am planning to release it in English soon!)


My second big passion is the Food Photography. Since I started my first blog in 2012, I have gone... See full profile

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1. Intro: Hi everyone. I'm very glad that you're here in this course. I'm going to show you simple ways of cake decorations. These are the operations that you can make in around 30 minutes there, then Kimball and don't require previous experience and special skills. I will give you a lot of tips, how to choose your declaration and how to arrange the decoration objects on top of your cake. When any Daniela and food blogger, food photographer and recipe developer from Bulgaria, I am myself, Bob Baker, and during my life I had big hundreds and hundreds of cakes. I have done also hundreds of different decorations on top of these cakes. There was time of my life when I wanted to become my cake designer, I was really into making cakes with complicated decoration, but I realized that I prefer to make baked goods that don't require that much time. It's probably because I have little patience. But generally, I always tried to find the simplest way to make something beautiful. So now when I make a cake, usually I don't spend more than half an hour to decorate these cake. And still a lot of my case, he had received very good feedback about the way they are decorated. So I created this class for people who like to make beautiful cakes without too much effort and without a lot of previous experience. Hopefully this course is going to help you to make your case more and more beautiful with little effort. So let's get started and I can't wait to see what you are going to show me after he watched the cloth. 2. Fruit Decorations: Let's start with one of my favorite decorations, which is probably the easiest. These are fresh fruits. It's hard to go wrong with fresh fruits as long as you choose them carefully. Because not able to fruit is suitable for decoration, use only fresh fruits that don't darken when exposed in here. For example, bananas, they darken a lot at both. They also dark compares. The ones that I recommend are Barry's citrus fruits, pomegranates, clumps, fix. Well, there are certain cases when you can work also with bananas or peers, but you need to treat them in a special way so that they don't lose their color. So for example, if you have a banana cake and you'd like to decorate it with fresh bananas. There is one way you can do this. First, place, the bananas on top of the cake just before serving. This is very important because you are going to limit the time they stay in the air. Second, brush them with gelatin dissolved in water. You may be able to buy such spray, which contains maybe also Sugar apart from gelatin and water, because sugar also helps with the fruits preservation. I buy them from specific shops, but they are not always available everywhere. So you can easily make such agility solution. And I will leave your ACP in the resources of this course. So what you need to do with the homemade one, user kitchen brush and brush on top of the fruits, in this case, bananas. Do it right after you place them on the cake, brushed them carefully. Or you can even brush them before placing them onto cave to avoid making the cake dirty on top. And this will work for nearly an hour probably. And who keep them fresh and nice? Whoever, again, it's good not to leave them too long because regardless of the gelatin, they probably will go dark at certain points. So if you are going to bring cake with banana decoration to a party, makes sure you place the bananas right before presenting the cake in order to look as beautiful as possible. Or you can also use peers for decoration as long as they are bought. Peers are really beautiful when they are bought. But let's talk again about the fresh fruits. Let's say we want to degrade the cake with barest. Use very fresh and nice-looking berries. Dont use berries that have to be there, partially rotten or have some broken part. The strawberries, for example, you can fly. So if a strawberry hears and little bed part on one side, you can cut it and then it will look good. Slicing the strawberries will help do diversify them to create additional texture. And they will look much better this way compared to if you just place the whole strawberries on the cake. As for other kinds of berries were raspberries. They're very, very nice on their own. And you can just pile them on top of a cake or you can arrange them in certain ways. On dogs are the best food decorations are when you use different roost altogether, because these grids additional texture, it creates contrast, which is always great when you want to decorate a cake. This is one of the most important things when you decorate a cake, always look for the contrast. So let's recap the fruit decoration. Select fruits that are not getting dark. Select 1-2-3 fruits. If you have one photon only, tried to cut the different throats, like for example, strawberries in order to create texture. Spread fruits with gelatin dissolved in water or with a special spray that you buy from the pastry shops. 