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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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32 Lessons (2h 4m)
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About This Class

Have you been stuck and unable to achieve your dreams? Are negative thoughts blocking your ability to succeed? Have you been allowing fear to talk you out of great opportunities? If yes, then this course is for you!

"When you change your mindset, you'll change your life. As your life begins to change, everything around you will ultimately change for the good and create the happier, fulfilled, and enjoyable life you've always wanted." ~ LaKisha Nevels

Everyone will experience some challenges in their lifetime. They might even face obstacles that may appear unbearable. Very few people truly understand how to successfully overcome those roadblocks; which lead them to become stuck land unable to progress pass their pain, shame, or past life experiences.

30-days to SOAR will help you to reclaim your life. It will assist you in discovering the root cause behind your lack of personal development and progression.

This course will lead you to become focused, discipline, and wanting to create obtainable goals; all while creating an attitude to win and a mindset ready for change. 

You will become:


Once this course has been completed, students will have gained a greater level of understanding, direction and balance for their life. They will able to apply these tips in their life and become free from the mental setbacks.

Energized & Fully Charged

Students will leave this course ready to start accomplishing goals that had been put off for way to long enough. They should be energized and fully ready to SOAR.

Clearer vision

Students will have a clear vision on what truly needs to happen in their life. Once they start to put the vision into place, they will have no choice, but to want to see positive change manifest in their life.

Here's what some have said about Coach LaKisha:

"My first encounter with LaKisha was via the telephone. I had recently relocated and close to giving up on my small moves and delivery company, but LaKisha knew exactly what to do to re-ignite my entrepreneurial spirit. Within a matter of months, I have gained a greater level of hope and excitement for the future of my business; and now business is booming again. I'm thankful that LaKisha inspired me and gave me the nudge I needed."

Shakeim Folk, Owner, Small Moves and Delivery

Now is the time to SOAR (Successfully Overcome All Roadblocks)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

LaKisha Nevels

Today's your day to SOAR


Hello, I'm LaKisha Nevels, a Life Transformation Strategist and Visionary who transforms lives by helping people SOAR (Successfully Overcome All Roadblocks) in their life. I help people to see that, when you change your mindset, you can change your life and ultimately achieve your dreams and start living again,

