3 Tools For Adding Scarcity To Any Sales Funnel Or Sales Page For Your Products | John Shea | Skillshare

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3 Tools For Adding Scarcity To Any Sales Funnel Or Sales Page For Your Products

teacher avatar John Shea, Entrepreneur, Gamer, Metal Music Fanatic

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Thrive Ultimatum

    • 3. Scarcity Builder

    • 4. Deadline Funnel

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About This Class

In this class I'm going to walk you through 3 different tools you can use to add scarcity to your sales funnels, sales pages, landing pages and more.

If you are selling digital products online such as an eBook, online course, membership site or otherwise adding scarcity to your product launches is a great way to drive up sales and engagement.

Scarcity generally involves using some form of count down to let a potential buyer know the offer will be ending soon and if they don't make the decision before the count down runs out they will ultimately miss out on the deal and lose the opportunity. 

The 3 tools we will be discussing are:

Thrive Ultimatum

Scarcity Builder

Deadline Funnel

I compare pricing, features and even show you live examples of all of these tools in action!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

John Shea

Entrepreneur, Gamer, Metal Music Fanatic


I am an entrepreneur, gamer, podcaster, metal music fanatic and blogger. I'm always trying to stay up to date with the latest trends and changes in the constant growing world of SEO & Digital Marketing.

I blog at NoShameIncome.com sharing what's working for me today in the world of online marketing. 

I originally started learning about online marketing as a way to generate additional income, I enjoy connecting with others and helping people achieve their goals.