3. Flower Decoration video: Decoration with flowers. Flowers on top of a cake look very romantic, feminine. And they're actually very beautiful and effortless way to create nice cake. However, there are certain rules that you need to follow because not all flowers are suitable for decoration. And also you will need to treat them before placing them on top of the cake. So first rule, never buy flowers from a flower shop in order to decorate a cake with them. The flowers in the flower shops are treated with chemicals in order to be preserved longer. Search for organic flours on farmers markets or somewhere in the garden or in your garden if you have such, I don't have garden. I don't know where to find organic flowers, but I use artificial flowers very often and they look really beautiful as well on top of cakes. But if you want to use fresh flowers for your declaration, you need to follow certain steps. First, wash the flowers very well, all of them, the stem as well, then, then dry a little bit, then optionally, but I recommend it very much because you don't know what the flower will release inside the cake. Wrap the end of the stem that is going to be inserted in the cake, wrap it in plastic, wrap Greenfield. And basically Desi, just insert the flowers in the cake. Use large flowers for a more dramatic and festive effect, but smaller flowers as well have charm. So you can select two or three kinds of flowers depending on their colors. Always considered the color combination. It is very important when you use flowers on your cake. Don't just go with any kind of flowers you picked and place them on top of a cake. If you want to roll like me using artificial flower, this is super easy. You just by what you like. Maybe you want to wash them before placing them on the cake. I usually either cut them or remove just the, the battle parts and placed them on the cake. They look really nice, especially for celebrations. They're quite good, effortless and cheap way to make a cake. Really impressive. And I show you here some of the examples of cakes that I've made dishes. A cheesecake, which I decorated with blueberries and yellow flowers. And I also added some green leaves, which are also part of the artificial flowers. The green complements pretty well combination of yellow and blue. So if these cheesecake was decorated only with blueberries, it would have been nice, but not something really impressive. The flowers bring some extra beauty and make these cheesecake really interesting and pretty. The second cake you decorated with artificial flowers and fruits, real foods, the green leaves are bringing some contrasts to disk. And this is the third cake, which is really minimalistic. It just has a drip on one side. The drip is made of strawberry puree or strawberry reduction. And there is a flower in the middle, same flower as the one in the first kick. I'm using it for multiple cakes actually. And it looks pretty nice. You see a good contrast here. And despite of this cake not caving complicated declaration, it looks very nice. Energies, very impressive. So just one drip and one flower with two leaves can make a cake look really beautiful. 4. Piping decoration: Piping is a whole art on its song. But I promised you, I am not going to show you something that is very complicated. You can use piping in your kale decorations without really being experienced in it. You only need one tip and one disposable by being beg and some frosting. Nothing very special. You can even decorate cakes without a tip, just cutting by being back down according to how big you want your ships to end up. Of course, if it turns out you let the piping, you can start buying tips. You can start making different frostings in different colors and make beautiful biped shapes on top of your kicks. But here I'm going to just give you a few tips for a simple piping declaration. First, what might come to our mind is to make a symmetrical Beiping decoration around the cake, like around the edges. This might not be the best solution for us. Darker because it is hard to pipe absolutely the same shapes every time is difficult to achieve symmetry. You can, of course, try to make some experiments on top of baking paper, which is very helpful. But then again, you need experience in order to really shapes the swat I kept consider according to my, my experience and doping is totally not my strong site. Asymmetric of Beiping is really beautiful in some cases because it doesn't really matter how the shapes look when you place them asymmetrically on top of the cake. You can put them just on one side or you can follow some buffer on top. But if you don't make a round, It is okay because the round shape requires more symmetry. Again, I want to point out that I'm totally not experienced in this, but still the results I believe are quite nice. I want to talk more in details about these two peaks. The one on the left, you see that it is exactly what I didn't recommend you doing. The babbling ships had been placed like a ring around the edges. And you see also that they are not as nice uneven is I was advising that they have to be by creating Turing's around the age instead of one. I have created a little bit of Asked imagery