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30 Day Journal Challenge - Establish a Habit of Daily Journaling

teacher avatar Nina Vangerow, Artist, Book Lover, Stationery Addict

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

37 Lessons (2h 41m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Adapting Prompts to Covid-19 Situation

    • 3. Choosing a Notebook

    • 4. Optional Supplies

    • 5. Day 1

    • 6. Day 2

    • 7. Day 2 - Adapted Prompt

    • 8. Day 3

    • 9. Day 4

    • 10. Day 5

    • 11. Day 6

    • 12. Day 7

    • 13. Day 8

    • 14. Day 9

    • 15. Day 10

    • 16. Day 11

    • 17. Day 12

    • 18. Day 13

    • 19. Day 14

    • 20. Day 15

    • 21. Day 16

    • 22. Day 17

    • 23. Day 18

    • 24. Day 19

    • 25. Day 20

    • 26. Days 21

    • 27. Day 22

    • 28. Day 23

    • 29. Day 24

    • 30. Day 25

    • 31. Day 26

    • 32. Day 27

    • 33. Day 28

    • 34. Day 29

    • 35. Day 30

    • 36. Class Project

    • 37. Bonus - Make a Washi Tape Sampler

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About This Class


30 Day Journal Challenge - Establish a Daily Habit of Journaling

Have you always loved the idea of journaling? Are you following journalers on social media, but don't really know how to get started or finding it difficult to get into a habit of daily journaling?

Or perhaps you are already keeping a  journal, but are stuck in a rut and could do with some prompts?

Look no further, I think this class might be the right fit for you. Research suggests that it takes about 30 - 60 days to create a new habit, in my 30 Day Journaling Challenge class, I'll guide you through 30 days of journaling, giving you a new prompt every day, the prompts are meant to be lighthearted and fun, their main aim to get you started on creating a habit that sticks. 

I'll be talking about choosing a journal and pen, will give you ideas on how to fit a journaling routine into your busy day and get you to look at your environment in a new light, get you to notice the little things and give you ideas what you can journal about.

I've also included some quick and easy art journal style prompt, to give you a variety of prompts and new ideas to try out.

I'm thinking about creating a closed Facebook group, so that we can share our experiences, keep each other accountable and share tips and tricks on the way. I'll keep you posted!

All Music used in this class is by Hooksounds.com

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nina Vangerow

Artist, Book Lover, Stationery Addict





my name is Nina, I'm an artist, educator and online content creator and live in a small town in rural Wales, UK.

Under the name of The Forgotten Bookshop Girl I'm working as a mixed media artist, rebind old books turning  them into notebooks, create vintage style Travelers Notebook inserts, work with various forms of image transfers and a whole range of different types of coffee stained papers. I love working with materials that would normally have ended up in the landfill or is just looking for a new lease of life. In addition, I love creating items, that look as if they had been around for a while and might just have been found in somebody's attic or a fleamarket. If you would like to visit my shop on Etsy, you can find it her... See full profile