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1. Introduction: Hey, what's going on, guys? My name is John Shea, and inside this course, what I'm going to be talking to you guys about is something called scarcity. If you're not familiar with scarcity, the use of this inside of the Internet marketing world of the online marketing world, in my opinion, is basically utilizing what's what's considered to be some form of countdown timer, where you're putting a lot of urgency on the idea of buying something, whether or not it's a digital product. Mostly an online course would be probably the most common thing you'd see this on, or some form of product where a price could be increasing. So what I wanted to do is give you an example of this. I've actually pulled up here. My site, SDO consulting blueprint dot com, and I have a special webinar page that if you go to this page, a countdown timer will start for up to three days, and once that countdown timer expires, then basically they lose out on the steal and they're not able to buy the product. So this is perfect. If you're doing something like a live webinar or your pitching any sort of product through a product launch. Maybe you could be doing something where the offer completely shuts down during that time for that specific time frame. Or maybe you've also got something where you're increasing a price and maybe every couple days the price increases. And then potentially at the end of that scarcity timer, you're completely shutting the offer down. So this is a really great way to just drive a whole ton of extra sales to your products through sales pages. So what I'm gonna do inside this course is I'm actually gonna walk you guys through how to actually build something like this, and I'm gonna show you three different tools that I have used to do it. And we can basically get a full walk through of ultimately the best way to go inside of their scarcity. I'm gonna compare some of the plug ins, show you what's ultimately the better choices. And by the end of this you'll have a pretty good idea of how you can go and implement some scarcity on your own sales pages. 2. Thrive Ultimatum: in this video, I'm gonna break down one of my favorite scarcity plug ins. And it's by a sweet particularly known as thrive themes. They actually offer, Ah, whole Siris of different tools, from landing page builders to lead generation tools, they all kinds of different software. And I've actually personally interviewed the creator of Thrive Themes. Is named Shane Mullah really cool guy, and I definitely highly recommend all their products. So what better way to start out this course by talking about his Thrive ultimatum plug in, which ultimately is the basically premium high end tool that they have for adding scarcity to sales pages and any form of product launches things like that. So this is the sales page for that, and they kind of show some stats around how traffic comes in. And then on the last day of a launch, you know the huge revenue boost will come in because it offers usually ending. And this is something that I've actually done and seen for myself as we kind of close out the end of the course. I'll maybe talk a little bit about how I've utilized this on webinars and how it can really help you guys boosts in sales. So what this particular plugging allows you to do is set up all different kinds of campaigns. Depending on what you're looking for, you could set up something for a fixed date. Maybe you're doing a product launch between, ah, certain timeframe. You could also set up something where it automatically re occurs every time someone enters the system and just going to restart for any new person visiting. And you can even set up evergreen campaigns that, you know, ultimately just run all the time. So there's some really cool features with this, and they've also got some locked down functionality so that when people actually come in after the deal is expired, it's automatically gonna lock them out of that page, and it's gonna be cookie to them. So here's kind of an example. You know where they're coming in. Maybe prior to the launch, they're going to see a coming soon page. When the launches live, they're gonna be in a sort of welcome area, or the sales page will be live. And then once the actual offer is over in, the countdown has expired. They're going to see a sorry offer has expired. So this is really, really cool. You could definitely do a lot with this plug in. And I've been playing around with it a lot myself, Some really cool customization options to make the forms and all the just fonts and everything. The colors look really awesome. So I'm actually gonna bring you into the back end of a website where I have the Thrive ultimatum Plug in, installed and we're gonna walk through it, and I'll kind of show you what you can do with it. If you guys are all so interested in this, I will leave a link below this video or somewhere in the description, depending on where you're watching this. And if you guys decided, pick up thrive ultimatum. I do learn a little bit of a commission from that. So I greatly appreciate it if you're interested in picking this up and you go through my length and I will learn a little bit of a commission from that. So let's dive in and I'll show you the back in the thrive all to meet him. So what you get here is a soon as you come in to the thrive dashboard. You go into the Thrive ultimatum settings, and that's where I am now. So right now, I had a few different campaigns. I was sort of testing out. I'll give you an example of if we were to create a brand new campaign from scratch. So if I do new campaign, I can basically build these out on specific types of templates. I could either started from scratch. They have one that's designed for a seven day offer, maybe a Christmas special or even an end of the month special. So I'm going to do build from scratch to you guys can kind of see this from top to bottom, so we're gonna give it a name. I'm