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1. 30 Days to SOAR Intro: Hey there. Hey there. Hey there, everyone. I'm Leticia novels. Your life transformation shattered is and thank you. Thank you. Thank you for getting or being interested in this course. So let me tell you, about 30 days to soar. 30 days is sore. Something I created ultimately to help me get on a road to financial freedom, a road to freedom and my mental, physical and emotional state of mind. It was a a way for me to really dig deep into myself toe, understand what was keeping me back, what was hurting me, what was stopping me from literally getting to where I needed to be in my life and from literally becoming more mindful of the things that I was doing to my life? And also it was away from me toe hill from my past and a way for me to move towards a future where I was able to overcome any obstacle that could stand in my way. So in doing that, I came up with 30 things that I could do to heel toe grow to be inspired and to move forward without excuses. So I embarked on a journey that Wow, I never ever would have imagined would really get me going. And because of it it helped me so much in my life I decided to create 30 days to soar Soar the simple acronym that stands for successfully overcome all roll blocks roadblocks in your life, roadblocks that have held you back Whether it was, you know, past childhood hurts. When I was a child, I was actually sexually assaulted. My dad was a single parent, so I I was hurting from not having my mother in my life. I've slipped in school as faras where my grades were concerned. So I was held back by so many things had occurred in my life and it kept me from growing until I realized that I can't allow for those past things to hinder my future any longer. It was when I had my first child that I realized I had to do something better. It did it all, you know, comments a play in fall into place after she was born. However, having my first child calls me to awaken something that was inside something that said You know what? Yes, you might have been hurting and yes, things have happened to you in your life. But you have a child here who was dependent on you now, so you need to get it together. Lakisha. So that's exactly what I had to do. I have to get it together. So in getting it together, like I said, took me on this journey for 30 days to store. They say If you do something longer than I believe it's 28 days, then it becomes a habit. So 30 days, you should be a pro, right? So come with me and embark on this journey together as we grow mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally, you know, so that we can really do some things in our future. What is it that you have plans? I mean, your goals in your dreams are awaiting for you to get better no more. It's no more time for depression. No more time for being afraid of success. No more time to make another excuse. It's time now to get our soldier it up for our best life ever. They say that the year 2018 is a a very pivotal year, a year of restoration, a year of new beginnings, a year of growth. So let this be your year. Let this be a year where you're gonna grow where you're gonna step out where you're gonna flourish into something magnificent. Let this be your year. Let today be the day that you say You know what, lucky she's right. It's time to get over, Pastor. It's past emotions past feelings from You know, whether you're a single parent is ball. Maybe someone hurt your feeling. Maybe you got fired from a job. I don't know what it waas that handled you or stop your growth or stunted your movement or paralyzed your feelings. And it caused you to think that you're not good enough. You can't succeed. I don't know what it waas But today if you join me on this 30 days to soar challenge this 30 days to soar journey. I'm gonna tell you that you will change the way that you begin to think. They say that if you change your mind in the way that you think you ultimately change your life. So today I'm gonna help you or this 30 days I'm gonna help you to change the way that you're thinking so that you can ultimately change your life. Today's the day It's time now to change your life, so join me on 30 days to soar. It's a life changing movement by 2. Step 1 : Hey there, folks. I'm location levels, your life transformation strategists, and thank you for joining us from the other side. Now, this section is going to be talking about being honest with who? Yourself. You must learn to be honest with yourself because you know what? If you're not honest with yourself, how do you expect anyone else? To be honest with you, being honest with yourself is one of the hardest things that you have to do. And sometimes you may ask yourself, Well, why do you think it's the hardest? What do you mean is the hardest? Because, like, look at it like this. When you're honest with yourself, you're being crucial. You're laying it all down. You're telling yourself, Well, what are the setbacks that have held you back? Honesty is always the best policy, but many people don't know how to be honest with themselves. I'll use myself in for an example in many off the lessons here today. Being honest with myself, I have always had an issue with being overweight and of course you'll see that being honesty means that you have to say, Look, Isha or use your name, Why have you been overweight. What started you there in the first place and what's keeping you there now? For me? It all started when I was about eight or nine years old. It started right after my parents had separated God divorce and we moved away. But what's keeping me here? Well, number one a life long life, long struggles of depression. Did I know that in the beginning? Absolutely. Notley. Absolutely. Notley. Sorry. Absolutely not. But depression can come in so many forms. I mean, depressed about your family, depressed about not being in the place that you thought you were going to be. Depression can come in so many forms and it can cost you your life. So you have to learn to be honest with yourself and one of the ways to be honest with yourself, it's simply look in the mirror and say, Hey, why am I still here? And so every day that we're here, we have to consistently work on us. And so, as I tell you and teach you strategies, I apply them to my daily life every single day. And it's not always going to be easy to change, but it's necessary for change. So as I speak to you today. Yes, I'm working on my habits, working on things that have cost me failure, things that have kept me from being honest with myself. And so I leave you with this assignment today, I want you to think about what set you back. I mean, and for many people, it can be just not being able to receive what you thought or had expected. That's a setback. It could have been a family that felled you. Thought you were gonna be with a spouse for a long time and it didn't work out. That's a setback. So today journey, take a journey and find out what your setbacks are. What's keeping you from truly growing? I mean, did deep really dig deep? Was it the fact that you didn't finish high school? Was it the fact that you didn't go to college? Be honest with yourself. What's keeping you from your greatest life? Was it the fact that you lost a job and don't know how to bounce back? Was it the fact that you lost a child? You were pregnant and that was the Onley time. You have been pregnant in your life be honest with yourself whether the fact that you got abused or molested or you were manipulated by somebody, be honest, truly honest today because being honesty is your first step. And if you can't be honest right now with yourself, you're not going to make this course and you're not gonna move past all of the hurt and all of the pain that's necessary. So be honest and I'll see you tomorrow by 3. Step 2 : you guys arm location levels, your life transformation strategist and we're back. Let's do a recap. Yesterday we spoke on being honest with yourself, and I hope that you took some time out to complete the assignment and write down what were some of the things that caused you to not move forward that caused you to stay stuck? I hope you were really honest. And I hope that through being honest, you got some healing. So today we're talking about writing down our goals, our dreams or visions, because it's so important that if you write things down, it allows you to activate the thoughts. It allows you to speak to yourself. It allows you to transform your mind. It allows the universe to connect and allows for God to hear everything that you wish toe happen so that it can happen. So today we are going to make it a point to write down those goals right down. So streams. I mean, what is it that you want to be? What is it that you're trying to attempt? What is it that you want in life and where do you start? For instance, when I was younger, I wanted to be like a senior, a pop star. Ah, police officer. I had so many ideas in my head of all the things that I could be. But where did I go wrong? Why didn't I achieve those things? What happened? Why did not write it down? So you have to write it down. Otherwise your mind gets scattered and your thoughts go wrap it. Writing it down allows you to focus like really focus and pinpoint what it is that you want to do. So you're gonna really focus. This time you're gonna write on a piece of paper. All of the things that you want to accomplish within the next 30 days. We're not gonna even go as far as 60 days to ah, whole year. We're focusing right now on 30 days of goals that you want to accomplish. Now what I want you to do is think of those realistically I mean, yes, we have a lot of goals to achieve. Some people wanna lose weight. A. Some people want to lose 5 £10. But be honest again, is that realistic to do in 30 days? Okay, so you want to start a business Are you going to get that done in 30 days? So think of things start small because when you start small and writing those things down, you'll get it done. There won't be any procrastination this time. You'll win. OK, so you're gonna You're gonna write things down to night, start to night. Get out that piece of paper, Get out that pain. Put those thoughts into action, right? What you're going to do in the next 30 days. And how are you going to achieve those things? And 30 days? It's time to get started, you guys. It's timeto win this time, you guys Okay, So here's some ideas, Teoh, making sure that you really accomplish. Like I said, you're gonna number one. Write it down number to think about how it's going to get done. And number three think about how long it's gonna take you within that course of 30 days. Do you have enough time to achieve that thing that you want to do in 30 days? Now, after you've done that, rust assured that help will be on the way. Because once you write it down, you'll begin to think of ways to accomplish it or people to help you through it. All right, See tomorrow 4. Step 3 : Hey there Evolves arm location, evals Your life transformation strategy is and today is Step three. Welcome back. The less recap for the step before step two we talked about we talked about writing things and sorry about that loss. Frustrated thought. We talked about writing things down and the importance of writing things down. So I hope you took heed and you listened and you wrote some things down some gold, some dreams. Whatever the case may be, I hope you wrote it down. So they become, ah, part of your daily life so that you can get some goals and dreams accomplish that. You want to do in the next 30 days? Stop procrastinating, get to writing. So today step, we're talking about getting help. Not being afraid. Toe ask for help. You know so many people, for some reason or another feel like they have to be superheroes than than a ah bird, a plane, a superhero. But the truth is that you don't have to do everything by yourself. Every great person who has ever succeeded got help from others. Whether it was help building or have learning, they received help. So I'm gonna give you an example of what I'm talking about. So you become clear as to why you need help. Whether it's help for mental clarity or helping to grow a business or helping just to start a nine idea and get it going, you're going to need help along the way. You're going to need a hand along the way. When we were kids, we might have been told, or we might have even suggested to our parents. I want to do it myself. I'm a big kid. I can do it by myself. I have a two year old, and that's all she ever says. Mommy, I want to do it by myself. Well, you guys were not to anymore and we're trying to grow. So for us to truly grow, we have to get a helping hand. Yeah, someone to help us, to get clarity on how to grow. Look at it like this picture where most people in the world not all but most wear glasses, right? So I wear glasses on occasion because I have a stigmatism and with a stigmatism. Most of you know that you wear glasses because even though you can see, I have a 2030 vision. And even though I can see there are times where my vision is blurred. But if I have the help of my glasses, you guys, I can see so much clear that if I didn't have my glasses at all so asking for help in getting help, whether professional friends mentors who ever allows you to see the clearer picture, it gives you insight that you wouldn't