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1. Intro: Hello and welcome to my 30 days off Journaling challenge. My name is Nina. I'm a mixed media artist on I've Bean journaling on and off for most of my life. But it wasn't until I started creating my own notebooks and journals from fouling papers that I really wanted to establish a daily John Inning routine. But as you all know, it can be quite tricky. Teoh get into new habit on established a new routine on With this in mind, I grade in this class to help you establish a daily journaling routine. We'll be talking a little bit about notebooks and pencils. But really, all you need for this class is a very simple notebook or even just a piece of paper on any pen you like writing roof on, you can get started. This class is suitable for any level, whether you are somebody who's new to journaling and you just don't know how to get started food or what to write about. Or you're struggling to get into a daily or regular routine of journey or if you've already established a journaling routine but are a little bit stuck in a rut. This class contains 30 journaling prompts. That means that you will be getting a different problems every day, but you're free to repeat certain problems or to slop problems around or leave certain problems out. If they really don't appeal to you because the whole protest is the Paris to be fun, you're supposed to enjoy it. And it's all about getting you into a habit off record a journaling routine. So I would like to invite you Teoh, grab a notebook on Depend and to join me in. There's 30 days off Journaling challenge. See you in my club. 2. Adapting Prompts to Covid-19 Situation: Hello. I'm filming this right in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. I'm here in the UK We've still got our lock down in place. Andi, I know that most people are at the world. Um are still in some kind of locked down or in Corentin, I'm Yes. Our lives are very different from what they normally are on. Basically, the reason why I'm filming this is that it was actually a student of mine who is taking this class was writing down and how they were adapting the prince to the current situation . And that made me think and realize that indeed, a lot of my problems are quite a few of my problems require you to go outside or require you to have a fairly normal life. Andi, I I think it's safe to say that our lives are not very normal at the moment. So that made me think. And also because I've seen that a lot. I've got a lot more students are not more students are taking this class, which I'm really, really grateful for when I really hurt that you enjoying this class? But I thought just to make things easier, maybe trying thinks of way. Think of ways of how some of the problems kun can be adapted. Or maybe I think of additional problems for you to do just to make things a little bit easier. Also, I feel like it would be a nice way Teoh may be connected with you in these difficult time. I've actually make myself a special, very messy flock down journal so that I just play with it and have it almost like a yeah, something I can go back to when when all this is over, just other kind of. It's a way to remember the lock down and also Teoh work through the lock down because I think it's no, it's not easy. It doesn't matter at what situation you're in, it's it's it's difficult, So I find that journaling is really helping me. So anyway, I might not be able Teoh dual the problems all at once. I'm I'll be looking at different problems and how I feel that could be adapted. I know that your capable off adapting them, but I just thought maybe if I could give you some additional ideas that might help, or maybe even think of some additional prompts that you could do, especially during the look down 3. Choosing a Notebook: when it comes to talking about the tools on materials for this class, it is really very basic and very simple, because all you need is a notebook and a pen. But then, of course, there so many notebooks out there and so many pens. So where to start? I think it's important to remember that this class is all about getting you into a habit of journaling. So you should have something you've you really comfortable with. Does he have got selection off notebooks here? Andi, I love buying notebooks and I've got lots of notebooks. But very often I find that whenever I have something that if he is really beautiful and really special, I don't really start using it because I just feel nothing is special enough. And so I've got lots of amazing notebooks on they are all empty. So one suggestion for this class would be to just use something really simple. For example, you could just use a very simple exercise book on This is really pretty. So you could go for something that is a simple exercise book has a really nice binding something like this. You could go for something that is really simple on. Just grab one of these on and it's up to you. If you want something that it's lined or if it's something like you, if you want it to be, have blank pages then there are a lot of people out there who really enjoy using the Loi Storm. But then again, I personally feel that this is something too precious for me to start doing something. So this is again one of those notebooks that is just sitting there waiting for this very special occasion or this very special project on then this is a different notebook. I would say This is something in between. Ah, very simple exercise book on something kind of like the Lloyds Tour beam, though it's it's sort of a no name friend. But I quite like this a swell quite like the format, and I like the way it feels in my hand. So I would say, Just go with whatever you feel comfortable with writing in. Don't go with anything that you feel is too precious, unless that's what you really want to do on you don't mind it, so I don't want you to let this stop you from starting to journal. I'm going to use my travelers notebook for this class simply because I really loved the fact that I can just stick it in my bag and just take it everywhere. I really love the former on there. Also love the fact that I can very easy make my own inserts. And I've bean making all my inserts from the moment I bought the travelers notebook. This is a notebook I made using a coffee packaging. Ziva, coffee back. This was kind of experimented to see if I could use it, because I really like the design off the coffee back. So I will be using this, uh, notebook for the duration of the class. And I'm really looking forward to using this one because I've just finished my other insert . So this was really perfect timing. I can start a new insert. I can start using this one on. I can use it for my class. Are using this for the class. I love to use fountain pens, but at the moment, all of my fountain pens have dried up apart from one. So I'd be probably using my fountain pen. The other thing, I just really use, Like to use This is a no name, uh, Penn. They are just kind of like it actually says United office. So it's just flows really easily. And I would go with anything you really enjoy writing with, However, make sure that the Pentagon Jews doesn't believe through the pages. So when you're going to choose your notebook, have a look at the pages. Have a look at the pen you're going to use. Make sure it doesn't believe through the pages because you might find that annoying I person. You don't really mind that a lot, but you might find that really distracting. So that's the other thing to keep in mind on then. One other thing I really like to use in my notebooks or when I'm journaling. Of course, if you've seen all my other classes, you know what I'm going to say. I love using washi tape, so I'll definitely be using washi tape on, um, occasionally I lucked you some stumps, but again, in this class, we are just trying to get into the habit of journaling should keep it simple, keep it to a level that you don't feel overwhelmed now that we've got our notebooks ordered , our pence ordered, we can get started 4. Optional Supplies: I know I said that you won't be needing anything apart from a notebook or a piece of paper and depend to do this class on. That is absolutely true. But I thought I might just give you examples off optional, um, materials that you could use in this class. And I really like to use them. First of all, I really like using washi tape in my journals because it's just a really nice way of adding a little bit of detail on some color Teoh my journal entries. And it's just really easy to do when there so many amazing colors and patterns off washi tape out there. So I really like using them. Then I like to use stamps. Then I've always got a date stand without I personally really liked use. Been there number. Stam's Andi war sort of alphabet stamps. They also like to use some stickers. But as I said, all of this is optional. I just want to give you an idea of what you could include in your journal on then. Obviously, you could write a doodle with the friend colored pens in your journal. And as I do like to add some images to my journals. I find that glue sticks worked really well because they dry very quickly on they don't create a lot of mess, and you could have even a small one just in your bag for journaling. Yes, so these are just a few ideas or any additional materials or supplies that you could use in this class. 5. Day 1: Welcome today. One. I hope you've got your notebook sorted. I have a pen and you already on. Um, what I quite like you do, because sometimes you open you notebook on your about to genital on. You have absolutely no idea how to start or you kind of don't really feel like writing. So very often. What are do are just the way I get into kind of a mood of writing or getting started. I've got a date, Stone. Andi, let me just hurt the Roy date from that kind of. It's like a but I find it's a better a little bit like a warming up to the journaling, which actually really helps, especially if you're mutates. But I was to find sometimes it helps me to kind of get into the right mood girl. So just get told it you could just write down the dates you could write down. You could write down the journal problems. Imed, our prompt for the day is really easy. All I would like you to do is write down what you've done so far today. If you just kind of working up Andi, that's the first thing What you're doing? You could maybe go back to what you've done yesterday. Or even if it was just a few things you've done today, you might have, you know, Russian, your teeth. You might have got yourself hot drink. You might have lesson to the news or whatever you might have done. Um, you know, you could write that down on something. Also quite like you do is just start with Sum's of decorating the page a little bit. You don't have to do it, obviously. So I've got I've got my washing tape here, a little pocket, and I'm going to show you how you can make. He's a little labels where you can just get some samples of washi tape and also because it's autumn he is. So I just feel that would give kind of luck routinized autumn feel to it. But the, um when I'm going to do today, it's just have a little hedgehog. Um, just day she's on. Then what I'm going to do is just write down what I've done so far on and again. You can just take five minutes. It doesn't have to be 1/2 now, just take five minutes or even three minutes, or maybe just one minute. Unjust. Right down quickly. What you've done so far 6. Day 2: today. I would like you to get inspired by whatever season you're in right now where you live. Andi, just think about specific things that you would really like to do this season. As I said before, it's autumn here. Andi, Autumn is, I think, my favorite time of the year. Andi, I want to be doing specific things that I love doing in autumn. That could be a drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows on reading a book. Or it could be sitting by the fireplace and a cold day, probably reading a book to I'm or go for a really nice walk. Maybe somewhere where it looks really beautiful in autumn. Or maybe drive to the beach and go for walk on the beach on then maybe afterwards, depending on what the weather is like. Good luck afterwards. Go for give for a coffee on have my have my journal there or go for an autumn walk, Um, taking really nice photographs or just taking, trying to take photographs off the changing season and how maybe the town are livin changes . Obviously, nature changes. I could maybe take a photograph off just one tree every week and to see how it changes. Um, they could be the same If you're doing this journaling challenge in the summer, it could be lots of lovely things you would like to do in the summer. Like go for a picnic with friends or go on an outing or go for an ice cream out of really nice ice cream shop in spring. It could be, um, I'm just thinking that we've got this beautiful bluebells so we could go for a bluebell walk, but it could be very specific things that you like to do in that particular season on de. So just have a think about it on. Just write down A with the things that you feel you would really like to do because I know myself that things I would like to do and then for one reason or another, I don't do them or I forget about them. But if I've got a list of all the things, then I can go back to that list and say, Oh, yeah, that's true. I want to do this. I wanted to meet up with friends, you know, or something like that on dumbed. Then I'm a lot more likely to be doing this. Andi, we're going to take this list a step further on a different day. But right now, let's just write down and you can, you know you can create your own title. I was write down things I would like to do this season. It could also be something that you've been wanting to do for a long time. But just remind yourself that you want to do it again. There's a really lovely town not very far from where I live. Called hay on Wye where they've got the hate book festival necessarily about in. I was drive away from here, that being there for for a really long time. And I would love Teoh to go again. Andi. So all right, visit to Hay on Wye on my list. So I hope you can come up with things you would like to do in this season that you are in right now on if you would like to feel free to share some ideas with us and maybe we could inspire each other where things would like to do like maybe do more crafting or I know something else. What do you like to do is get it into sewing my clothes more so we could maybe, um, inspire each other quite on. Um, enjoy your from today. I'll see you tomorrow. 7. Day 2 - Adapted Prompt: the right away. The second problem to Bird Trying to think if the things you want to do this season could actually be a little bit problematic or frustrating, because at this point in time, you don't really know how soon we are allowed to do things you were allowed to be doing before. A lot of us have Teoh council vacations. We had to cancel travel plans on bond. You don't really know yet how soon we can travel, even travel from one country to the other. We, you know, it really depends on how the lockdowns are going to work. To see how far we can go to this might be a very difficult woman to do. So I would suggest two things. First of all, you could have something like a wish list, eyes something. Were you thinking, um, I wish I could do these on these other things I want to be doing and I want to be planning whenever they are possible. So you could have a list like that through the other one could be a much simpler version of this list. It could just be like the tiniest things that, uh, we are not allowed to do at the moment, which were absolutely normal to do before, but something you are just looking forward to on kind of like the little things on that were part of your normal life but have now been taken away from, you know, from all of us really things that you want then night to do once that it's possible for some of us, it might just be going for a walk in the park because I know lots of countries the parks have bean closed. So, um even though in, you know, in like in all the times, this would sound very bizarre that he would make it right down. We're going for a walk in the park. But, you know, we have to think of how weaken adapt our promise to our current situation. So for me, it's just the fact that I would absolutely love to be able to go to one of my favorite places to have a coffee that I haven't made myself to have. Somebody who is made really nice coffee, Andi, and just sit in the cafe without having to worry about social distancing on. Just enjoy my coffee on you know where's before? I really enjoy doing there anyway, but now it seems something really special. I am also very much looking forward to seeing one of my friends again who lives locally. But you have to self isolate you to health reasons a long before we have the lock down. So I'm very much looking forward, Teoh seeing her again and actually be able Teoh, meet up for a coffee or go somewhere so you could write a list of or these little things that you would like to do after the lock down has bean lifted. 8. Day 3 : So for your today's problems, I would like you to add a quote to your journal. It can be an inspirational quote. Eight can be just a quote you like on, then just added to your journal as your journal entry for today. You can just write it into your journal or if you, for example, found a postcard or a card with, uh, the quote, you could do that. I've got an extra bit of paper because I thought might be quite nice to just write the quote onto this bit of paper on, then stick it into my journal. So I'm going to do that. I'm going to use a pencil first. My handwriting isn't the meters, but I kind of would like to improve on my handwriting for things like quotes and just play around with different letters. So that's what I'm going to do. I came across a quote today that really made me smile on it says the world can be amazing when you're slightly strange. I think I would like that in my journal. So good. Still to it. So I finished my pencil version on it, really just fitted onto the page on I am happy with the way it looks, so I'll just go over it with my pen. So here we go. Done. It's, um you can probably see that I won't be teaching calligraphy classes, that I'm absolutely fine with the way it looks. So I'll just quickly I knew it into my journal men. If I want to that, um, my journaling done for today. As I said, you can just bring something out. So if you find something with first car that were called Lincoln going, you can just write it in here handwriting, so make it as easy or as complicated as you would like. I hope you're going to have fun with this trumped, and I'll see you tomorrow. 9. Day 4 : in today's problems, you're going to track your day and he could use a variety off trackers to document your day . But I just thought to make it really simple will be using the weather. Andi, what you've eaten. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to just document what the what the weather is being like throughout the day. Andi, Also, I've eaten throughout the day on Do I find this just a fun way off? Kind of documenting your day in a different way because normally you wouldn't really think about at the weather or you might not really right about the weather or you've eaten unless you had bean out for a meal. So that's what we're going to do. Okay, so this morning it was raining. So using a little stamp I made is, uh, cut from the razor on a It's amazing little cloud. I didn't make that for this class, but I took still share class, but using razors to make your little stumps and these were just like some I did. So I could just as well use them reined in. Okay, The rain wasn't this bad, but these are the early rain drops. Name what did 1/2 a breakfast? I had a smoothie. A man. Later, I hard a, uh she's sandwich. You could also, if you are actually documenting, like eating throughout today, it might help you make healthier choices. Because obviously, if you have to write it down, I find it. Sometimes it's more really. You have to acknowledge that jihad, maybe something that you know isn't that healthy and that you may be trying to cut out. So that's another thing. He could help you to work on those things. So lunchtime it wasn't raining, but still a very cloudy day. So just clouds just because it's fun on then lunch. I had we left over vegetable lasagna. I could actually put down here that it didn't rain while I was walking the dog at lunchtime . So what could my You just heard it somewhere here because that was a really nice surprise. So, um, it's only the afternoon now was can't add dinner or any snacks yet, but I can do that as the day goes on. But what I can do the same time then on this side, because this is a positive foldout you remember the quote we had yesterday? So I've got this foldout on. That's why I've put this year because it's easier to write on on then if I wanted to. I can kind of carry on journaling about today. All I can just leave today's entry just tracking the weather on the things I've eaten. You could also track things like your mood, and you could maybe see if your mood change throughout the day. And if you could tell if you knew Oh, if you know why you moved, changed and see kind of be more aware what influences you moved. We could use that as well if you want to carry on with tracking your days in similar ways on another day. But I hope you enjoyed our trucking the day in the weather on food report, and I'll see you tomorrow 10. Day 5: So we're on day five of our journal Challenge for Tearful. I would like to say that you're doing brilliantly is trying to create a new habit. It is really difficult, even if it's something you really enjoy doing. So if you've been able to journal every day since the start of this challenge, you are doing really well. And also, please don't worry if you've missed a day or you found you were too busy or you haven't quite got into finding a time or a place where you enjoy journaling. That's absolutely fine, because that's what we are working on. Just carry on. That's the most important thing. Don't give up. You might have found that on certain days you fear you're just too busy to do any journaling on might even get it a bit stressed out and how to fit it in on you want to do it right on you. It just it just didn't work out. So for today I would like you to think off a solution for busy days because all we're doing here is trying to create a habit of journaling. You don't have to write pages and pages every day, at the moment, it's really just about opening up your journal. Andi doing something in your journal. So on a busy day, you might just put the dating on just right. It's a very busy day. Or you could say today a few. So tired. I really can't do any journey. Andi, by having written just this one sentence you have actually journal. If you want to try and get into the habit, the most important thing is to do it in little steps and to do it in a continues way. So just by opening up your journal, I'm just writing in one sentence with today state, you have made a journal entry, so please don't feel that you're cheating just because you've written one sentence into your journal. The idea is that you create habit off journaling, so it doesn't really matter if you have a whole hour to journal or five minutes. Oh, you've just got enough time and energy to write one sentence or one word into your journal . Something else you could do is maybe trying find some stickers that appeared to you and kind of show the way you feel on a certain day Oh, your mood. You could just put a stick it in there. You could just start collecting images from magazines, Maybe a, for example, a very tired looking person, really busy looking person. And then you could just stick those images into into your journal. You could even work with color on put colors. And if they represent the mood you're in or your state of energy, please don't get stressed out if you haven't got the time you would like to have for your journey because this journey is really all about creating a habit on you're not cheating. If you only hurt one word into your journal today or any other day, you are still creating your journaling habit. If you've got any ideas or tips that you would like to share with us on what to do on busy days or how to do some journaling, even if you maybe feel retired, please do share them with us in the comments below the class. I hope these tips help you, and I'll see you tomorrow 11. Day 6 : for today's print, I made a journal card for my Childers notebook on have only just glued the image onto some card stock. Some Kraft paper. The glue isn't quite draw yet, but that doesn't matter If you can see we can very quickly create journaling cards by just grabbing an image. You could get something from a magazine. For example, cut it out on Bond Bluewood onto some card stock or just, um, take a paper so you get something like a postcard. You could also use a postcard if you wanted Teoh create a journal in card. The reason why I'm using a journaling card instead of writing directly into my, um, notebook is the fact that I want to be able to move this around because the days problem is going to be a to done list. If you have taken my other class, um, the one we're showing you have to create a journal and inspiration journal from a brochure . I'm talking about this to done list in there, but I find this is a really important exercise, but I'm trying Teoh do this to done list on a regular basis, basically a what it means is you write the things down that you have done instead of its kind of the opposite. After to do list, we're constantly seeing ALS the things that you haven't done yet. I mean, you can cross them out, but still, it always feels like more was being added to it. Where if you created to done list, it's a whole list of things that you've already done, which can be really satisfying and also make you aware of the things that you already have done and things you have achieved. And by keeping something like a list in your journal, it will become kind of like Go back. You could do it for a month you can do to have a longer period of time, or you could just remind yourself to go back to, like, once a week. We can even do it on a daily basis, especially if you've got a day where you feel like you haven't got anything done on maybe having been able to get the things done, that you should have been able to do a lot that, um, you didn't get round to doing it. You've probably done something, but because it wasn't on your to do list. You don't feel like you've achieved anything. My mother. I don't mean that you should, um, kind of not do the assignment that you're, you know, that is due in maybe in a couple of days time. But sometimes it just helped to realize all the things we do manage to do in a day, but because they're not wanted to do list, we tend to forget about them. And so I quite like to have a card for this. You could just through the page in your journal and use it and then apologised. Put today state on that on then. No, only write things that I feel I have achieved today. But maybe I'll think back over the last few days of the last week kind of like write down all the things that I have managed to do. It can be as little or as big as you like. Um, I don't really enjoy making phone calls, sir. Whenever I do make a phone call on die, don't mean calling friends and family. That would be a re achievement. And I usually feel really proud of myself. So I would be putting this down kind of made a phone call. If you're planning to write a letter to somebody and you got round to ads, you can write it down if you've done even things like, um, having finished the laundry or, you know, tidied, uh, a room or re Messi corner in the room Or if you've let said de clutters your wardrobe, or even if you just declutter one shelf at anything that you have achieved anything that you have managed to do, just write it down on I can. I promise you that if you go back to you, it's, let's say, a week later or month later and you read through the list and you remember all the things you have done that if he was really good. I mean, you could even do to list you could do. Maybe kind of, um, it was like a daily list have kind of like all the little things you've managed to do in that day just to keep you going on. Then you could keep maybe one of the bigger ones for the bigger achievements as well, like a running list and then one where you go back to two, just out of the kind of like the more important things that you've managed to do so are the grab a piece of paper or postcards or make your own journal cards are just Jews. A page in your journal under Start writing down your achievements big or small, it's really up to you Finance. See you tomorrow. 12. Day 7: now that you've bean journaling for about a week Now, I would like to think about your journaling routine. Do you have a routine if you journal at home? Do you journal in the same place along the time? I tend to journal at my studio work table because it's my go to place whenever I need to write something down. And I spent a lot of time working here anyway, So for me, it seemed natural. Teoh, just do my journaling at this desk. Um, maybe you do something similar. Maybe you've bean journaling in the evenings. May in your living room. Maybe you've bean journaling in the mornings before you got up. Maybe you've been sitting in bed. But think about whether you have bean using a particular spot in your home or if you would work out and about, has it bean the same place or being in the same place all the time. So if it's always the same place at home where you tend to journal what I would like you to do today is Jenna somewhere else? 13. Day 8: today I want to talk about if you ideas of how you can incorporate journaling in your every day on, especially if you have very busy life. And you found it difficult to find time to do some journaling and also by finding ways to create time or make time, or just grab a moment to just write down. If you lines in your journal can also give you new perspective on what you want to write about on kind of grab those few moments on Do something you really want to get into. So just to give you one example um, you could general at the cinema, you know, if you're waiting for the film to starts, if there is on interval, I've got my ticket here. I've bean Teoh life stream, um, Royal Opera House and sir, they would definitely have an interval. I went on my own, so you might feel that if you're going with a friend, you would rather want to talk to your friend, which is over the absolutely fine. But I'm just, you know, just giving you an idea of you know, that moment What would you normally do if you're waiting before let's say, for a film to start, would you just go in your phone and school through? Maybe some of you might take a book on just, you know, read a book. But, you know, there's out one of those moments where you could just grab your journal. Andi, um, just write a few lines on I'm even I've got my ticket. So I'm just going to stick my tickets into the journal as well. Andi, it's just you have one of those ways where you can make time full, uh, for your journal and also, um, kind of me that I was able during the interval. I was able to write down my first in impressions off the early I was watching. That might give you an idea of kind of being inventive with, um you know how you can incorporate journaling into your days a drain? Think of what you're doing. A date when you might have moments or you would maybe just go through your phone. I'm just grab your general instead. Andi, um, start journaling 14. Day 9 : so I will prompt for today is called token or tokens off the day on what I mean by that is just keeping hold of things that you might have come across. For example, if you've been shopping receipts or parking tickets on donned, in my case, I've been to the library and I got the little print out from the library. I'm just kind of like little things that you might have had in your hand or you might have received or you might have found, but something that reminds you off today, something you have done today. So if you're not going out today or if you haven't done anything kind of today where you would have received anything, he can do that on another day. Also, you can always mix up the problems and do one problem to get on with really well again. So that's no problem. But anyway, as I said, I've bean to the library. Andi, I order notice that was actually in the 21st off September, and that is the beginning of Autumn Onda. And so I thought that was actually a really nice reminder that what I do on the first day of autumn and I wouldn't have remembered normally, like a week later. What did I do? I don't know. So now I've got this reminder on And also there is little Daisy because I live right Next, Teoh churchyard. Whenever you often walk through the churchyard to get into town on. I was really amazed that it's autumn on and I found these two today. I'm just going to dry it in the journal on boulders going Teoh, Stick it in that with some washi tape on. And your thing I've got is just covered. It'll, um, label like a shipping label, and I used my little bit stems and just stamped on their autumn. So I'm going Teoh, just glue that in there. I have to see where I'm going to put this because obviously I also want to be able to write . So I don't want all my page to be covered. Okay, just quickly got some Just Dress, Inc. This is from Tim Holtz. It's very popular with people who make who I just scrapbooking Andi journal, making and like things to look very you vintage. And what it does is where this isn't a proper tool I make this tour myself is just a bit of foam that could that I could stick on the tough on. Then I'll just use some of the That's empathy Distress Inc and I just went kind of around the edge, and really, the real I was doing it is just to make it blend in a little bit more because it's so white and everything else is kind of not quite so We'll actually decided is I'm just going to grew this in on when I'm journaling. I'm just going to journal cross because it's not really important for me to know kind of what books? Um, I did take out of Gold Ball Road, so I'll just keep that as a background, so just get started. So really, this is just to give you an idea of, um, what you could do, Onda? Um, yeah. I find that sometimes, just by, um, sticking things into your journal of what you've been doing, kind reminds you of what you've done on. Then you can just kind of write about it. In my case, it's the first of, um, it's the beginning off bottom, so I don't know, maybe that gets me thinking about autumn on that were kind of nearing the end of the year. So one of those things can get you into, you know, but thinking about something, and then you've got something you might want to write about. I've just done that really quickly. The north of that doesn't have take, you know, doesn't have to take a lot of time, um, to do this and then you've got a nice reminder. Oh, your day. Well, that's left to do is how grab centam washi tape the hottest stick is in. Then then I can write that my day. Okay. I hope you enjoy this problems. Andi, I'll see you tomorrow. 15. Day 10: Hello and welcome to our Day 10 In our 30 day journaling challenge, we're 1/3 through our challenge. I hope you've been enjoying your journey so far. I hope you've been able to develop a little bit of time to journal every day. But please don't worry if you missed a day or in two days. He's is all about creating habits, so it's a step by step process. If you missed one day, please don't be too hard on yourself and just carry on the following day. It's difficulty created me, have it on and the only way off getting to your gold in the end is to persevere. So this is also a really good exercise in persevering to get to your goal, to do things in little steps on about not giving up on today. I would like you to reflect on what has been going well about things that maybe haven't been going so well about thinking about the problems that you really enjoy doing that maybe the problems that you found didn't appear to you at all. It might be because you just didn't like them, which is fine. He could be because they sounded like too much work or you just didn't have the time for them. So you might try on and give them a go. On a different day, you can move the problems around. You could do the same problems a few days in a row. Anything that gets you inspired to get you journal out and get writing is fantastic. Also, think about maybe the time you have chosen in the day to do your journaling. I When I started, I found that I left it until the evening on, then was usually journaling in bed. It was sometimes the case that I had forgotten doing throughout the day. And remember in evenings, I also thought that in the evenings I could write about the whole day. But then I also found that very often I was really tired in the evenings on, and I didn't feel in that I wanted to write. I felt too tired to actually write about things I wanted to write about, and also the journaling have replaced my reading in bed, and I really enjoy reading before I go to sleep. So I had to rethink this. So trying to think about your journey so far. Uh, think about whether you need to tweak anything. Think about things that work well about things that didn't work well on. And, um, if you need to change anything, you might try and do this for the next part. Off your journaling, Johnny. A North Sea can use thes reflections today as a journaling problems just write down the things that work Well, because later on, you could go back to them on compare it because, you know, that might change. They might also give you some ideas on days when you're possibly struggling. Teoh do any journaling. You could go back to the list to see for the things that worked well so you could have a list of things that work while things that didn't go well and things that you might want to tweak or change. I hope you enjoyed your journey so far on out to you tomorrow 16. Day 11 : so for today, I don't have a writing problems, but I've got a different problem for you. As I said in the beginning, I would like you to choose a pen you re like writing with, because that's really important that you've got a writing utensil that we are really happy with. But that doesn't mean that you can experiment or use something that you haven't used before , so that's what we're going to do today said Today. I'm going to ask you to write with a different pen and, if possible, try and rides in a different color. Okay, so first of all I'm going to do here is I had this little strip left over from a different craft project actually leads from a commissioner on, and I just thought that would look quite nice in the journal. So, in a way, I've kind of like created something like Washington, but it's not really washing tape is just a strip of paper with a really nice pattern on. I just could do it on my page, so that was really nice alternative to Washington. I just realized that writing on here and I glued it on upside down but I think that's OK. Okay, so I've got some glitter gel pens on. I thought I definitely wanted Teoh, right with a different color. Andi, as I'm kind of working with an autumn theme because it is autumn. So I quite enjoy using colors at work with So if God, I think I might choose this one. This is kind of a brown brown gel pen, so let's just check out. It's so I finally sometimes, even if you've got a routine like writing with the same pen, I've had a really important to try different things. So see today with writing in a different color, even if you normally think I'm not, I'm not going to provide in different color in my journal because I want to keep it the same. I want to keep the look the same. I want to keep it all in in black, try and give it a go, even if you maybe just used a piece of paper that wasn't in your journal but that you could stick in your journal and just see what it feels like to have a different color on by just doing something in a slightly different way. Just see what, um, that makes you think about how that feels on. Then that could be a problem for you to carry on writing about that. It might inspire you, Teoh. Maybe use other colors or to experiment more with different pens or just adding a little bit more to your journal or do something that you haven't done before. Um, but if you like, you could just use a difference. Uh, kind of go with the same color, but just with a different pen, but really recommend Just use a different color, too. Document your day or talk about her, right? About the fact that you really don't like using a different color pen in your journal. Enjoy your journaling today and I'll see you tomorrow. 17. Day 12: today, I would like to invite you to journal in a bookshop. Or you could also choose a lovely but pays with books. So I would like to invite you Teoh. Either go Teoh your favorite local bookshop. Or go to your a local library. You might go Teoh a library in a neighboring town or city. You might be really lucky and have a library. That is a very old building, which would be fantastic to journaling. If you don't we have a bookshop in the little town I live in. Or let's say not a bookshop that has enough space to sit down somewhere on Journal on our local library is a little bit too modern for me. I chose a different space to journal, and that's the National Trust. A charity or honesty Bookshop. Andi, I happened to be on a very rainy day, which added to the lovely atmosphere in this room with all the books surrounding me. Andi, I find that journaling in a space that is filled with books has a very special feel to it. So I would like you to give it a go. Andi, I just see how that feels and Maybe by the end of your journaling experience, you might also found a book that you would like to take out from the library. Or maybe even get a library card if you haven't got one, um, or you might have found a new book to read. So that's my journal problem for you today. I hope you enjoy it and also you tomorrow. 