gonna call this, um, you know, test for course we're gonna hit. Continue. And now we have the option to basically come in and set up our campaign. Ultimately, to you add the scarcity. So we know when we can edit this to set a specific type of campaign, we could do a fix state, which means that it's gonna be between a certain time frame in their example. The fifth and between the fifth and the 12th of November, a recurring would mean that it starts every month on that same day. So maybe it starts every month on the fifth, and then it just repeated every month. Or you could set it up. So it's evergreen, and any time actually come, you know, someone comes to see that page, it's gonna be more determined by an action and not a specific date. So this is the one that I've found myself frequently using because ultimately, I don't really want to be trying to set things up again and again and changing things. But if you were doing a big launch, then ultimately you have the option of utilizing these other fixed date or occurring campaign options. So we're gonna do evergreen, and now you have the option of choosing. How long is the evergreen camping in the last four for each user. So I usually like to do something between like three and five days. Let's just say three days now you have a few other features you can set up a lock down, which this is ultimately something you probably will want to dio, and usually you wanted to be based on a visit to a page, so this is going to mean that as soon as someone visits that page, we can make it so there's a lock down capability, so they're going to be redirected elsewhere after that ends. For now, I'm gonna just turn it off. But usually what we want to do is set up something where they visit a specific page. So I could say, if they visit, you know, I have, like, my webinar page, for example, if I just type that in, I could see you know, here's a webinar page and I could make it. So when they visit this page, it's going to trigger this. I could also make it so when they first visit the website in general, it triggers the campaign. You can also set it up to repeat the campaign. So after a certain number of days repeated again, and you can also set up a realistic time so you can use military time to set up a more realistic and time for the day, you know something like midnight or whatever it is 11 PM something like that. So it's kind of a basic rundown there. If you do pick the other campaign types, you also have a lot more options in terms of like when it starts and ends, you can set up a description for that. And you can also see that they give you the current time zone settings based around that. Same for the fixed date. You basically pick the day in the end, eight hours, and you get rolling from there. So I just wanted to show you the options here. You can also inside this. Obviously, I'm sort of training you here. But there are these play buns, and Shane will actually come in and give you a walk through of exactly how to set everything up and really gives you a detailed look at all this. So I'm gonna x out of this and I'll show you a live campaign. Um, actually, before we do that, let me show you the other options. So in display here, we could choose to display this on a specific page so I could actually go in and just find , you know, specific pages like, here's a webinar replay page or webinar page. That would likely be a good page that I'd want to actually have the show upon. So you only just set that as well. And then here's where the lock down piece comes into play. So if I had come in here and activated, lock down, I said, yes. I saved this. Then lock down feature is now going to be enabled over here, so you have to enable the under the campaign setting first. And then if you go in here, I want to show you guys this because it is really cool. And when I initially came in here, I don't really understand this. But the idea is that let's say you're sending out a promotion through, you know, your email campaigns, like you've got an email, auto responders service and you've got a product launch and you're sending out emails. Let people know. Hey, you know, I just opened up the new enrollment for X y Z course. So what you can do is give people a pre access page, you know, maybe letting them know that Hey, we're opening the door soon so you could set up a page that says, Hey, coming soon. And that's what the pre access page would be for. And then you set up your promotional page, which is ultimately the sales page where your product is going to be sold, and then you also have an expiration page. So once that countdown expires, you want to send them somewhere that says something along the lines of a You know, this is expiring. I can give you a quick example. In fact, if you go to the home page of this particular site, this is like my hey, the offers closed and it it brings them to a patient says join the waiting list. Enrollment is currently closed and your email below, and we will let you know once we open again. So this is something that I had activated. So if people don't take the opportunity to join and they end up enrolling in this, that I may open enrollment at a later time and they could join up later, so that's a really cool feature there on, and that's ultimately where you'd be doing with these three field. So now you can also do is they have integration with all these other email providers. So you've got pretty much all the major ones I use Convert Kit and I could give me an example of how this would work. If I had copy Link on this, I basically I'm going to get a specialized link. I'll just open a new tab. See, it may not have copied, but it didn't actually generate it because I don't have the fields filled out here, so that's what I need to do. But essentially, what would happen is if I fill this out and I enabled this, I'd get a special link. And what would happen is if I put this into my email campaign, it's only going to trigger based on someone actually