3 Steps to Create Image Quotes with Mobile Apps

Anna SY, Sharing what I know to help people in need

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About This Class


In this course, I will showcase the 3 steps method I use to create image quotes such as the ones below. All images are created with free mobile apps.

In the class project section, you will also find a list of websites and apps (both Android & iOS) that you can use.

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to create images with text, quickly and easily with free mobile apps.



Have fun and I wish you success in creating your very own image quotes!






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Anna SY

Sharing what I know to help people in need

I share what I know through my Skillshare courses, to help people who may need the skills or information I have.

  • Graphics design
  • Text Animations
  • More to come


I cannot keep giving fishes to everyone, but I can share my tips on how to fish

I've often been asked to help friends and family create graphics, videos, websites and sometimes even some of the things I thought were very simple.

Many of them thought that it was too hard to do those things by themselves or even to learn.

I cannot help everyone with the limited amount of time and energy I have. But I realized that there are some people who needed the same type of help. Instead of explaining to each person the same thing over and over again, I can create a course online and send the link to them whenever they needed help in that topic.

This is the main purpose of my Skillshare account :)

Simpler solutions, Simpler way of doing things

Most of my courses will focus on simpler solutions and simpler ways of doing seemingly complicated things.

Creating graphics for social media don't always require Photoshop or any complicated and expensive software.

Motion graphics and typography can also be done with free software or relatively affordable software.

Have fun when learning!

If you're taking any of my courses, have fun when learning!

Wishing you success in mastering whatever you are learning,
Anna SY.