18. Day 13: for today's problems. I would like you to go back to the list you made when you were thinking about a lot of things would like to do this season. Andi. Then start making plans. Have a look at your list, then get your delivery out on. Actually, start putting some of the plans into your diary. Let's say it. Woz A meet up with friends, Maybe for social evening. Maybe you wanted to get together to cook a meal on watch a film, then put it into your diary to get in touch with your friends This week on trying. Find today where you've got time and plan what you're going to cook. What you going to watch and actually put it into your diary so that it's going to happen? Same thing if you were thinking, Oh, I haven't seen X Y Z for a really long time on what really like to meet up for a coffee over a walk in the park POTUS into your diary and make sure that you actually do get in touch on a try and make arrangements so that you can meet up with your friends on. It was awful or the other things. For example, I've got you know, I remember I've ever down read by the fireplace on Bond. I haven't done it yet, so I almost we like, even if it's an appointment with myself, even if something I want to do, I have to create Time writes. So I'll actually pencil in some time. I'll put it into my diary and need to block out sometime and saying this afternoon, What I'm going to do is I'm going Teoh, get my book, light a fire in the fireplace, get myself a nice cup of tea. And even if it's just for an hour, or even if it's just half a Knauer, just sit down on greed. Um, like his it's really easy. Teoh, think of Oh, yeah, I really want to do this. I really want to do that. And you've got all these plans. But they only come to fruition if you take it one step further on. Actually. So Okay, so I wanted Teoh go for a walk in the Deer Park. So when am I going to do that on? Then? Look at my diary, See when I've got time on, then puts into my diary because once it's there, I won't kind of a double book myself. So it's actually going to happen. So that's what I would like you to do today. However, look at all the things you were thinking you would really like to do this season. Get your planner or bullet journal or diary out on start making plans and you don't have to . You know, you don't have to make plans or you don't have to. Can I finalize all of the points right now? Just pick one, maybe pick the one that seems to be Callum, actually easiest to do. Put into your your diary or if it was getting in touch with friends, make sure that you get in touch with that friend today. Maybe herded into your diary that, you know, put into your planner, get in touch with ex wives that today, and then you can get off once you have done it. So I hope you in joy taking your plans for the season one step further. Tash, we make sure that your plans are happening and I'll see you tomorrow 19. Day 14: today, I would like to invite you to think about more ways of how you could incorporate journaling into your daily routine, especially if you're working full time or have a very busy life. Anyway, it might feel really difficult. Teoh ad and you have it, too, with routine. But I would like you to have a look at you day and catchy out on those moments where you could actually fit in a few minutes off journaling on where you may at the moment be checking social media posts on. One suggestion I've got for you is maybe trying journal in your to your coffee break at work. I think if you're working full time or part time at a job, or even if you're working from home on, you've got a coffee break or tea break, try on. Use that time to just trouble a few lines into your journal. Or maybe also think about other moments in your day, which you could. You denies Teoh right a little bit in your journal that I hope you enjoy your next a coffee or tea and journal break on LCU tomorrow 20. Day 15 : for today's problems, I would like to invite you to take your journal on and go outside and find a nice place, either in a park or go for a walk and find somewhere benj or a nice place. We can sit, undo some journaling outside. You might prefer somewhere that it's really quiet. You might prefer to stay in a more crowded space and when city, where you can journal and maybe even do a little bit of people watching. Or there might be musicians playing nearby. So you might even have some background music while you are journaling. Of course, depending on the time off the year, it might be difficult to find a nice day to sit outside on Journal. Today is one of those days it's been pouring down with rain all day long on, so so I wouldn't be able to sit somewhere outside in journal. But what I can do is just take my journal and said somewhere by a window or sit on a window sill Journal. I can do that at home because even though this is my home, I realize that I hardly ever said near a window next to Window to read or journal or do anything so that, but still be a new experience. You could take your journal, go to Caffrey and sits by a window or bookshop gallery anywhere where you find a nice spot . You could sit on General Andi if you wanted to. You could even do a little bit of sketching on. Just try and sketch the view from your seat in the window, and it doesn't really matter if you any good at drawing or not. It's just a way off noticing your surroundings and being more aware of what you see on Also this is your journal. It's it doesn't matter if it's not perfect. It's not, therefore, for the world to see. It's really just for you. If you have a practice off sketching or painting, you could use today's problems on dure Journal. Entry could just be a sketch off your view from your window seat, or you could do a combination of doing some sketching. Andi also some journaling, so I hope you get a chance today or one of the other days. Teoh, either Jonah outside or somewhere near the window. If you would like to share your experiences. Or you would like to let us know where you've been sitting and journaling. Please feel free to let us know where you've been. Have you enjoyed this front and I'll see you tomorrow? 21. Day 16 : for today's problems, I would like you to notice something new on. What I mean by that is maybe either on your way to work. Oh, maybe just on your way into town. Maybe you're going to the post office. Maybe you are going shopping. You might be walking your dog or just going somewhere where you go on a regular basis. Andi, just see if you no to something you haven't noticed before. Andi, kind of really? Look, look at the architecture of the buildings. Is there anything about the buildings you have noticed before? Are there any signs? Is there anything on the pavement? Any manhole covers that have a really interesting design or that you just have noticed before? Are there plans growing where they shouldn't do? It's there, you know, sometimes you see trees growing out of rooftops. At least around here in Wales, you tend to see that quite a lot, but oversee without putting yourself in danger or running into a lamppost or another pedestrian on the road. And please don't do this while you're driving. I would like it to be walking are not driving. Just try and be more aware off your immediate surroundings, and I'm pretty sure you will find something that you haven't noticed before. When I did, there's exercise the first time I waas on my way into town, probably to the post office, and I just paid close attention to the buildings I was walking past on. We've got this really beautiful old building that used to be a Lloyds Bank on a walk past, and I looked up Andi Hade, A closer look at the architecture. I don't notice this amazing feature on the wall as part off the architecture of the building. It's a beehive made of stone, and I never noticed it before. And now every time a walk past, I know it's there on it's like a little hidden secret on, and I'm sure that a lot of people who live in town I have never noticed it before. So for today, on your way out, wherever you're going, try and find something you on then just documented in your journal, maybe you could even take a photograph on, put it in your journal on do these exercises ordered to make you more aware of your surroundings and just noticed things that other people might miss Andi, Uh, discover little secrets in your surrounding area. So I hope you've got fun with this problems, and I'll see you tomorrow. 22. Day 17: two days prompt in our journal challenge is called. What is the one thing you could do today to feel amazing? Uh, and I find that this problem is really useful not only to think about it during our journaling challenge, but if it's really useful, almost kind of on a daily basis. I find that sometimes if you've got a lot on and you've got a really long to do lists and you don't really know where to start, or if you've got a goal or a project on, you know you need to do something about it. But you might not be quite sure which area for you to start on or what to do is just Sometimes it's just the one thing, one tiny thing sometimes that you would need to do to feel that you have accomplished something on. And it's I find it's very often the one thing that we've bean putting off because we just find its too much work. We a little bit worried by rotates. I could have all sorts of reasons. Why do find if I find out? Got about only again. Let's say if I only make this phone call It's a phone you got in touch with that person with. I only started on writing this letter. Only I started this application. Onda, While you're putting it off, it gets of like a bigger and bigger thing. And sometimes if you just thought OK, I'll just give it five minutes. Andi, you start with five minutes on this one thing that you've bean putting off. You might find that after the 1st 5 minutes you got so into it that you think OK, at the right, I can just carry on and finish it, or I can do another 20 minutes. But in any case, you will have done something that you found. Probably quite. If we'll start with Onda, Um, yeah, that will make you really feel really amazing. But it can be all sorts of things, and it really depends on the individual person of what they think might be on amazing achievement for them. So for today I would like you to think about the one thing you can do today to feel amazing . So just put this from down in your journal and I find that even just by writing it down, I think, yeah, Actually, I do want to feed Amazing Andi. What would I like Teoh accomplish today to feed? Amazing. I don't make it too big because then if you don't accomplish it, you know you might feel frustrated rather than amazing. Make it small, make it achievable. But you something you know that you've done it, you will feel absolutely awesome. Okay, so I hope you find this general problems useful. Maybe in your everyday life. Just thinking about that I find it really helps me sometimes to push forward with projects if I'm a little bit stuck or if I'm just, you know today what Every tired. And I find it more difficult to get motivated. Just that thought. How would I feel afterwards if I did that? That really helps me to push on and do the thing that I should be doing to feel great. So I hope you enjoy working on this general profitable. See you tomorrow. 23. Day 18: today's problems is called over hurt. Andi, I've been planning on filming this problem today anyway on then. This really lovely coincidence happened today. I went to the library earlier today. Andi, I found this book. It's called over hurt. Before I go into the book, I wanted to ask you to write down a random sentence you might have overheard today because maybe if you're on your way to work or are you on public transport? Or if you're just walking along the streets are waiting at the bus stop. Um, even just out shopping or any anywhere where you might see people, you just pick up snippets of people's conversations on, and sometimes, especially if they're taking out of context, that can be really funny. So that was the plan for the prompt today. And as I said, when I came across this book on, um, I just had to get it out and every wanted to show it to you. Eyes called Overheard The Art of Eavesdropping by Oslo Davis on its a lot about sentences that, you know you overheard or I'll be the author and illustrator has overheard. So what the, uh, illustrator ordered it as if you picked up with Wrote down a, um the overheard sentence. Andi, um but then just drew a sketch to go with it on. This is just such a fabulous book. I haven't had a chance to go, um, through it, but even has a date. Eight suburban shopping strip Friday, 11 a.m. If Santa brings the kids Kraft, then I end up making craft and I hate craft. If you didn't know that a bruise overheard, you would actually assume that they the illustrator, had come up with it. So, Chandrika Majesty, if you've got it in your library Oh, I got a chance to have a look at it. But anyway, so I would like to invite you to collect over hurt sentences. B'more, aware of sentences that are floating around autumn, might make your day more interesting. If you're kind of looking for interesting snippets on, then just write it down. Maybe in the same fashion as its here. I don't know. Bookshop shopping mall, A dentist's. If you can write down the time every like those details on, then just write down the sentence. If you are good drawing. Oh, if you just enjoy doodling. Why not draw the little scene? Andi, a bit there with your sentencing. Create your own out of Eve's dropping sketch. The last sentence that I picked up wors. I read the sentence first sentences. When I drink, I have to be on a long flight. You get drunk quicker on a plane to put it into context. I went to a university open day with my son, and I was just sitting there when my son was on a two off department. On Behind me were some off the department's lecturers. I wouldn't tell you what university it was. What department keep it all anonymous, but they were talking about I think they were talking about beer on. Then this sentence came up and I thought that was just perfect. So I'll make sure that this is going to go into my journal. Okay, then I heard pure going tower. Lot of fun where there's prompt and I shall see you tomorrow 24. Day 19: for two days prompt. I would like you to notice all the things that you either hear or smell. Today you can choose one of the two if you like, or you could combine both of them. But I would like you to notice all the things that you smell. For example, in the mornings, it could be your coffee. It could be the food you're eating. If you're on your way to work, it might be a car exhaust fumes. Your you you smell on. Then you can reflect on the things of which were nice smells during the day. So what? We're nice sense you came across in the day. Which ones didn't you like? How did either of them make you feel air? There any sense that make you a few more uplifted? Oh, happy. For example. I've got every lovely hand cream and whenever I smell it, it smells of roses, which is one of my a favorite sends ever. It just fills me with joy. Eggs relaxes me on, and a cave puts me in a really nice a state of mind on sometimes if I'm let's say it's up in a re crowded area out and about Andi, Um, I kind of just smell the scent of my hand cream. I feel that I can come come down a lot easier if if everything around me is too busy. Oh, this might help you to realize if maybe certain sense or even certain things you hear might have an impact on on your emotional states. Maybe there is a background noise somewhere that you might not have really registered. But by paying attention to it, you might notice that you find it actually really disturbing on. Do you find it difficult to work with that background noise? Andi? Yes. I would like you to go through today on just noticed things He here thinks you smell