3 easy ways to stream / record your iPhone / iPad to Windows PC or Apple MAC including FREE tools! | Frank A. | Skillshare

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3 easy ways to stream / record your iPhone / iPad to Windows PC or Apple MAC including FREE tools!

teacher avatar Frank A., Business-Coach, Online Entrepreneur

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. 3 Ways to stream your iPhone

    • 2. Main Training 1

    • 3. Main Training 2

    • 4. Main Training 3

    • 5. Class project

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About This Class

3 easy ways to stream and record your iPhone / iPad to Windows PC  or Apple MAC using FREE tools!   


3 easy ways to stream / record your iPhone / iPad to Windows PC or Apple MAC including FREE tools!

This calls is perfect for Sklishare teachers, who want to do a screencast of their iphone for their own classes.

In this class I´ll show you 3 ways to stream or record your iPhone. It´s not very easy and you can use a free tool.

Don´t wait.

                                                                         Enroll now!


Meet Your Teacher

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Frank A.

Business-Coach, Online Entrepreneur


My name is Frank Albers. I?ve been working for about 20 years as an IT-Project-Manager. Today it?s a pleasure to work at home being a Solopreneur and Online Business-Coach. Earning my money creating online classes, writing ebooks and help other people to do the same.

http://www.frankalbers.com (coming soon)

Mein Name ist Frank Albers, wohne in Montabaur/Deutschland, bin IT-Projektleiter, Blogger, Autor, Trainer und Coach. Ich habe es mir zur Aufgabe gemacht, Menschen zu erm?glichen, entspannter durchs Leben zu gehen und dabei gleichzeitig auch noch produktiver und erfolgreicher zu sein.

Strategie-Coach f?r Sichtbarkeit und Online-Kurse

Ich unterst?tze Selbst?ndige bei der Produktion von Online-Kursen und deren erfolgreicher Ve... See full profile

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1. 3 Ways to stream your iPhone: 2. Main Training 1: in this video, I will show you how to record your screen cast from your iPhone on your Mac. To record your iPhones to you is very, very easy. And it comes absolutely without any costs, because any software you need is already on your Mac or your iPhone. First of all, you have to connect your iPhone with a delivered cable to your Mac. Once your iPhone has been recognized, the iTunes application where we started automatically now you can minimize iTunes and start quick time. Open quick time by trolling the option. New movie recording and here, riel. This is iPhone screen on your Mac. It is synchronized. You can slide forward and backwards and open application and so on, and everything is synchronized. Toe your Mac desktop, but if you want to record the screen, you have to push the red button for movie recording. So normally, even the sound off your iPhone is recorded, but not in this video toe award confusion. I have shut down the sound on the iPhone, so always the screen is recorded in this radio. So let's open my favorite productivity tool. It's 12 0 I planned everything in trail Oh, I plan my online causes. I do the keep about research the analysis for the S E o, the search engine optimization for my block and my books and my my radio causes. Now we will stop recording and press a playback button to see what we have recorded. If you are happy with the recordings, you can save it for later purposes as a quick time fire with the extension dot a movie. 3. Main Training 2: Why come to my second lesson if you don't have a Mac, you can't use quick time to stream and share your iPhone if your own a Windows PC. Oh, when those notebook who have to Other options here come for first option. You have to install a program called Reflect or two on Your Pissy To get this program, open your browser and search for Reflect on two. So reflect or two is available for Mac, for Windows, for Android and for Amazon Fire TV, so you don't have to spend the $15 directly. You can give it a try and don't not try a Russian. So at this page you can try the reflect or to screen mirror in up for free. And you should be aware that there's no need to download also up for the iris on the iPhone . What you're only need is the Windows application, and if you click on the download button, you'll see that there are two different types off Windows application. Want to see 64 bit? We know special, and the other one is the 32 bit Windows application. So if you don't know which Windows version do you have click on start system management and system. And so at the system type, you can see what we know Subversion. Do you have? I have, Ah, 64 bit operating system. Sorry for good German language, but I have to change the system language in your future. So I will choose to download C 64 bit Windows application and I will be asked if I want to safe fire. Yes. Now we have to open the application and we want to execute the set up process. Windows installer starts? Yes. As always, we have to accept the license agreement on click in store. - So now the installation process has been completed and we have to click on finish. I would close the Firefox brother on there. We have a button reflect or two? No. As you see the come screen fund reflector to Andi. So we want toe try reflected, too. And as you see, there are no devices connected. And yeah, that's a built in feature from windows. We have to restart the machine to get reflected to full. You're working. So now we have rebooted our windows machine. Andi, after the report reflected to has already started. You can click on this reflector to Aiken, Andi here, you'll see the name off my windows PC. It's cool tux VM. So now I take my iPhone and press the air play button on. Then there. I have to choose whether I want to connect with my Apple TV or the cool Tooks VM. So I chose the PC. Cool took swim. So you see here my iPhone from foul of us, so it means Frank others on board. So if we want to record the screen off the iPhone, we have toe press the record button. So as we have the trial version, it's in tryem out where the watermark from reflector, which will be disabled if he by this Russian for about $15. It's not much, especially if you want to create online causes for for iPhone and iPhone absence on $15 doesn't that much. So in the next video, I will show you the third option toe stream and record an iPhone, so you're pissy 4. Main Training 3: in this video, I will show you it was a second option to stream and record your iPhone screen on a windows PC. We just goto cougar and search for Yes. How about Andi? Click on Gone, Lord. So they are paid options. But he chose this 17 day trial for free. And there are also two where things for Windows. And I chose the right one for my PC. So we just once the set up, we can leave everything on the default where use on a click. Next, accept the license agreement next, and we want to try the S r. And yes, I will start my ass over every time I look onto windows and in store insulation is very quick and just click. Try and finish so we can clothe the Firefox. There's a message here, service warning on my laptop. And no, I will take my iPhone again press play and choose my notebook The stream and yet is so those screen and you'll see this is that it? Tooks? This is my note book I'm connected with and yeah, it's very quick 5. Class project: