3 Watercolor Secrets: Create Your Best Watercolor Yet | Ron Mulvey✏️ | Skillshare

3 Watercolor Secrets: Create Your Best Watercolor Yet

Ron Mulvey✏️, Artist / Art Teacher

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16 Videos (2h 48m)
    • 3 Watercoloring Secrets Revealed

    • Great Materials Make Great Pictures

    • How The 3 Secrets Work

    • Playing In Paint Puddles

    • Drawing Evergreens

    • Misty Morning Pine

    • Adding Glow To Your Watercolor

    • Easy As One Two TREE

    • Drawing The Birch Tree

    • Transferring Your Drawing

    • The Magic Of The 3 Secrets

    • Adding Color Texture And Shine

    • Sponging And Grass Stroke

    • Final Polish For Birch

    • Draw And Paint Your Cityscape

    • 3 Secrets Last Stroke


About This Class



Learn three secrets that will add confidence to your watercoloring technique then create your first or best yet watercolors with Ron Mulvey, a professional artist, and respected teacher who has taught more than 100,000 students of all ages worldwide in live classes and online over the past 30 years.

Ron's  passion for teaching watercolors on Skillshare has opened creative pathways for an even wider student body. Join Ron in this class and discover the simplicity and effectiveness of WATERCOLORING

Secret #1 WET  (Find out why water is your best friend)

Secret #2  DRY ( All about soft and hard edges )

Secret #3 WATCH MORE PAINT LESS   (Step Back and let the magic happen. Let Your Brush Do The Work And You Take The Credit)

Whether you’re new to Watercoloring or a long-time Aquarellist this class will help you dive deeper, get more out of your materials, and take your work to the next level.



You will be discovering ONE TWO TREE (yes you read it correctly TREE as in trunks and limbs and leaves)  in this class. The three secrets will be revealed in our leafy and needly friends first and then you will 'branch' out into a few more fun watercolouring projects. 


VERY, VERY,  CLOSE UP OF OUR PINE TREE. All About soft edges in this 'Misty Morning Pine'.


Our First Cityscape is made easy with a few 'construction tips' and use of the 3 secrets,

Begin Your  Adventure Into Creative  Watercoloring with the 3 Secrets and discover all you need to know about Watercoloring. 

  • Materials that bring you success and don't cost a fortune
  • How to prepare your materials and get set up
  • The three ways water can make your painting glow
  • How to let your brush do all the work and you get the credit
  • Gain core design skills that you can use with every watercoloring  project.
  • How to find your artistic confidence and enjoy your watercoloring journey

 Let Ron lead you step by step as you get a secure hold on the techniques and principles of watercoloring. Throughout the class, Ron emphasizes the benefits and techniques of simplifying your subject matter in order to create the sparkle and glow that only watercolors can achieve.

 It's a perfect class for everyone who wants to be inspired by someone who loves to paint and loves to teach.


Want more tips? Take some of Ron's  other techniques-based classes: Begin Creative Watercoloring  -  Watercolor Essentials





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Ron Mulvey✏️

Artist / Art Teacher

My name is Ron Mulvey. I've been working as a full-time artist since 1980. I have had the pleasure of teaching art since 1983 and have taught thousands of classes on drawing and painting. I would consider it a privilege to assist you in achieving  your artistic goals.  

I have taught the basic and advanced mechanics and principles which give us the skill and confidence to express creatively, for the past 30 years. Sharing them is my passion!

One of my very favorite projects was an art book for children called the Artabet. It teaches children how to draw using 6 universal lines (similar to how vowels are the building blocks of Languages). Artabet.com is now in 8 countries and is used by over 800  schools worldwide as their basic art curriculum.

I live and work at home with my first love Sara, who is the other half of our Art and Music School, on a pristine acreage by the Little Slocan River in British Columbia, Canada.

Sara and I love it when the kids come home and they bring their kids with them. The Skillshare Cooking Classes really helps us when there's 15 for dinner.

You can see my landscape art at RonMulvey.ca  

You can buy my Artabet book here


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