on and think about how both of thes how both of these might have an influence on your well being on how you react to them. Andi, maybe also think about ways of how you could have an impact on those things. So I hope you enjoy You'll journaling experience day and I shall see you tomorrow 25. Day 20: welcome today, 20 of our 30 days of journaling challenge. We are 2/3 through our challenge on I really hope that you've enjoyed your problem so far, and I really hope that you've been able to keep up with the daily journaling again. Please don't feel that you failed. If if you've missed the day or to the important thing is to try and not miss three days because then they're not writing into your journal will become a habit again on you are trying to establish a habit off daily or regular journaling. So don't feel that by no having journal a day or two that you're not on the right track, but try to then the following day make an effort to just do a tiny little bits. We've had Cem promise where you can just do your journaling in a few moments. So whenever you feel that you haven't got enough time, go back to one of the problems that didn't take you a lot of time. Andi, do one of those and for your problem today, I would like you to think back over the past 20 days on end, make a list of all the things that went well, then allow the things that didn't go so well, All reasons why you have struggled on then. Thirdly, I would like you to think of ways off how you could change or tweak things to deal with the with the list that you've got other things that didn't go so well. So try. Do not get disheartened by the list of things that didn't go well. But use those points on the list, too, trying to think up off solutions on even if it's just a solution to possibly one off the the problems along those setbacks on, um, on your list. Andi, I also find that this perfection, that is something you could possibly try and do at the end of each month, a be aired as a business owner or just in your personal life. Or, if you are pursuing certain girls to write down things that went well, then to make a list of the things that didn't go that well on then kind of 1/3 list off ways to think of what you might have to change or things that human height have Teoh adapt a little bit so to turn the negative points into a into positive points that can take you further and reach your goal. So I really hope that you find today's problems useful on I'll see you tomorrow. 26. Days 21: I thought today we could have a go at creating a Dardari poem, Dada or Dada in Waas on art movement off the European avant garde at the beginning of the 20th century Andi. It said that it still took at the cavalry board tail in Zurich, Switzerland, and run about 1916 on, uh, the work is mostly ka large based. Its sound poetry cut up writing it. There's a lot of nonsense Andi irrationality and it, and also and anti ball who are protest in this artwork. So the daughter poem is going to be part of the Qatar poetry, so or cut up writing. Um, so all I'm going to use for this all you're going to need is just on existing piece of writing are just ripped a page outta off a book on its big writing, which is really good because it's easier to cut out the words because we're going to need words. But what you could do, you could use a newspaper. You can use a magazine. You could even go on, take a text, Let's say, from my favorite book off yours, I don't know. I immediately thought about Alison Wandered and I'm not saying you should rip a page out of the book, but you could copy, uh, summer elf the text, um, on then printed out. And you could even copy and paste it into a word document and then printed out because then you can play with the front and get bigger words. So we need some text on all I'm going to do, and I'll try not to really think about it. I'm just going to cut out some words. So, um, how you do know how many words? It depends on how long I want the problem to be, but I'm going to use this bit of paper that's in my journal. So I might go for if I can get, like five words and a nine Kurtz. 5 10 15 2025 Suck it. About 30. I could maybe get at 30 words or even mawr just your head on. And just first of all, cart just the lines of text because I find that you easier to do then going in and just cutting out words immediately on and runs a corpse a few strips of text. I'm going to catch out some words right. I've got quite a few strips now cut out on now. I'll just start to cut out some words. While I was cutting out the strips off sentences, there were few words that just jumped out at me on all that. I don't really want to, um, overthink this. And in a way, I don't really want to see the words. There were a few that just jumped out, and I'm going to cut those out to the next thing I'm going to do is just, um, cut out the, uh, the words on. I'm going to once have cut them out. I'm going to turn them over on, put them on the table because I don't want to see them afterwards. I don't I don't want to, but I'm choosing them when I'm going to create the actual daughter poem. I want to be able to choose the words at random on you will see what I mean in a moment. So now just carry on cutting out all my words. Also, I'm trying to make sure that I don't only have now owns, but that I've got a few adjectives. I've got some verbs of all sorts of, um, parts of, you know, off the sentence that you would find in a sentence. Um, just to give the guy a poem, a bit more variety, and I find that gets better results. If you make sure you get all sorts of words, uh, into your daughter poem. And not only you're not only announce I've now got a lot of words cut out on. I thought I'll just give it a go and see if I get, But I think I should have enough on. The next thing we're going to need is a glue stick, Andi. Then we're going to be our own random word generator. Andi, you just get your piece of paper ready where you want to create your poem on, then use go about and pick. Pick up the words randomly. So I'll just half base. So it starts with Overcoat. It's turning, darling. Then I got my two from. That's of one more reason, Andi, I'll carry on. I'm going to glue the first line of my do that now. Going through the first line on the and those of the thing is no cheating. When you're doing this. The whole point of it is you wanted to be random. Um, I mean, you could already create a completely different poem on then just, you know, grab random words and put them together in a way that they might still be random. But you decided in which order they coming. But for our true Darda poem, really just a completely another way. The words come, Andi, I find this is a really nice way. You know, on days when you do, you don't know what you want. Journal. I find that if I'm writing in my journal every day, but after a while I get a little bit bored because it's even though, obviously every day is a little bit different, but it's still it's too similar for me. So I quite like Teoh. Then do something else where I know I am still doing something in my journal. I am, you know, spending some time just sitting down on creating a journal entry. But it's something something different. And I find that, um, when I start Teoh, you know what? I finished with it. I find that maybe afterwards I got inspired to maybe write about something else, or maybe create more, but I find but it really helps, especially when you're kind of a little bit stuck or a little bit in a kind of indirect when it comes to journey. Okay, I'll create more lines and then we'll see what kind of poem I've come up with. All right, I'm almost at the end. I've been trying really hard not to read anything, but just put the words down over Z. You can decide on how many words you want to put in a row. You can just, you know, put more work in one row and then, uh, more in the next go units have probably practice it more fun on so that I can do care like breaks. Wherever I mean is you. But let's have a look. Overcoat, darling. My to reason. Stolen snow followed. Come mirror choose mirror showed said embraced. Dawn make imagine myself how what something are besides in back Tricia talents and saying silly, Just look, you sing shoes. Am I the walk here? I want to have a little question mark at the end, or crazy or depending on how you on how on how you read it. It could have all sorts of different meanings. So, um, I suppose just by reading it, he could in a something might jump out at you and think, You know, even though it is nonsense, there might be something. You know what? I'm just reading it. Don't make imagine myself. Um, but how worked? Something is like, What? What am I imagining you about myself? What? What is that? Something I've got talents. Andi, you know, you could just you could just a spark something that gets you thinking into Yang on. Maybe as you think about this, almost seed as a a coded message to you, and you can see how you want to decode it. I want to find something like this would be really fun thing to do. Maybe at just thinking New Year's Eve if you just can't. How'd lots of words on for each guest if you were going to a party or if you were hosting a party on each guest would get a little envelope with all the words in there. Maybe at some point, you could all sit down on everybody could create a doll, that poem, and then you could say, this is good you know, thinking about the following year. Create your daughter pone for the for the coming year or something, right? But I have to say I really love my daughter Poem Andi, I actually got me thinking, Andi, I also really love the way it looks. So I'm very pleased with my results. And I really hope that you have a chance to have a go at creating yoed Dadar poem Onder. Hope you enjoyed the prompt for today and I shall see you tomorrow. 27. Day 22: for today's problems. I would like to think about things you would like to make more time for, I think because most of us lead really busy lives, that me do find it really difficult to make time or if we feel that it's really difficult to make time for all the things we would really like to do. Um, outside work on a well, the daily things that we need to do I still think that's really good to have. Reminder somewhere off the things you would like to spend more time on on, then maybe see if they are kind of anyway, so that you could find even if it was just a tiny little bit of time. Teoh have more those things in your life, Um on And it could just be, you know, if you just managed to find five minutes a day, uh, where you could maybe read or you could do five minutes off learning a new language or it could be meeting up with your friends on a more regular basis or exploring new place is kind of anything you think. Actually, I would really love to be able to doom or certain things, Andi. I probably not really referring to the bigger things. Like I would like to go on holiday. Small. I mean, you could do You could write that down. Yeah, absolutely. But I would like to invite you to I also think off the smaller things that could make your kind of like your daily live feel more fulfilled so that you don't have to kind of look forward to our The tummy can be in holidays, but where you can just have more things you really enjoy doing as part of your daily life. Um, and I know that I very often just tend to forget a with the things that I would like to doom or and just by writing them down, I feel that they become no, but they become more riel. But that I become or where off? Um on. Um but then what I'm trying to do is kind of go back to my list on. Just see, even if I don't pick all of the things, I'm a list. That may be just one at a time. Um, I've mentioned before, I think during this journal practice on a different place that would really like to still not sewing my own close more so I could make that, um, an aim full, um, this month. So I could say in the next three months if I did stuff like working quarters I would like to get I would like to make time Teoh start sewing my clothes and then I can see how can rearrange mine my diary or trying to make little bits and pieces off time where I could try Onda Chief that or I also find that I don't really have enough time. So I feed. I don't have enough time to read books, but actually, I think I don't make enough time. So I that I could say I'll try and go to bed earlier. Eso I've got maybe another extra 20 minutes to read my book or just have maybe a lunchtime If I can heal a tea break some sometime during the day where I usually would catch myself, you know, trying to find something on the Internet or watching a YouTube video or having a living instagram onda. Um, I could in those I don't know, 10 20 minutes. I could Justus Well, Troy, Andi read my book for 10 or 20 minutes. So for today I think about things you would like to make more time for on start making a list because rather than just thinking about things, if you've got an actual list you can come back to and read through and add things and maybe cross things out, are you. We'll find that you're a lot more likely to start thinking about how you can actually make the time or change things around, that you've got more time to do the things you really enjoy doing, so I'll start on mine now. Andi, um, I hope you manage to find a really nice list of things that you would like to make more time for a swell on. Don't think about it in a negative way, where you just for you have to duel these things that I can't do all the things I want to do. See them as the first step off, trying to work out how you could make more time for them. So I see this as an inspiration rather than a list of things that might make you frustrated because if you don't get round to doing those things. All right. Um, I would really like to know. What? What things? All that you would like to make more time for. Maybe we could even discuss how we could make time or little tips and tricks. And her Teoh create pockets of time before the things you would really like to do. So I leave you with this prompt for today. How shall see you tomorrow. 