clicking on it. So let's say I sent an email and said, Hey, the enrollments now open and the person opens the email, but they don't actually click the link than it won't activate until they click that link. So that's one of the really cool features. Is I thought to myself, Well, what if people open I e mails and then I'm sending more emails telling them that Hey, it's closing soon. But then they go to look at it, and now it's got this timer that's like starting from scratch. But really, they don't look at it for two days after I sent the email that's what this is going to prevent. So it's going to start that countdown for them based on them clicking on it and these particular integrations air just made so the actual link will work within these platforms. So if you're using get response, then obviously you do this cause it's something that's gonna work within a get response email campaign. So hopefully that explains that the lock down there, um and then other than that you're essentially designing the form. I can show you that here really quick as well. You can come in and basically say OK, we want maybe a top room in either bottom room and you could do a widget. You can also set up a short code so it displays within content. A lot of people usually either do the top or bottom ribbons for, like, sales pages. So I'll do the top ribbon and I'll just kind of show you what you get here. You can now go in, and as you select these things that give you an idea of like, hey, you know, this is the next step. So that's one really cool thing. I love about this, so I have all these templates that you can pick from. I really like this one up here in the top left. That's actually one of my favorites. So we're gonna load that in, and now you can see it gives you a demo. What this is gonna look like as you stroll through this page, you can come in here and very easily edit any of these features. I can edit this text box. I have a full editor here. I could basically drag this out of the way. So if I want to edit this, you know, and say something like Webinar offer expires in, you know, it could be a simple is that? And then you can even change the style of the timer here. So you got a few different styles. You know, Maybe I want this white. Obviously, it doesn't really fit in there very well. But you get some different styles, you can play around the button. You've got this whole editing tool here on the right, so you can do some stuff with that as well. That's ultimately where you're gonna be able to do with the countdown again. All of this stuff could be edited so you can change the link. You can change the text. You could change around margins and formatting colors. All that stuff centering font size, all of its available. So that's pretty much of that. And then from here, you can also set up a timeline of events so you could have specific things happen based on actions people are taking. So if someone visits the page, we could then have them take another specific action or have something trigger. Based on that, you can add different events depending on what you want to do. So you could say, Hey, it starts this time frame this amount of hours and then at this point, we're going to say, display this and you've got some different functionality here you can play with. So ultimately, the example I just showed you on this page is this was created with the thrive themes, ultimatum plugging. So I wanted to show you guys this one first. Hopefully, I've given you a good overview of this plug in how it works and the advantages to this. In the next couple videos, I'm gonna walk you through a couple other plug ins and show you some of the functionalities that those offer as well 3. Scarcity Builder: OK, in this video, we're gonna cover another plug in called the Scarcity Builder, and this one's actually made by Mark Thompson. He's a fairly well known in the Internet marketing space for building lots of software, tools and products for Internet marketers and general anything to do with sales. So I wanted to show you guys, this one, this particular one runs about 37 bucks. I believe I didn't mention the actual cost of Thrive all to meet him. So let me come back to that really quickly, and we can kind of compare between all the different options. So if you were to get just thrive ultimatum for one website, you're looking at about $97.1 time and again, you could also go with what they call Thrive membership, which ultimately is a really killer deal. You get pretty much all their themes all their WordPress plug ins, which includes a landing page builder as well as thrive, all to meet him and a lead generation tool for building opt in pages and doing some really cool stuff there. So this one's 19 bucks a month if paid annually. Now, if you're only gonna be needing the scarcity portion. You've got one website we're gonna be selling your course. Ultimately, I think the tool here with Rival Tomato is gonna be a better overall option at 97 bucks. But if you're looking to really just come in with something fairly like low barrier entry Sear City builder $37 is still going to do the trick. And I'm gonna walk you through exactly how I have that set up on another sales page. So let me show you exactly what this looks like. Once you haven't installed, you basically get a really simple dashboard here. It's not as involved is some of the functionality you get out of thrive. But what you can do here is you basically have a dashboard where you can see existing, um, landing countdown, basically countdown timers you would have built. And then what you can do is also create new countdowns. So here I've got the option to create the countdown type. You want to choose what the countdown type is going to be, so either an evergreen or something that expires after a specific action. So let me give you an example Here. Let's call this one, Um, test for course, and we want the countdown type here. So you want to select that? We're going to do something that's cookie based. Let's actually let's do evergreen. That's a little bit simpler. So as you can see as well, when you change these options, it gives you the different options up here in the middle. So if we do evergreen, we can now go over the evergreen settings and we can say, OK, we want this to run for three days, zero hours and you know, zero minutes. It's probably ideal. And then you want to actually give something that happens when this timeframe expire. So someone's sue Someone visits the page. What's gonna happen when that countdown expires? So we could say, re director, your l do nothing show a specific piece of content. Maybe you just have a little blurb appear or simply hide the countdown. What I typically recommend is redirect the u. R. L. So I was kind of using this in the same way we put it on a sales page, and I'm gonna show you that in a second and then at the end of that sales page 11 runs out , you send them to, um you know, the final expiration page. The only thing you can't do with this is they don't really have a Zeman e options to integrate some of the cool functionality where you could integrate through email whether or not someone clicks, you can't set up the pre access locked down. Um, it's really just a very, very simple plug in, but it also makes the redirection pretty easy. So, um, in terms of design, your also not really looking at a full on editor, just something very basic. You pick off aunt, you pick the countdown size extra small, small, medium large, you pick a color. So these are really the only options you have. You say Okay, I want a black one, and then you have, ah, sort of breakdown of how it's gonna be displayed. You hit save, and this is basically just gonna build a little short code. So here's my short code here. I could just highlight this if I want to change this, That all I have to do is hit the settings button. So very, very simple of Le Guin. Not really a whole lot to it. let me show you what this looks like. Here's one that I had already built its blue. So as you can see, it's not a bar that stays at the top of the site. So that's one thing I didn't really like about it too much. You know, I like the fact that is, people are scrolling like they're constantly just faced with Hey, this is expiring and it's really in your face and there's no way to get around that. So that's what you have here, and ultimately what it comes down to is you could put this on the site many times. That's one advantage. So here you can see I have it on the top of this page, and then I also at the very, very bottom. I put it in right below, and I said, This special offer ends in and they see this here, so this works perfectly fine, and it's based on the fact that someone's visiting the site. So I would say if you want something very, very simple for during Sierra City and you're not looking to break the bank, this one is a good deal, given that it's only 37 bucks. Of course, they tell you it's going to go up to $97 here in the next six hours. I'm not really here. Six days, No, six hours. I'm sorry. I'm not really sure if that's true, but they're adding scarcity to their own sales page. If it truly is $97 after this goes up, I do recommend you pick up Thrive ultimatum instead because I think it's a bit better plug in. But this one will get the job done. And I thought I'd show you guys this. You can take a look at this yourself and, um, as you can see, the color designs and everything very, very simple. But yeah, it's going toe. Offer some good features for what it is being a simple plug in. So the next one I'm gonna show you a really awesome one that's called deadline Funnel. Let's dive into that one next 4. Deadline Funnel: Okay, The next scarcity builder tool I wanted to talk about is something called Deadline Funnel. And this was one that I actually only recently heard about. But when I heard about some of the specific features that this funnel tool actually had built in, I was really interested in using it. And one of the biggest reasons I really wanted to utilize this deadline funnel system was that you can actually add the scarcity timers inside of your emails. So this is where things really get heated up. And if you're someone that's done any form of email marketing, you'll realize that, you know, usually you send out an email. What's that? You've got 1000 subscribers. Maybe 20 to 30% of those people are gonna open the email, and then another small percentage of those people are actually going to click on the link inside the email. Usually it's somewhere like between five and 10% maybe even less. And obviously, then at that point, you're getting an even lower percentage of sales. So what I wanted to talk about is with deadline funnel, you can actually implement a scarcity timer inside of your emails that you're sending out. So I wanted to talk about some of the features in the pricing, and that's ultimately the biggest reason you would go with something like this. I heard about it through David. Statement Garland. I'm gonna show you where I kind of ultimately learned about deadline funnel. But let me give you a demo and let's talk about some of the features and pricing. Now, with deadline finally, you're gonna be paying a monthly fee, and they also have some integrations with the number of leads that you actually bring through that funnel and set up with deadline funnel. They have other integrations with different often forms, a peer added to unlimited web pages and limited emails, email and chat support. So, ultimately, you know, if you're just getting started, the freelance one would be a good pick if you're looking to upgrade. And that's about $67 a month where you get more, more lead capability essentially than, um, up to the consultant with 100,000 leads. So if you look at the other two tools that I mentioned earlier, the scarcity builder, I mean, you're basically gonna get that for a one time fee of this price. So if you're just starting out and you don't need, you know, this