have had otherwise. So stop being afraid to ask for help. Stop letting your ego get in the way of you getting help. Stop getting in the way of your success. Simply stop let down your pride and asked for help. Pick up the phone, asked a friend cop, a friend. Call a neighbor. Call home Ever a professional. Pay for help if you need to, but you need to get it so that you can grow and sore. All right, so today what you're going to do is think of all the many ways that you yourself can get the help from a friend from a professional that you need. All right, stop procrastinating and get help. See you so 5. Step 4: Hey there, folks. Hey, I'm location evals your life transformation strategies and we're back for yet another day. Here's a recap of your last up The last time you were talking about not being afraid to ask for help. So my question is, did you ask her body? Did you phone a friend that you call a professional? Did you get the help? You needed danger. And now you have to ask yourself, Are you honest? Are you being honest about getting that hope? So I hope once again, you guys are learning and growing and getting stuff done so that you can soar in this next 30 days. So today we are talking about stepping out of your comfort zone. So let me ask you a question. How many of you are afraid to step out, skew the think of it like this, stepping out of a comfort zone, especially for people who are I'm gonna use Introverts and shipyards are usually quiet. Easy going, not as loud is extravagant as an extra for, But many introverts will learn to step out of their comfort zone because, well, they have to to get around. Otherwise they're going to be trampled by an extroverted. So think of it, think of well, think of this use. This is an example. Say you're in a career. I'm gonna use the cells. Person. Ah, cells person might be able to so water to a well, and they may be able to treat a colleague or new person. The rookie how to do the same. It's something they've done for years, and they can do it with ease. But let that saying, cells person have to sit in the office. Or let that same cells person have to be a photographer or something, and they get stuck. It's because they're not comfortable in the space that they're in. But if you give it a little time, if you work at it, you'll be able to step out of that comfort zone. You'll be able tow, you know, learn to take pictures, learn Teoh. Give the right angles. You'll be able to grow. You have to learn to step out of your comfort zone when it's time to soar, which simply means again successfully overcome all roadblocks. You can't sore if you're comfortable being where you are being able to step out of your comfort zone means letting go of the limits. You can't sore If you continue to limit yourself from achieving greatness, the only way that you're going to grow is to step out. So today I need you to step out. Ah, watches were right down. Um, write down a few areas in your life where you believe that your stagnant where you believe that you're afraid to grow And when you do it, you'll see that number one No cause you to think of Why am us? Why am I stuck here? Why can't us? Why am I afraid? Toe Mott grow. Why do I want to stay in the same place if it's causing me toe, not grow? They say that. What is it? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different you know, a different Um Ah, I'm having a brain for expecting something different to happen. So let's not get insane. You guys, let's step out. Let's grow. Let's sore. I'll see you tomorrow. On the next step, Don't forget to do your assignments 6. Step 5 : Hey there, everybody. Thanks again for joining me on location levels, your life transformation, strategists. Let's dive in. Yesterday we talked about stepping out of our comfort zone. And I hope you did that. I hope, child, Something new. I hoped you went somewhere different. I hope you try to different food. I hope you stepped out and showed yourself that you can do it today. We're talking about the much needed pep talk. Everybody who's anybody has probably told themselves one time or another. I got this. I can do this. I can win, you guys. A pep talk is needed. Were feeling down and out when we don't think we can make it. When we're starting to procrastinate when we're not achieving our goals, we need to tell ourselves that we can indeed soar. We can win. We got this. Ah, pep talk looks something like this. I'm gonna use my name. Lakisha, no matter what the what the story is your story is greater than anything that can ever happen in your life, whether it's homelessness, whether it's losing a car, whether you don't know how you're gonna make it. Leticia, you got this. You're bigger. You're a winner. You're a champion. You're going to be successful. You're going toe. Have more than enough. You are still beautiful. You are wonderfully made. Lakisha, you got this? Not today. I tell you, my students look yourself in the mirror to day. Give yourself that much needed pet top. And I need you to soar. See you tomorrow. But remember, you have to do the pep talk. It's important. Fine. 7. Step 6 : Hey there, everybody Occasion levels here, your life transformations strategists. And I'm hoping that you're getting so much information out of this course today. Now are recap was that she were given yourself a pep talk. And I hope that your pat talk and that you did your assignment and wrote down what you will say to yourself and your bit that you start to slip today. We're talking about positive affirmations. You guys, we live in a negative world. People are always judging you. You're judging yourself. Everyone has something negative to say about you. Let me tell you about negativity and has aware of where it has a way of wearing you down and draining your spirit. So today we're gonna build ourselves back up and become positive, because when you are positive, you have a way of conquering it all. You know, they say that if you want Limon's or if your life, what is it? If life gives you, gives you lemons, make lemonade. I don't know. It's some some good saying, I'm sure, but anyhow, give yourself some positive affirmations. Say to yourself, I'm beautiful from the inside out. I'm successful. I will live an enjoyable life. Whatever the affirmation is, you need to speak that positivity in your life so that you can be more successful, more healthier, more strong. You will achieve things as long as you know that you are who you say you are, not who others say you are. Let's start getting positive. Kick out that negative and I'll see you tomorrow. 8. Step 7: Hey there on location levels. Welcome back from your life transformation, strategist. And today Well, today we're in for yet another. Another good lesson as a recap for yesterday we spoke about positive affirmations, and I hope that you gave it some thought and you looked in that mirror and declared Something's over yourself is what I really hope you did so that you yourself will know who you are and will never doubt who you are. In spite of what others may say or think about you today, we'll be talking about getting out the negative people and basically removing termites. Now, if anybody knows about termites, you know that it can literally destroy the foundation in which you created in a home. So we're gonna pretend that termites in this instance, our friends, family, associates, anyone who is causing negativity and bringing you down and causing your inner bean to be destroyed. So having said that, it's very, very important to understand that those termites cannot cannot cannot exist in your inner circle. Growing up, you always think about this. You will go to a park, you say, Hey, can you be on friend? My little daughter doesn't all the time. And I said to her, I explained that, You know, though you meet new people when everybody everybody is not gonna be your friend and everybody should not be your friend. I said you don't even know their name. So look at it this way. If someone who is in your inner circle is always badgering you talking about you behind your back and they're not being supportive, they're leeching on you there always borrowing but never give. The relationship is always II, but never we You know, those type of people who are termites in your life and they're literally killing your very being sort of spent sort of speak. Say, if you have a an idea and you present it to a family member and that family member, no matter what I did, is there never supported? They always say, Oh, well, you can't do that. And, um, they just leave you like Why did I even sell them in the first place their termites to your growth. So in essence, you you really have to work on getting those people. Of course, they're your family members, but you don't have to tell them everything And since they're your family members, they will be in your family. But you don't always have to be around. You need to get to know the circle in which you have so you can't always invite people in your circle. So today work on creating a list of people who are in your circle who are not giving you growth or providing good things in your life. And from a distance, just speak, but don't tell them everything. Don't give me your dreams, your goals, your visions. Leave that for people who are willing to push you. And who really care. All right, so let's kick those termites out because they're destroying you. Talk to you later. Bye. 9. Step 8 : Hey there, folks On location evals again, your life, your information strategies. And today welcome back for another day of learning. Yesterday, as a recap, we spoke one eliminating those termites, getting some of those negative people out of our life and really ready XLR life by bringing along positive people. That's all we need. Right? So today we are going to focus on going to your creator. Now I am a Christian so trusting Christ, Jesus trusting God to really get me So where? I mean, I talked to him daily and I know that he's giving me advice. Strong advice to get me through, alarming to excel too alarming to grow Everybody is not a Christian, so I get it. So you need toe have that connection to the god that you serve? Look at it like this. In order for us to get power, we have to be connected to a source, right? If you need to like your light to come on, if you need toe brighten up your room it has to come from an energy source. Correct. So when you are down and your life is dim, wouldn't it be better for you? Connect to an energy source connecting to God. Onley brightens. You are so today. You're gonna take a few moments to go to your creator. Go to God and share with him or her or whatever you believe. Go to God and share your innermost secrets. Share the hurts. Share the pains. Share your goal. Show your dreams. Go and share so that he can or she can. Or whatever you believe, so that it can direct you to the place that you need to be on our God. God guides me every single date. And without him, I cannot be where I am today. I cannot have grown. So where I've grown today in my life, going to God just gives you the guidance. I mean, heck, we spend more time talking to our friends who aren't giving us help, who aren't staring us in the right direction and who aren't just like providing you with inspiration and motivation to achieve your goal. So why not go to God? Right anyways? So today I want you to really sit down and have a talk with God. And I bet you you'll feel much better if he relieved. You'll feel awake cough. It doesn't matter if you haven't spoken to God in a while. I got so just that he'll forgive. So go to God and love is be your best life ever. I'll see you tomorrow. Bye. 10. Step 9 : Hey there, folks. Some location, apples, your life transformation strategies. Welcome back again. And I hope you're doing an awesome job and changing your life, renewing yourself and growing. So as a recap yesterday you spoke what we talked about going Teoh, your creator and I really hope that you have the opportunity to just take a few moments. And you should do this every day, though. Just take a few moments and talk to God and let him know what's going on him, you know, get some answers from him. He won't withhold any good things from you, all right, And so today we'll be talking about meditation. Meditation goes along the same line as talking to your creator with meditation, though it's you really sitting back in the stillness in the area, words quiet in an area where you just block out the noise and you listen to your thoughts. You listen to what's going on. This is the time that you really discover where you are, who you are, where you need to go because we were living a hectic world. So everything is being thrown out. You kids, family activities, social life. It's all got you your head, scatterbrain. Everything's going going in your mind. So when you meditate in the largest takes that back, it allows you to think it allows you to hear it allows you get connected with your feelings . So today you're gonna practice on meditating, and you're gonna think about where you're gonna be After this transformation is over and you're gonna think about what is needed to really move yourself forward. You're gonna think about how it's gonna feel when you get some of the things that you've been trying to do accomplish. You're gonna think about the success that you're about to embark upon. You're gonna think about all of those things that how'd you back? But don't think about that too long because we don't want you to stay there. But you're gonna think about those things so that you'll move forward away from those things. All right, so I hope that today you take a step into a quiet zone, take a piece of paper with you and began. So listen to the thoughts that you have and listen to your inner being so that you can write the things down that you're you're expecting toe happen within these next 30 days. Okay, have a great day and I'll see you tomorrow. Bye. 11. Step 10: Hey, every now and again, I want to get that that vocal cords gearing up to speak. I hope you guys are having a wonderful, wonderful day, and I hope that you're learning a lot of information. Now let's recap. Yesterday we spoke on meditating, so I truly, truly hope that you took out a few moments to really meditate. So really think about what's going on in your life and toe. Really? Really. Tell yourself how it's gonna feel when things change. So did you meditate? And are you being honest about it? I want So today we are talking about knowing your why. Why is it that you want to change? Why is it that you want your business to grow? Why is it that you want your life to change? Why, what's going to drive you or what's driving you? Toe Want this so badly? What's your why? I'll tell you my why my I started in 2013 when I had my first baby girl and then my second , Why became in 2015 when I had my second baby girl? My wife is so that my Children won't have to struggle anymore so that my Children can see a very active mommy, and there will know that they, too, can grow so that my Children can continue to call me the best mommy ever. That's right. So but everybody's why is different. Not everybody has the same why some people, some people there, why it is so that they can get more money so they get bacon gain respect so that they can show their family off or so that they can just grow. I mean, maybe you have something to prove to yourself that could be your wife. But whatever your why is you need to use that as motivation, kid or motivation kick in your butt so that you can get off your assets and get moving. You need to stop using excuses and use your why, as a way to grow, what is going to get you to where you need to grow If you have Children, want to be nice to be able to take your kids on a fun explosion? Disneyland, Thailand. Whatever land. What, didn't you like to see the joy on their faces? When you say we're going on a trip? Maybe that's your why or if you're a newly wedded couple and your why needs to be that you want to do something extravagant as a couple, whatever the case may be, let your why get you fired up and ready to go so that you can do something different and so that you can enjoy life. All right, so tell yourself today that you're gonna let your Why move you? So so being able to successfully overcome all roadblocks and sewer. See it tomorrow by 12. Step 11 : Hey. Hi, all of you guys. How are you doing today? Hope you're doing well. Let's take a deep breath. I hope I did. Rough bought some life into you because we are here to change. So today, as a recap will talk that yesterday we spoke about Excuse me, we spoke about knowing your Why Why are you here? Why are you doing this? Why are you trying to change your life? Knowing your by? So I hope you wrote down some things. Teoh. Discover your why. And I hope that today's today's, um step will get you ready to operate in. Those were highs today. We're talking about creating your own box. So So often, starting when we were younger, we get put into categories, we get put into places that people think that we should be in. Like, for instance, if your parents didn't but say, for instance, you want to be a police officer, but your parents want you to be in the military. I'm just using that as an example. You want so badly to be this police officer, but someone has placed you and what they want you to be. So today you're creating your box. I'm gonna share a story. And I hope you guys were really looking at the booklet as we go along these lessons. But I'm gonna share a story about a lady who created her own box. You guys she had and this lady is not me. But she would have just had our first child. And you know, any mother who's on here would know that taking their kids to daycare or childcare after have having given birth. And after having had those kids with you for a few miles, you just don't want anybody watching your babies. So the lady searched high and low for the correct in care provider, someone who would not only just watch the baby but also give them learning experiences. Give him a great learning curriculum. And so she serves. And she searched and searched, but fell because no one was doing exactly what she would want done. So what did she do? She decided that she was gonna open up her own job care facility offensively that would teach Children, but also nurture them as well. So that's how she created her own box. She couldn't find what she was looking for, So she built it herself. So today I'm asking you, What is it that sure looking for? You know, they say that our gifts are within us. Everything that we meet is with tennis. So are you looking for something that can only be created by you? Maybe you have a gift in the talent that can be used toe. Create your own box. Well, today is the day to discover it. Today's the day to operate it and use it because whatever give your harvesting that gift could probably make you millions on me. So let's not Let's not sit on our gifts any longer. Let's go create those boxes. So weaken, stash all of our cash. I know sometimes I could be crazy, but seriously, it's time to use the gifts that we've been given. Country eight. The new thing that we need. Somebody is waiting for your gifts. Somebody is waiting for you to create the next big thing. So get off your assets and get going. All right, it's time store by people 13. Step 12 : Hi, guys. Hi. Look, he should never hear your life transformation, strategist. And I hope that you're transforming in a way that Onley you can transform today. As a recap we talked about yesterday, we talked about Sorry as a recap creating your own box. I mean, if you are really, really joined this, you will discover that if you search within yourself, you'll chart. You'll find a treasure that has never been touched. So I hope that you search within yourself so that you can create that box. Today we are talking about doing research. We actually suffer because we have a lack of knowledge. The Bible tells us that that we suffer. We fell because of a lack of knowledge. So I mean, some people they go to college took to gain the necessary information that they need for their careers. Or what have you others use a less traditional approach, which is having a mince or having a coach who can guide them in the direction that they need to do. But whatever the case may be, you need to do research you needs or research what it is that will get you to where you need to go in the future for me. I ultimately want tohave investment properties. So for me, I've researched homes of research locations. I've researched what it takes, how much money you will be. I've also gone to investment home in that state vesting programs. So anything that I can do to give me closer to my long term goal is what I do. And I researched it thoroughly so that I know that that's what I want to do. So you are friends must learn to research things so that you can become better what it is that you're trying to achieve. All right, don't be afraid to go without a tablet. That top of book don't suffer for knowledge from knowledge any longer. Activate those brain cells and read, Grow sore. Talk to you tomorrow. Bye. 14. Step 13 : Hey there, folks. It's locution levels again, your life transformation strategist and I am excited. You're nearly halfway there halfway through your 30 days and I hope you are really, really learning a lot. You guys as a recap, we spoke one doing the necessary research so that you can really learn or know what's needed to get you going and to get you successful and get you free in the next 30 days. Today we're talking about taking the will and doing it, afraid taking the will of what's needed, taking the will off your success. You've allowed people to drive your life for so long and it's got you nowhere. I know because I've done the same thing a lot of people to dictate and dictate and to take how my life's ago Well, let me tell you, play time is over and I am no longer allowing someone to tell me how my life should go based on how their life did it go, Do you understand? So today we're gonna take our own will, and we're going to do this afraid because so many of us are afraid of success. So many of us are afraid to grow, but we're gonna have toe get up our bootstraps and walk this thing out. Do you understand me? So one of the things that I'm gonna share with you is a psa faras doing it. Afraid is what I had to do just recently. Like, I knew that my family and I would be better because I'm a single mom. We would be better if I relocated. So I went from I literally moved myself for my girls from one state to a whole, Another state that I, you know I don't know much about. But I needed that, you guys, and since being here, let me tell you like it has. Yes, it was scary. Oh, my God. I got here. And probably the first week I cried because, you know, just saying to yourself didn't do the front being Oh, my gosh, I'm here and oh, wow, it's crazy. And then my babies, you know, they were like, we don't have any friends and we don't know what's going on. And mom, So, yes, you might be afraid, but let me tell you right now, my Children love being here. They get their meaning. New people I love being here. I'm growing and and I'm activating all of the things that I'm teaching you today. Like I am using those same principles. So don't think that I'm just telling you what to do. No, honey, I'm doing those same things. So today, take your will back and let's get moving. Driving soaring to your future. All right, Talk to you later. Bye. 15. Step 14: Hey, it's your girl here again. Location of your life transformation strategist. Helping you to get closer and closer to your goals and dreams and allowing you to soar successfully overcome all roadblocks in your life. So let's recap what we've discussed yesterday you discuss taking the will and doing things . Afraid so again. I hope you decided that you will no longer allow fear. Teoh. Change the way the course of your day and you will take the will. Take hold of your future and move today. You guys, we are talking about applying the knowledge that you learned like what good is gaining knowledge and wisdom If you're not even gonna use it, it's like taking a college course. And you don't even use it when you get out of college. You've spent all that money you've spent all that time and now you don't even use it. Really? So what good is obtaining knowledge obtained wisdom and not using the things that you've learned so so far you've learned a lot about yourself, a lot of steps about how you can just overcome some obstacles. You've learned how toe not fear. You've learned how to be honest you've learned how to take out. Take a step out in create your own box. You learn how toe eliminate the negative people out of your life. You've learned so many things and hopefully, hopefully you've thought about how you can apply each and everything you've learned to your daily routine so that you can grow so again today you are going to apply. Start applying if you haven't already start applying the things that you've done in your life. I'm sorry. The things that you've done in this course to your life and, you know, again remember that knowledge is power, so don't stop learning. All right. See you later. Bye. 16. Step 15 : Hey. Hi there. Are you done? Its location levels your life Transformations shadow Just again coming to you yet another time. So just to recap the other day we talked about I had to get money my notes because I forgot . We talked about applying the knowledge that we've with spoke of so far prying into your everyday life. Today we're gonna talk about getting the connected the importance of being connected to the right people to like minded people to people are really going to get you moving towards your dreams, your goals, your destiny. Um, case in point. I recently moved. You'll hear me say that. Probably. I think I said that in another video. But I recently moved to a whole, Another state Being connected to the right people in this state is literally changing. So many beans that I am doing in my life in a rapid pace on being connected not only has allowed me toe put my really put my thoughts to action, but it allows me to be accountable to not only others but to myself. You know, when you start talking about your goals and stuff to people of like minds or people who are further along than you, but have done the same thing that you you're looking to do. Not only will you be able to learn and grow, but they can point out some things that you wouldn't have never thought off. They can show you some short cuts or even areas with where you don't want to fail. So connecting to the right source, we talked about that power source Connecting to the like minded people just literally catapult you. It gets you to where you need to go quicker. And if you're if you're reading along in the books, you'll recall a point where I have mentioned having 23 vision and not really needing glasses but glasses because I have a stigmatism and you know, a little bit of blurred nous because of it. Glasses literally allow me to see much clearer. Being connected to the right sources will allow you to see much clearer will allow you to navigate through the mess in your mind and navigate through the pitfalls that have left you stuck in in your workplace, in your life, in business, whatever the case may be. So today focus on getting connected to the right people, whether it's getting connected to the local organizations, getting connected to a church giving connected to your your spouse's, or anyone who can get you further along than what you can get by yourself. Don't be afraid to connect, but connect to the right people. All right, see you later. Bye. 17. Step 16 : Hello there, everyone. I'm lucky she levels your life transformation strategists and thank you for joining me today. Today as we recap what we spoke about yesterday we talked about getting connected and being connected to the right type of people. The people that are gonna catapult you to your complete and total satisfaction in life, your destiny, your destination. And today we are speaking about taking ownership over our lives, taking ownership of the past, the present and the future Taking ownership. So what is it to take ownership? What it is is basically declaring that you will no longer from this point forward point of finger and say that someone else is holding you back in keeping you from your success, keeping you from your glory days per se. There is the scripture in the Bible that speaks on. I will leave the scriptures. Let me think first Corinthians 13 11 and it says when I was a child, I did. It's a child I operated as a child and, you know, heavy. I had Charles wage. I just paraphrased that. So please take a moment and go look. But long story short. It says that when I was a child. I did this. A child would do but see you guys. You're adults now and you have stepped into your own your own light and your own box. I hope, and you can no longer say, Well, it's because of my mom or because of you know, death or because of sickness or because of this or that. Yeah, if you're going through second valve and hey, that's different story. But if you went through something 20 years ago, you can't use that as an excuse anymore. You need to take ownership of that and say, Okay, I won't let this happen. I won't let this incident calls me from moving forward in my life. I will not let this situation calls me from healing in my life. I won't. You know, guys, today I literally had to take ownership off some things. And also, another way of taking ownership is to declare that it has to stop so active ownership in my life today. I literally declared that from this pork forward No, I will not do things that would cause me to have have blood pressure. I won't accept sickness anymore. You know I won't accept some of the things that have caused me to be obese anymore. So it's just a matter of declaring in him in taking action. Take the necessary steps When I was a kid, Yes, I did. As a kid, you know, for a long time, people, I mean even people will begins a say, Well, it's because of your past that you're like this. Well, yeah, For a long time I didn't hurt from a broken family. But I am 39 now, you guys, whether I look it or not or fill it or not, I am. And I can no longer use my parents divorced or anything else as an excuse no longer. And I won't. And you should not either. So today say to yourself, Do that. Use your pet talk to declare that you will no longer allow for your life to be a certain way. Because of the past, it's time to take ownership. Take that will and do it today. Say to yourself, What's your name in this? In this declaration, you guys, I'm gonna say, Look, he show Look, he show today on this day you will no longer accept high blood pressure in your life because that type of behavior will not trickle down to your family like you. So you will no longer not work out. You will apply yourself every single day. If you Onley can walk for five minutes a day, you need to do something. Look, Isha, you will get up every single day and apply yourself in the direction that you want to go. Leticia, if you need to pick up a book and pick up a book Latisha, if you need to write down what your day schedule will be like so that you won't procrastinate so that you won't get anything done. Write it down. So today you guys make that declaration to take ownership of your life. Yes, I said Lakisha because the same way that you guys are going through this 30 days is the same way that I'm going through this 30 days and it is not easy and I never said it would be. But let me tell you, the things that I'm seeing changing in my life is pointing in the direction that I want to go. So I hope and I pray that you guys are taking these 30 days seriously, and you're doing something to take ownership of your life and get it together because we are going to soar together. Guys, have a great day by 18. Step 17 : Hey there, everyone. I'm lucky Schnabel's your life transformation strategist and thank you again for joining me . So let's recap. Yesterday we spoke one taking ownership over our life in truly owning up to the fact that no one or nothing can hold you back from your ultimate success in life and ultimately overcoming things in your life anymore. No one's allowed to do that, not even your your past situations. Nothing. So you're taking ownership, and today we're learning to forgive. So you might ask yourself, Well, why is forgiveness a part of this 30 days? Well, it's plain and simple. You guys, unless you're able to forgive someone, you cannot move forward. Let me tell you, being a person who has a whole lot of unforgiveness in their heart is like being a corpse. It's like they're dead to a situation and what happens to a corpse? Overtime maggots begins to eat at you and begins to eat at your spirit begins to eat at your body. It's just like that. That's what unforgiveness is. It's a maggot to your body, a maggots. Your spirit is a maggot to your life. It's a magazine health. It begins to eat and eat and eat until your your dad until you're dead and numb to your life situation. Dead and numb toe Moving forward to healing. So living a happy life You don't wanna be a court's anymore. You don't wanna be dead to greatness, do you? That doesn't sound like a life that's full of joy. Doesn't sound like a life that's full of peace. It doesn't sound like a life. That's Ah, happy life. You know, im forgiveness over time can cause a person toe literally hate other people for no apparent reason It can calls a person to become bias over someone else who may resemble that feeling that another person gave them. You know, half the time when you have unforgiveness in your heart because someone hurt you, they don't even know they they hurt you. So you've gone years and years and years bottled up anger, frustration and hurt over what someone did, and they don't even know they hurt you. So how do you fix this? Well, if the person still around, maybe have a talk with them, let them know. Hey, you may not even know this, but this is what I'm going through. This is why I'm hurting. So, valley. This is why I cringe every time I see you. This is what's going on with my life. But I'm trying to be free. I mean, and they may apologize, and they may not. So what if they don't apologize? It's up to you to forgive, even if they don't apologize. Because to be eyes, forgiveness is for your spirit. Not so you can not, So that they can even apologize so that you can get the gratitude of enjoying the fact that they apologize no forgiveness. And so that you can be happy so that you can be free. So today step out there and forgive. Forgive that mother who for so long did not come home. And you were raised in a single family parent pamphlet. I've got a single family home. Sorry. Or forgive that father who stepped out on you while you were having a child. Forgive yourself for not accomplishing the things that you told yourself over and over and over that you were gonna do forgive. Because once you free yourself from that, you're going to be able to soar once you free yourself from that pain You'll see how happy you'll be 12 free years out from their bondage. You'll see that you can love again. You could hope again you could breathe again. So today get free and forgive someone and forgive yourself. Love you guys. Bye. 19. Step 18: Hey there, everyone. I'm lucky Schnabel's your life, transformations status and welcome. Welcome back, you guys. So let's recap. Yesterday we spoke on forgiveness, and I really, truly hope. But today Whoa, today. Do you feel free? Do you feel like your body has literally just lifted up from all the burdens that you had before? I mean, if you can't, you know what? Let's stop and take a deep breath and release and take another deep breath. Now, if that doesn't feel good, I don't know. What else will you see? That how forgiving someone fills. It feels like oxygen being released in and out of your body and slowing so freely. Forgiveness allows you to flow, guys. So today, our step is talking about getting your house in order. So yesterday you forgave people in yourself, and today you're giving your house in order. Literally. Your life needs to have clarity. Your life needs to be clutter free. Whether it's your house, your car, your office, your man, cave, whatever it is, it means to be cleaned. And I mean that in a literal sense. I think about it this away Any time the winner comes and all of a sudden your car is dirty from all of the birth debris that those snow flowers like Get on your car. Aren't you upset? Because I am. I mean, whether I used to work in a concrete company and when I would have to go on the yard, Um, we worked like Iran concrete. So all the concrete dust is on my car and I'm furious, guys, because now I have a dirty vehicle. So every single day, and didn't matter if I cleaned it over the weekend on Monday, it was gonna be messy. So it's like that. Think about when your car is so filthy and nasty. You don't want to get into really know So But think about on a different note once you take it from the car wash and they've vacuumed your car wiped it all down its shine in You got some some good wax on it. Don't you feel like a new person? Uh, I know I do. So that's how it is to get your house in order. Covering coloring on Lee. Just like fills your brain with bills de cluttering and getting things straight in your life. Oh, boy, you feel like a new person. You have a different walk. Your head is up high. You have a different talk. You have a smile on your face. So today is the day off. It's time to get to cleaning spring cleaning time, okay? Or when they're cleaning. Whatever time it is that you watch this video, that's the time is to start cleaning up your space. Because when you begin to clean and when you begin to get things in order in your life, like literally, it just functions better for anybody who has a spouse and you live with another person, Isn't it my surf or when they say, Honey, do you know where my X y Z is? My belt? Let's say your belt, How do you do? You know about ISS and because your house is clean, you can say, Oh yeah, babe is hanging up on the wherever you hang your bono. But when you clean your house, when you get things in order, you easily know where to find them. So let's clean up our houses. Let's clean up our life and less sore. All right, see you later. Bye 20. Step 19 : Hey, everyone on locution levels your life transformation, coach and thank you again for joining me. So let's recap. Yesterday we spoke one getting our house in order. So it's time, to be honest, who actually got their house in order, who actually took a time out to clean up once they heard that they needed to get it together. Did you? Come on, tell me. Anyways, today we're talking about creating a to do list, so not everybody likes to write, and not everybody likes to schedule things. I'm not. Everybody likes to plan, but here's the thing. You guys, it's important. Now creating a to do list just allows you to get further, allows you to get things done and allow you to see what you didn't do and what you need to do. Okay, so to do lists, Just look at it like this. You go to the grocery store, how many of you will leave that grocery store go back home and get to cook in? And then bam, You realize you forgot the salt or you forgot the paper or you forgot the milk or the eggs . Whatever. You forgot it. You know why you forgot it because you also forgot to do do a grocery lists before you went to the store or flip it around. How many of us went to the grocery store without a list? And then we spend more than what we had originally descended because we just got overwhelmed and we just seen everything and we were hungry. We went or whatever the case may be. And so now you spend too much because you didn't have a list. Or this is like example day of why we should have a list or we forget that we're supposed to do something. If we would have created a list or whatever at the end of the day or the beginning of the day, we would have been able to check off okay, Yes, I took Sally made to the doctor or yes, I order those flowers for Mother's or Father's Day. You know, a list just helps you once again to be clear about what's needed to get done. A list helps you get there quicker. All right, so today let's work one creating a list. It doesn't have to be a long, extensive list because of another thing that a list could do. You could look at that list and have so many things written on it that you don't even work the list. So, you know, at the end of each day we're at the beginning of each day right down about four or five things that you would like to accomplish or four or five things that me to get done in its priority. Let's stop procrastinating, guys. Let's stop. Um, let's just stop. That's that's what we really need to do. Let's stop doing nonsense and let's get rule with ourselves. It's time to give focus. Laser focus. It's time to win you guys. It's timeto overcome these roadblocks that have been stopping us for so long, and you'll hear me say that over and over and over again. I'm not just preaching to you. I'm not just saying this to you. These 30 days was created because I needed to tell myself that this is what needs to happen . LaKeysia for you to get what you want out of life. So you guys, I'm not preaching to a choir because the choir started with me first. All right, so let's get that to do list going and I'll see you tomorrow. Bye. 21. Step 20: Hello. Hello. I'm locution levels. Your life transformation strategy is and things for joining me. So how's everybody doing? I am doing marvellous, and I'm excited about the transformations that's happening in my life. And I hope that you're excited about what's going on in yours. So let's recap, shall we? The yesterday we spoke on creating Arliss and of course I mean yeah, we spoke on creating our lists. And of course, today we're spoke speaking about incorporating healthier choices. Now, you guys, as you can see from this video, I'm no doctor or health expert or, you know, weight loss specialists or anything like that. I like I said, I'm going through this challenge just like you are. And so you know, there are things that I have to work one and creating healthier lifestyle. Creating healthier choices in my in my family's life will ultimately save our life and change our life. You know, I don't wanna be that statistic, and I don't want my Children toe have toe, go to the doctor and they say, Well, because your mom is overweight or because your mom has had cancer or because you've did this or that, then you're good at have a 97% chance. No, I don't want that to be so because I don't want it to be a certain way. I, too, am learning to incorporate healthier choices in my life. And what does that look like? That could look like walking, you know, a few blocks a day taking my kids in the stroller and walking. It could look like just deciding to choose an apple vs chips. It looks like saying I'll drink eight glasses of water instead of that soda. I'm not much of a soda drinker, but I'm still working on that water, too, you know, So creating those healthier choices ultimately help you feel better. Hope you think clearer and help you to grow in life. So let's let's make those healthy choices together, because that's how you just being healthier in life. Onley starts with the healthy choice, so let's get healthy together. See zoom by 22. Step 21 : Hey there, everyone. I'm Leticia levels your life transformation strategies and thank you for joining me again on this lovely, lovely journey. So let's recap. No. Yesterday we spoke on incorporating healthier habits, incorporating things that would cause us to live a healthier life full of clarity, healthier life so that we can move and get going. So did you try something different like health wise that you go for a walk with them in a park? Did you go swimming? Did you get a different mill? Help your mill now. The other day I actually tried salad, but it wasn't just your everyday blah blah salad. It had green peppers, yellow peppers, onions and zucchini. You guys, let me tell you mixed A little bit of zesty Italian dressing and just common simmered the ingredients that I told you about and then put it over top of mice. Grief e greasy. Nice dream. Let is with some carrots and stuff. And it was so tasty. It was delicious. I'm attacking person that I don't mind salads. I like eating salads, but you have to, you know, give it some life, Gil, Give it some color. Make it taste great. So that was, you know, something that I tried differently, And, um, I'm getting it together so that you guys get it together. So that's what we talked about yesterday. Not today. We'll be talking about walking in humility. Now. Being humble is definitely It's definitely something we have to work at because, you know, in life we have been taught that, you know, being a person that's full of challenges or not full of challenges. But, like like a challenge, if you like a challenge, sometimes always winning can cause you to have this big ego and ego can also cause you toe have a big fall. So if we constantly, no matter if we're winning or losing, if we're constantly humbled to a situation, life can ultimately be much better for you and the people around you. So let's take a look at an example that I have wrote in your book. If you're reading your books, you're going Teoh a government facility. Let's say the D. M. B or I'm gonna say Department of Motor Vehicles, because I realize that everybody's places not called the D. M. V huh? So let's say that you're going to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Now there are people to people there with very similar, um, issues. So out of the two people, one of home is very hostile. Pursing, very impatient, doesn't want to be humbled at all, cursing out everybody and literally the security officer has to come over and say, You know what? I think you need to step out the building now that person definitely was not humbled at all . Meanwhile, Person number two, like I said with the same issue, has been waiting patiently. You know, is saying to themselves, OK, it's not. It's not that serious talking polite to customer service, doing what they need to do to get their issue taking care of. In turn, the first person got kicked out. The second person is getting help and has not received great customer service. So ultimately, do you think that the person who was humble was actually doing a better justice for not only herself or himself, but society? Yes, because not only were they able to control their cells, they were also able to show others around them that look, I can do everything that I need to dio without getting an attitude and so being humble in life is not always easy because, yes, we want what we want when we want it. But it will definitely get you better. Sometimes it even get you the seat after the table per se. It might get you season tickets to a baseball game or, you know, get you in organizations that you never thought you'd be in simply because you're the type of person that's humbled, happy and willing to help a person out. So let's operate today by being humble and your assignment. I don't always talk about assignments, but I really want you to do this. Throughout this day, I want you to write down what you did. You're going to different organisations. You're walking into a different restaurant right down the way. You responded to people and in turn, right down their actions to the way that you responded to them. All right, so let's work on our humility. Let's work on being happy. Let's work one hour lies. All right, See you tomorrow. Bye. 23. Step 22 : Hey there, everyone. I'm lucky Schnabel's your life transformation strategy is on. Welcome back. So let's have a recap, shall we? Now? Yesterday we spoke on being humbling, humbling yourself in situations. Today we're going to speak on listening. Uh, when you listen, boy, can you hear so many things around you now when you're when you're going? Throughout your day in life, we have so many so many things that can really distracted from hearing a person. Our phone is the biggest. If you know in different establishments, you can go to, let's say the grocery store and you're at the register and the the cashiers shined to get your attention. But you're so focused on doing whatever you're doing with that phone that you don't even hear what they're saying. Or you could be at home at the dinner table and everyone is on their phone now. When I grew up, we were on our phones looking at it. We didn't even have a TV one while we were at the dinner table. Everyone was at the table and we got to speak. We got to here how each other's day Waas and I do the same thing now with my Children. You know things are not allowed to be on the table when we're at the table, so it's important to listen. I remember an old supervisor of mine used to say he would say, You know, look, he shot. It's more important to listen than to be understood. No. For a while, I didn't understand what he was talking about. But then one day the revelation came. If you learn to listen about what a person saying to you, given instructions or even giving you constructive criticism if you learn to listen to the advice that they have for you, you'll be spending less time Sean to explain your actions later because you're not trying t o make someone understand you rather they seen what you were saying or heard what you were saying, So it's better to listen, then toe have to be understood in the in the long run. So today, when I want you to do is that want you to ask to people whether it's your your husband, your wife, your mom, your dad, your a coworker. Whomever. It is fine to people to people that will really be honest with you. and ask them How do they feel about you? Number one. And how do they think that you can better yourself? Number two. Now, when you ask that question, I don't want you to talk. I don't want you to give any facial expressions. I just want you. So listen. And don't be rude when they give you that criticism. Listen, just listen and really take in what they say because that two of that assignment is to write down what they have to say about you. Don't give bases again and don't get upset when they truly tell you. You know, we did a stuff about being honest, So be honest with yourself. Let them tell you, with honesty, how I feel about you and how you should better yourself Now, it's not to say that you know what they think you should do will be 100% all of what you need to dio or what you have to do. And it might not following the lines of what you want to do, like career wise or whatever. But at least if you listen and hear them out, they may share some things that could really help you to grow. One of the things that someone once told me is I really have to be able to do something and not expect someone else to do it. When I say that, I'll give you an example what I'm talking about. So I waas living with I was I was running a basement apartment for someone and from someone , and they hadn't changed the batteries for the smoke detector. Now you, if you've ever not had your batteries change, you would hear the bingo baby like it's It's just this weird noise. So it kept going. But the person I was talking to on the phone in the background can hear that noise going off every so often. And she says, Well, why? Why is the smoke detector like, Is that the smoking? And I'm like, Yeah, she's like, Why don't you change the batteries? And I said, Well, it's not my responsibility, like my landlord hasn't done it and she says, Well, don't you live there and I'm like, you know, she's like, Whoa, that's crazy, cause when you want your kids to be safe, you know why wait for somebody else to do it when you can do it. So that got me thinking. Like how I made excuses. Once again, it's better to listen to them then to be understood. Had I not taken the time to really hear her out that out. The next day, I literally went and bought some batteries and put those batteries in the smoke detector simply because she was right. Why did I have to wait for my landlord to find Decide that he was going to come and change those batteries? Some things you guys were gonna just have to do for ourselves. So once you hear that person out, once you tell you about something that you can change for yourself so that you can better yourself start applying those things, you know, don't give sack. Okay? So you messed up or so what? You're not as good as you thought you were. But use that as a way to catapult your life to something greener a person that you never thought possible Its interest season, guys. So let's learn to listen. Not be so, um, just like so what's the word I'm looking for argue minute tive. Yeah. Not be so argumentative about some of the things that they say you should change. Let's start changing. Let's become better than who we were 567 months ago. Then who we were 10 years ago. Let's become better. Aren't you ready? I know I am. Well, I'll see you tomorrow. Make sure you do Those do that assignment. I want to learn so much about who you thought you were As opposed to who You're not. All right. See you later. Bye. 24. Step 23 : Hey there, everybody. Welcome back. I'm locution levels, your life, your information strategists And together we are soaring. So let's recap showing. Yesterday we spoke on listening, and I really hope