28. Day 23: but I would prompt for today is cold blue and you can use the word blue in any shape or form Niekerk right down I want your thoughts off You think of the color blue Or you could just write down words of things that are blue You could walk around today, Andi, take photographs of blue things that you find Ah, in your day, um, And then print out the photographs and put them into your journal. You could Maybe he really does. Like the color blue. You could maybe trying right down. Why? Oh, you could just right down. I don't like the color blue, and that's your journaling done for today. I decided I'm going to look through a few magazines and just collect the color blue Andi Then I've always got all my, uh, blue washi tape out. Andi, I thought I'll just do a very quick coloured style. Um, bit of journaling. Zafer me today is probably going to be more about creating a journal entry just with different shades of blue rather than any writing. But that might change. So we'll trying do is not over thing. Because I noticed what I was looking through the magazine on looking at all the different, um, images that I was thinking about, how I could put them together in a car large on it started to get more and more complex. Or I would say, maybe I started to worry warm or whether I would be happy with the end result. Um, women, every life. But this is not what this journal prompt is about. So please don't over think it. If you notice that you're overthinking it, just try and think of how you could make it as easy as possible because I want none off my general problems to be too difficult. Take too much time. They are also just supposed to help you into your habit of journaling by giving you different bits and pieces of inspiration. But try and keep it simple. Eso that you keep the joy of journaling rather than seeing it a virtual so I'll just start . I'm just take the bits of blue I want in my journal on. Then I'll try and kind of show you how I'm, um, working myself. It is from today, so I'm just going to leave this image justice right here and then I wanted to use this one on. Have another one. Maybe up here or probably down There might be quite nice if I kind of flip this open. And I had another image so it might go Mike adjusting. - Here we go. Break of Jamaat. Done. Um, it really helped too. Try and keep it Super simple. Uh, not overthink it. Andi, just think about working with blue on. It was really, really enjoyable. So that's another way of journaling when you don't have to do it with words, But just with a color. And so you can be become a kind of very mindful overy meditative way of journaling and the nose. If I want to go back to my journal four journal entry, these images bring a lot of joy. So I do hope you I like today's problems. Blue trying make off it. Whatever you fear you would like to do with it. Andi, Um, I'll see you tomorrow. 29. Day 24: today. I would like to kind of hook on to our bombed while we were playing with the word blue. Andi. Um What? I decided to create a little collage in my journal. Andi the when he was talking about things that I could spark joy, like, you know, when you're going through your journal, you're opening it up and you see an image that really appears to you. So today I want us to think about joy and what small things bring us. Joy, undefined. It's really important to notice those little moments of joy that we, um, having our life or maybe looking out for this little things of joy. And I think it's Children. We are a lot more attuned to finding those little things that get really excited where you want to jump up and down with joy and clap our hands. Andi, anyway, is adults, not everybody but most people. I feel like if you behave like that as an adult, it would be very childish after, say, I have no problems with jumping up and down with joy because I still do. If you would like to learn more or find out more about this thought of bringing back joyfulness into your life or being more aware of it, you might be interested in reading the book Joyful by Ingrid Lee. I'm going to have, uh, the name of the book on all the details on the P D F sheet because she's written a whole book about issues, kind of research, joy and what brings us joy. But anyway, I thought it might be a nice thing to do after yesterday's prompt to talk about things that bring us joy on to remind us what things bring us. Joy two. Yet to try and incorporate more so one of things I'm actually going to do today you can see I've got a pen. Andi, I really enjoy writing with a pen and I got this very recently. It didn't cost me a lot, but it rides so well. So I really wish I could keep this in my in my bag with a bottle of ink on. Just start writing with it. I still like to just make sure that you don't have a big ink spots when I start writing, so I'm just quoting things that spark joy. But I could be things that bring you joy. Um, you know, it's up to you to feel free to play with the problem title the way you would like Teoh alike it again. Just make a list of all the things that you know that bring me joy. But for me, one thing I actually loved watching snowflakes for one of the most magical things and more speech for things that can think off. Um, then writing with my unit 10. Yeah. Just make you list Andi. Um, but that is your problem for today. I hope you enjoy and playing a Griffis prompt. I'll finish my list now. Andi, I'm I shall see you tomorrow. 30. Day 25: four Today's problems. I would like you to think about your day today on See how you could give you a day. A book title. So if your day was a book, what title would you want to give it? And if you're journaling in the mornings, which means that you might not have done enough to put into book, it could be a short story. Then think about the events of yesterday, Andi. If anything stood hours, it could be one event. It could be the whole day. It could be anything. You've seen anything that you've experienced yourself. It could be something to do with your journey to work. You could If Edwards delayed it could be the long journey. Think about Agatha Christie. It could be the 12 09 to Leeds. It could be, um, a rainy day like it is here. We had to go to the post office. I could call it a walk in the rain. I could say rainy days in, and then the name of my town. You could see how you can make it sound more like a romantic novel. Or maybe it could be nonfiction. What? I'm going to write about is I had a dream a couple of weeks ago. Andi. I happened to be in a restaurant. I was eating sushi on opposite me were sitting somebody I didn't know at the same table. When I work up, this title almost automatically came into my head. Andi. It was eating sushi with a stranger or I ate sushi with a stranger on. Just by thinking about these two book titles, I thought one sounded a bit more like a thriller. I ate sushi with a stranger, and I immediately started thinking about what kind of thriller could that be? What was happening in the story where maybe eating sushi with a stranger could former sounded to me more like a self help book. Also, with this problems, what it allows you to do is just to think about your day in a different way. Make him aware of things that are happening around you. Andi kind of take them out of context on Do Something Creative with them. You cur just dropped down some ideas of what you think could happened in the book. You could describe character you could just write down if it's fiction or romantic novel. If it's a historic novel, if it's a nonfiction book, if you want to be more creative, you could make a sketch off the book cover as how you would like your book cover to look like. So there's of many ways of how you can play with this problems. But really, what it's all about is Teoh get you into different ways, or different problems are just starting to ride of different ways off, looking at the world around you and making you more aware of the things that are happening on de so that you could even turn a boring day into a book title and play around with all the aspect off your day. So I do hope you enjoy your problems for today. Andi, um, I'll see you tomorrow. 31. Day 26: today's problems all about journaling in a different location again, on this time, the problem is journal in a museum or on art gallery or anything that might be similar. I have chosen an outing to a beautiful castle. Has my problems do do some journaling? Andi, I just look for a sport Quaker sit down on. Then I started writing about my first impressions off the place. Andi. I find that different locations give you a prominent in themselves because he could either write down about your experiences about any thoughts that have come into your mind. You could write down maybe 10 cross an artwork that you really like. You might want Teoh find out more about the artist on. Just being in a different surrounding I find really helps you to get new ideas of what he could write about or again. If you if you out and about and going to art gallery or journal. You could then use your your tickets or any kind of tokens that you picked up on that day to include in your drama. Even if possible, that would be great on then auto, maybe out some photographs that you've taken on that day 32. Day 27: in today's problems, I would like you to journal about your day in numbers. This is also really good problem. Four days when you feel it a little bit stuck on you don't really know where to start on. You can vary the numbers taken very the ideas behind those numbers. So what we're going to do, I'm going up. Teoh five. So it's five different things we're going to write about, so we'll start with five things you have done today on those things don't have to be very big things that can be really tiny things. So even in the mornings, if you are journaling in the mornings on, you feel that you haven't really done a lot of things. It could be even things like, you know, you got out of bed, you brush your teeth, you make yourself a cup of tea or a cup of coffee. Um, he opened the window or you looked out of the window. You took your dog for a walk or your figure cats or your goldfish. It could be like really, really small things, and then you can just really make bullet points on just list all the things that you have done the next prompt is four things you have seen today. Andi. Again. If your day hasn't really started yet, you will. Still having a think about it. There are still going to be four things you have seen on. Then The next prompt is three things you have eaten. Where this could be a bit difficult. If you are journey in the mornings, you might not have had breakfast. Eso You could change this for something else or you could wait with this problems until later in the day. And then for number two, we're going to write down two things You are grateful for all that sparked joy or the half delighted you formulated in any way that this sentence make sense to you on that appeals to you on then The last one is one thing you can do today that will move you forward. So this could be thinking about a goal you want to achieve. I just think of one little thing you could do today that will move you closer to the goal. Is that tiny little thing you can do to move a little bit further towards your goal. Finishing your projects or any dream that you have on it can be a really tiny little step. It doesn't have to be anything huge because all of the little steps will, in the end, make a difference. I'm just leaving it at five points today on you Could also makes a match them he can move them around. If you would prefer to write down five things you are grateful for, I've only two things that you have seen, you know, feel free to move them around. You can take the numbers up. He could go up to 10 and start with, Let's say 10 things you have. Or were you down in a day? You can add things like, you know, things that you still need to do today. Things that have bothered you today. You could go back to things. You've heard things you have smelled, and so there's a whole listen. The more you think about it, you could maybe also collect ideas of what you could use. The promise. Four. You could do full ways in which you have bean creative today, or if you're thinking about de cluttering your home and you want to do it in small steps. He could right there two things I have de cluttered today or one thing I have learned today or it could be one thing. I do want to learn to take a whole lot of room you can use to play with these problems. But I said, It's a nice way off documenting your day when you especially when you're a little bit stuck or also a way of when you go back. It makes you realize what you've done in this day. So I hope you enjoy this. A number prompt today on I'll See you tomorrow. 33. Day 28: one of my favorite places to John is definitely in a cafe. Oh, in a coffee shop. So today I would like to invite you to go to your local coffee shop or finding you one you've never bean to take your journal on. Go get yourself a coffee or maybe even a cake on. Do some journaling. I don't mind being in a coffee shop on my own and do some journaling, but if you feel a little bit awkward about it, what I would suggest is that you arranged to meet up with a friend on Just turn up at the cafe. Let's say 20 minutes earlier on while you're waiting for your friend, he can do some journaling, so enjoy. You'll journaling at a coffee shop on Ask you tomorrow. 