# 3 Skillshare Magic Tips: Maximize Class Tags & Keywords To Trend | Rosa Suen ♫ | Skillshare

# 3 Skillshare Magic Tips: Maximize Class Tags & Keywords To Trend

Rosa Suen ♫, Skillshare Coach: Follow Me ☺♫

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8 Videos (19m)
    • Skillshare Magic Tips to Success: Class Tags

    • Tip 1: Smart Way To Do Class Tags

    • Tip 2: How Keywords Help

    • Tip 3: Maximize Class Tags to Rank

    • Tip 4: Don't waste Keywords in Class Tags

    • Live Demo of My Class Ranking # 1

    • Go and Change your Class Tags

    • Final Thoughts! Thank you!


About This Class

Skillshare Business:  Learn Skillshare Marketing Tips by doing Proper Class Tags!

I created  this class for Skillshare newbies survival.  You need all the tips you can get to get your classes trending high and ranking on Skillshare pages.

One of the most frustrating thing we face as teachers is that we spend hours, days and months to create a Skillshare class.  It is the most exciting class that we have prepared for our students, but they cannot find our class. They don't even know our classes exist.  They are buried beneath all the top classes.

Top classes know how to key in their CLASS TAGS.  When I began, I did it all the wrong way.  Only half a year later, I discovered I did them all wrong.  I've changed all my CLASS TAGS now and they are all ranking very high in the categories I want them in.

You need to know how to do CLASS TAGS so that your classes trend and rank on Skillshare pages.

How do you do that?

In this course, I zero in on the mistakes I made for half a year. Nobody told me what I did wrong. I didn't even know how to ask.  Only in the last month did I discover my mistake and i was able to turn the whole situation around.   Doing Class Tags can be unbelievably EZ.  You need to TAP onto the SECRET to get your courses ranking high in your category!

In this class, MAXIMIZE the Class Tags to push your classes up in ranking on Skillshare pages.

Tip 1:  Proper Use of Class Tags to Rank.

Tip 2:  How do  Keywords work? 

Tip 3:  Maximize Class Tags for Ranking

Tip 4:  Most powerful Tip: Don't duplicate & waste Keywords on Class Tags & Why!  

  • This tip is great for seasoned Skillshare teachers who do not know about this.
  • I discovered this when I was fooling around with keywords.
  • Don't waste keywords on Class Tags.
  • You'll see my demos on the videos & you will know exactly what to do.

Go and change your Class Tags and come back in here to tell me what happens.

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Lots of luck,






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