you took the time out to ask somebody what they thought about you. Did you have got ouch moment. Like when they told you how they felt? Where your fillings her Did you feel like you thinks literally stepped on your tolls? Well, let me tell you, when I did that same thing, I felt like, Wow, is that really how I respond or really act towards people? I mean, like, sometimes in life, you know, because we go through certain situations, we may respond like crazy to a person. And what do I mean? My dad, when I was told how people really thought about me sometimes I was I was told that I have a certain way of acting like I'm better than someone. And literally I don't feel like that at all. Guys like there are certain things in my mind. Like I believe that I'm beautiful. You know, no one could tell me anything less like things like that, but I don't have a arrogance about me. However, sometimes my facial inspections I can make people feel like, Oh, she thinks she's better And I didn't even realize that I do that. But just being mindful off, what are person is saying to you and listening to that? Maybe next time when you're having a conversation or, you know, doing different things like you'll be mindful of expressions that you give so that you won't be putting off ah, stench about you that you don't even know that you're doing, you know? So I hope you didn't do that activity and that you're learning toe. Listen, so what people say. So today we're talking about volunteering now bottle terms important because not only doesn't help you, you know, it helps you help others one, but it also helps you to feel better if it helps you to humble yourself. It helps you to see sometimes that your situation is not always bad, like other people are in situations even worse than you. So it kinda humbles you and it lets you go out. It allows you to go out on your community and help people. Now you don't have to volunteer every day, but I do want you throughout. Sometimes throughout this 30 days, I want you to go and volunteer because it man volunteering just gives this little smile to your heart That makes sense like it makes your heart shine because you did something for someone looking for no return but to help, you know. And sometimes when people bones here, I mean, you get things back and return from God that you you weren't even expecting. Just a simple hand can really go a long ways like think about it this way. Say you go into volunteer and maybe it's at like a Children's hospital and you go and read or your kid's school. Go on, read to that child. Look at how many happy faces you will see. I mean, kids have a way of making your heart smile and making your face shine like they just couldn't do something in your life at those little people. So just do whatever you can call it organization that you like, just go violence here. And I promise you that not only will it make you feel better about yourself, it will allow you to see ah world in a different view. You know what I'm saying? So go volunteer today and we'll see you tomorrow. Bye. 25. Step 24 : we're almost there Almost to the end, Everyone. I'm lucky she never goes. Your life transformation strategy is Thank you for joining me Sometimes I like to be silly . Sometimes I like to sing. You just never know what I'm going to dio. So let's recap showing Yesterday we talked about volunteering, so I hope you have an opportunity to call a few organizations. And maybe you even got to volunteer on that particular day. But let's not forget to do it. Okay, so today we're talking about prioritizing. Now, I don't know if you recall, but in step 19 we spoke about putting together a to do list. So today we're gonna talk about prioritizing that to do list. Now it's important to pry words. How's your day? I mean, once you get that to do list going, prioritize because it will allow you. So remember the most important things. First again, you won't always get your to do list finish, but at least if you prioritize it, then you'll be able to get those things that needs to be done done, and that you'll keep yourself from procrastinating because again, this is our new year. This is our time. This is our season. So we don't have time or Rome for procrastination. Let me tell you, doing these videos so that you guys can have a 30 day journey was hard. It was not easy. I had setbacks. I had. You know, crazy things go on with my computer. I have to use a cell phone like these videos. You guys were done on a cell phone. Okay? So I could have easily, like said, Oh, my God, I can't do this. Um, you know, But I have to prioritize. What do I want done this year? And I'm gonna help myself. And I'm gonna help you like No, we are going to do this. There's no more excuses. So, like again, if you have toe, if you're if you're playing, maybe you're planning to do a course. If you need toe, get you a cell phone or whatever, you maybe you don't have the money to get your equipment right. Maybe you can't do that right now. Let's get it done. Whatever we need to dio, let's stop using excuses. I mean, my lighting is not even great right now, but it's OK. I'm getting it done. right. So that's what you need to dio. So today you're gonna prioritize. You're gonna get back to do this because I'm sure you're using one, right? Right, everyone. Yeah. You're gonna get that to do this. And then tomorrow you're gonna make sure you put 1st 1st things first and try and prioritise in the way that so that all of the things you really hate to do do that first Because at least then you'll get it done. All right? Okay, guys. So I'll talk to you tomorrow. Have a great day. Let's get things done by 26. Step 25 : Hey there, everyone. I'm locution levels, your life tree information, strategies and thank you. And welcome back. You guys were getting so much closer to 30 days, 30 days of life changing experiences, 30 days to definitely catapult your life to the place that you never thought possible. So today we are going to recap. Yesterday we talk about prioritizing some things. And today we are talking about Don't be afraid to change you guys. There's a quote that I have that I say. If you can change your attitude, you'll change your life. And when your life changes, ultimately, so will your attitude. You guys, you have to get in a place where you're not afraid to begin to change some things in your life. You have to get in a place where you stop saying you know what? I'm this way. I've been this way all of my life, so I'm gonna say this way. If that's what you want, then of course, you shouldn't have even offered to take this course. But if you really want to change and if you really want to see some different things happen in your life, you're going to need to change Change? Yes. Can be very, very scary. Because, you know, on the other side of changes something new. And it's something unseen. And so sometimes when we can't see a thing were afraid of that thing. I mean, think of it like this. I'm a Christian and, you know, we pray Teoh, a god that we can't see. But yet he's definitely present in our lives. Yeah, that's scary. I mean, trying to someone you don't know someone you can't see, so somebody might think you're crazy. But ultimately, guys, I know that God's there. I know that he's behind the scenes, doing so much for me and changing me every single day. So because I can't see him, does that mean that I can't serve them? You know? So it's like you. What? What? What are you afraid of? What change are you afraid of? Because you don't know how the ultimate outcome's going to be. Yeah. You know what? I had been afraid to do this for a very long time. I've never been afraid to speak to people. That has never been my issue. My fear was that what if I put together this? This course Or what if I step out there? I put myself out there as someone who can ultimately change your life. And it flocks because you know what? I did start a business before and it wasn't as successful as I thought it would be. If not so. So should I fear that again? Should I let what didn't happen? The first time calls me to not step out the second time. Absolutely not. I just simply changed. Changed my overall structure That change what I thought I should do. So what I actually should dio my first business was like a recruiting agency. And even though I liked helping people find jobs, it wasn't my passion, You guys, my passion is being able to see people smile, being able to really help them in their life of always on that and usually, ah, 100% of the time. When someone takes my advice, they come back to me and say, Wow, you don't understand how that helps me. And I mean, it's always been that case. That's just a God given gift for me. And yes, I was afraid I was afraid to step out and do this thing and I almost did not do it. But what if I did? So now I am. And I had to change some things about myself. And that's what you're gonna have you to if you really want your life to grow. If you really want yourself to grow so that your life can change, don't be afraid of it. Embrace it. Don't be afraid to grow your hair out. Don't be afraid to lose that weight. Don't be afraid to be, You know your own sure leader because not everybody is going to cheer for you while you're taking the necessary steps to change. So, guys, I'm here for you if you need me. But on this day, we're gonna work on changing our cells. All right. See you on the other side. By 27. Step 26 : Hey there, folks on location, evals your life transformation specialists and thank you again for joining me. I hope you guys are getting some great great nuggets to soar in your life. So let's recap Shelly. So in our last episode or last lesson, we've talked about not being for afraid to change. And so I ask you to think of some ways that you might be able to change your life. Some things that you can do, starting now to begin to manifest some great things in your life. So today's lesson will speak about not beating yourself up. Listen, you guys, life is a big lesson. The more we grow, the more will learn and the harder it will be for us to fail. That's right. The more we learn the moral grow and the harder it will be for us to fail. Listen, look, Rome was not built in a day. So what makes you think that you'll be able to change in a day? Change takes time. Change takes perch. Change takes time for you to really manifest into a new person. So don't beat yourself up. Don't say that you have failed just because you didn't succeed the first time. I know that this may be hard for you. I know that you've probably beat yourself up time and time again. I know I have. I mean, you're looking at a person who has been homeless. Ah, person who has been molested. Ah, person who has been abandoned. I was without my mom for so long. Nothing. I didn't appreciate my dad stepping in and being a single father because I love him and respect him and adore him for that. But as a little girl growing up, you feel some kind of abandonment when you don't have your mom present and then having my first child, I did it alone. So, yes, you're looking at someone who has, over time in time in time, beat myself up because I felt like I couldn't get it right. But at some point in your life, you have to say, you know what? No matter what the situation is, no matter how I feel, I have did my very best and and my best is good enough. So today I know that you might have struggled before. You might have said, I'm going to quit smoking or I'm going to get back to exercising again or I'm gonna eat right or I'm going to be in my Children's life or I'm going to go back to college. Whatever you might have said and you had fell before, it's OK. I give you the opportunity today to say it's OK, but don't stop now. Don't beat yourself up any longer. So you didn't do it right the first time or the second. Or maybe the third. But it's all right. You have another day. You woke up today and you were given another day to get it right. You guys. So don't beat yourself up over the small stuff or even the big stuff. You have yet another opportunity to get it right. Another opportunity to soar. We're going to overcome some things and I will be so elated to hear your praise reports in your testimonies. You guys look at yourself in the mirror and say I might not have did it right the first time or the second time or the third, but today I'm going to get it right and it's OK. All right, guys, I will see you tomorrow because we're almost done with our 30 days to soar. Be blessed by 28. Step 27 : Hey there. Hey there, you guys. I'm locution levels your life transformation strategist and thank you for joining me on step 27. No less recap on your last step. We spoke about not being a I'm sorry. We spoke about not beating yourself up. And I hope you have the opportunity to go back and do the assignment where I asked you to write down a few things that you had accomplished in the last few weeks. Now ask her. So how did that how did they make you feel knowing that you had finally accomplished something that you've been wanting to do for so long? Did it make you feel good? Now give yourself a round of applause in a pat on your back. I'm so happy that you're finally finally appreciating the fact that you did it. You have overcome and achieve something. I'm so glad for you. And the best is yet to come. You guys. So give yourself a hand. Ah, handshake. High five. Ah