34. Day 29: for today's prompt. I would like to invite you to try a continues line drawing. Andi, please don't panic. I'm not expecting you to create beautiful drawing off anything. That's why the continuous line drawing is really fantastic, because it's all about doing a shape without lifting your pen. So it's bound to look Messi on. All you're trying to do is try and catch the shape of something. Andi. It's also really nice exercise if you would like to get better at drawing or get into drawing. But I think that you can't draw it all because kind of part of the beauty of these joins isn't that they are a bit quirky and a bit messy. But it's also really nice thing to do that. If you're out and about on and you've got a few minutes just to focus on an object and try Andi, do some drawing, I would suggest that you choose something fairly simple. Something like a mug or a cup, a pair of glasses, a pair of scissors, a note book or maybe a book. Something with I would say cover a simple shape. Nothing too complex to start with. I've chosen a mug on DSO, sir. On this time around, I'm actually going to use a you nibble pen on. This is actually the first union bullpen I ever purchased. They were on offer, and I was looking for a pen that was waterproof, because whatever thing I quite like to do is then used water colors and color in my continues line drawings. And I might want to do it with this one. I would probably suggest either using a pencil or maybe a black pen, but, you know, just use whatever you have got, uh, in your bag or with you to do the joy. So just get started. Andi. Yeah, The best way of getting started is kind of just find one point where you want to start ons . It's very tempting to lift your pen, but just keep your pen down and just fondle the line off the line off the object. Andi, um, then just to get get going and just don't think about it. But just look at the lines off your object, So just get started here and see what's going to happen. Really? Sarah's ikan tell this isn't a very fantastic drawing, Andi. I could have. You know, you could have tried to do a little bit more and might have been easier if I had just chosen a very simple mug. But it is absolutely fine because that's what our prompt was all about. Just do a quick sketch. You could tell that it didn't take me very long on then. I can just put the date on here trying think, but adding some color to it on, That's it. And it's just a really simple on a really fun problem to do on. I also find that them or you do it kind of the better you get at it, you could actually kind of go back and do another drawing off the same item a few times on . Then just compare. Let's say your third or fourth drawing with your first and see how you've improved or how tall they differ. So I hope you in enjoy this problem. Then I shall see you tomorrow 35. Day 30: welcome. Today, 30 of our journaling challenge. This is absolutely amazing. You have bean following this journal challenge for 30 days. So that means that you have journals. Maybe every day for at least 30 days. You might have taken a little bit longer to get here about that really? Doesn't matter. Andi, I hope you're very proud of your achievements. I most certainly I'm very proud of you. And I really, really hope that my daily problems were enjoyable. That you had fun with, um, on that they helped you Teoh establish a regular journaling routine. What I would like you to do for Day 30 feel free to either. Just go back on, pick one off your favorite journal, prompts. Or maybe just take your journal and go to a cafe and treat yourself Teoh. Really nice coffee. Andi, Possibly cake. If you would like, I do some journaling at a cafe or you could do both. You could take your journal, Teoh a coffee, and then think back about having journals for 30 days on how you actually enjoyed or how this daily journaling make you feel. Did you think that it was an enjoyable experience? Did you feel more that it was a kind of burden because by journaling every day he could also find out if Germany is actually something that you would like to incorporate into your life. If not, then this doesn't really matter, because at least he gave it to go rather than thinking, Oh, maybe I should start journaling and I'm sure that that would be a really good thing to do. Because so many of my friends journal I see all these beautiful instagram posts about people journaling, so you gave it a go. You found out that it's not for you, and that's absolutely fine. But you might also have noticed that this daily journaling helped you reflect all in your daily life. Maybe it helps you to relax and find a moment of quiet in a day where you could just be with your thoughts. Maybe it helps you to be clear on certain things on and helped you to work through problems or situations. I've been trying to create a variety of problems that were some were written problems, and we're a little bit more like art journaling problems just to give you a bit of a variety and also so that you could experience doing a little bit of everything to see if you would quite enjoy adding an iterated art in to your journal. Because I personally found that when I started journaling, Andi was just writing every day that I really, really enjoyed it for the 1st 2 months. And then I felt that I wanted to act something else to it. So once I added the art journaling aspect to my journaling routine, I had a lot more fun with the whole journaling. So I really hope that this class might help you get a little bit of an idea of what it would be like if you added some easy are journaling to your journey routine. So again well done for sticking to your 30 days of journaling challenge. I hope you enjoy this class. Thank you so much for joining me on this. A 30 day journaling challenge. Andi. Um, off. Hopefully I see you soon in one of my other classes. I really hope that has inspired you to carry on with a regular journey routine. Thank you so much for taking my class 36. Class Project: for your class project. I would really like to share your take on one off the journaling problems with us. Obviously, you don't have to show us any off your actual journal entries. But he could maybe just take a photograph off. Your journal can be closed. Or you could if you I wanted it open. You could cover any writing with postcard, but you could take a photograph off setting where you are journaling. It could just be a photograph off your journal. Closed with a pen. It could be a photograph off you journaling, uh, it could be anything to do with anything, any off the problems in this class. And then it would be absolutely wonderful if you could share your thoughts with us. Maybe let us know the problems really enjoyed. If you think about carrying on with journaling, if you find it difficult to carry on journaling every day for the 30 days on, if you feel that you would be able to carry on with the journaling routine on, I think it would be really good to be able to exchange ideas on and get inspired by other people. So I am thinking about setting up a Facebook group for this class because sometimes it just helps to be accountable by having other people who are in the same situation on Teoh and Spy Age other give each other ideas on, Maybe just to check in on a daily basis, I just say, Yep. I've done my journey today again. I really hope that you enjoyed my class. Make sure that you follow me and skill share because that means that you will automatically be notified. Whenever I do publish a new class, you could obviously also check out my other classes I've got on skill share on. I really hope to see some off your projects. Andi, please share with us how you're getting on with your journaling. 37. Bonus - Make a Washi Tape Sampler: in this video. I want to show you how you can make a washing tape sample up. I like to have one just with my journal so that I don't have to carry around a selection off washy tape rolls, which would take up quite a lot of space. But by using one of thes someplace, you can just have a few different patterns of washing tape on you, and they don't take up a lot of space. The's have bean made, um, by just wrappings and washi tape around a shipping label. I'm going to show you how to make one of those in a moment, but you could also use something like a library card or a, um, always the elaborate car, but you don't need any more or, uh, cave like a shop loyalty card or this'll was last year's National Trust membership card. So it's I can't use it anymore, but this would be quite good. The reason why you could use is obviously because it's made from plastic, which means that you can stick some washing tape on it, but when you take it, it will first of all, will come off easily on it will still be sticky because you don't want, um you're washing tape sample to be anything that is like paper eso because you don't really want you washi tape to just stick to permanently. You could also use time acetate and just cut a piece of attitude to the size that you would like on how to share you with this one we would have to do is just find the end, oversee off your washing tape. Um, then just stick it on the card giant, make its parallel Teoh the edge off the card because that makes the wrapping round a lot easier on. Then you just go get around the car a few time, depending on how much you wonder on your, uh, on your sampler on there. And you just, um, cut the end off and then you've got some washed up on your sampler. This is also a really nice way of sharing or swapping washi tape with friends or of journal clubs or just both. If you want Teoh, you know, give a friend a selection of washi tape. You've got a home. This would be a really nice way of doing it. So that's an idea what this is really easy to do. But now I'm going to show you how it to make. Yeah, one of thes shipping tax. Some plus, you don't meet by a shipping tag. If you've got one, that is, obviously that makes it easier. But really, all they are is they're made from a Kraft paper. I'm so they are a rectangle, and then you've got these two corners cut away. And then, of course, you've got the whole and a piece of string, but they just really easy to make. So I've got some got some Kraft paper here. I'm going to use this one because I've already started using this for other shipping labels , and I can just use this fit up. And as I've already got a shipping label, what I can do is just use this as a template unjust, traced around it. However, I just would because I quite like to make the most off the material that I've got. I could, for example, make to shorter shipping labels might do that. So just lining it all up, so I know what I need. You cut it, make two lines there, and then I'm going to the other one next to, and that's perfect. Backing create to shorter shipping. Labels are, too, the remaining. Okay, cool. And I've got here and again. If you haven't got a shipping label, just cut a rectangle the size that you would like your shipping label to be. I'm going to use a craft knife. My cutting, that stuff you could obviously use. Pepsis is many girls I've got to, and then depending on what your craft paper looks like, you get different qualities of Kraft paper. Sometimes one side is mover than the other side, but I still don't want my washi tape, too. Stick or, let's say, the first lady of my washing tape to stick permanently to my shipping label. I would quite like to be able to use all of my washing tapes of what I'm going to do. It is used some thistles, disc greased proof paper that you can buy, I think, in the supermarkets, because it's a really nice shiny surface, which will make sure that your washing tape will come off really easy. So I'm going to do this has kind of shiny aside and one side that isn't a shiny. So I'm going to stick some of the A grease proof paper onto my shipping label on. I'll make sure about the shiny side is on the outside, even though with this one, I think both sides would be fine. All right, I'll just do that. I just work out how much? Oh, need you can see. I'm going to cut the little corners at the end because if you think it will make it easier to stick it on that comfortable in the end drama having to cut it. I said, This I am actually going to cut with a pair of scissors is because I'm flying back. Sometimes in that paper can rip movies, even cutting. Okay, I need my clothes stick. No, actually, piece of scrap paper. Just making sure it's, um, Cropper piss, all covered with the booth, the grease paint on top. Then I'll just do the same thing on the other side. And also, if you're not quite sure if you've covered the whole area was glue. If you kind of pick it up and hold against the light, he can look to see if there any bits that you missed out I just noticed that missed a little bit there. Once you're done, just the other pieces paid on. Tough. Um, I would normally most probably wait until this is a dry on. Then just go around the edges with the scissors Just cut off any since that is there because I wanted to look like a shipping enable I want to catch off. The two years is cool in us. They're just I could either kind of a drawer users again as a template. Industrial the two lines or, uh, just line it up, um, and cut along, but lines they didn't have to you perfect. Which is like the way shipping labels look so quite nice. There we go. Come and I can even add the little little detail at the top. So I'm going to use when every single hole punches. Not really sure that's what they called. Then I just take a little mark where the whole needs to go. But again, this is totally optional. I just really like the way that shipping labels look. So I would like this to kind of look and I could properly There you go. And then I've got some whole reinforcement stickers, as you can see, there normally old white, but because I didn't want them to be white on the craft paper background where I've done is just used a brown stump pad. I just colored it. Well, um, like, I just quickly show you how I did that. Yeah, this is just a bit of foam that are stuck on an empty glue stick on. Then I'll just kind of Yeah, just girl. Have a way. Yeah, I just really have, like, painting the little the little stickers. Much diffused. They describe paper, of course, but he could do them in any color you wanted. If you wanted to use being labeled to look blue, you could do it from breath and blue card stock. Then kind of like use, um Blue blue. Some pack. Right. Next take to ease off. Line it up with the whole Got one side one from the other side. Way to go. Now you can ask some of my washi tape. I think with this length, I could probably get about three different. But depending on how white they are again already you really need to do is get the Washington If you want on your sampler on lying it up, I make sure nights straight. Ireland. You just wrap it around again. It depends on how much of thes sampler or how much Washington want on your some plum. Um, and when you're adding your second washing tape, make sure that it's you know when you stick it on that it's parallel to the 1st 1 so they don't start to overlap. So make sure that there nice and straight and you could have them all color coordinated. Oh, you could have, like a variety of colors, so that when you use something you can use it for. I quite like to have more color coordinated, even though it would probably make more sense to have various colors and patterns together for different occasions. With, the five have chosen to make on my shipping label longer would have been able to use hurt more washy table, more different patterns. Our visitor samplers could the bottom. I could probably fit one more Here it is a bit of a squeeze down here so I could go on for a narrower washi tape. Go on, then. At the end, I think I would quite like to have a little bit of string. Got some bakers twine, but you could cut about use any anything you've got. But I think this would work quite nicely with it. It's definitely not necessary to have this, but I just feel a next. Really nice girls. Well done. It could go into mourning, general.