because you see that some of the roses are a little bit bigger than the others. And this way, it creates a little bit of texture. The way i have spread the frosting it creates also a little bit of texture which complements the ring of roses. So in this case, we haven't followed the symmetry. Actually. The shapes are very small and they're enduring. So we can say that this is a slightly asymmetrical ring shape. On the right side you see another kick which opposite to the one on the left. A very smooth texture on top. But biped shapes are quite uneven actually, they're not even that beautiful because the frosting was not that thick and basically they are irregular. In here I added additional texture by sprinkling on top some dried fruits. They really complement that biped shapes. And also I sprinkled some ground seeds and this made the cake even nicer. 5. Fondant Decoration: For London Declaration doesn't necessarily mean that you need to cover the whole Kirkwood fondant and creates complicated shapes. Of course you can do this, but if you are not experienced, there are simpler ways to use fondant in your decorations. You can just place font on decorations on top of a cake without covering the whole care could fondant. But one thing you need to remember is that fondant doesn't like moisture. It melts when he status moisture and almost all frostings are very moist. So you need to use butter cream. This is the best friend of the fondant, pure butter cream made of powdered sugar and butter. Butter content of the butter cream is really high, so it's more grease fats and helping the fondant to stay in place and not to dissolve. You can also place fondant vigorous on top of chocolate. I honestly prefer fondant only on Robert Green. So you need to cover the kick, basically with butter cream or just the top of the cake where you are going to put the font on the shapes and it will be fine. An alternative of the farmland is Marty bun, which doesn't dissolve when in touch with moisture. So I've used marzipan figures on double masker panna frosting, and you definitely wasn't successful. Kick party font is also a good solution. It is made of almonds and sugar, while the fondant is pure sugar with some additions like Gillette, Dean, locals, etcetera. So one, Dante's pure sugar, which obviously would melt when it touches water while the Marty Bond contains a lot of almonds and which will not melt with the moisture. However, consider when you color either a microphone damped or marzipan figures that sometimes the food coloring might melt when it touches moisture. So this is also something you need to have in mind. The toy, usually I use gel and bother food colorings, which are usually made especially for farmland or marzipan decorations. And they're pretty stable even when they touch moisture. So if you want to do from them to decoration on top of your cake and you don't have a lot of experience, you don't have a lot of time. What do you need? Of course you need a piece of fondant or Marcy bump. You also need cutters if you want, for example, to cut flower shapes or some other shapes. Otherwise you can create shapes with your fingers. You can model. There are some easy shapes that you can make like fruits, pumpkins. I will give you a link to some of my tutorials that I have on my block. And you can see in details how you can create in both shapes. And the third thing you would need is food coloring. Of course, if you want to make some more specific and detailed shapes, you might need some tools that are specific for fondant and Marty ban. But there's a start. You can start with just cutters or you can make ships with your fingers. Another option which is even easier to decorate a cake with fondant is to use prints on fondant paper. They're quite good also for cookies. They're practically color prints of anything that you like. It is printed directly on the font on paper with edible food coloring. You need to find special shop that does this kind of brings. They're not very expensive, but they're not really cheap either. Normally. For a simple cake decoration, you would need one or two sheets of prints. I have a lot of kx with the prints and they have saved me a lot of time in the past. Because if I had to draw all these the correlations on the cake, it would have been a long time and in some cases sees a difficult, especially if you're not good at drawing. There are two methods to decorate cakes with fund on paper. And the first one is by placing the phone on paper directly on butter cream. But you need to make sure that the butter cream is spread very evenly vary smoothly on top of the cake. Otherwise, any imperfection will be visible. However, if you just read it on the top of the gig, This is not going to be as difficult and you can cut a circle are found on paper and place it directly on top of the cake. You have seen promises kicks with different pictures. The other option is to place the fondant paper on darpa funded. You either cover all the cake with one band, which again is not the easiest. The curation technique or the simplest thing is to cut a circle out of fondant and place it on top of the cake, brush likelihood water, the font