Hoon Ojala whatever it takes. Don't beat yourself up and just know that you have did it. So it's a day today we're talking about Relax, ation now in step mine, if you can recall, We did speak about meditation while relax, ation and meditation. Yes, they fall on the same line. Meditating is more so getting your spiritual side connected with God while relax. Ation is more for your physical being. We all need a stress reliever, and we all need to be ableto just relieve ourselves from tension and relax. Ation does exactly that. Now, there are some great ways to relax one just being take a deep breath in and out and just say who? Let's try that. Who? Oh, doesn't that feel good? I don't know if you tried it in my make. I look silly doing it on here, but it just relieves you from some tension and stress and anxiety. So do it again, and this time you do it for room. Okay, here we go. And if that doesn't feel good, some other ways to relax drink you on my cup of coffee or C with a friend, or by yourself, take a glass of wine. I'm not much of a drinker, but every now and again, wine is a nice way to just relax. Go for a nice walk. It's better to do it towards the evening where the wind is blowing and you feel a breeze through your hair. Yes, that's relaxing. Well, go get a pedicure if you can afford it. Hey, that's relaxing. A massage, someone pampering you that's always relaxing. I'll tell you a story. Massages always put me to sleep. So do something today that will allow you to relieve yourself from some of the necessary Um , some of the unnecessary stress that we go through now. Of course, relaxation can't relieve the stress. The day to day stressed that we have, but at least it can ease you from the tension that we face. All right, so go, go, go. I give you permission to go and relax. Alright, guys, I will see you. I'll see you on step number 28 because we're getting closer to the last day and I hope you're soaring. I hope you're sorry. See you soon. Bye. 29. Step 28 : Hey there in Wana. Hello. Hello. Hello. I'm lucky. Show your life transformation strategy is helping you to soar. And today we are on step 29. Are you excited? Have you changed some ways? So let's recap showing in our last stuck we spoke on Relax, ation. So I hope you were able to get out, do something that relaxes you. And now you're ready to learn about discipline. So our step 28 is talking about discipline. Now, the art of being disciplined means to be able to train yourself. I didn't want to mess up the actual meaning of it, so let me look at my nose. Okay? It means to change yourself to do something in a control or habitual way. So it basically means that you are supposed to be able tow, take hold of yourself and be strong through the process. Even when you don't want to be strong, I'm gonna use myself in this situation. Discipline means drinking water when you want to drink soda. I'm not much of a soda drinker, but that's the case. It means eating an apple When you wanna eat some chocolate, you know what you have to be strong even when you don't want to be. That's discipline. And you just really have to think of it like this in order for the process. Teoh to take place In order for you to really overcome some things, we have to apply some discipline. Guys, we have to be disciplined. I'm not saying you're gonna always be perfect on my saying. You're gonna always discipline yourself. I'm not saying you're gonna always win, but I'm saying that we can't. We can't make excuses to not be anymore. We're trying to change. We really, really have to change. You know, the more we apply discipline in our life, a more we are courageous, the more we begin to stand firm, toe what we want, the greater the possibilities are to succeed. So today, let's work on saying no to what has been holding us back and saying yes to the possibilities that we can overcome. So no, no to those baggage chips. No. So not doing those sores and say yes to the salad. Yes. To that mopping room. Yes. Say yes to discipline guys. It's not always easy, but oh, it's so worth it. All right, so I will see you on step 29. We're getting closer. So our 30 days to sore I'm so excited. And I'm so ready to hear about your successes. Talk to you soon. Bye. 30. Step 29 : Hey there, folks. Hey, how you doing? Its location. L fear your life transformation strategist Helping you to soar. We're back on another day. Step 29. And to recap one step 28 least we talked about disciplining yourself. Disciplining It's also that you will be able tow, change your life, and you will be able to pretty much get some things done this time around. And today we are speaking about rewarding yourself. So after all of the discipline, after all of the hard work, after everything you've put forth to changing your life and after all of you, all of your goals being accomplish well, today's your dates. Reward yourself. I mean, think about it this way. The greatest rewards come from people who work hard for them. If it's just handed to you, it's simply slips away so much quicker. So because you've been working hard these last 30 days and because I I'm sure that you've achieved so many beings, go out and reward yourself for something. I mean, it doesn't have to be closed. It could be, ah, family night out. It can be whatever you wanted to be. Reward yourself. Treat yourself to a movie. Go and have some fun because you for tarred for it. And if you can't go have, like, fine based on money I mean goto apart. Go for walk, Go play some golf with a at a free a free place, Right? Whatever you dio go to a museum. Do something fun. Reward yourself because I'm so proud of you. And I hope you're proud of yourself. You know it's time for us to really begin to be proud of the things that we're doing to change your life. No more pity parties. No more sad sob stories. Let's go out and reward. Or so for the good things that we're doing to change our life. All right, so I'll see you tomorrow on step 30. Woo. 30 days to sort you guys, Are you soaring? Are fine. Are you winning? Bye for now. Bye. 31. Step 30 : Hello. Hello. Hello, everyone. Happy? Happy. 30 days. Today's your 30 days, guys. Step number 30 on our last step. Of course, we talked about rewarding yourself. And I hope you were able to do that today. Where is we're talking about evaluation. Its evaluation day. Now I hope that you were able to go through all of these steps. I don't today I want you to really sit back and say, Ask yourself, Was changing really as hard as you thought it would be? Did taking some of the necessary steps really take as much time as you thought it would? Today is the time to be honest and evaluate some of things that have happened in these last 30 days. Okay, so you may not have did. Ah, whole three days. You might have finished this this course and ready in a day. I mean, really, you could have, but now what I want you to do as an assignment, I want you to go back and literally re read these steps, go back, re read these steps, but honestly, implement the things that we're talking about in these steps. And then 30 days from the time that you begin to implement. I want you to really right down what has changed in your life. Right down your successes and your failures. Write down what you've learned about yourself. Now is the time to really see. Did I overcome because you should have been able to overcome some of the things that you thought you could never overcome? This is the time to evaluate. Evaluate the good, the bad and the ugly. Evaluate all of the things that held you back before. But now because you said to yourself, you will not not not not let your so grow. This time around, you've said to yourself that I'm not gonna procrastinate anymore. You said to yourself, I'm not going t doubt myself anymore. These 30 days you've decided to change your life. So evaluate the good that you've did and and after you about you waiting yourself, pat yourself on the back because it's not easy to change you guys. It's really not easy to change. So today I want you to know that you should feel energized. You should refresh. You should have more clarity about the dreams about the goal that you set. You should be able to now go and start walking in it. I want you to understand that it takes just one action to call the reaction and to cause yourself to grow. You guys, I'm so proud of you for taking this step towards a better future. I'm so proud of you for saying to yourself, You know what? I've been down, out, down and out long enough, And I haven't activated all of my goals and dreams. But today is the day that I start. Today's the day that I began. Right now, you guys, I'm gonna say a declaration prayer for you Because I know that once you finish this course , you're gonna go and you're going to start changing some things. So today, today I declare you you that was taking this course, all of you. You're going to win. You're going to make it. You're going to succeed. You are a champion over your life. You are goingto have the success that you thought you could. You are going to be able to look in that mirror and be happy about the person you see. You, my friend, are going to be able to say you know what my past does not have chains over my life anymore . I'm breaking through those chains. You, my friend. You're going to be the person that you see in those dreams. You, my friend, are going to be the troll blazing person in your family. You, my friend, are gonna change some things in your life and in your family life in in your your family's family. Families like you, my friend. You're going to look in that mirror and you're gonna smile because you decided to say no to the excuses. You, my friend, have decided to say yes to your dreams. Yes, to your ability to win. You, my friend, are going to win. You have no other choice to win because you made it in your mind. You, my friend, have spoke into the atmosphere into the universe that you're going toe overcome obstacles. You're gonna change your life in a greater way possible. You, my friend, are going toe win. And when you do, I'm gonna see you up at the top. You, my friend, have soared and you're flying high with those eagles. You're flying high, my friend, because you've decided not to fall prey of the past. You, my friend. Oh, you're a champion. You're a winner. You're an achiever, You're away maker. You're gonna make away out of the published mindset, That mind set that says you can't have it because you're gonna find that way to say I can have all of the things that I wanted toe, Have you, my friend, I'm so proud of you. And if no one else sees the good that is happening in your life and if no one else as it their proud of you know that today I am proud of you for taking a step, a step that may have been hard. I mean, you're looking like I said, you're looking at someone who has faced homelessness. I've been homeless and in a shelter with two babies. You're looking at someone who had been talked about someone who have been made fun off someone who has been told I would never, ever be victorious, that I wouldn't overcome things. Someone who's hope been told that well, you're broke so you can't take care of your kids. You're looking at someone who has been been sick with incurable illnesses. You're looking at someone who cried a lot of days, but you're also looking at someone who's learned to overcome those things. I know that I'm beautiful. In spite of what anybody else has to say. I know that I can win because I told myself every single day and I see the changes in my life. I know that no matter the situation, I always have a positive outcome. I command my date. If I declare that I'm gonna be happy, that's what I'm gonna be. I don't let the situation get me down any longer. So you, my friend, don't let those situations get you down any longer. If I can change my friends, so can you be blessed? But most of all, today's your data sore by 32. Thank you Special Offer: Hey there. Hey there. Hey there. Hello to everyone today. I would like to say thank you. Thank you for taking this course and learning to successfully overcome all roll blocks in your life. I really, truly hope that this course was beneficial to your progress and taking the steps necessary to be able to overcome some things in your life as a special offer. So all of those who decided to take the course I am extending a extending 101 sessions to you 4 60 minute, one on one sessions, whether it be phone, video, chat, like all whatever you need. Teoh, have me push you, guide you and you be accountable. We all sometimes need accountability partners to really move the process alone. So right now, as a special offer, I'm offering you 4 60 minute sessions for only $158. So say you don't want to do the 4 60 minute sessions. I do offer 60 minute sessions just as a single offer for only 49. I'm sorry for only $48 so you can just get simple 60 minute sessions for $48. But it's a better offer if you get the 4 60 minute sessions at $150. If you're interested in getting the sessions pill, feel free to send me a note through this this platform. Or you can email me at M s dot L levels at gmail dot com Again, you can email me at M s stop l novels at gmail dot com, or you can message me through the platform that you're at. I look forward to helping you and I look forward to hearing all of your testimonials of you being able to soar, see assume by