whole extra set of features, then this is something that obviously you have to really consider whether or not you're at the stage where you can invest in your, um, you know, your funnel and things like that that you're building out with scarcity. So this would be kind of the downfall. In my opinion, that would be the pricing. But again, let's talk about some of the features. Here's a video where they talked about creating an automated evergreen funnel pause that this is the biggest thing all the countdown's air sync up. So if you go on the order page, you go in your cell phone, you go in your email, all the timers, they're going to be sink across all of those. I can't say that your 100% going to get that same accuracy. If you're using something like Thrive or the scarcity builder, you're definitely not going to get that. You've also got them over responsive features that are built in. Um, you know, if you're integrating this on the sales page, most of them are gonna have that anyways, animated countdown image. So that's something that right inside the email, you can see a demo here, right inside the email, they get the countdown with the time are actually going. So this is huge for getting people to make a decision and actually going by something, whereas they may not be, you know, kind of on the fence. Maybe they don't go and look at the sales page. If they see that timer and their email, they're going to make a decision, and then you can also add in expiring links. So you've got some functionality there where you know, if someone basically hits the website after a certain point, then where do they end up going? And that's something similar to what thrive? Does they talk about some of the technology, they call it their fingerprint technology. Here, um, they talk about putting the actual calendar, date and time in the deadline in the follow up emails so that some really cool stuff you can integrate some cool things with dates and times very easy to implement with all the major systems, lead pages, click funnels, optimized, press, all those you're gonna be able to utilize their system. And yeah, it's pretty much very easy. I like the way that they design a lot of the counters and it's just a really simple, straightforward tool. So let me show you. I've kind of give you an idea that features Let me actually show you this. Live on one of my pages here. This is a sales page that we're actively using this on right now. And we've actually built out this funnel following something I learned from someone by the name of David. Statement Garland. He runs a online course creation boot camp, so to speak. Or he calls it a workshop and he shows you how to set up deadline funneling. This is exactly what we're using. So this is actually coded to me. It was set up to run it, starting about seven days in over a period of time. As soon as someone comes into the funnel, this actually triggers right away. It's not like based on them visiting the page. It's actually based on when they opt into our email lander. So that's another really cool functionality that I liked about this is that it's evergreen , and it's also happening as soon as someone ops in. So right around the three day mark, we're actually going to start sending people e mails inside our funnel and saying, Hey, this expires in this amount of time. And if you don't pick up the deal within that time frame, you're gonna basically lose out. The page is not gonna be available. You're not gonna be able to buy. So this is for something that's a little higher end. If I go all the way to the bottom here, this is actually a $500 program. So this is something where you know, if they decide to actually pick this up and really take action, it's really pushing on them to trigger pull the trigger. And just by this. And that's what's so cool about the scarcity going on as you go through the page. So that's pretty much that I also briefly wanted to show you. If you are really looking at integrate this, I would highly highly recommend checking out David Statement Garlands. Evergreen Funnel Workshop. It's not a cheap course, but it explains exactly how to utilize deadline final with some really cool built, built in stuff for setting up your swipes and all that stuff. Here's an example of it. So basically what happens is they opt in to an email list. They get some sort of e book. They get a video training over a series of several days and a bunch of other emails letting them know about what's going on. And then starting around Day four, the CART for the program actually opens, and they basically get hit with a a few more emails, some success stories. And then in the last day we really hit them super hard. We actually hit them three times with three separate emails, and then we have the animated countdown, and I believe we're doing it in two of the of the three email. So when they're opening those emails, they're actually seeing the countdown and seeing that they have to make that decision, and if they don't make that decision, then they lose out and they don't get up by the program. We could potentially tell them Hey, we're not opening it again for another, you know, three months like they really don't know. And that's what's so cool about this. And that's why I really like deadline funnel you could definitely do this with the arrival to meet him. But you're not gonna be able to get the emails inside the counter inside of your e mails and with the scarcity plug in your you're definitely the scarcity builder. Fucking. You're definitely not gonna be able to get this advanced functionality where it's working across device and all that cool jazz. So this is one definitely worth checking out. If you guys have questions on this, feel free to reach out. I hope this ultimately helped you make a good decision on which scarcity builder tool you can use. And if you have any questions for me about my sales pages, anything like that, just how I'm utilizing scarcity, I'll be happy to help.