on paper before applying it on the fondant, press very well to make sure it digs. 6. Chocolate Decoration: Chocolate is beautiful by itself. So even if you cover your cake only with chocolate, you can looks really scrumptious and tasty, but there are a few ways you can make even better chocolate decoration on your cakes. The possible options are several. For example, chocolate truffles, chocolate sprinkles, chocolate bars, or candies, chocolate chiefs, cocoa powder or cocoa nibs you can buy also already made the chocolate decorations and place them on top of your cake. My favorite chocolate decoration is with truffles, because this is a good way to use the leftover cake layers and makes them a little bit with frosting. And here it is. Beautiful truffle that you can decorate in different ways. You can call it with cocoa powder or rude chocolate sprinkles and place on top. So talking about chocolate, naturally we're thinking also of chocolate glazes and chocolate drips. They're so tasty looking. And actually they're not that hard to make. The important thing about chocolate glaze is to look even on top of your cake, the drips on their own are really beautiful. You can make it drips not only with chocolate, you can make drips with even gem or with the fruit reduction. A Kikwit drips. Look wonderful Only by itself, but if you arrange on top some additional decorations, it looks even better. In many cases, if you don't know how to decorate your chocolate cake are glazed with drips. He's going to be the right option. You can really go wrong with groups. They're not hard to make. Just make sure that the glaze that you're using is not very thick. Because if it's very thick, it will be hard for you to create districts. 7. How to decorate: There are few other decorations that you can consider. For example, colors, sprinkles. Also. Can these you can arrange on top of a cake, not only chocolate candies, heat can be marshmallows or other kinds of candies. Nuts and dried fruits are also one option for declaration of a cake. You can use mix of different decorations. For example, fruit go well sometimes with chocolate. Raspberries, for example, are really nice with chocolate sprinkles or chocolate chips around or strawberries. You can caught them with chocolate and they would look really nice. Piping and fruits as well, or by being in sprinkles is another option, drips and flowers. Actually there are endless options. You can mix almost everything as long as it looks nice and not do much. Because in some cases, you cannot just put everything on top of the cake. And now we go to another important Bart, how exactly to place your decoration on top of the cake. We already listed the most common decoration objects that we can use. But how exactly do arranged them on top of the cake in order to look stylish and nice. So there are four waste or any decoration on top of a cake. And form general ways. Obviously, you can go a little bit more creative and find a different way, but these are the basics. The most common one when you have a round cake is to arrange the decoration around the edges. This is the most classic one, probably, which I don't like very much because honestly a little bit boring to me. Of course, I've seen a lot of very beautiful cakes, which are exactly the style of the curation. But the thing about this way of arranging the curation is that you really need to know what you're doing because it's easy or kick to look boring and unprofessional. Of course, we are not talking here about only professional-looking cakes. But if you want your kid to be looks special to have this won't affect, you need to think a little bit outside of the box. Honestly, I rarely would recommend these style during the decoration around the cake, like a rink, I would rather go with one of the other options. And the second one, which is one of my favorites, is asymmetric decoration. On one side. You can practically plays some decoration asymmetrically just on one side and make it like half the gig hub decorated or half note or more than half decorated like a moon. There are several ways you can do are symmetrical decoration on one side. And for me this is really nice because by being nutty metrical, it already looks interesting to the eye. The bird way to decorate a cake is to pile the decoration in the middle. This is easier, in my opinion than the asymmetric decoration. It is good to start with the larger shapes in the middle and the smaller shapes down. This creates a little bit of movement. And it's also good if you pile a lot of things in the middle, but in a way that they look like they were thrown there. But actually you have arranged them carefully and allows the basic decoration placement is to cover the whole top of the gate with your declaration. It is probably the easier one, but it's also very dangerous because you can go really well, but you can go wrong like so. It is particularly good for cheese cakes because you can just cover the cheesecake with a lot of fruit disease, the easier decoration ever in my opinion. If you choose these decoration style, select very carefully. You're decorating elements don't diversify too much and use one of two different elements. 8. Choosing your cake decoration: How to choose your cake decoration? That is the big question. You need to consider a few things before choosing. The way we'll decorate the cake and the way you would place your declaration elements on top of the cake. For me, honestly, degrading cakes is like styling food for food photography should. So here are a few questions you need to ask yourself in order to start. And hopefully they'll help you to find the best solution every time. First and the most important, consider what is the content of the cake. If you think of vanilla cake, you normally think of something white or yellowish or something light in a way. So the easiest thing to degrade when you are cookies, to buy up some frosting on top. Another option is to place them strawberries or raspberries, but they have to be just a hint of a little element that adds to the whole vanilla feeling. You can use wide sprinkles or yellowish sprinkles and white candies for example. This is another option, chocolate cake. We already spoke about different chocolate options. So I believe that you can get a lot of ideas about chocolate, particularly when your cake is made of throught. Obviously the most logical solution is to place on top fresh foods of the same one. If it's an apple cake and it's hard to put fresh apples on top. Why don't you go, for example, with dry their pulse, which look really nice. Or you can go again with Beiping, or we'd formed on decoration, or you can go with spices and cinnamon sticks. There are different options. Always start first from what the K contains. The second we need to consider these colours. We cannot just use any kind of colours and spread them on top if we want our kids to look elegant, but we need to go with similar colors. Or if we want our cake to be morals, special emphasis 0V. It is good to go with contrasting colors, but don't just draw any color on top. You might have seen very colorful cakes which look beautiful. But trust me, the cake makers have considered very well the color palette before choosing the specific colorings. So if you want to make a very color for cake, always consider the colors that you are going to use and go with a maximum of two or three slightly contrasting colors. If you are going to use similar colors, you can go with like five differentiates. Consider also the shapes. This is the third that we need to have in mind. It is always good to have some contrasting shapes. Let's say one shape that is bigger, one slightly smaller, and even smaller ones. For example, if you put strawberries, it goes Well, if you place some blueberries around them and also some Greenleaf's, This is a fantastic declaration and it's difficult to go wrong with it. Last point that we need to consider, but it might be the most important one is the purpose of the cake. For what kind of occasion is this cake made from birthday party? Is it for some other kind of celebration? Is it just the cake to have at home? Is it for a man, is it for a woman? Is it for a young person? This is something that you need to consider very well because let's say Flowers on top of a cake, they might be really beautiful, but they're not perfect for a cake, which is going to be for a men's Berlin, for example, or colorful sprinkles. Again, it's not something that the men would probably appreciate that much. You need to consider what exactly is the purpose of the cake you're making. There are, of course, some very general ways. Fruits, it's difficult to go wrong with them for anybody, because everybody loves fruits and they're beautiful for any type of cake. This is just an example. You can of course, come up with different ideas as well. And now after I d2 so much about cake decoration and showed you different cakes that they have made already. I will show you one giggly curation life. I made this cake for one magazine shooting. You will be able to see the process of me decorating this gate. 9. Live cake decoration: And to do do do, do do, do, do, do, do, do, do do, do, do, do. Do. You need to do is we need to do is you need to do is to use the the if you need to do in the, in the in the if you will. And do it. 10. Project: The project of this class would be for you to make a cake following the tips that they already gave you and deposit in the project section, describe what kind of method to tolls. Why did you choose this decoration? How long time it took you and anything else you want to add about this cake and about the decoration style you chose. I really can't wait to see your projects. 11. Final Thoughts: Thank you so much for watching this course. I really hope that you learned a lot about cake decorations. If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them. Please don't forget to rate the course and the, strike me. Any feedback that you have in mind, I would be happy to consider it for future updates and for future costs. Rating is very important because this is going to help the course to rank in the platform and also for me to understand how to improve week in order to be better. Thank you once again for watching this course. I really hope that you will have very good outcome after it.